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Main / Manliness is back in America.
Jul 12, 2006, 08:37 AM
I wondered if some of you chaps would like to add your voice to comments in the Daily Mail regarding this article.

You can leave your comments here. It seems to have started a debate if nothing else.

Main / Fathers' rights group scale abbey
Apr 13, 2006, 10:37 AM
Fathers' rights group scale abbey

Story from BBC NEWS:

Protesters have scaled Westminster Abbey claiming fathers are being "crucified" by the courts over access to their children.
Two members of the group, called Real Fathers for Justice, climbed about 40ft up the abbey with a dummy on a cross.

A spokesman for the Abbey, one of the world's most famous churches, said he hoped it would not interfere with services over Easter.

The original Fathers 4 Justice group disbanded in January.

Police were called at 0900 BST to the abbey and were "attempting to bring this matter to a safe conclusion".

A spokesman for the Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey said the protesters were 35ft up on a balcony on the West Tower.

We would be happy to listen to views presented in a calm and rational way
Westminster Abbey spokesman  

He added: "We understand and want to defend the right of legitimate protest, but would be disappointed if such a protest interfered with worship for thousands of members of the public over the holy week.

"On another occasion we would be happy to listen to views presented in a calm and rational way."

Services are going ahead, although access through the West Front is not possible while the protest continues.

They had Roman soldier costumes, but the police have snatched them
Protest group spokesman  

For three years the original Fathers 4 Justice group carried out audacious stunts to highlight the cause of men denied access to their children.

Protests included packages of purple flour hurled at Tony Blair in the Commons, and a man dressed as Batman staging a five-hour protest on a balcony at Buckingham Palace.

But it disbanded in January, following newspaper reports that fringe members were said to have talked about holding the prime minister's young son to highlight their cause.

It is thought Thursday's protest had been intended to be a costumed stunt.

A spokesman for Real Fathers for Justice said: "They had Roman soldier costumes, but the police have snatched them."

Story from BBC NEWS:

Please sign this petition to help stop Male bashing in the media.
Please send it to everyone you know so that we can send a message to every government in the world that we are sick of Male Bashing.
You can vote at the link provided, please share this link with other forums.

Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2006 9:05 AM

While in Antarctica Senator Barnaby Joyce calls for your opinion on EQUAL SHARED PARENTING TIME.
Please go to his website and VOTE.

Do you support equal shared parenting time? In light of the Coalition Government’s proposed changes to the Family Law Act 1975, I would like to hear from you.
The public debate regarding family law reform has, in recent times, centred on equal shared parenting time.

To ensure I have a clear understanding of community expectations of family law reform, your response to the survey question would be very much appreciated.

Thank you again for taking the time to participate in this important community debate.

Senator Barnaby Joyce
The Nationals Senator for Queensland


Hi all.

It has taken longer than anticipated for all of the responses, from all of the official bodies one needs to complain too, before we take this campaign to our national representatives, to come in. However, they are now all in and this means that all of the official channels of complaint have been exhausted. This in turn means that we can write to our elected representatives and honestly tell them that we have identified a hole in the legislation that we want them to close with a new law or amendment.

It is with this in mind that I am currently drafting a letter to be sent to ALL MP's in Britain, simultaneously. This letter will be sent in the next few days and I would like to ask all supporters of the campaign to write to British MP's either on the same day, or over the next week or so, to give the letter some backup. Please write in a polite but firm way, so as not to make them angry at the wrong people and try to avoid to much hype. Hype tends to put people off. In other words, express your outrage but try to avoid being outrageous in the way it's done.

The letter will contain the following points.

1. That products such as these should not be on sale in a country that prides itself on respect, tolerance and the promotion of diversity.

2. That these products are clearly sexist and bigoted in nature, as is the promotion surrounding them.

3. That these products are exploiting a hole in current legislation that needs to be quickly filled and that this can be done simply, by adding amendments to current legislation.

4. That people should not have to tolerate such hatred being sold in the guise of humour and that targets children and adults alike with intolerant, intemperate and abusive messages.

The letter will contain details of all the organisations contacted that have not been able to help as well as details of those few supportive organisations who have promised support.

The letter will also contain links to the knife block page and other products promoting hatred.

If the MP's fail to respond in sufficient numbers, or with no enthusiasm, then the campaign will expand to seek the views of other businesses, individuals and groups and to seek their support with which to build a greater consensus of views. Once we have sufficient "muscle" we will re-approach the MP's and ask them to think again.

If you have any points you feel you would like to add, please let me know. I may not include them but on the other hand, I may very well include them if they are powerful enough. You can always add anything you think I should have said in your own email later, if you disagree with my choice.

I shall be using the excellent page at the address below to send this email to all MP's. Please, wait for word that this letter has been sent before sending your own. This will ensure a coordinated, rather than a piecemeal, approach.

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of this campaign. Please ask all of your friends and family to also write a short note in support and send it via the web site. If we can stop this nonsense then we can do other and greater things in the future by working together in a joint effort. We must do all we can to stamp out this hate and try to make this world a safer place for our children. To that end, I would also ask everyone who can, to support the great work being done by the Damilola Taylor Trust in their efforts to end knife crime and save our kids from pointless and savage violence.

George Rolph
Main / Students vote to admit men
Feb 28, 2006, 04:54 AM

Students vote to admit men Tuesday February 28, 01:33 AM

Students at Oxford University's last all-women college have voted to admit men for the first time.
Some 55% of undergraduates at St Hilda's College voted to allow male students in, a move which would herald the most radical change of course since the institution was set up in 1893.

Significantly, with the question of obtaining funding for women-only lectureships a major factor in the debate, 77% of students voted to admit men as fellows of the college.
But the poll, held last week by members of the Junior Common Room (JCR), the college's undergraduate student body, is not binding.

Such a decision would have to be taken by the college's governing body.
In a statement principal Lady Judith English, said that the ballot followed a series of debates on the subject during the current term.

"The outcome is important but will not in itself determine the future of the College," she said.
"Only the members of the governing body who are the trustees of the college, can vote to change the statutes to admit men and no date has been set for a vote in the governing body."The governing body rejected such a move in the last vote in 2003.

St Hilda's, founded by the famous Victorian advocate of women's education Dorothea Beale, has enjoyed a unique status since 1992 when Somerville College, whose famous old girls include Margaret Thatcher, ended a century-old tradition and announced it would admit men.
Main / Calls for new sex equality laws
Feb 27, 2006, 07:52 AM

Calls for new sex equality laws

Britain's sex equality laws need to be modernised to continue the work
done to tackle discrimination, the Equal Opportunities Commission has said. It is 30 years since legislation first came into force to deal with unfair treatment of women in the workplace.

But the EOC says women are still sacked for being pregnant, and there
is still a large pay gap between the sexes.
Chairwoman Jenny Watson praised progress in the public sector, but
called on private industry to do more.

'Morally wrong'
Conservative leader David Cameron added: "It is totally unacceptable in
a modern, civilised society for there to be a pay gap between men and
women doing equivalent work.
Women working part-time earn nearly 40% less than full-time men, a pay penalty that has hardly changed in 30 years EOC Chairwoman Jenny Watson  "We need to make more of women's talents and skills and prevent them from being channelled into low paid, part-time work below their potential. "It is morally wrong, quite apart from the practical problems it creates. There has been far too much complacency over this issue: the battle for equal pay still has to be won."

Figures suggest 30,000 women are sacked from jobs each year for being
pregnant, and that the part-time pay gap is stuck at around 38%.
Ms Watson said the private sector needed to take responsibility for
making improvements by promoting equality and eliminating sex ddiscrimination.
But the commission is warning that without change to the law there will bbe difficulties for the next generation of female workers.

Low-paid work

Ms Watson said: "For many women, sex equality is a thin veneer which
vanishes as soon as they take on caring responsibilities.
"Women working part-time earn nearly 40% less than full-time men, a pay penalty that has hardly changed in 30 years." But the EOC statistics do show changes. In 1975, women represented one third of higher education students. In 2005, girls are outperforming boys at school and represent of 56% of those in higher education.

The number of women in the workforce has increased by a third since 1975.
In 1975, less than 2% of managers were women. In 2005 one third of managers are women.
The average household income has increased by around 200 since the mid 1970s.
New fathers today spend nearly two hours a day on child-related activity, compared with 15 minutes 30 years ago.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Fathers 4 Justice's noisy protest in city

Feb 25 2006

South Wales Echo

Fathers 4 Justice campaigners swarmed through Cardiff city centre in costume saying they wanted 'to show we're still alive'.
A 30-strong group of the fathers' rights protesters mounted a noisy vigil outside the Civil Justice Street in Park Street from noon yesterday.

Many campaigners were dressed in traditional police helmets or Army surplus gear holding purple helium balloons and honking deafening air horns.
Lead campaigner Phil Davies, 43, from Swansea - whose teenage son was dressed as Osama bin Laden - said the aim was to show Fathers 4 Justice Wales was still going.
He said: 'We wanted to show that we're still alive and to send a message to the courts.'

Steve Bayliss, 34, of Pwllgwaun, Pontypridd, had donned a Batman costume with his four-year-old son Brandon dressed as Robin.

The South Wales Fire and Rescue service stores worker, who is going through his second custody battle for his younger child, said his aim was to make people realise there was a problem with family law.
He said: 'I think it's about raising awareness.

'You do get good fathers, you do get good mothers and there should be a starting point that is 50/50.'
The group decided not to try to scale the court building this time.

But Mr Davies said they were considering a repeat of their May 2004 protest when two men in Batman and Robin outfits perched on a 25ft-high ledge.
It was one of a series of high profile stunts including Santa Clauses disrupting the Wales Millennium Centre opening, Batman scaling Buckingham Palace, and purple flour thrown at Tony Blair in the House of Commons.
But the group has since suffered a string of publicity blows.
Lead Welsh campaigner Matthew Mudge was publicly outed last year as a convicted wife-beater.
Passer-by Jenny Graham, 35, a mum of two from Pontypool, said yesterday she thought most people were fed up with them.

She said: 'I wish they would just shut up and go home.'   :roll:
Main / Iain Duncan Smith and the nspcc.
Feb 24, 2006, 07:33 PM,,172-2052181,00.html

The Times February 22, 2006

Big charities urged to stop shouting and start working
By Sam Coates

LARGE charities such as the NSPCC should spend more time helping vulnerable individuals and less time engaging in political campaigns, Iain Duncan Smith said yesterday.

The former Tory leader, who is heading a review on social justice for David Cameron, launched a blistering attack on big charities, claiming that they had become arms of government who rarely take risks. "They look over their shoulder at government the whole time because they are their source of funding,�  he said.

He complained that there were few "believers�  in big charities because they relied on paid staff rather than volunteers, and this helped to contribute to cynicism and "giving fatigue�  amongst the public. "As Big Charity gets ever closer to Big Government, it increasingly mirrors its thinking and behaviour,�  he said. "State bureaucracies feel threatened by new thinking and different approaches.�  

He pointed to a recent poll commissioned by the Centre for Social Justice. This asked, "If you only had £200 to give to a good cause, who would you give it to?�  Only 4 per cent opted for a national charity, he said, contrasting this with the 31 per cent who would give to a local charity or church working with needy people.

He singled out the NSPCC and Scope as examples of "bad�  charities. Of the NSPCC, he said: "I can't remember a single thing on the ground that the NSPCC have done.�  

This has infuriated the charity, which accused Mr Duncan Smith of getting his facts wrong. A spokeswoman said: "Less than 10 per cent of our funding comes from government, we have 500 volunteers and we are not risk averse. There is no doubt about the independence of the organisation and we speak very strongly on behalf of children who have been abused.�  She added that Mr Duncan Smith had spent a lot of time in Scotland, where the NSPCC did not operate.

A spokesman for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations also rejected Mr Duncan Smith's theses. "You cannot apply the private sector model of 'big is bad; small is good' to the voluntary sector,�  he said.
Main / Panic rooms for Women.
Feb 23, 2006, 11:12 AM
What do you think?
Email your comments for publication to

[email protected],,1715209,00.html

Councils fund 'panic rooms' for domestic violence victims

Polly Curtis and Alison Benjamin
Wednesday February 22, 2006


Councils all over the country are setting up "panic rooms" in private
homes to help women protect themselves from abusive partners, the
Guardian has learned.
The scheme to create high security rooms for women who have been
victims of domestic violence has been adopted by 120 local authorities
in England and 165 more are planning to follow suit, John Prescott's
office confirmed.

The council installs a solid door with mortice locks, steel hinges, bolts and a spy glass to transform a bedroom into a "sanctuary". Some women are offered intercom systems and barred windows. They are advised to lock themselves in the room and phone the police if an abusive partner turns up.

Any victim of domestic violence in a participating council area can apply for a panic room to be installed.
But some domestic violence campaigning groups say women are being
strong-armed into accepting the additional security measures to cut
councils' bills for rehousing them.

Deborah McIveen, the policy officer at Women's Aid, said: "Councils
have a statutory duty to protect people at risk but there is anecdotal
evidence from local Women's Aid projects across the country that women
are being given less of a choice than they should when it comes to
sanctuary schemes. They're being told the only option is security
measures, or years living in temporary accommodation.

"We're not against the scheme if women can make an informed choice And holistic support is provided."Previously most victims of domestic abuse who were driven from their homes by an abusive ex-partner would be offered temporary housing.Many local authorities are keen to cut their bill for temporary housing and meet targets to cut the number of people without a permanent home.
Barnet in north London was one of the first to introduce the scheme and
now 91 women in the borough have sanctuaries. Temporary housing costs the council 16,000 a year for each family compared with 1,000 for reinforcing a person's home.

Alvin Wade, Barnet's homelessness protection manager, said the council
had saved 600,000 under the scheme in the first year and higher savings were expected this year. Their research shows that 90% of women have backed the scheme.

A spokeswoman for John Prescott's office, said: "The idea is that women
can stay within their own homes rather than having to go into temporary
accommodation. It helps their children stay in their schools and prevents them having to run away. Sanctuaries are only used where it's the clear choice of the woman and safety can be guaranteed. Every case is looked at individually." Guardian Newspapers Limited 2006

What do you think?
Email your comments for publication to

[email protected]
Main / Egg Thrower Released...
Feb 17, 2006, 03:20 PM
Message from Elaine:

Mike is now back at home. After his solicitor had a meeting with judge in chambers Mike was released with immediate effect. He has been given bail conditions to report to any police station every Wednesday between 10am and 4pm. Mike has asked me to say "THANK YOU" to everyone for their continued support to both him and myself, and to say that without YOU we wouldn't have the strength to do what we do. However we can't stop fighting now, lets keep this campaign in the public eye at every opportunity, I know we will lets hope you all do too. Mike's next court appearance is on Tues 28th Feb lets have a good solid show and give the police a reason for turning out in their hundreds. See you all soon.

... and from RFFJ:

New item on News Blog

Parenting Rights Campaigner Serving Time Over Egg

14th February 2006

Proud and defiant was the position taken by Real Fathers For Justice activist Mike Downes as he faced another two weeks in custody for smashing an egg on the head of Education Minister Ruth Kelly, after Magistrates in Trafford Court remanded him again pending a trial date on 28th February.

The three Magistrates and the CPS refused bail stating that they believed that Downes would breach any bail conditions they set.

Reasoned campaigner

The solicitor defending Downes, argued that the activities carried out by Mr Downes are not mindless or thoughtless acts of civil disobedience, and are part of well informed campaign. She detailed how Downes a hard working father whose son lives with him, had first hand experience many years earlier with the failing Family Court process when a Court Welfare Officer made recommendations that he be excluded from his children's lives.

Paedophiles working with children

It was later revealed that the CWO involved was a paedophile found guilty of child sex offences and removed from his post. The court heard how Downes had seen his own brothers' family life ruined whilst going through the same family justice system and how the education system headed by Ruth Kelly had also to date failed to honour his Parental Responsibility and the Court Orders stating he be informed of his children's education. This is a common feature running through the DfES in their handling of separated fathers, their rights and responsibilities.

Over egged custody

Defence went of to point out that the act of cracking an egg on someone's head does not meet the scale for a custodial sentence, and does not even compare to the most extreme end of the assault scale, yet the Magistrates refused to bail the parenting rights campaigner, preferring to incarcerate activist Downes for an equivalent sentence to that of a common criminal.


Downes, who has been on remand at Strangeways Prison Manchester since the incident outside Salford Court on Monday 6th February, was escorted from the dock and told the court "One man brought Rome to a halt, his name was Spartacus!   I am Spartacus !!� . The response from the gallery packed with Real Fathers For Justice supporters was "No! I am Spartacus!�

Man Who Fathered 10 Kids With Nine Women Going To Prison For Non-Support
Feb 16, 2006, 12:38 PM
     Deadbeat Dad Headed To Prison
     Latest WAVE Headlines

By David McArthur

(LOUISVILLE) -- The man who once agreed to abstain from sex to stay
out of jail is now headed to prison. Luther Crawford is a deadbeat dad
with a long list of kids and a long history in court. WAVE 3's David
McArthur reports.

Wheeled into court Wednesday as one of Louisville's worst delinquent
fathers, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wine held nothing back
during Crawford's sentencing for non-support.

"It seems to me, it's one thing to have one child, or two children or
even three children that you can't afford," Wine said. "But once you
realize you can't afford three children, then why would you want to
have six and seven more?" Wine asked.

Court records indicate Crawford has fathered at least 10 children with
nine different mothers. This specific case is about three kids owed

Among the moms in court Wednesday was Kandy Ford. Her daughter is now 17.

Referring to Crawford's request for leniency but his inability to
recall the names of some of his children, she addressed the judge in a
passionate plea to send Crawford to prison.

"You don't even know your child, and you want somebody to feel pity
for you?" Ford asked.

Crawford's attorney, Lindsey Scott, asked for probation partly because
Crawford, 53, is in poor health.

"Mr. Crawford has had two open heart surgeries," Scott said. "He's had
a stroke and he suffers from kidney failure."

Judge Wine denied probation and issued a four-year prison sentence,
but before imposing it, Wine had this to say to Crawford: "I remember
one time seeing a T-shirt saying 'anybody can be a father, it takes
somebody special to be a daddy.' And you have certainly failed that."

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Kristen Poindexter was pleased with
the decision. "It sends a very strong message to the community," she
said. "This is a man who has never paid his child support and he
shouldn't be given probation because of it."

Outside of court Ford told us she's glad Crawford won't be getting out
of jail anytime soon. "I have fought for 17 years. I'm so proud I got
four years out of him, but anybody out there should realize kids come
first. They need parents -- not just one -- two."

Crawford already served one year in prison. Wednesday's sentence is an
additional four years. But even after he gets out, he still owes
hundreds of thousands of dollars in back child support payments.

And while he may be among the worst deadbeat dads, the sad fact is
there are thousands more like him.
Main / A plea from sparticus. Please Help.
Feb 15, 2006, 06:29 AM
Please write letters of support to the Manchester Evening News in support of Mike.



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A General comment here there was no mention the only reason he was remanded, was because they said he broke his bail condition by throwing the egg. His bail conditions were only to appear at court for a previous demonstration. His words that he said at the end ring true "I'm Sparticus" and then after the same came from around the viewing gallery. Sparticus
Sparticus, Stockton-on-tees
15/02/2006 at 10:56

Come on!! Common Assault with beating?????? It was an egg for god sake, done by many thousands of school children every year. This was a high publicity stunt by the Real Fathers For Justice and it has got all of that. I am surprised no one has reported that the accused stood up in court after being remanded again and shouted, "I am spartacus" and reply from 30+ supporters in the public gallery returned with, " NO! I am spartacus". get real CPS, drop the case, stop wasting money, and save yourself a lot of money.....
Mike, Manchester
15/02/2006 at 10:40

Happy to lock up an 'egg throwing terrorist' whilst letting the real thing roam the streets. Pathetic.....
Bez, Moston
15/02/2006 at 10:25

Remanded in that sick or what ? You can run down kids, not stop and be bailed to appear when caught (sometimes)..does this not show how crazy this system is. Bring back the stocks then we can all pelt Kelly, Blair and Brown and clones legally.
Tubby Scruff, Lost in the Nanny State
15/02/2006 at 09:35


Egg attack case remand
A FATHERS' rights campaigner from Wythenshawe appeared in court charged with an egg attack on Education Secretary Ruth Kelly.

Michael Downes, 43, appeared before Trafford magistrates accused of smashing an egg over Miss Kelly's head in a Real Fathers 4 Justice stunt outside Salford Magistrates' Court last week.

Miss Kelly, MP for Bolton West, had been due to give evidence against another fathers' rights campaigner accused over a different egg attack.

Downes, a painter and decorator, denies one charge of common assault with beating. He was remanded in custody until February 28.
Main / Is this a victory for equality ?
Feb 14, 2006, 04:29 PM
Sexist ban on wives' free night
Exclusive by Dan McMullan

FOOTBALL fans planning a romantic evening on the terraces this Valentine's Day have had their dreams dashed with news a free ladies night at Stockport FC has been scrapped - because it is sexist.

Main / Knife Block Action Group.
Feb 14, 2006, 09:27 AM
Many people are still fighting to get this nasty little gadget off the market.
George has never given up and I commend him for this.
Please help.....

Hi, Please write and make a formal complain against the company and web site to:

[email protected]

This is the Trading Standards Address in Swindon, England where the company are based.

From Janet's (my local Trading Standards officer)reply (below) it would seem that further compalints may be important.

George Rolph.
Knife Block Action Group
Main / Read this and see what an MRA can do!
Feb 10, 2006, 04:50 PM
Below is a copy of an e/mail sent to U.K FATHERS it is complex in
nature but please note the content....
Has Dave uncovered huge mistakes in the sytem...I think he has ?
It makes very interesting reading.
All credit to this man who works endlessly for mens rights..


New Message on Male rights

From: ukfathers
Message 2 in Discussion

----- Original Message -----
From: Robillard
Tx: [email protected]

Cx: [email protected] ; [email protected]
Friday, February 10, 2006 1:16 PM
Subject: REF # 2006/0003780 FAO Phillip

Dear Mr Kelly,

Thank you for your email of 9 February which asserts, on behalf of the DfES, that: "The Government did not commit at any stage to developing an Early Interventions model of dispute resolution, as proposed by New Approaches to Contact."

You are misinformed.

1. The Department is referred to Lord Filkin, Parliamentary Under secretary for State, Children and Families ( 13 April 2005 2005/0015774 POLF): "In no sense has there been any abandonment of the Early Interventions initiative proposed by the NATC"

This assertion is one of an extended line of documented official pronouncements made, and Ministerial meetings held, on the basis that
the EI project (and/or the principles in the EI project) were in progress. A
sample of similar pronouncements is excerpted at the foot of this email.

Please may I have your comments.

2. Following receipt of the EI project espoused by Ministers on 8 October 2003, the civil servant given the file (Mr Bruce Clark, Looked After Children) decided to ignore the EI project and replace it with a project of his own.
During this process, and for over a year, Mr Bruce Clark gave out to
Ministers (and to all other comers) that he continued to progress the EI project (and / or a project of a different named based upon identical

Details of this substitution are appended below.

Please may I have your comments.

3. The events outlined above, engineered by Mr Clark, have led Private Law family law reform to the present impasse:
(i) The Green Paper Parental Separation (based on the EI reforms Ministers believed were in the pipeline) was voided of utility
(ii) The Children and Adoption Bill (also based on the EI reforms Ministers believed were in the pipeline) was subverted.

(iii) To the extent that the Children and Adoption Bill will now achieve anything, it will now make things worse

Please may I have your comments.
4. Please you will confirm:

(i) whether the Mr Bruce Clark mentioned above is the same Mr Bruce
Clark who chaired the Working Group which devised the 2002 guidelines
on FII / MSBP, 'Safeguarding Children in whom Illness is Induced or Fabricated'

(ii) whether a demand that these guidelines be reviewed or withdrawn has been made by a Cross Party Group of MPs by letter to the Minister
submitted in January 2006

I look forward to your reply.

5. Can you confirm that the Guidelines on MSbP/ FII issued by Mr
Clark again involved Mr Clark substituting his own agenda ( i.e.
promulgating a national framework to process cases on the basis that
they might be guilty of MSbP) for the working remit under which his group
supposedly acted, namely to develop criteria for the "correct entification" of MSbP

I look forward to your reply.

6. Please also confirm:

- if Mr Clark is still employed by the Department

- if so, in what capacity

- the number and nature of any projects on which
Mr Clark is now believed to be working

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,



1. Ministers and the NATC Early Interventions project

"The Early Interventions project which was developed by New Approaches
to Contact (NATC) and others, is being developed and taken forward"

Lord Filkin, by letter, 29 April 2004 , to the Equal Parenting

"To suggest, as the Opposition have, that we have abandoned what was
known as the early interventions initiative is simply a travesty of the

Rt Hon Margaret Hodge, 13 December 2004; to the House

" In no sense has there been any abandonment of the Early Interventions
initiative as proposed by NATC... I also attach a table for your

information that
shows the differences between FRPP and Early Interventions."

Text of standard DfES email, e.g. 2 March 2005

'I should highlight that New Approaches to Contact have been involved
throughout the Department's Consultation on the Green paper Parental
Separation: Children's Needs and Parents' Responsibilities. I have
personally met with the Director of NATC to discuss the early

proposals to which (your constituent's) letter refers.'

The Rt Hon Margaret Hodge, 24 Jan 05, MH to Eric Forth MP

"Neither I, nor the Design Group, for the Family Resolutions Project

met New Approaches to Contact (NATC)."

The Rt Hon Margaret Hodge, 2 March 2005, in reply to a Written Question
from Eric Forth MP


"The Fam Res project now produced does not resemble the agreed EI

In fact, Fam

Res is opposite of EI. Work on the EI project never started."

Letter, NATC to Lord Filkin, 6 April 2005

2. Mr Bruce Clark - subverting family policy

The NATC EI project submitted on 8 October 2003, and approved by

was passed to Mr Bruce Clark for implementation.

The NATC EI project had full judicial approval.

Mr Clark mislaid the EI papers, possibly without reading them. He did not
approach the EI project originators. Instead, Mr Clark consulted almost
exclusively with those opposed to, or ignorant of, the EI project.
The design Team never saw the EI project specifications. The project name was changed - amidst assurances to Ministers that this was no more than a name-change. Mr Clark (unaware of first principles in this area) then began a different project, from scratch - unwittingly reversing the specific EI (or 'Florida ') principle adopted by Government.

Throughout the period October 2003 to end-2004 Mr Clark pretended - to
Ministers, Lords of Appeal, judges, lawyers and colleagues - that he was still taking the EI project (or the principles in the EI project) forward.
To put it bluntly, he lied.

The spoiler which Mr Clark substituted for the NATC EI project ('Family
Resolutions) has of course collapsed amidst general derision.

----- Original Message -----
From: < [email protected]
To: <Robillard>
Subject: Family Law Reform
Date: Thu, 9 Feb
2006 17:10:19 -0000

Dear Robillard

Thank you for your recent e-mails addressed to Ruth Kelly, Beverley
Hughes, Bill Rammell, Tessa Jowell and Karen Buck, about the New Approaches to Contact (NATC) Early Intervention project. I am sure you will appreciate that Ministers receive a large volume of correspondence and are unable to answer every letter or e-mail themselves. On this occasion, I have been asked to respond on behalf of the ministers.

The Government did not commit at any stage to developing an Early
Interventions model of dispute resolution, as proposed by New pproaches to Contact. The Government has developed and piloted a model called Family Resolutions which drew, in its design, on a number of similar models operating in other jurisdictions, including Florida, USA. The Family Resolutions Pilot Project was a time-limited pilot project that ran for one year from September 2004 to September 2005. It was designed to test the value of group work and parent planning sessions in helping parents resolve their differences about contact arrangements for their children after parental separation, without recourse to the full court process. The Pilot project ended in September 2005 and an independent evaluation, to assess its impact, is currently being prepared and is expected to be published in March 2006. This is intended to inform decisions about how to implement lessons learned from the pilot.
Yours sincerely
Phillip Kelly
Public Communications Unit

Your correspondence has been allocated the reference number

To correspond by email with the Department for Education and Skills

contact: [email protected]
Main / Film about F4J ??
Jan 20, 2006, 05:31 AM
I just heard about this....


This is
20/01/06 - Films section

Holy smoke! The Fathers 4 Justice film
By John Higginson, Metro

Hollywood is to tell the story of the caped crusaders - not Batman and Robin this time, but Fathers 4 Justice.

After two years of fighting between film companies, Disney-owned Miramax has bought the rights to turn the campaign group's story into a blockbuster.

It will be a Full Monty-style tragi-comic take on the story of Matt O'Connor, 38, who founded the group to campaign for the rights of divorced fathers.

Produced by Harbour Pictures, the team behind Calendar Girls, it will follow Mr O'Connor's battle for the custody of his children after splitting from his ex-partner.

Along the way, it will take in high-profile stunts, such as the flour bombing of Tony Blair in the House of Commons and the scaling of such landmarks as Buckingham Palace in superhero costumes.

The movie will also tell how Fathers 4 Justice was hijacked by an extremist element, infiltrated by undercover police SO19 specialist firearms branch and exposed by a journalist masquerading as a group member.

The story ends with the group's demise - Fathers 4 Justice split this week after news of an alleged plot by a splinter group to kidnap Mr Blair's youngest son Leo.

Mr O'Connor, who is now looking after his four-week-old baby, said: 'I want people to be able to see what has been going on behind the tabloid headlines with police chasing us and how hard it has been to hold it all together some times.

'There will be tragedy but it is going to be very funny.'

A cast has yet to be chosen but Mr O'Connor joked that his role would be best played by 'Shrek or Johnny Vegas'.

The father-of-three is now working on his autobiography.

Main / F4J ....DISBANDED
Jan 18, 2006, 02:17 PM
According to chanel 5 news 21:00 Fathers for Justice have disbanded...
Main / Shelters for MEN
Dec 30, 2005, 08:22 AM
Last night I was confronted with a situation the likes of which I have been in myself.
A good friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, was confronted with the fact that he could be made homeless at any minute. Do you realise that in given similar circumstances you could be in the same boat ?
When I asked him have you got any friends you can go to?  he replied, 'no, and I have no money'.. this man has no car, and no job, through no fault of his own.
The pain that this man was going through must have been unbearable, but where was his support network ?
I was in a similar situation a while back, I found myself in Liverpool late at night with no money and no one I could turn to. I was confronted by a burley 6'6 mangina cop, who snorted  'Kicked you out has she?'
I wondered for hours until I had to give up, and call my son for help.
You may think that this could never happen to you but believe me it can ! !
I had been married for 31 years when this happened. Given the right/wrong circumstances it could happene to you today ! !  especialy with all the anti male legislation this 'new order' has put into place.
By the time you find yourself on the street with no one to turn to, it is to late .
Men of every colour, class, or creed must realise that the time has come to stand together .
The time for talk is over: 'the devil is at your doorstep'  before it is your turn,God forbid, turn your attention towards fighting for shelters and mens support groups.We need them make no mistake.
I hope I have not left it to late for my brothers who need our help NOW.
We need groups like MANKIND, set one up in your area, try wrighting to your M.P
or Congressman. Send letters to your local newspaper, and petiton who you can, remember it could be you next ! !
Main / Equality and the Tory Party.
Dec 29, 2005, 09:26 AM
Mr Cameron has had a vision of equality for Britain, in the words of the old song 'When will they ever learn' The turnout at the next General election will be the lowest in decades, unless we get a party to support mens rights.
When will these dimwitts that we call politicians realise that men have rights to ?
From where I am standing it looks like Mr Cameron is Blair mk2 God help us all.

Cameron will campaign to end women's pay 'scandal'
By George Jones, Political Editor
(Filed: 29/12/2005)

David Cameron committed the Conservatives yesterday to a campaign to end the "scandal" of women being paid less for doing the same job as men.

He marked the 30th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act by calling for a public debate on cultural attitudes to pay and for greater transparency of pay levels to ensure that women were no longer discriminated against.

His support for equal pay came as one of Tony Blair's women ministers admitted that Mr Cameron's election as Tory leader had injected "excitement into politics".

Hazel Blears, the Home Office minister and a member of Labour's national executive committee, questioned whether Mr Cameron was engaged on a "rebranding" exercise rather than carrying out a fundamental review of his party's policies.

Mr Cameron has already signalled that having more Tory women MPs will be one of his priorities.

Yesterday he made clear that he wanted to broaden the party's appeal to women voters, and for the party to be seen as much on the side of the employees as the bosses, with whom the Tories have traditionally been associated.

He said that after 30 years of the Equal Pay Act, women's pay was still nearly a fifth lower than men's, and for women working part-time, the gap was around 40 per cent.

"This persistent injustice makes child poverty worse, prevents women in our society from reaching their full potential and contributes to poverty in old age for many women who have worked all their lives."

It was totally unacceptable in a modern, civilised society for there to be a pay gap between men and women doing equivalent work.

"It is morally wrong, quite apart from the practical problems it creates. There has been far too much complacency over this issue: The battle for equal pay still has to be won," Mr Cameron said.

The Conservatives supported the case for employers to be more open about what they paid their employees. If there was more transparency, there would be fewer hiding places for discrimination, whether intended or accidental.

Mr Cameron released a party research department paper which argued that greater transparency on pay would require "a change in our national culture, which tends to frown upon open discussion of personal financial matters".

The first step would be to have a public debate on how to better inform employees of their rights and employers of their responsibilities, without more burdensome regulation. Francis Maude, the party chairman, would be considering how to address the issue during a review of party organisation.

Miss Blears said Mr Cameron's election as Tory leader had only restored "politics as usual" after a period dominated by two Labour election landslides since 1997. She is the most senior member of the party hierarchy to acknowledge his impact on the political situation.

The Labour leadership is split on how to respond. Tony Blair is adopting a "wait and see" approach, while Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, would like to launch an immediate and aggressive attack.

Miss Blears, interviewed on BBC Radio 4's World at One, said Mr Cameron underestimated what he must do to get elected. She said he was concentrating on changing the public's "perception" of the Tories, when it was the party that needed to change.