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Advertisers know that men are the enemy. That's why so many TV adverts now portray men as morons. It's not just that most consumer activity is female-led. The advertisers know that most consumer resistance is male-led, so they try to undermine us before we can speak.

Interesting angle. They don't make those multimillion dollar shopping malls for men. And cars... heck I drive mine into the ground then buy used. I buy rebuilt monitors, dinged TVs, discounted items etc. Half my furniture is from yard sales. Funny thing is I have money in the bank and only a mortgage to pay. Everyone I know who buys stuff is in massive debt and maxed out on credit and have no real wealth.

Yes, men are the biggest hinderance to merchants. Probably why merchants love single women and teenagers.

This is very old news, at least as far as the UK is concerned. I was aware of this exact 'angle' well over ten years ago (closer to twenty actually) and even brought the subject up here about three years ago, but nobody was interested. Sometimes I'm just talking to myself I suppose.

I've heard prostitutes _themselves_ say they felt less exploited by a 40-hour-a-week desk job then a 17-hour-a-week life of prostitution.

Sure you didn't get that round the wrong way?

any occupation where you  are exposed to toher's vices is demeaning...........................I have never met a hooker , escort, or stripper that didnt have substance abuse issues

I have. I have a tax client who works as an escort. She keeps great records, claims deductions for things like batteries, lubricants, condoms and medical checks and pays her taxes on time. Nearly thirty she'll be able to retire in a few years and never need to work again in ANY job.

I bet she feels really used. Much more used than a miner who works all his life and dies six months after retiring in his 60s.
Main / Re: And today's female paedophile is:
Aug 15, 2007, 03:41 AM

He must have enjoyed the attention of such a beauty...

Yeah, well, the sex acts happened a decade ago... she might have been a tad more attractive.

A tad more attractive might raise her to the heady hights of butt ugly I suppose.
Main / Re: Tell me this?
Aug 15, 2007, 12:13 AM

We have a very tough road ahead of us.

I agree with everything you said. Sadly, our biggest hope might be in convincing mothers with sons that they should fight for a better world for them. If not, future generations of men might suffer even more than the previous two.

"how much would you cuddle up and fuck some nasty 245 lb 55 year old broad with dentures and pretend you liked it for?

Blimey, they're the only available women where I live...(so they get it for nothing!)

are you from  SW arkasnas or southern oklahoma........................or wales

No, East London in the UK. The number one destination for male immigration on the planet.

And btw, some of the most beautiful women I've ever met are from Wales!

"how much would you cuddle up and fuck some nasty 245 lb 55 year old broad with dentures and pretend you liked it for?

Blimey, they're the only available women where I live...(so they get it for nothing!)

what's your number for bending over

Well, my plumbing's different and as a man I find all men physically repellent that way

As far as rent boys go, they, on average, get paid a lot less than most female prostitutes.

So who whose taken part of this thread would bend over for 50$ (canadian even).

Do it youself then tell me how easy it is.

Are male prostitutes/gigolos taking advantage of women or are women taking advantage of them?

I agree with some of what you say UNH, but not all.  In Prague, you can get sex with a woman for about $65 USD, the same service in the USA would cost at least $1000, if you can even find an American woman who even comes close in sex appeal to a Czech woman, good luck.

So the city with the most beautiful women in the world has the cheapest prostitutes. Maybe that's because most of their men are living in London!
Main / Re: Snappy come backs to rhetoric
Aug 13, 2007, 08:25 AM

"Why aren't 50% of CEOs women!" - "Why aren't 50% of sewer workers women?"

Exactly, women have used 'equality' as a cover for the plundering and pillaging of everything that's good about being a man. Of course they are not interested in the sh*t that comes with being a man and they are definitely not interested in sharing the good things about being a woman with men. Anything good about being a man is ruthlessly stripped from men. Our identity and our pride are ebbing away.

If they come through channels, get a visa, learn english, and become American rather than try to create "Little Mexicos" and "Little Haiti," no.

But if Mexico and Haiti are so fucking wonderful, STAY THERE.

In the UK so many immigrants are coming that they don't have to learn English, they can just form mini countries of their own with their own communities. When small numbers come they have to integrate but when large numbers come they don't. Because of their preference for their own kind (called racism when white anglo saxons do the same) they want their own mini society. I've noticed quite a bit of anti-white racism or anglophobia in these areas.
Main / Re: Evil Women
Jul 22, 2007, 03:46 AM

Are women innately evil or empowered to act on their evil sides to a greater degree?

I think they are more empowered to act on their evil sides to a greater degree because they are
a) more likely to get away with it
b) more likely to receive less punishment if they are caught
c) much better at manipulating men to do their evil and better at manipulating men to get off if caught.
Main / Re: The World's Best Country for Women
Jul 22, 2007, 03:40 AM

Every other country is the world's best country for men.

Well women, by their very nature, are NEVER, EVER, satisfied, so will always think men have it better wherever they are.
I see the UK as an Islamic state in 50 years. Kind of poetic justice to all the liberal feminist reverse bigots who think that unlimited immigration is always a fantastic thing whatever the numbers coming.