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Hi guys,

Long time since I've been here. I'm an organiser of conference in the UK in a week and a half's time. Anyone in the UK want to come? Here's the announcement -

Wendy Turner (EPA), Lisa Cohen (JUMP), Neil Lyndon, Barry Worrall, John Holden, EPA and more to speak at the United Equal Parenting Conference 2007  - The Best Interests of the Child. The conference, at The Warehouse, 1a Cumberland Road, Reading, RG1 3LB will be on the weekend, 16th and 17th June. The conference will discuss the best interested of the child and will include the following speakers -

Wendy and Paul Turner
"A Child's Right Not To Choose"
Wendy Turner, a tireless campaigner for equal parenting and recently appointed Chair of the Equal Parenting Alliance, will talk about the child's right not to choose; that the child should not be forced to favour or select one parent only

Lisa Cohen will be speaking for JUMP, Jewish Unity for Multiple Parenting, a support and lobby group. She will be talking about "My fight for my children" and the living bereavement it creates and how parental alienation affects the relationship with the parent. She is including a short film on the subject of PAS.

Neil Lyndon is the author of "No More Sex War: The Failures of Feminism" and will argue that the best interest of the child are the best interests of the state.
To quote Daniel Patrick Moynahan, "Family and Nation", 1965 - "There is one unmistakable lesson in American history: A community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any set of rational expectations about the future -- that community asks for and gets chaos... And it is richly deserved."

Barry Worrall is a men's campaigner and author of "Without Authority". He will talk about the 'best interests of the child' - a revolutionary & personal view by Barry Worrall and argue that best interests of child and of society is to be raised into good citizens, who can contribute to our society. How is this done? To be raised by people who brought them into the world & care most about them - their father & mother.

The Equal Parenting Alliance
The EPA will talk about the recent election and their part in it and about plans to have more candidates in future elections.

John Holden
A Father's Report At The Childcatcher's Conference"
John Holden, an equal parenting campaigner for some years, will talk about the latest professional initiatives in family courts and for children after separation, having attended a recent conference by people who think they know better than parents.

A number of others will be speaking, but topic details are not yet finalised.  Amongst others this will include a Sikh and a humanist on their position on equal parenting and the best interests of the child.

Booking is now being accepted for the conference online or by cheque.

For details see the website
Or to join the mailing list send a blank email to [email protected]

We would like to hear from other organisations and also individuals who would like to put their views to the conference. Suggestions for speakers to [email protected]

There are social events on Friday and Saturday evenings.

There will also be a separate half day conference on men's rights in general and is called ""Men's Hour Conference - The Men's Movement - Where is It?". Including Raymond Cuttill on "Why have 2 sexes anyway?" and Barry Worrall on "How to go forward from here".
Want to help plan the way forward?

Come and help plan the way forward at the United Equal Parenting Conference - The Way Forward, this Saturday 17th 10am at the Central Hall Westminster, London (opposite Westminster Abbey and close to Parliament Square). You can hear about from authors like Barry Worrall ("Without Authority") and Neil Lyndon ("No More Sex War"), hear from Philip A. Else of the Equal Parenting Alliance and from Mike Kelly of Real Fathers For Justice (who may bring a video of the Blair residence protest on Friday) and others. Hear about what they suggest and what others have to say and have your say, what you want and what you'd like to happen. Entrance is free but a donation of whatever you can afford commensurate with a full day's event would be appreciated. Check out the website for more information. Come and have your say on equal parenting.


Time has been allocated for maximum discourse and exchange of views and information

10 am Introduction

10:10 Barry Worrall - Family Law - A personal review

11:00 PACT - Victims of Another War

11:45 Discussion and questions

12 pm Lunch

12:30pm John Campion - Divorce Law Practice - The Matrilineal Society

12:45pm Neil Lyndon - It's time for men to get political

1:30 pm Philip A. Else - Equal Parenting Alliance

2:00 pm Discussion and questions

2:30pm Wendy - A Woman's Story

2:45 pm Mike Kelly - Real Fathers For Justice

3:15 pm Final Discussion and Panel

4:45 pm Close
Main / Women's Studies in Ontario Highschools
Apr 05, 2006, 05:05 PM
The first event will be a New Girls' Club luncheon on Mar. 29 in Queen's Park in Toronto for female MPPs.

"We want to highlight how this idea that a 'Boys' Club' starts early and is ongoing," Mohan said.

Anyone from Canada want to tell me there was an explicit boys club? Or failing that some pro-boys atmosphere that could be called a boys club?

BTW They're good at maths
September 2007 is only six months away
Just an update for Britain. Only landed men could vote prior to 1918. This meant 2/3 of men and all women couldn't vote. (There was an inequality from 1918 to 1928. Men aged 21+ and women aged 30+ could vote in 1918. Everyone aged 21+ could vote in 1928)

I've heard of a couple of exceptions to this that I hope to one day investigate. (1) Women at some point could vote by proxy, that is she could vote if she got a man to actually go and cast the vote. I think this may have been true of say widows of wealthy men who then had the husband's vote but could not use it themselves. (2) Women could vote in municipal elections.  Both of these are things I've read hints of but have been unable to verify.

However, one thing is verifiable. The suffragettes originally wanted votes the same as men.  That is for property owning women to get the vote. Not mentioned in women's studies, presumably because they're claiming women couldn't own property.

A further note - Universal Suffrage - where men and women marched together in 1910s for everyone to have the write to vote seems to be being written out of history.  There were photos of men and women marching together. They're hard to find now.
Main / Rape, lets end the discussion
Mar 30, 2006, 12:35 AM
A woman can also be prosecuted for causing a man to engage in sexual activity without his consent, a crime which also carries a maximum life sentence if it involves penetration of the mouth, anus or vagina.

I'm not sure where this interpretation comes from. I presume it means that a woman can be charged with rape if she participates in a rape, which as stated is a penis penetrating mouth, vagina or anus. No woman can be charged with rape if a penis isn't involved.

The only crime she can do on her own is assault by penetration which is vagina or anus penetrated by anything non-consensual. Call me back when a woman gets a life sentence for anything.

If she commits what most of us would call rape, forced sex, she gets charged with sexual assault, which has a maximum of 10 years. for more info
Main / Rape, lets end the discussion
Mar 27, 2006, 04:03 PM
Anyone who suggests one can apparently ignore Thomas's pain and question what actually happened and point out fine legal distinctions is implying that it is legitimate to do that to any woman claiming to be a rape victim.
I'll be back or at least my friend will be back - Matt O'Connor hands Fathers 4 Justice over

From Men's Hour F4J News
Re-Born Fathers 4 Justice Launch 'Child Focused' Campaign


Re-Born Fathers 4 Justice Launch 'Child Focused' Campaign

Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) announced yesterday on Radio 5 Live's 'Forgotten Fathers' programme that it's high profile campaign IS to continue despite the group formally disbanding in January following the alleged Leo Blair plot.

The announcement follows a series of behind the scenes talks and a high level meeting on Saturday where F4J management considered how best to secure and continue the progress already made.

The group has been inundated with requests from both supporters and the public to continue it's campaign.

Senior management reported increasing public concern about the absence of any credible alternative to F4J, and that the progress made over the last three years threatened to unravel and take the issue of children's rights back to pre F4J days.

F4J Founder Matt O'Connor formally handed over the reigns to the new team including Andrew Work, Guy Harrison and Brian Ross at a formal meeting in central London on Saturday.

O'Connor, who is working on the launch of his new political pressure group later this year, will continue to advise the group on PR and Media relations alongside Glen Poole.

Said O'Connor "I am delighted that there not only exists such commitment to carry our work forward, but that people better than me can take what I started and bring F4J to the next stage."

The organisation publicly known for its the Superhero stunts is now making the transition to a respectable voice for change, despite the group being the subject of a dirty tricks campaign designed to silence it.

A new parliamentary team headed by barrister Michael Cox will be meeting with government, church and family law institutions and is ready to work with them to achieve concrete reform in family law. Whilst F4J will retain the ability to carry out non-violent direct action, this is expected to be required only for exceptional circumstances as the group enters the next phase of the campaign.

"There is no place for extremists or extremism in F4J, we must lead by example and rise above the inherent injustice practised against our children behind the closed doors of the family courts", said Andrew Work today.

"The first phase of the campaign required Direct Action for the issue to be heard. The next phase requires concrete change, and that needs serious engagement and demonstrable results. Hundreds of thousands of children are denied the right to half of their family as a direct result of a failed family legal system, and the public clearly want it corrected as a matter of urgency. And most importantly our children deserve nothing less", he added.

F4J also announced on Saturday that it will soon be launching a charitable foundation to support children who were suffering from the loss of family as a consequence of family law injustice.
Main / Rape, lets end the discussion
Mar 27, 2006, 09:17 AM
Quote from: "devia"
having someone cum on your ass.. is not rape..

So if someone came on your ass you wouldn't charge them with anything?
AngryHarry it's


Not much on there at the moment but we should start announcing topics and speakers fairly soon.
Men's Hour United Conference - The Way Forward -

Following the disbanding of Fathers 4 Justice, it was unclear which way to go and how to get there. A conference was conceived by Thames Valley Equal Parenting and the Men's Hour.  The "Men's Hour United Conference - The Way Forward" is in London on June 17th, 2006, the day before Father's Day.

It is to discuss the way forward for children's rights, equal parenting, men's and fathers issues, including mutual support, media campaigning, political lobbying, protest, marches and non-violent direct action.

Activists, campaigners, authors and well-known figures have been invited to speak. Suggestions for additional speakers are welcome. All views are welcome on how to progress the rights of fathers and men in general.  The conference is to encourage the exchange of ideas and contacts and will end with an open discussion of strategy and plans.

Because men and fathers can be poor, especially if they are fighting a long court case, we have decided there is no fixed admission to the conference. Instead please make a donation. This can be paid at the door or via the website. Please give what you can afford. 10 or more if you can.

Please join the Yahoo group to discuss it and hear news and/or register if you wish to attend.
Quote from: "Prometheus"
I don't know.  Sometimes I think I need to stop reading the paper and all magazines and the net.  I just get so pissed off about it all.

You can avoid a lot of it. You can't escape it all. Unless perhaps you go and live in a monastery. Anywhere there are women, and even some men, you stand a chance of hearing something derogatory about men.

I was at WeightWatchers this week.  Granted not many men go to this, but a few do. At this one I was the only man. I'm now beginning to wonder if this isn't a coincidence. The woman facilitator was doing a talk about thinking and thoughts about food. She asked how many thoughts do you have in a day.  She said 60,000. She then added men have 2, and followed it with "Apologies to the man here". I said something about it not being acceptable. She perhaps didn't hear me as there was a lot of chit-chat going on, or maybe she just ignored me.  I am now thinking of making a complaint. I don't know if anything useful would happen, but one has to try.
Main / Are men defective women?
Mar 24, 2006, 06:35 PM
This sex thing was started long before the dinosaurs, and nobody has improved on it. There are no species with three sexes.

There are only 2 ways to improve your species. Mutation is one. Mutations are copies that are imperfect. Our genetic diseases are mutations in the past which have been passed on.  Germs do it. Bird flu might mutate. Mutations is inefficient. Alter a gene at random and see what you get, two headed flies for example. Germs can afford to do so since they create millions of themselves. If a thousand are mutated it doesn't matter if all 1000 are useless but if just one of them becomes the new bird flu that can jump species then it hits the jackpot.

The other way is gene pool. Sexual reproduction. You can exchange genes with another branch of the species and you get tried and tested genetic material. The female (usually the female) gets to select the best male for mating. He must have survived and be the biggest or best on offer. Maybe she has better eyesight and he has longer legs for better running. The result could be the best of both. Of course the result could be bad eyesight and short legs but there's a one in 4 chance of improvement which wouldn't happen if they long-legged ones didn't exchange genetic material with the good-seeing ones.

The fact that most species sexually reproduce in spite of the complications it produces means it must have a big advantage. When feminist advocate cloning themselves (6 billion Germaine Greers?!?!) they put the human race on a par with bird flu and lose the advantage that the sexual species have.

Once you get this sex difference, then the sexes specialise. Men hunted. Women gathered. They are not equal, as in the same and interchangeable. They should be equally valued.  Losing half a species loses half the talent and skills. It's like asking if a cat is a defective dog.
Quote from: "Dr Evil"
feminists are not just for girls

No, I think they hate, or at least dislike, women too, at least those who disagree with them. Just have look how they deal with any non-feminist women or things like women on women violence. It is ALL about hating men.
Main / Are men defective women?
Mar 24, 2006, 03:57 PM
The trick is thinking you can have a one-sexed species.  You either have no sex (asexual) or two sexes but you can't have a one sexed species. In spite of rantings by sycophantic scientists like Steve Jones just about all species have male and female. No species has only male or only female.
Main / Are men defective women?
Mar 24, 2006, 01:49 PM
Asexual was here before sexual (so why did they call it a-sexual? :-), how did they know?).
Very few species are asexual. Aphids for example.  Obviously germs etc. Very few complicated species, multicellular. The sexuals have won. A woman is not a defective man. A man is not a defective woman. The species needs both. Diversity is a defence against black death or SARS for one.