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Main / Re: Hugs throws in the towel
Sep 07, 2013, 05:53 AM
I have NO pity for him whatsoever. Hopefully his wife takes him through the family court ringer, makes false accusations, etc; so he can get an idea of what he's been mocking and dismissing all these years.

He's the type of guy that needs to be crushed by the system, like a bug.
Main / Feminist Dream Date
Aug 30, 2013, 12:35 PM
It's a little dry and slow, but the point is made I think. The comments section on youtube is great!

A Feminist's Dream Date
Main / Re: Oh this is just TOO delicious!!
Mar 13, 2013, 07:51 PM
Wow, that woman is a train wreck!! I met with her tonight to discuss what exactly she was looking for and why my name came up as the guy to go to, and I left the meeting convinced she is batshit crazy.  :laughing6:

She was going on and on about the huge men that wanted to kill her and she needed to defend herself. She was telling me that I had NO IDEA what kind of men these were and they would kill me in a split second. I told her that it made no sense to come to me then if these men were so dangerous as I would only be able to teach her what I know, and she had already stated they could easily kill me. I basically scared her a bit with a reality check on her abilities to defend herself and told her I was not going to give her any type of private lesson where I was alone with her. I told her she could sign up for classes just like everyone else, and she would be able to defend herself in about 6 months if she trained really hard at least 4 days a week.

She kept asking about private lessons and asking the price. I told her I charge $150.00 an hour for private lessons but she didn't seem to like that too much. She was very sporadic and flighty and kept jumping from topic to topic. I left her with the female club owner (whom I told earlier I wasn't going to teach this feminist because of her hatred toward men) and went and taught my class. The owner came up to me later and said the crazy chick decided that maybe she should try cardio kickboxing lessons at the local Goodlife gym because I was too intimidating and expensive.  :laughing6:  I replied to the owner that the crazy chicks life must not have been in that much danger if she was willing to dicker about the price. If my life were in serious danger and I felt there was someone who could help me, I'd pay whatever I had to, or do whatever I had to in order to get that help.

On a side note, the crazy chick was very sexually aggressive for a feminist who supposedly hates men. She kept touching my arms and saying how muscular I was and how everyone said I was the guy to train with. I'm pretty sure I avoided a whole lot of unwanted problems and drama by denying this woman my time.

Thanks for the help guys.....I thought you might enjoy the story.  :greener:
Main / Re: Oh this is just TOO delicious!!
Mar 13, 2013, 10:54 AM
The more I think about this, the more I'm kind of turned off of the whole idea actually. Why should I help someone who openely hates me and my gender? I think I'll tell her to go find someone else.
Main / Re: Oh this is just TOO delicious!!
Mar 13, 2013, 10:43 AM

Can you teach her without touching her? Because if you can't, you are exposing yourself to possible accusations...

Yikes!! Holy crap I never even THOUGHT about that!! Damn, thanks for the heads up. I was in the old thinking pattern of "men protecting women"; I had a momentary relapse, thanks.  :yikes:
Main / Oh this is just TOO delicious!!
Mar 13, 2013, 09:58 AM
For those that don't know me, I am well known in my field by law enforcement of all stripes in canada as the "go to guy" for martial arts/self defence training as well as firearms, chemical agents, hand cuffing, batons, SCBA, etc, etc. I'm not trying to toot my own horn, just giving a glimpse of some background info.

I have been asked to give seminars for various law enforcement agencies and SWAT teams in Canada because I understand the Use of Force Management Model they must abide by since I deal with it every day in the field as well.

I was just contacted by federal law enforcement to ask if I would train and Internationally known Women's Rights Activist who's life has been threatened and is currently in hiding.  :laughing6:  In true female form she has been blabbing to whomever will listen as to who she is and what the current threats are against her!!!  :rolle:  :BangHead:

I'm quite torn on this because although I despise femi-twits; I don't believe in stoning women to death, honour killings, etc; which is the type of activism this woman is involved in from the mid east. She sounds like a loon as well from her description and interviews that have been conducted by people on the way up the ladder to me.

This should be interesting, and I'll keep you posted if it turns out she's your typical feminist dirtbag. 

Once you do something wrong once with/for an inmate, you are owned from then on.

Is that because s/he can rat you out, or is there a deeper psychology at play?

One would expect that this is the 1st lesson pounded into the C.O.'s brain: fraternization (or doing business) with an inmate can't end well for the C.O.

Yes, they basically hold your job/career in your hands from that point on. Also, most officers tend to find their circle of friends becomes smaller and smaller, the longer they do the job; until eventually it's just other CO's they are hanging out with. This tends to be because most people can't relate to the rough humour and gruff exterior most use as a coping mechanism. So, if you lose your job in such a manner, you also lose your social circle.

And yes, one of the first things you learn as an officer is NO FRATERNIZING!! It happens quite a bit though, and not just officers. Female psychologists have been caught, food stewards, parole officers, etc. Usually about twice a year some female is escorted off the property for some type of inappropriate behaviour.

Finally, exactly how does a prison inmate pressure a prison guard into an affair that lasted a substantial amount of time. It just ain't possible. A prison inmate is totally controlled.  He might manage a one time "rape" but he certainly couldn't coerce repeated events. That is just nuts.

Once you do something wrong once with/for an inmate, you are owned from then on.
Main / Bill Burr: You people are all the same
Sep 20, 2012, 06:19 PM
I just finished watching comedian "Bill Burr: You people are all the same"  comedy special and he goes in depth on many topics that affect men. Unfair divorce laws, domestic violence double standards, gold digging women etc.

He starts in on these subjects about half way through the special. It's pretty funny how uncomfortable the audience gets at times, but he does a good job even pointing out double standards in how people can react to men's trials and tribulations and womens.

I highly recommend it, I was laughing throughout and I think he opened some peoples eyes.
Don't marry them in the first place.....problem solved.  :toothy9:
Good luck, hahahah. If my girlfriend  tried this tactic with me, she's be shown the door no questions asked. NEXT!  :laughing6:
Main / A facebook argument with a feminist
Mar 13, 2012, 05:20 PM
I just thought this was a funny exchange I had with a woman on facebook. It shows the entitlement mentality that a lot of women have and the inability to discern "need" from "want".  She had the whole hyphenated last name, girl power schtick going on. :laughing6:

Thread Starter:  So if you park in the disabled spot and don't have a permit itks ok as long as you put your 4 way flashers on? Ok thanks lazy woman in Gan!

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Hyphenated entitled feminist:  Oh I hate that! One time I asked an older couple not to forget their baby in the car while they went into Subway. When they looked at me like I was crazy I said... oh I'm sorry it's because you are parked in the parking resevered for Moms and babies and although you do look big I don't think your pregnant, just lazy. They replied...go BLEEP yourself. I guess for them those two empty parking spots beside were just too far for them to walk.

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Assault; Being pregnant isn't a's a choice. Disabled parking makes sense, pregnant/lazy/fat parking doesn't.
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Hyphenated entitled feminist: For sure the disablility parking is needed but so is the Mom and tots parking. It might not be the same in your eyes but this has to be coming from a guy who has never tried to carry two toddlers and a new born while holding onto a bunch of groceries and a stroller at the same time. Oh, and I never said pregnancy was a disability but I'll tell you, if it were the men that were the ones pregnant they would want the parking close, believe me. So although I agree with your comment of the fat and lazy, I disagree with the pregnancy part. Sorry.
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Assault:  No need to be sorry, I just believe women are equal to men and can handle the same responsibilities. And despite your assertion that I never carried my two young children, groceries, stroller etc in and out of the store, I in fact, did it just fine thank you.
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Hyphenated entitled feminist:  Its very good that you did carry your children, groceries and stroller and the same time. As for the equal rights to men and women...I'm all for it. I do believe however that women or men do deserve the Mom and tots parking spots as well. I wasn't trying to disrespect any good Dad's out there but when men say that pregnancy or Mom's don't deserve a break..humm...that kind of makes me mad. I think many women would agree with me on that topic.
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Thread starter:  Ok enough about the mom spots, they are a courtesy, not mandated.
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Hyphenated entitled feminist:  Hey..shut up you! But ok ...........enough about the Mom spots (but I'm right) ;)) and I never said they were mandated.
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Main / Re: Feminisim
Mar 05, 2012, 08:47 PM
She's posing as if she's getting railed from behind by multiple guys and letting them take pictures of it. Basically letting them treat her as if she's a piece of meat. But I'm sure some feminist will find a way to say it's the guys' fault.  :dontknow:
Main / Re: Feminisim
Mar 05, 2012, 04:11 PM
On a MMA board I frequent someone posted "poor women" rant about how immature men are and how women can't find a good one. The following posts warmed my old heart to see the vast majority of men who "get" it.