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Main / False rape claim woman faces jail
Oct 10, 2006, 02:16 PM

An 18-year-old woman is facing a jail sentence after falsely claiming she was raped by a stranger in an alleyway.
Katie Davis's allegation condemned an innocent man, Frank Chisholm, 24, to 10 weeks in an East Sussex jail after he was charged with rape in St Leonards.

The charge was later dropped when forensic tests proved Davis was lying.

A judge at Lewes Crown Court told Davis her actions were "wicked and evil" after she was found guilty on Tuesday of perverting the course of justice.

Davis, of Blackman Avenue, St Leonards, broke down as Judge Richard Brown said a custodial sentence was inevitable.

She collapsed into the arms of relatives as she emerged from the dock.

" This case highlights the difficulty that the police face when investigating reports of rape "Det Sgt Geoff Childs

Judge Brown said Mr Chisholm, who always maintained the pair had consensual sex, had no stain against his character.

He was not in court to hear the verdict, but in a witness statement said vandals had targeted his home in Battle Road and shouted abuse at him in the street as a result of the case.

"I used to be an outgoing, personable and sociable person," he said.

"Now I can't bear to go out and I'm very wary of girls. This seems like a nightmare that will never end."

The court had heard Davis told police she was raped by a masked man in an alleyway off Battle Road on the night of 6 March last year.

The judge said Frank Chisholm had no stain against his character

She invented the story because she feared she could be pregnant after having unprotected sex with railway worker Mr Chisholm.

DNA evidence linked him to Ms Davis, who was 16 at the time of the incident, and clamed to be a virgin.

The charge against Mr Chisholm was dropped after fibres found on Davis's fleece showed it had come into direct and prolonged contact with the duvet on his bed.

Discrepancies and inconsistencies in her story also gave police "serious doubts" about her allegations.

Following the case, Sussex Police said they regretted that Mr Chisholm had spent time in jail.

Divergent accounts

But they and the Crown Prosecution Service had believed there was sufficient evidence to pursue a rape case.

"Rape is a violent crime. The police always treat allegations of rape seriously," said Det Sgt Geoff Childs.

"This case highlights the difficulty that the police face when investigating reports of rape.

"Although the police usually identify a suspect, difficulties often arise in proving the divergent accounts of both parties.

"It is common for an accused to state that the act was consensual."

He said the police acted immediately to secure Mr Chisholm's release after they received the forensic results.

Davis was released on conditional bail until 13 November to allow pre-sentence and psychiatric reports to be prepared.
Main / Rather freaky
Oct 02, 2006, 12:31 PM
A good friend of mine, who recently came out as a transgendered female started work at a DNA lab last week. As an obvious tracker against contamination they record samples of all employees DNA.

And it turns out she ain't transgendered. She's intersex (XXY) Which given the discussions I've had on here recently is rather freaky.  

Has got me feeling rather jumpy and making me want to get tested and check my "Y" is still where I think it is. While I don't want kids now, I may want them in the future ... Anyone on here ever got their sex tested/knows someone who got their sex tested and does anyone know how to go about it?
Main / Exploring personal gender bias
Jun 01, 2006, 04:27 PM
I've spent the day veiwing various websites through . Basically it switches all masculine words to feminine and v.v. It's really interesting to read for example, bbc news and see how out of place some of the headlines look if you swap gender. (Also reading this site, or a feminist site through the filter is very interesting. You notice gender where you don't usually see it, because it gets mentioned differently)

Phrases like "We have three children already, I want another baby, but my wife isn't interested", jumpt out at me because somewhere, unconciously, I expect people to act the way society says their gender role should. Slowly, I'm trying to drag it to the surface and notice all the assumptions I have about men and women that simply do not hold up.

Also, if you want a good laugh try it on a dating tips site. The advice given is simply hilarious why the genders are swapped round :) I found a lovely one suggesting if a women wants to get a guy, what she should do is go to a laundrette and play dumb - men apparently love "helpless" women who don't know how to do their own laundrey and need to be shown how to get stains out of clothes.
Main / Male rape statistics
May 30, 2006, 04:40 PM
Flicking through the research sites, I found some stats:

Struckman-Johnson (1994) reported that 24% of men had been sexually coerced by women after age 16 and 4% had been coerced by men

In one of the first prevalence studies of female-on-male sexual aggression, Struckman-Johnson (1988) found that 2% of the 355 female college students in her sample reported that they had "forced sex on a dating partner" at least once in their lifetime.

In a sample of 212 female participants studied by Anderson and Aymami (1993), 28.5% reported the use of verbal coercion, 14.7% had coerced a man into sexual activity by getting him intoxicated, and 7.1% had threatened or used physical force. Higher prevalence rates were established in a subsequent study by Anderson (1998) in which the same instrument was used. Prevalence of verbal coercion was as high as 43%, and 36.5% of respondents reported having gotten a man intoxicated to make him engage in sexual acts. Threat of force was reported by 27.8%, use of force by 20%, and threatening a man with a weapon by 8.9% of the female participants.

I really wish I could access the rest of this article: As it sounds very interesting.

"Ian Mucklejohn made history when he became the first single man in the UK to have his own children without a female partner"
Main / Men can breastfeed!
May 04, 2006, 05:57 AM

"I knew these two wonderful guys, very dear friends of mine for years. A mutual acquaintance of ours was pregnant, unplanned, and did not want to do the whole "adoption thing" so when the guys approached her about taking the baby, they just proceeded as if it had been a planned surrogate pregnancy. The guys were adamant that the baby should get breastmilk. So when she was in her 7th month we bought a really good quality breastpump and Ian started pumping, every 2 hours during the day and once during the night. He was wonderful about it! He used an SNS (supplimental nursing system) after she was born, with donated milk from several friends who were nursing. He was making milk but not a full supply. By the time the baby was 12 weeks old he was making a full milk supply! He stayed at home with the baby (he was a massage therapist) and nursed her exclusively until she was 8 months old!! I don't think many people outside their intimate circle knew about it, I'm sure folks would have had a fit if they'd known...but I thought it was wonderful!"