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Main / Re: The fat lady hasn't sung yet ...
Jul 22, 2015, 04:57 AM
I come back periodically - and actually looking to see if you've posted Galt.  Not much action and, no offense, but what there is is typically a poorly worded rant.

I don't know where everyone else has gone, but I've taken to Reddit and AVfM, though still not as vocal as I used to be.

Definitely miss the days when this was an active site with the Gonzman and the like.  I think many of us cae here from the Ms Magazine boards.
Right.  Because in most marriages it's typically the man who wants to spend lots of money on new furniture they don't need while the wife is the voice of reason speaking against new furniture.  Women also like small houses, old cars and plain shoes. 
Feminism has devolved into nothing more than the science of how to spread moral panic.

Virtually every one of my liberal friends made a post on facebook yesterday that indicated they clearly did not know what was contained in the decision or what Hobby Lobby was fighting.  They were that outraged simply at the insistence of certain activists and the media and have never even bothered to read a summary of it.
The soulmate concept was devised by women with overactive estrogen as a way to increase drama.  That way every conflict can be extremely significant and every breakup can be like the end of the world.
Main / Re: Abso-positively
Jun 26, 2014, 05:04 PM
New term:  glass escape hatch
I was in my only car accident a few years ago.  A woman pulled out from a stop sign right in front of me and I T-boned her and totaled the car.  It was clearly her fault.

The guy in the Corvetted directly behind me who narrowly escaped the accident stuck around and gave his statement to the police about how she pulled out when I was right on top of the intersection. 

They didn't ticket her, but a cop yelled at me and threatened a $500 fine for tossing a cigarette butt at the curb.  When I asked why they didn't ticket her they said that there were no real witnesses.

A week later a buddy of mine cut someone else off and he got T-boned.  He was of course ticketed.
Main / Re: AVFM Conference
Jun 26, 2014, 05:00 PM
My sentiments exactly.  Would love to have gone this year, but am going to shoot for next.

Meanwhile I'm dying to find out what's going on there as far as protests, etc.  I've seen some buzz around the net of feminists asking people to NOT protest.  Of course due to "fears for their safety."

I hope lots of them turn up and make total jackasses of themselves like they usually do.
This is a story I've seen crop up a couple of times.

These are called medicare divorces and they're fairly well known.  The couple divorces so the wife can get medicare and and they can save the house and assets. 
"Shaming women will never end this pandemic."

But apparently shaming men will.

Guess what honey, there's always going to be criminals.
So if you can't pass your fortune on to the kids who gets it?  The government and they didn't earn it either.

Hypothetically, you could keep all your money in cash and let your kids know to come get it when you die, the government would eventually take it by the point of a gun by your proposal. 
Yes you're right.  More likely a phone call.  After that Alpha mom will be getting a letter from a lawyer.

Girls like this are truly crazy.  Over the weekend Alpha mom wanted to resolve it and get the girls together, mostly because her daughter has a history at school with this behavior and she probably doesn't want another incident on her file.  My daughter basically said no - let's just not be friends, go our separate ways and I'll eat at a different lunch table (she's got plenty of other friends).  As soon as she disengaged the bullying escalated.
We're going through this now with my 13 year old daughter though not as severe - yet.  It's been happening for going on two weeks now.  Basically the boy the Alpha girl likes, likes my daughter and now the alpha is on the attack.  Adding to it, apparently Alpha's mom refers to my daughter as a slut around their house.  Not that it makes any difference, but my daughter hasn't even ever held a boy's hand.

I've been on the phone with the school counselor several times each week and she's doing a decent job so far, but if it's still going on next week, I'm going to knock on Alpha mom's door and have a little chat.  Should be interesting since Alpha Dad is a local police detective.

The situation is so bad with girls bullying in school that they're having a special seminar next month on girl on girl bullying.

Imagine that disconnect in the context of the cultural belief that boys are more aggressive.  I don't ever recall any school around here needing a seminar to get boys to curb their aggressiveness.
Bam Bam is likely a cereal rapist.
Main / Re: Albert Einstein on American Women
Nov 03, 2013, 06:40 AM
A few years ago I went on a tear reading all kinds of free books on Project Gutenberg.  Since they're all public domain books they were all basically written before about 1920.

One thing that struck me is what a whole scale revision of social history has happened in the last couple of decades.  And it continues to this day.  I often catch things in popular TV shows and movies that are set in the 19th century that dramatically misrepresent the treatment of women in those days.  I've seen some especially agregious ones from the AMC show Hell on Wheels.  Even Outlaw Josie Wales has it wrong with the rape scene in the beginning.

Did you know there's not a single documented rape that occurred in the whole of the Civil War?  An entire war four years long and not one known sexual assault.  Not one. 
So don't be surprised if you see them start to try to take internet anonymity away, which I believe has already been talked about at certain times.

But at the same time it will be at odds with their business model.  Plain and simple anonymous commenting means more comments, then more clicks and more ad revenue.

It's an interesting dynamic.