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I noticed similar with and their definition of antifeminist. I contacted them regarding their untruthful explanation of an antifeminist, explained that I was one and that my intentions were nothing alike to their definitions.

The followed the feminist line... and blamed someone else.

So that is why I initiated the page on wikipedia for 'antifeminist' - it got inundated with feminists rewriting it to their definition and one of the pro-feminist editors of wikipedia tagged it as a not neutral writing... similarly, MGTOW was deleted by wikipedia..

amazing, eh?
Main / Re: One More Time... Please!
May 11, 2007, 03:42 PM
I think before any one can offer much advice, some basic information is required such as geographical locality. Not much point someone in England takling about British laws...
i sent them this:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to convey my utmost gratitude for a recent advertisement you have graced the internet with. Said advertisement depicts a girl in the company of her father, who saves the day by cleaning her spillage and ends with her declaring her love of him.

As I'm certain you will no doubt have observed, today's media & politics (and many other areas of society) are heavily peppered with misandry (hatred of men) in order to appear woman-friendly and sassy. This is a grave error of judgement on their part and as time unfolds, men & women alike are voicing their contempt for those who rely on tiresome tactics to promote whatever agenda they have by bashing men in some supposed humour.

My website currently hosts a couple of the more misandric advertisements of late, for example the Capital One credit card company use the analogy of a lovestruck boyfriend clinging to a sassy female out for a jog with her chubby-friend... The sassy woman has 'lost interest'. This is mentioned just as the closing images for the advert depict the man now in a trashcan having been dumped in favour of a lower interest credit card.

Twenty years ago such images were original. Now, they're incredibly tiresome and sexist.

This is why I wish to convey my thanks to your company for standing above the rest. You've taken a unique angle and made it work. I know clorox products sell over here in England, and so I shall ensure to purchase your products as well as recommend my family & friends do alike. I have used your products in the past and never had any complaints of the quality.

The shining example you have set shall be recorded on my website ( for reference as a man-friendly company.

Thank you once more,


Main / watch this video
Mar 31, 2007, 08:06 AM

A soldier based in Iraq surprises his son by turning up in his class after 6months in service.

Now, why would our courts think there's a difference between the love a kid has for his dad who's away in the army - vs the kids' mother alienating them from the dad for six months...years...?
Finally, some common sense:

It's not always rape if a woman is drunk, says judge

A woman cannot claim rape just because she was drunk, a top judge declared yesterday.

The Appeal Court ruling freed a young man jailed for rape after he had sex with a drunken student.

It also raised deep doubts over the Government's latest attempts to toughen rape laws.

Plans include a 'sex breathalyser' law under which a woman who had consumed a certain amount of alcohol would legally no longer be able to consent to sex.

But the Deputy Lord Chief Justice, Sir Igor Judge, and two other senior judges branded the idea unrealistic.

A woman who is very drunk may still be capable of agreeing to sex, they said.

They quashed the conviction of software engineer Benjamin Bree, 25, jailed for five years in December after a drunken evening with a 19-year-old student.

The girl drank between four and six vodka Red Bulls and two pints of cider and Mr Bree was also drinking heavily.

They returned to her hall of residence at Bournemouth University, where, she told Bournemouth Crown Court last year, she was 'continually throwing up'.

She said her next memory was waking up to find Mr Bree having sex with her. She told the jury her memory was "very patchy" and I knew I didn't want this but I didn't know how to go about stopping it".

Mr Bree told the court she had given her consent and "seemed keen".

Sir Igor, sitting with Lady Justice Hallett and Mrs Justice Gloster, quashed the conviction because he said the trial judge's directions to the jury had been "vague in the extreme".

He said the case meant the court had to examine the effect of voluntary heavy alcohol consumption.

Sir Igor said sex amounts to rape if the woman is incapable of giving consent. But things are different if she is still capable of making a decision.

He said: "If, through drink, or for any other reason, the complainant has temporarily lost her capacity to choose whether to have intercourse, she is not consenting.

"Subject to questions about the defendant's state of mind, if the intercourse takes place this would be rape.

"However, where the complainant has voluntarily consumed even substantial quantities of alcohol, but nevertheless remains capable of choosing whether or not to have intercourse, and in drink agrees to do so, this would not be rape." The judge said it would not be right to lay down rules - "some kind of grid system" - that say a woman who has reached a set level of drunkenness is incapable of consent.

He added: "Experience shows that different individuals have a greater or lesser capacity to cope with alcohol.

"Provisions intended to protect women from sexual assaults might very well be conflated into a system which would provide patronising interference with the right of autonomous adults to make personal decisions for themselves."

Ministers had been expected to publish a paper setting out a new law on rape and alcohol early this year.

It has failed to appear and there has been speculation that the Government has run into deep opposition from the judiciary.

Earlier this year the Council of Circuit Judges, which represents 637 judges who sit in Crown Courts, said it should be left to juries to decide whether a woman is capable of consenting to sex.

Home Secretary John Reid and his ministers remain committed to pushing up the number of convictions for rape, which they say is far too low.

At present only one complaint in 20 ends in the conviction of a man in court.

The Home Office said yesterday: "We need to tackle the myths, particularly the view that victims are either partially or fully responsible for the assault they have experienced if they have been drinking.

"Rape is never the responsibility of the victim, whatever the circumstances."

The Home Office has been considering a study by the Association of Chief Police Officers which found that a "significant" number of rape and sexual assault victims had drunk at least the equivalent of eight pub glasses of wine.

This is equivalent to two and a half times the drink driving limit.

At these levels, said the ACPO study, a woman can be expected to show "marked intoxication levels".

But it warned that back calculations used to work out how drunk a woman may have been at the time of an alleged rape could give only approximate answers.

Main / Re: Can someone track my IP address?
Mar 26, 2007, 09:34 AM
Most commonly, using legitimate means at least, an IP address will give away your nearest exchange. Depending where you physically live this could be a street away - or miles away.
Often times, IP addresses will include details of the town in their dns - especially true of library networks & such.
Cloaking IP addresses is pretty useless, unless you're up to no good. And even then it's not that good.
I heard about this on the news (radio) too... Apparently, one of the viewers called the police and they're (the police) contacting other members of the chatroom to find out exactly what happened.
Main / Re: Question
Mar 26, 2007, 09:16 AM
Was that blog with pictures of a person that no one could identify the gender of? If so, perhaps their common sense has got the better of them... finally.
The observation I made having watched the CNN clip is that despite the lawyer (I assume that's who's sat by her side?) and the reporter are both pining for her victimhood and almost pushing it down her throat... And more importantly, SHE handles her 'victim status' very well and maturely.

She didn't castigate the others around her who didn't fly to her defense, she UNDERSTOOD that they too were fearful of this big fella.

Personally, and perhaps you won't agree with my take on this, but I think she deserves a pat on the back.
That emboldened statement needs to be framed for eternity.
Main / Re: Cruel engagement ring ad...
Mar 18, 2007, 06:51 PM

"If the message were to magically change today, and we told them that to be treated like a lady, they have to act like one"
If only... ohhhh if only this were true.

Oh indeed, but alas, unlikely - not for several generations at least.

Main / I can't understand GM's problems ...
Nov 05, 2006, 01:35 PM
I get by on a pushbike LoL
Main / do you get accused
Nov 05, 2006, 01:33 PM
Yeps, it's a fairly common thing - this very issue was discussed recently (post #16) here.
If I may, I'd just like to put forward a slightly easier URL for the above content. The software used (for the site) allows urls to be named as well as incremental nodes. Hence, the URL's CD gave above DO work - but those who prefer to remember by words, try this too:

Again, feel welcome to distribute this url any & every where...

Thanks to Celtic Druid for bringing this up :)
Introductions / Hello
Oct 10, 2006, 05:34 PM
Hi there, welcome to the forum - certainly what you're witnessing is unbalanced and preferential treatment for half the population.