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With the campaign winding down I can say that I will not miss the 1890s race politics the Clintons have been playing. I will not miss Sean Hannity digging up 20 seconds of some inane preacher shouting and trying to equate that with Obama's position. I will not miss Clinton claiming that she does not know if Obama is a Muslim or not. I will not miss the D.W. Griffith "the black guy made me cry" nonsense Clinton played every time she lost. I will not miss Clinton calling the black guy who just paid off his college loans "elitist." I will not miss Clinton's supporters using Obama's former pastor and his middle name as a cover for their racism. But most of all I will not miss Clinton claiming sexism while winning the support of the supposedly most sexist group in the country: working-class white men.
Maybe not. While men made 32k single parent families made 39k. Most single parent families are female and it is doubtful that the numbers include the children's jobs. So it would appear that women probably make just barely more or just barely less than men in general. That would seem to reflect the different choices in jobs that both groups make.
Main / Re: Polygamist Raid. FemStapo at work?
Apr 16, 2008, 04:43 PM
I think that there is something rather odd about the fact that this girl has not been located even though the claim is that the call was made from inside the community and given that all the children were removed. One would think that it would be rather easy for the authorities to check all the teenage girls to see if any of them are pregnant and then move on from there to determine if any of them made the phone call. This leads me to presume that a) the authorities have not bothered to do a thorough investigation, b) the girl exists but was not where she claimed to be and is not among the children in custody or c) there is no girl. Regardless of which one it is, one would think that after nearly two weeks someone would know something about this girl, especially since she is allegedly married to some older man. How difficult would it be to get a picture of the girl from her husband and try to identify her.

There are too many questions with apparently no answers, so while I am not particularly upset that the sect has been dismantled, it does bother me that no one seems to really be looking for the alleged victim.
Main / Re: Suicide study got genders mixed up
Feb 02, 2008, 08:49 AM
The oddest part is that the World Health Organization that was quoted in the article actually has dozens of articles demonstrating higher suicide rates among males. The level of gender bias in the article is phenomenal when you consider that they just happened to ignore the success rate.
I take it that no one else caught this:

All three suspects were initially placed in jail under a $500,000 secured bond, but Judge Cathrine Stevens reduced Taylor and Washington's bond to $50,000 Thursday. All three were in the Orange County Jail Thursday afternoon.

According to the article, Taylor and Washington were the ones who assaulted and raped the players, but they got their bonds reduced while the on man in the group, who apparently did nothing, keeps his original bond.
Main / Re: I call Bullshit
Nov 26, 2007, 11:00 PM
I think the most disturbing part is that these boys were placed in juvenile prison where is no separation between age groups. It is a very real likelihood that these boys are being physically and sexually assaulted by older boys, and the only tangible reason for this is probably a tactic by the prosecutors to get the boys to confess and plead out. That said, I would like to know how the police managed to conduct a sufficient investigation in a couple of hours to get whatever evidence they claim they have to warrant arresting and imprisoning these boys.
One could not make this kind of stuff up:

Eleven years ago, Kelly Lumadue, then 21, had sex with a 5-year-old boy. There's no disputing it. It was captured on videotape. But should she spend the rest of her life in prison?

In June, a Seminole County jury watched those tapes and convicted her of two counts of capital sexual battery. Before she could be sentenced -- and the only sentence allowed by Florida law is life without the possibility of parole -- a judge ordered a new trial.


The boy, now age 16, was not a witness at her trial. He does not remember what happened. That is significant, wrote Circuit Judge Clayton Simmons, who presided over her trial, then ordered a new one.

"The fact that the defendant faces a Draconian punishment for a crime where the victim is alive and apparently living a normal life some eleven years after the criminal act, when criminals who have killed people are released from prison almost daily, makes it even more imperative that the defendant receive a fair and impartial trial . . . ," he wrote.


Under Florida law, however, the damage to the child is irrelevant, said Christopher Slobogin, a professor at the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida. The defendant either committed the crime or she didn't. The Florida Legislature meant to be very tough on thos
e who commit this type of crime, he said. What the case points out, Slobogin said, is the weakness of mandatory sentences.
Main / Re: I call Bullshit
Nov 21, 2007, 09:51 PM

yeah, 8 and 9? Sounds kind of fishy. I really doubt some kid is getting a chubby at 8 or 9.

Feminist response: Rape is about power, not sex.

(Unless of course a woman does it. In which case the man is still to blame.)

While you were probably being facetious, there are feminists who think this.
Amanda Reagan Smith, 27, was taken into custody nearly three months after she told authorities that a knife-wielding carjacker forced her to drive to a secluded, wooded area in Greenville.

Not to be too critical of the police, but one would think that it would have become apparent that something was askew in less than three months, particularly given the neck compression (i.e. some form of strangulation) that was found in the autopsy report.
Main / Re: Oprah offers tearful apology
Oct 30, 2007, 07:34 AM

And now it is time for Oprah to do a show on female perps.  Yes?


She already did. She was quite sympathetic towards them.
Bad reporting aside, I could not help but notice this:

The lawsuit was served on Dail in Fort Myers, Fla., where he moved after his release -- and where his son now lives with him.

How exactly does one sue a father for child support when the child apparently lives with the father?
I took the time to read the report itself. The conclusion that the sexual assaults were committed by homosexuals was based primarily on the sex of the victim and abuser. In other words, the abuser was deemed a homosexual because the victim was the same gender. There was no mention of the abusers' actual sexual identity. The whole thing is completely arbitrary. And it is worse that there are actually news outlets peddling this crap.
Also, isn't the real question: Has homosexuality risen with the rise of feminism (or feminisms support of it)?

No. The reason is because historically speaking homosexuality between males is extremely common. In fact, the two societies the West is built on both supported homosexuality. In ancient Greece it was actually thought that boys would not be capable of becoming 'real' men without having an older male guide him mentally, physically, socially and sexually. The extreme of this can be seen in the Spartans. In ancient Rome, homosexuality itself was not specifically defined. The only real requirement was that the adult male not be penetrated. Other than that, no one cared so long as it did not involve very young children. And when one ventures around the world, one finds numerous instances of similar acceptance of homosexuality.

Since feminism did not exist back then as it does today, it stands to reason that whatever affect feminism has on homosexuality is minimal at best. Homosexuality, particularly male homosexuality, appears to occur naturally and tends to be accepted more often than not.

You also haven't told me why you think that non-gender normative behavior (and teachings) do NOT cause a rise in homosexuality?

Your question presumes that homosexual people typically behave contrary to their 'normative behavior'. However, most gay people behave exactly the same as other members of their sex. Most gay men behave 'like men' and most gay women behave 'like women'. No one would know--and typically never knows--that those people are gay unless they say so. Oddly enough, those gay people rarely appear in the spotlight because they are essentially 'normal'. It is only those who break social and culture norms that get attention, resulting in the assumption that they are representative of all gays.
Just wanted to show that the general sentence men get for raping boys is not all that different from what this woman received.
Perhaps this is a silly question, but how often does a man look at a woman's vagina prior to having sex long enough for the look of her labia to matter?