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every divorced woman i talk to claims that their ex was abusive; i no longer believe them

"abusive husband" = "uncooperative"

For a lot of people in New York that's not a huge sum. That is something that men do as well and it doesn't hit the news. It's simply not a news worthy story.

while i would agree with you that some men might sock money away in a sneaky slush fund, it's pretty much official that men don't as a sex plan for divorces the way women do

the vast majority of men don't see the divorce coming (i guess we're stupid that way) and given that ~2/3 of divorces are female initiated i would posit that most of the "rainy day money" is also put aside by women

so, just as rape by women is relatively rare and is viewed as a 'male problem' i would say that deceiving your spouse by stealing money from the common pot is a 'female problem' even though some men do it too

...One thing I thought was cool was Uhura's devotion to Spock. She was there for him. She was on his side. She helped him when he needed it...

uhura was used to display the emotion spock was not able to for the audience

i enjoyed the movie but there were plot-holes and inconsistencies you could fly a klingon warbird through

for example: where the hell did old spock get the wood for the fire used to drive off the predator chasing kirk - they're on an ice ball for f**k sake

and the whole "red matter" thing - WTF!?!

and i'm pretty sure even a grade 3 kid knows that black holes don't operate like that
Main / Re: I married an Ascham bully
May 15, 2009, 07:50 AM
anyone guy who tells me women are not capable of maintaining moral absolutes is a fool

women are perfectly able to apply both moral absolutism and moral relativism....the difference is: they apply the moral relativism to themselves and the moral absolutism to men

excuses for the girls; no excuses for the guys
Main / Re: This guy is creepy
May 15, 2009, 07:40 AM
i agree with galt on this one

no matter how law-abiding he (galt) might be, human nature dictates that there will be a sizeable percentage of people who will play the system for a free ride. that's not negative or cynical, it's a fact - plain and simple

if i said that a certain percentage of people are going to pedophiles in any given population sample does that make me one? come on people
Main / Re: help me please
May 11, 2009, 05:33 AM

And when Ronnie gets himself a lawyer, then what ?

He needs more than the easy but useless answers of "get a lawyer" or "I agree with so and so"!

What does he instruct his lawyer to try to achieve for him. ?

What is achievable through lawyers in cases where an intransigent ex wife is an obstacle. ?

To what extent does he continue to pay for and pursue a legal outcome through lawyers ?

Are there any unseen implications that he should be particularly aware of surrounding lawyers and court proceedures in matters to do with gender and children. ?


one of the most inappropriate and useless comment i've ever read poiuyt...

did your rant accomplish something or did you just feel like bashing someone?
Main / Re: ABC 10pm Tonight; Abuse of Men
May 04, 2009, 10:33 AM

You don't get it either.  It's not about the woman.  It's about an upstart wanting to piss on my tree. would it look to beta males if your tree got up and walked away, particularly after you've just fought a man who pissed on it?

The 'value' of owning a tree is not worth beating on a brother to some men.

i get what he's saying i think...i'm assuming, correct me if i'm wrong, that if a guy repeatedly challenged him over a parking spot (pick another situation if you don't like this one) he'd get the exact same treatment

the woman is irrelevant in this situation. this isn't about her; it's about dealing with contempt from and confrontation by an asshole

i'm willing to bet every man on this board has been in the same situation at some point

don't see anything is the article about the accuser.

Well, because blood-typing tests are done, it seems that there was semen left behind; that implies a rapist. This case looks like a case of misidentification (aggravated by false crime lab report), not a false claim of rape.

i'm not seeing how you arrived at that conclusion. there are cases where consensual sex took place that was subsequently categorized as "rape" for whatever motive. no, most women would never do this but some do
Main / Re: Joys of Socialized Medicine
Apr 28, 2009, 11:09 AM
Our Canadian system is a mixed blessing. While everyone does get access to basic medical care there are big difficiencies and long wait times

Another problem with our system is the shortage of doctors. Canada is a very big place with a lot of underpopulated areas. Our gov't underwrites the education of many medical students with the understanding that they will have to "pay their dues" by practising in remote or underserved areas of Canada. A lot of these wannabe doctors don't like the idea and it's tough to enforce. A lot of them get their degrees and head south for greener pastures

I personally would like to see a 2-tier system in place that would garantee basic care to the poor, elderly, homeless etc..with pay-as-you-go services available to those that can pay
yes, i have feminist friends. i don't have any rad-fem friends nor would i have any (or even share an elevator with them if i knew)

befriending someone knowing they hate your guts because you were born with a penis is stupid and self-destructive IMO
Main / Re: driving while male?
Mar 19, 2009, 09:35 AM

Women get pulled much more often than men do......How do you think most cops find dates?  Its common practice to pull over hot chicks all day long and see if you cant get a date out of one of them.

However while they get pulled over more often they rarely get tickets.

are you speaking from experience?

maybe the women in your area are just worse drivers on average
any guesses as to who gets the heavier sentence?

I still say that responding to violence WITH violence is usually not the answer

So how many times can I hit you before you do something about it?

virtue has made a point inadvertantly. living in the real world, if you're a man and get whalloped by a female should you retaliate? idealogically, sure but it wouldn't be the smart or practical thing to do IMO. you will be the one arrested, have a restraining order placed against etc...

you'll be in the right but that's small consolation while you're living out of your cardboard box
i also noticed that the majority of female commenters busted her for her behaviour

it takes a woman to detect another womans BS

Actually I consider both of them to be somewhat at fault for the demise of their marriage. There were several red flag warning signs (the most obvious being non-existent sex) that the marriage was in jeopardy and when she tried to get his attention all he would say is "Im tired, busy" etc. He shouldve been more honest with her.

she spent 2 years dating other men and going on vacations and weekend getaways with her girlfriend when he was available to spend time with. does that sound like he was ignoring her or the other way round. she admits he was a good (maybe not great) but good husband but she wanted more. she neglected him for 2 years and he got sick of it and found someone better. she doesn't tell his side of it simply because it would be too damning - she's looking for sympathy here. he sounds to me like just another decent guy busting his a** to support another ungrateful woman - there's plenty of both around

almost all the comments i read were sympathetic to him and rightly so