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Sooo devia ... you apparently make quantum leaps in logic, that lead to unwarranted and unintelligent conclusions, for which you have absolutely no sense of shame ...
n'est-ce pas?

I do believe that is what you think, and it makes you feel better about yourself generally speaking.  

It's a simple human thread that's used again and again... Q is better they Y because of X.. I'm Q so I need to prove that I'm better. It really is dense..... that kind of conditional "everyone is the same" mindset.


Just found this. Thought I'd share it with the rest of the members, to give them a morale booster. This is from Hestia's blog, The Coming Night. It was written earlier this week and is titled "Why 'The Coming Night'?

"If I may use a general stereotype, it is men who are the most logical, rational, feisty, brave, and driven in our society. It is men who are the leaders, soldiers, pillars of community. Women, with their natural desire for security, cannot, as a rule, rise to the level of liberty loving that men do. Because of this, they are easier to control, dupe, and trick for another's twisted purposes. To get control of society, you must go after men, disarm them, dehumanize them, and disenfranchise them from the culture, their families, and everything else. Once you've accomplished this, the women and children will be yours with no effort and then you can take it all and so as you please."


So Captain Courageous ...

Basically what you believe is women are stupid... and communists?  Is that it in a nutshell?

Main / Re: i reek of MRA,"nonsense"
Sep 18, 2009, 04:18 PM
Isn't calling me dense a personal attack?

Ban yourself dude.

Women were not allowed into the RCMP before this date because they were women. Fact is as a women you could not enter the RCMP.

Could you argue rules were changed that shouldn't have; to allow women... yes... but you can't argue the discrimination of the original law where only men were allowed to become RCMP... How dense do you have to be to not know the difference ????
I think I've had way more then three warnings.

I was banned from femisting after my first post. Here you like to have someone to attack.

Yeah....... under aged guys on the cruise... no.

You made a fuss about something that was nothing  and now you're backtracking.

Main / Re: i reek of MRA,"nonsense"
Sep 18, 2009, 03:41 PM

RCMP Barracks is only about 5 km from my house...want me to go over and straighten this out?

Elephant in the room?
There are many "out there"  things that have been surfaced on this website,  you are way out there.
Fuck you. Fuck you for thinking that it's ok to fuck children and or  indentured servants.  Your way of thinking is not ok.


Devia, Devia, Devia....

The Feds announced last week that they had instituted a 'Zero Tolerance Policy' for international sex tourism.  So.  60-year-old guys who go on a 'Tiger Cruise', will be arrested for sex tourism (age and age difference is not a factor in the law - they will go to jail whether the woman is 20 or 80).

Do you see the problem?

Could you show that announcement? Or display the tin-foil hat.
Main / Re: More "its about women"
Sep 18, 2009, 02:50 PM
Men need to make appointments for regular check ups themselves and stop expecting their wives/mothers/daughters to do so.

That would be real proactive empowerment.

How are they felons?

Sorry, didn't quite get your point. I was lost somewhere knowing that 60-something guys have boat cruises with 20 -something girls from what I can see all the time when I'm on vacation and it doesn't make the news.

Why is this news?

It's not empowering anymore then a person born without an arm is empowered by joining a freak show. As a women it does the opposite of what maybe you think it should do.

40+ women wanting action with 20 something guys should be ok the same as it is for men, not in the news casts (unless they a major politicians I guess).
Main / Re: i reek of MRA,"nonsense"
Sep 18, 2009, 01:54 PM

Women regardless of ability were not allowed to be RCMP. That IS discrimination.

IF you want to argue ability, then do so. Outdoors did not discuss this.

Main / Re: i reek of MRA,"nonsense"
Sep 18, 2009, 12:48 PM
Sorry if I derailed the "that a boy" thread by talking about the subject.

Main / Re: i reek of MRA,"nonsense"
Sep 18, 2009, 11:55 AM
Good to call them on the fact that before that no women regardless of ability was allowed to join? Probably not unless you want to come across as a Neanderthal.

No outdoors I don't think that men's issues are nonsense, which is why I don't take it lightly when they are misrepresented.

Main / Re: i reek of MRA,"nonsense"
Sep 18, 2009, 11:09 AM
 Outdoors the subject was the RCMP allowing women to join, before that they were not allowed regardless of ability. 

So you did come off as someone who attacked without regard. If you had said something like "great that they let go of the barrier, but did they lower the standards?" you would have come off as debatable instead of how the person observed you to be.

<<<Only convictions are relevent to sentencing.>>>

No. Admittance is also relevant to sentencing.