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He was paying her $35k a month. The bitch is simply crazy.
I know I shouldn't think this because one man getting ruined by the "family" court system means all men can get ruined by the family court system, but I hope she cleans that fat sack of shit out. I hate the Neo-Socialist scumbag that is Michael more.
Wait I thought a DV charge was a mandatory 24 hour stay in jail and the state pressed no drop charges? Why does she get a pass because she is female?
Main / Re: Hugo Schwyzer quits the Internet
Jul 20, 2013, 12:41 PM
The net isn't an echo chamber. I guess he can't handle those who disagree.
Good to hear this.

Maybe it is because they want to please their female partners. Perhaps it is not an act of pure selfishness after all.  :yikes:


And perhaps men realize that it's the polite thing to reciprocate.
You would think they would learn by now. You can't just find a "Hit Man" at the local flea market.
Main / Re: False abuse weapons
Jul 06, 2013, 11:17 PM
Gee you know what would stop the false allegations judge? Find the false accuser in contempt of court and sentence her to six months in jail. Do that every time to every woman that does that and word will get out that its not a good idea to do it.
Main / Re: The Knight and Drummer Blogi
Jun 29, 2013, 06:16 PM
I will check it out. But my opinion of Sir Percy from when he posted here is that he is an asshole who likes the sound of his own voice and that he is something of a keyboard hard ass since he made veiled threats of physical violence to me.
Notice it was all females that answered.
One solid hit with a spiked heel and you are done. She went at him with a lot of anger it seems like.
This is an attempt to generate a witch hunt. The fact is there aren't that many sexual assaults in the military. There are a lot of accusations that get proven false and unlike in the civilian world the false accusers are punished. What the RAD gems are pushing for is a situation where a man is automatically guilty on nothing more than the woman's word and there are no repercussions for perjury and false swearing.
I would say Capt was on the rigt track. When the Romans caught an official in the midst of corruption they cast him from the Tarpian Rock into the Tiber River. He was sewn into a bag with a serpent a badger and a rooster so that he would be torn to shreds by the animals before he drowned. We don't have to be that extreme, I would say rope, tree, politician; some assembly required.
Main / Re: Mister mom
Jun 03, 2013, 09:10 AM

Women only earn .75 per every dollar men earn.

I think it is just  that women are by nature bisexual

Except hardcore lesbians.

Depends on the type of lesbian. Lesbians that are with other women because they legitimately prefer other women sexually or women that are lesbian because they hate men.