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Perhaps, dre.    I don't understand what the man did to deserve being called an a$$hole or f*ckhead. That is what I was responding to. Certainly "you all" was very poor wording on my part and for that I apologize. Obviously not everyone thinks the same way. 

IDK, his first marriage was a true gift, he was very happy, they were mutually devoted, and treated each other well. His second marriage was obviously the opposite due to Heather Mills being a psychopath. So he is playing 50/50 odds in his mind. He really loved being married to his first wife, and wants to be happy again. I wish him luck, and pray his new wife is more like his first.

I know you all want him to swear off women forever, or at the very least marriage, but it is his choice. I didn't think we wanted to be like feminists, who feel heterosexual relations are all rape or at the very least oppression.
If I were him I would be tempted to transfer all assets over to some swiss bank account or give it all to charity and move to a tropical island.
So what about when you are playing multi player Diablo for hours WITH your parents?  Does that mean we have a poor opinion of each other?
How is infantcide any different than murder?? How is it less of a crime to kill a person because they are only a day old compared with years old?  I can't believe there is even a separate 'crime'! Seems to me there are plenty of reasons why one might kill an adult, but what did an infant ever do to deserve to be killed?

I am just appalled at this. When will these women be held accountable for their actions??  I had a baby at 19, and I wouldn't have dreamed of doing anything remotely like this! I am sick of the excuses. And as someone already said, why have a jury of some libtard judge can just overturn it??
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Sep 05, 2011, 09:40 AM
I just read the whole thing online....fascinating. Erin obviously is telling it as she sees it. Anytime a story is cut and dried and has an innocent victim and a horrible villian, you know there is more to the story. Erin is a brilliant psychologist who observes behavior and looks past the obvious party line for explainations. You both feel for all the players yet see their neurosis' and flaws.

I wish more people would see the world in such realistic terms, especially in the DV arena. Erin even understood the real need for men's shelters 30 years ago. No wonder the feminists are so threatened by her.
I would like to know why an ad showing a woman who looks like she stuck her finger in a light socket in a seriously ugly livingroom would make me want to share her hairdresser.
Your right, I just skimmed the article, missed that one.

He did not steal anything, they gave it freely and willingly. They should consider it a tax on stupidity and move on.
I left a post. I am sure I will have pissed some of these women off, but quite frankly I don't care. That apology was a joke.
I don't understand how any men dare get married these days. She should get nothing, which is exactly what she deserves.
I competed in dog sports for years, many of the competitors, mainly women, drove Subarus. It is known here as the woman's pick up. They have good ground clearence for rough roads and all wheel drive for snow as well as lots of cargo room but get decent gas mileage and are not huge. Can I ask where you are from Anubis...I noticed the Subarus are really popular up north, but not so much in the south where it doesn't snow, and not so much in cities either. Volvos on the other hand are a rarity here, although my 15 year old is getting a Volvo 240 Estate Wagon for his birthday. (He has dreamed about that car since he was 8. )

This is a good example why our personal experience is no replacement for statistics. Obviously we have had very different experiences here.

As one acquaintance told me recently, "women are all sluts."
I thought to myself that this man is definitely right.

Actually, this meant that one woman was a slut. While I agree there are many, your acquaintance was incorrect in his global generalization. I for example have been married for nearly 17 years and have not cheated on my husband. I suppose I cannot prove it but I have friends and family who have been married decades who I believe have also never cheated on their husbands (or wives).  It is this sort of "all women are...." which mirror exactly the "all men are...." that we slam feminists for claiming.
Sounds like it would have been more likely for her to stab the kids. I wonder if she killed them, then he killed her and set the house on fire. I have zero sympathy for him if he killed his kids. Kids never deserve the rage and blame for a spouse's actions no matter how bad it gets. I just don't see a pattern here which would indicate him taking out his kids.
Anubis, the male products are often sold through male bashing, (cheap beer being one example) and Subaru's are often driven by women who want a safe vehicle in the winter. I had one for 10 years, fantastic car.