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Main / Kung Fu Hustle
Oct 01, 2010, 04:48 PM
A break in the fight for men's rights.

Please rent Kung Fu Hustle from your neighborhood video store and appreciate its aesthetics.

功夫 (Kung Fu Hustle): Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas


Or at least illegally download the Carl Douglas song.
Main / Off topic: What happens at death?
Sep 23, 2010, 06:22 PM
What happens at death?

Here's my best guess:

It's not reincarnation like people believe - that their souls survive.

It's like this:

Consciousness is the be all and end all - basically - otherwise a universe wouldn't exist.

You had nothing to do with the fact that you became conscious in your own body. Nothing at all.

And after you die, someone may attain consciousness and "you" will be in it.

That's it.

It kind of involves giving up the personal consciousness, but death does that anyway. In a 1000 years no one will have any memory of you. But "you" (and there is no "you" ultimately) may have consciousness again.
Main / Off topic: Zero-point energy
Sep 23, 2010, 05:14 PM
I apologize in advance because of the topic. I won't do this anymore, but it is important to me.

There is an idea that there is an immeasurable amount of energy available from space / a vacuum.

This comes from the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Anything under a certain time or path is allowed, basically.

So you have all of this stuff blurbing and pinging in a vacuum, because it can get in under the quantum-mechanical rules. A froth in space.

This isn't just some stupid theory, a guy named Casimir smartly predicted that if you have two metal plates that have less than an atomic width between them (picture that), but this atomic froth on both sides of them (pinging and banging and going out of existence), there would be an inward pressure on the plates.

And that was finally experimentally observed in the 1990s, when the technology became available.

Anyway ... it is real. I can even give a US patent number on a magnetic device that appears to use zero point energy if you are interested.

Does anyone have better ideas about this?
This is the kind of sap that walks right into it:

JJ || Taking For A Ride || HQ

Why am I posting this?

I feel sorry for guys like this. He probably can't get a whole lot of dates, so he lets himself get into a relationship with a pro like this. She saw him coming ten miles away, and fleeced him. She also knew all the buzzwords: "He didn't want me to work" etc.

Sorry, but ... stupid whores.