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Men's Stories / unfairness in relationships
Mar 29, 2014, 11:11 AM
I give her whatever she wants. Its her parents wishes. The moment I do something wrong she gives me  a hard time about how selfish I am. When I get upset she starts to threaten the whole relationship. She even gors as far as to pack her bags in an effort to get me to give in and ask her to stay. Im just tired of this whole cycle. Help me. We are married by the way. Other than breaking up? What can I do to take back my manhood?
You are not alone. A good buddy of mine loss his entire livelihood. His wife was very abusive physically and psychologically.  She would hit him often and when he wanted to leave she would use the kids against him and yell about alimony,  child support,  you name it... one day coming from CT. She started hitting him in the car. He pulled over at an exit, reached for his phone, to call the police when she grabs the seat buckle and began to hit herself with it repeatedly.  She also smashed her face on the dash. The state troopers showed up where they were both arrested. He missed work and now has to go to domestic violence classes. He was kicked out of police academy. His life is ruined because of her. GET OUT DUDE