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Main / Re: Healthy Masculinity
May 06, 2007, 04:14 AM
I think people here give feminists way way WAY too much credit.

I don't think they are that complicated. They want all the benefits of "equality" with all the benefits of "chivalry" at the same time.

Take the most hard core feminist out there. Then have Denzel Washington or Leo DiCaprio or Russell Crowe or George Clooney rub on them and it's game over. They'll pull their panties off just as fast as any other groupie starstruck by the money, the fame, the good looks and the power.

A feminist at her core is just another chick, and frankly, I think chicks aren't all that complicated.

They want

1) Money
2) Good looks
3) Fame/Power
4) Their friends jealous that they can get 1-3

But everyone knows when a woman crosses the age of 35-40, the odds of her ever getting any of the above decline drastically. I mean we are talking falling through the basement here.

The typical chick trick is to get everyone talking and mulling and in deep thought to blow a smokescreen over the fact that what they really want isn't all that hard. They want your cash so they don't have to work. They want your good looks because they want the best genetics for those kids you are going to pay for. They want you to have fame/power because socially, a woman is held in esteem by the male she secures and subsequently the success of his career. And finally, since chicks can't really stand other chicks that much, they want to rub shit in each others faces about what they got that their "friends" can't get.

I don't want to be rude, but the feminist definition of "masculinity" means they get 1-4 or some combo of it without having to look like a whore about it all.

Here's my definition -

Get as much sex as you can from them as safe as you can, don't let them get their claws into your wallet or your gonads and just wait them out, because after 40, they have lost most of their social power in getting any of the things that they want.

Chicks talk about all kinds of things but those words are hollow to me. What do they do? They ask you what you do for a living about half a second after you meet them. That's all they care about. That's why they love to get MRAs into this quagmire of debate, because they don't want to look like whores who only care about how much money men have ( no newsflash, deep down, it just comes back to how much money you have)

Chicks want you to argue with them, because it validates them. Because chicks love attention. They love it almost as much as they love your money. ( I said almost...) They don't actually listen to a word you say, they just bask in the glow of said attention.

Feminists don't care about "masculinity", its just some smoke grenades they throw while they figure out how to get at your wallet without having to feel guilty about it.

I don't even bother arguing with chicks anymore. There's no point. I don't feel the need to validate them or give them the attention they crave. Trust me, anyone who walks on this board looking for an "open dialogue with MRAs" and calls themselves a feminist just wants attention. She won't actually listen to a word you say.

You don't need to argue with them, wait for them to cross 40 years of age and that will say all that really needs to be said in the end.

Main / Re: Kids' article on throwing.
May 05, 2007, 11:33 PM
And this article will discuss the reality that males tend to have greater upper body strength in general compared to women when?

The article also fails to mention that Jennie Finch is listed between 6 feet tall to 6 foot 1 inch. The average American woman is what? 5'2-5'5? The average American male is 5'8 to 5'10 on the average. She is taller than most men she encounters on a daily basis.

The ability to gain velocity on the ball when throwing is often dependent on height. You can get into the argument about mechanics, conditions of the throwing surface, etc - but it's commonly known that taller people can generate more velocity on a thrown ball because of the impact of their increased pitching stride.

The article doesn't mention she started pitching at 8 years old. Far far younger than most boys even begin pitching.

You could take 100 little girls and give them all the professional training in the world, and they will won't be able to outthrow 100 randomly selected boys their age.

If you want to make a sweeping generalization, then say boys AND girls today are probably stronger, taller and faster  than kids their age 30 years ago. Nutrition is different. I wouldn't say better, but different. Information on health has changed. Information about the factors that promote/inhibit growth has changed. So if girls can throw much better now, well that means boys can throw even that much better than before as well.

The next step is figuring out where to file complaints and how to get the system to work for us.  For a change. 

I see what you are saying, but I don't think the system cares what MRAs think until it starts costing people jobs and money. There just aren't enough of us to move the system ourselves. Feminists outnumber us a million to one.

IMHO, people need to go home and explain to their kids why Daddy and Mommy don't have jobs anymore because they squared off with MRAs for MRAs to be truly seen as a force to be reckoned with.

Main / Re: Has feminism hurt boys and men?
May 05, 2007, 02:33 AM

Some, if not all, of the people here plainly feel that feminism has hurt them. Directly. ...
Some people have directly stated that feminism hurts them/is still hurting them.

Feminism costs everyone. There a direct associated cost to feminism in America. Every moment has a social cost and a bottom line cost. Affirmative action has a real dollar cost to the US economy. Some is implied - contracts, social programs, etc. Some is not implied - loss of productivity for sake of political correctness.

I don't mind that people believe what they want to believe - I START TO MIND WHEN I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.

Thanks to feminism and the idea that women don't need men and the drive to push males out of the family unit, there are a ton of teenage single mothers out there. Who pays for it when those kids having kids need to go on welfare? Uh .... all of us. Our tax dollars.

If I am trapped in a fire and some female firefighter isn't strong enough to drag my ass out of a burning building, and she's only there because she sued the living shit out of a fire department to get there - do I deserve to die so someone feels more "equal" when men and women are clearly not "equal" in many things?

If you think there is no "cost" to feminism in America, then you defy the basic reasoning found in most high school economics books. I mean these are concepts we teach 16-17 year olds.

Here's my message to feminists -


Am I the only person here who is tired of his tax dollars subsidizing these whiney for profit martyr movements that don't show one bit of common sense most of the time?

Every time a man goes into work has to take an extra five minutes to tiptoe around a walking lawsuit in a skirt and be ultra PC as to not offend her to get the job done is five minutes of lost productivity. And that costs ALL OF US. Those costs are passed on to the consumer. They are passed on to our tax bills.

In every product we buy as Americans, we are paying a percentage of that cost to account for the stupidity of people working in that organization.  They pass the cost of that stupidity onto us all. Feminism, in a fiscal sense, passes on the cost of the stupidity of their movement onto all of us.

Feminism hurts us all.
Fight dirty.

Who are the official sponsors of these college athletic programs? They feed alot of money into those schools too.

Gatorade? Nike?

Ask these big companies once nicely to encourage college athletics to balance out men/women again. Big money = big voice.

They'll give you a canned response. Then fight dirty.

Take guerrilla style films of Nike exploiting children as labor overseas to make their shoes. Show kids starving and suffering. Then slap that all over YouTube. Get it on CNN. Make Oprah care. Make Dateline NBC care. Do the same for Gatorade - make a fake film showing some employees jerking off in the vats of Gatorade. Slap that on YouTube

Both companies will lose millions. Both companies will be in upheaval. People will get fired. People will get blamed. Fingers pointing everywhere.

Then call them back.

Ask them to to talk to college athletics again.

If they don't. Hammer them again. Hammer them until they get the point. You don't have to do anything we tell you do, but if you don't, be prepared to lose alot of fucking money.

Then go after college athletics. Make sure every stadium gets visited by Fire Marshals. Make sure every AD of every major school gets audited. Make sure every Chancellor's kids get caught in a coke scandal on campus. Everyone has a weakness.

Hammer them over and over and over again until they are bleeding money like no tomorrow.

All MRAs have to do is to get one big name fired. Let everyone else see the example. You don't have to listen to us, but if you don't , be prepared to lose your fucking job.

Feminists like to whine. MRAs need to collect the real scalps - money and jobs - until people realize the movement has some teeth and unless you want to be jobless or bleed out money, you better toe the line.

They'll get the "only insurance" folks to move along, the cash cows who can afford to not have it "on record"  they will keep as long as possible.

But my point remains the same, they will ride you out and milk you as long as they can. Lawyers do the same thing.

The "Tony Sopranos" out there are the dream gig (except for the being whacked part). All cash, money is no object, discrete, the person will keep coming back.
Well I respect anyone who is willing to protest for what they believe in, especially if they are willing to use their own time and expense to see it done.

But I have to question the overrall impact of the tactics. It's not a big surprise that the news media shut out the MRAs. Women would complain to advertisers, advertisers will complain to the station and that's that.

There are simply not enough MRAs out there to make public protests a viable form of "fighting back"

I've discussed two strategies before that I think will work

1) A feature film/documentary ala Super Size Me/Roger And Me

2) Economic squeeze - just make it very costly for anyone to be pro feminist

and here's the last

3) Find a way to get rich and powerful people hammered in a divorce. Right now, rich and powerful people have the means, connections and resources to avoid the pitfalls of divorce that the average person faces. Spielberg gets divorced, he loses 100 million. Ok that sucks , but he's super rich anyway. Now if you made it so Amy Irving could take 90 percent of everything he owned and he could never see his kids, then you have a whole new ballgame.

Does anyone remember when MADD started. No one important cared for a long time. Until the kids of the rich and elite and powerful got pasted on the road too. No one cares when Sally, the average high school girl gets plastered on the road. But when a Congressman's niece gets her head smashed by a truck into a bloody pulp, then you see action. When the mayor's son get crippled and has to pee in a diaper the rest of his life, then you see action. If it was just poor kids dying, I assure you, the way we see drunk driving penalties would be way different.

When rich and powerful men are destroyed to the point where their wealth and power mean nothing in the face of divorce, then you will wholesale changes.

See  I think people think the strategy is to make things better for men in general. But that's not gonna help. Because the system bleeds men just enough where they won't revolt enmasse. It's like conditioning good slaves. You give them enough to get by, but not enough to get ahead.

MRAs need to make the system worse. I know that sounds crazy. But if you make the system so draconian that people would rather leave the country than be a divorced man in America, then you will see some real changes. The way things work now is "brutal" it is not however "merciless" Unfortuntely for MRAs to win this fight, with their limited numbers, the tactics must be more creative.

Things have to worse before things get better. It's the only way.

I am not so sure counseling is always naturally biased towards the woman.

Here's the problem I have with it -

If they fix you (assuming they can...) then they stop getting paid.

This is why I intuitively know prenuptial agreements are almost always worthless. Would a lawyer draft a legal document that would prevent him from making himself more money later?

There is no incentive to "fix anything" in the counseling business. I hear alot about "making progress", but I rarely hear about a counselor who fixes you up then kicks you out.

The very nature of the business means it is more profitable to not help you even if they could. So I believe they just can't really help you period. In my mind, counseling becomes worthless. The framework of counseling is et up so they probably don't want to help you deep down, not to the point where you'd leave and go be happy, so counseling becomes worthless there too.

I don't think counseling attacks men because it's a systematic agenda to destroy men. I just think it stretches out the program the longest for the most profit.

"Ok Sally, you are a fucking raging bitch. You don't work and you nag Bob all the time. Cook him a steak once in a while and give him a blowjob once in a while and be thankful he provided you with a safe home and roses on Valentines Day"

Sally shuts up. Bob is ok with that because Bob just wants to get fed, get laid and have as little bullshit as possible to get those things.

"Ok Bob, you have some serious intimacy issues, we need to work on that, but you don't like to talk, so let's hear what Sally has to say"

Sally won't shut up. Bob won't talk much because guys don't talk much, Sally gets to keep talking and the counselor gets to keep billing.

Counselors side with women because most women can't shut the fuck up. Counselors don't side with men because men are staring at the clock and want to see results for their dollar.

This is just about money. Just like divorce. If you have a dirt poor man and rich woman together, I assure you, the rich woman is going to get hosed. It just happens so rarely that no one notices it because most rich women won't marry a dirt poor man. But some women, a rare few, get hosed just as badly as men in divorces. The system's greed knows no gender, it only hammers men so often because men tend to be the ones with most money in most divorces.

Main / Re: 40% of duck sex is "rape"
May 04, 2007, 10:30 AM
Did these scientists consider that these stray ducks weren't trying to reproduce but just wanted to get laid?
Here's my view on it.

Women know alot more intuitively than they let on sometimes.

A woman usually knows when you are interested in her. Conversely a woman generally knows when another woman is encroaching on her man or plans to very soon. They also know how far they can push a man given the circumstances.

I have rarely heard of an unmarried couple getting couples counseling. Why? The man can just leave with no penalty in most cases if he's not married to the woman (assuming shes not a single mother and he hasn't turned this situation into a common law marriage by default) The woman has no incentive to push the situation to a head where counseling is even an "option" because she has no yet secured a marriage yet.

The only reason I'd ever go to marriage counseling is if I was crazy enough to get married, knew I needed to divorce and needed a stalling tactic with my wife to prepare for my divorce. I'd play the perfect husband for a year, lay the groundwork and strike first with a divorce. If I had  to get to counseling, I'd assume my marriage was over, I mean if you can't communicate or get along without a third party involved, what is really the point? I'm a big fan of the idea that a good relationship shouldn't have to be "hard work" I mean you should work hard to maintain a good life and a good career and to have options, but I don't think having a mate where you struggle constantly to get along should be so difficult.

My system works pretty good for me. Women realize I have some businesses, have a little money, they want that. I tell them I'm not interested in marriage and kids. They assume privately they can change me on that front. They assume I don't realize that they plan to change me. They screw my brains out for a few years trying to change me. I still say I'm not interested in marriage and kids. They don't push too hard in the first year because they don't want to scare me or my wallet away. Then after about a year (which is about the best part of any relationship anyway) I go ahead and break up with them.

I personally feel relationships only have a shelf life of about 1-5 years. After that, I think relationships tend to die out. I think the best sex you'll get is the first 3-4 months. I think the best parts of a relationship are the first year. So I've decided to stay at that level. And it works out ok for me, I realize as long asI have money and my health, there's a endless supply of women who will think they can change me and will give me relatively bullshit free sex and companionship for a year.

Some people aren't meant to stay together. Some people aren't meant to even be together. But people don't want to face that truth. I think counseling is a plan to lose 99 percent of the time.


Dating a single mom requires patience and understanding, among other things. With more than 11 million single parents in America today, there is a good chance that you may date one at some time. Do you wonder how you should act around your date's children or what you should expect while dating a single mother? Here are a few guidelines to remember when your girlfriend is a single mom.

1. Patience. Be patient if she doesn't want you to meet her children right away. Don't take it personally and think that she doesn't like you enough to introduce you to her kids. First, she should get to know you and give you the opportunity to know her as a woman, before knowing her as a mother. And secondly, children can easily become attached to you. Your date may want to see how the relationship progresses before she lets the children get attached to you and be hurt if the relationship doesn't work out.

2. Understanding. Spontaneity and motherhood don't always mix. As a mother, your date's first priority is her children. She may not be able to make spontaneous plans. Spur-of- the-moment dinner plans may seem romantic, but are unrealistic for most single mothers. Remember that she will need time to find a babysitter. If you want to surprise her with a romantic dinner or theater tickets, take the liberty of calling the babysitter and making all of the arrangements.

3. Know your limitations. Don't ever attempt to discipline her children. Let the mother do all of the disciplining. If you have an issue with a behavior or action, discuss it with the mother when the kids are not around. Don't try to be a father or a father figure to the kids. They probably already have a father and will only resent you if you try to take his place.

4. Offer to pay the babysitter. Many single mothers struggle to pay the bills and support their families. Your date may want to see you more often but can only afford to pay a babysitter once a week. Babysitting fees may put a strain on her budget. It would be a kind gesture to offer to pay the sitter for her.

5. Include the kids. After you have been dating for a while and you feel there will be a long term relationship, you should plan to include the kids in some of your outings. Make plans at least once a month to do group activities that include the children. Make sure the plans include activities that the kids will enjoy.

Dating with children can be a sensitive and delicate matter. The more you try to force a friendship on the children, the more difficult it may be. Relax, be yourself and let a friendship develop.


1) It pushes the lie that if you don't date a single parent, there will be no one else out there for you to date. How is this possible? Marriage rates are down, birth rates are down. Are there more single mothers? Yes, but the population is still growing (albeit people living longer throws some complications in those numbers) I don't see how that lie ever works. I mean if you have success dating in general, you should stay there as long as you have your life in order. If you never had any luck before, what says your luck will change so much better or worse all a sudden?

2) It only says what you, you as the male, can do to make life easier for the single mother. It never says what the single mother can do to make your transition to dating her and her circumstances easier for you. I'd imagine it's just as hard for a man to figure out where he stands in a preexisting family structure and find his role in that, does that article even begin to say "Single mothers, you could help the guy by sitting down and seeing what he feels about X or Y"?

3) The article says don't actually be a "father" Initially, to start, I can see that, but down the road? When you are paying the bills and keeping food on the table for those kids? Wow, what a thankless proposition. I can give up my paycheck to feed another mans genetic legacy, pretty much ensuring mine is over, but I have no actual rights or role in that family?

4) Money. It always come down to money. All that articles says is to show the single mother that your money is hers and only there to make her life easier.  Is there anything in there to say that single mothers ought to think about career and educational opportunities to increase their own earning power? Does it say in there at all about how single mothers should talk to single men about setting financial goals and figure out if the same financial values exist?

Articles like this bother me because it only says what you, you as the male, can do to make someone else have an easier life. But is that the point of relationships? I  thought the point was you got into one to ENRICH both of your lives.

Maybe it's just me, or maybe I'm sick of going to Xmas or New Years parties and the wives of my friends start babbling to the single mothers in the room about what I own and what I have and those chicks making a beeline to me and start prodding me about how much I make and what I do.


(any of you have single mother stories?)

Sorry for the rant. I'm just sick of chicks making no secret (they don't even try to be subtle anymore) that my worthiness in general is linked to my bank account.

Main / Re: Has feminism hurt boys and men?
May 02, 2007, 11:20 AM
Feminism has "separated" boys from men, and then I think the harm is implied.

Divorce has left kids to see Dad maybe 4 days a month if hes lucky. Now with such paranoia over child abuse and sexual abuse, good luck trying to find a talented strong male in the teaching or child care profession anymore. In fact, there is such hysteria going on, good luck finding males who want to be Big Brothers or Little League coaches or Boy Scout leaders or mentors anymore either. All it takes is one false accusation and your life is over.

There is no longer any structure in society left, except maybe sports, where men and boys can bond and boys can learn how to be men.

I think feminism is reaching for straws now. They can vote. They can apply for any job now. Theres nothing to whine about but the petty stupid things. No different than PETA or MADD now. Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, well the penalties for drunk driving are pretty extreme now. All they can do is demand the legal limit be lowered yet again, because thats all that they can bitch about. At some level, this is about justifying your job. If a woman's job is to push feminist issues and lobby, but there is no oppression going on anymore, what can they do except invent something? "Hey lets threaten to sue public schools to start programs just for little girls! That will justify my paycheck this month!"

Feminism will self destruct rest assured. Eventually they will be seen by society as a bunch of fucking idiots. No offense to PETA, but they've grasped at straws for so long that they look stupid most of the time now. Completely out of touch with the real world. Feminism will do the same thing. Eventually they will run out of things to cry about and people will stop listening. And finally people will look at feminists for what they are - a bunch of old, probably overweight nags who no man wants to fuck, marry or date. Any movement based on hate is bound to self destruct. That's why I've always said that MRAs shouldn't pan women indiscriminately like the way women piss on men, it only makes us as bad as them. It will only ensure our destruction in the end.

Main / Re: A question about women in general
May 02, 2007, 10:49 AM
In terms of "financial legacy" I think we haven't quite seen the full impact of all these divorces in America yet.

Children emulate what they see everyday. If parents smoke, there are stronger odds the children will grow up to smoke. Parent is a single parent, there is a decent chance the daughter will grow up to be a single mother herself. If parents stress money management the right way, good chance the child will grow to see money in a healthy way. If parents are always fighting about money, yelling about money, destroying each other about money, there theres a decent chance the child will have alot of stigmas and shame and pain that comes with money.

We all know marriage rates and birth rates are down. Children have grown up from divorced families and said "Hey screw this, I grew up with that mess and since its a 50-60 percent chance I'll get whacked in a divorce myself, just forget about it" Oddly enough, I know many women now, not as many as men, but more women than I'd imagine who are not all that thrilled about the idea of marriage. Does marriage punish the male more often when it falls apart? Yes. But marriage also punishes the person with money too. Divorce is a cash cow and greed often knows no gender when it steamrolls people. So there are wealthy women out there getting hosed too, they just get hosed in such small small numbers, no one hears about them.

I think it's a little disconcerting to think there's a whole generation of kids growing up and equate Needing Money = Make  A Phone Call To Divorced Daddy Living On Buddies Couch And Nagging Him Incessantly For It. It's kind of a painful thing for me to see that so many kids see Bitching & Whining = Getting What You Want. That teaches kids nothing about life. Unfortunately feminism is all about Bitching & Whining to get what you want.

I think alot of our financial values are rooted in from our childhood. Can most of us overcome them with time? Sure. But I think its undeniable that there are things in our past that shape the way we see money today. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think it takes two parents who care and are on the ball to teach children about how to handle their money. Schools won't do it. The government won't do it. Big corporations won't do it. They want mindless consumers and drones to serve them.

Theres one thing I think alot of people didn't account for about money management and raising kids that I see more now everyday. If you fuck up your kids. If you emotionally and physically steamroll your kids, you could have a trainwreck of a person on your hands. Someone who can't sustain themselves either emotionally or financially. Without a doubt, I find many abusive parents often find that karma kicks them in the ass later. They have to live with the legacy of their choices many years down the road. I know a woman who beat her daughter mercilessly when I was in elementary school. Everyone knew this kid was getting popped. But this was a time before children had as many real/fake protections that they do now. This girl grew up and can't hold a job. She's in an out of mental institutions. I think she might have some developmental issues too. Her mother is still taking care of her. I don't know if I could live with that myself, knowing I screwed up my kids then I have to eat the bad karma of never being free of them if I didn't want them and wanted them gone. Sometimes it crosses my mind that if that mother took the time to raise her child right - even if deep down she realized she didn't want kids, that kid was a mistake for her and she wanted the kid gone as soon as possible - that she could probably be free of her child now. I bet she regrets every punch to the face she gave her daughter now.

I think money management is the same way. Kids are going to grow up knowing nothing and their parents aren't going to teach them and that karma is going to come back and nail those parents eventually in the end.

Main / Re: A question about women in general
May 01, 2007, 11:31 PM
Good money management is kind of hit or miss depending on lots of circumstances

- Family
- Life experience
- Circumstances

If your parents teach you about managing money, you have a bit of a head start. If you had to work three jobs to pay for college, I think you think about the world differently in terms of money. Circumstances is rough. I know some kids in high school who had to work part  time jobs after school to help their folks with the bills. That has to be an eye opener.

I would say gender is kind of a non issue except in the fact that men have to work, thats their only real option, women can do other things like pop out a bunch of kids. If you work, you are more likely to be more conservative with your spending, than if you have no concept of where that cash came from at all.

The best advice I can give anyone is to not hook up with someone out of college. Because the girl is going to work three years, enough to secure the down payment on a house, try to get pregnant and then once she's knocked up, it's game over. She'll have a second child soon and then she doesn't have to really work again ever.

There is alot of deep seeded fear and shame about money that most people don't talk about. I think gender really isn't an issue, you just happen to run into more women who don't have it together.

Main / Re: Jim Benton products:
May 01, 2007, 02:17 PM
Worse thing MRAs can do is give this guy any publicity.

He makes those shirts because he knows he can sell them without social repercussions

Making this issue public in any way is only free advertising to him.

Easiest way to deal with people like this is to hammer them on a level they can't begin to understand.

Get him audited 5 years in a row. Delete the school records of all his children and all his nieces and nephews. Rerig the medical history of his parents in that old folks home now. Tweak his credit record. Have cops find kiddie porn in his house. Get all his personal information out there to people who do identity theft.

Use the system against him.