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The more they shout and scream the better we look!
Main / Re: off topic vent/rant
Jun 02, 2010, 09:42 PM
Damn, but that is some righteous rant!! BTW, the only thing lower than a bike thief is a canadian gun control advocate!!
Main / Re: OFF TOPIC
May 20, 2010, 09:20 PM
this is so embarrassing to talk about on a site full of Americans with their "shall issue" legislation, open carry and conceal carry but here goes:

One can only fire a prohib or restricted i.e. any pistol at an approved range. Easterners have more restrictions about their ranges even thought this is not found in the legislation...only local regulation. here in bc one only need have a range membership.

One is not allowed to shoot even on a large acreage. And, one cannot carry on the street. The only people who's lives are considered valuable are law enforcement and armoured car guards. You can also apply for your ATT ( authorization to carry) if you are a miner/prospector for wildlife protection. Even then, it's hard to get. Check out for lots of info on our sorry state of affairs and the efforts to reclaim our rights and heritage to own, use and defend ourselves with firearms. 
Main / Re: OFF TOPIC
May 19, 2010, 07:25 PM
Thanks Dr E. 1986 sounds about right. Now if I can only get some info on this "freedom" thing... :sunny:
Main / Re: OFF TOPIC
May 19, 2010, 07:23 PM
I haven't fired it yet. It came in its original American Derringer Corp box and case from Waco Texas. I know these things can have quite a kick at the higher calibers but I hope the .380 auto isn't too bad. I'll take it out for some shooting tomorrow!!

No, the cops have not come to the door yet...I have the "prohib" possession and acquisition license so I'm ok as far as it goes in our "enlightened people's paradise".... :yikes:
May 19, 2010, 06:34 PM
I just received a used, excellent condition American Derringer .380 auto derringer for my birthday (thanks No2fembots!!!!).

This is the lightweight M-7 model. My questions: It says "made in the 150th year of Texas Freedom" on the barrel.

#1 what year did Texas get it's freedom and from whom?
#2 what does the word "freedom" mean?. Remember, I'm from the People's Democratic Canukistani Collective...

Main / Re: America: The Day the Dream Died
Mar 22, 2010, 08:36 PM
I sit here on my 160 acres and enjoy as much "freedom" as is possible in canukistan...although I know it's an illusion. I always had you guys to look to to know that freedom was always close at hand. To the west, Alaska. To the south, Washington state. Maybe not total freedom but far, far more liberty than I have here. My bro and I could look at our firearms and know that if we were to strap them on and walk out the door, we would be hunted criminals...but not if we were just a stone's throw away to the west.

My dream of true liberty has died today.   My heartfelt condolences go out to each and every liberty-loving American.
Main / Re: Christmas Surprise!
Dec 25, 2009, 02:11 AM
That is one awesome video! It is A Wonderful  Life  :angel4:

Merry Christmas and many prayers go to all who are serving. May God protect you and bring you home in peace and safety.

I don't know if they are safer than cigs but they are more fun!
I have a large number of pipes: my favorites are aluminum pipes made by Kirsten. Great to puff on! Your pipe in the picture looks like a Brigham 4 point?

I like to savour good tobacco. I also like to irritate politically correct femitwats by enjoying a bowl with great gusto. They hate to se a man happy, plus, a pipe seems to be an aggressive phallic device to them. What's not to like?

it is also amazing just how many non smokers will comment on the beautiful aroma of my pipe tobacco.

Last but not least, enjoying a pipe takes time. it is sensual and tactile. It harkens back to a time of double breasted suits and telephones with dials....aaahhhhh....
"biology reminds them what they are every month"

this fact of menstruation is always trotted out to show how girls are more secure in their identity as females in contrast to boys having to constantly prove their masculinity as if it is somehow just a social construction.  somehow the period is the clear reminder that the girl is now a woman...

we are told that that is why there are rituals and rites of passage into masculinity...

i never understood this. even as a boy. i knew i had reached manhood upon my ability to ejaculate and therefore impregnate a female....

...and i was reminded of my newfound status as a man one heck of alot more frequently than once a month!!!

Main / Re: Petition for the Admin
Jul 04, 2009, 06:26 PM
I agree that A.U. is a contrarian to say the least. He takes up valuable space on this board and contributes nothing in return. He does not engage in reasoned dialogue. He does not back his "facts" with verifiable data. He seems to delight in derailing any and all topics.

I spend more time lurking than posting. I post when I have something to add. If not, I just read and absorb the many intelligent and reasoned arguments of others. A.U. on the other hand is only a disruptive and irritating little insect bent on annoying people.

I do not know who coined the phrase "asshat" but I believe that it is a most appropriate moniker for this little bug.

I say toss him out.
Main / Re: Harper's Conservative Party Wins!
Oct 15, 2008, 07:30 PM
Hurray! I get to keep my pistols and revolvers for a little longer...enough time I hope to set up political asylum in Alaska.
LSBEENE, if you need a gardener, let me know...

One question: will I be allowed to take my Walther PPK across the border?
"'ve stood by an allowed laws like that to be written..." OH COME ON!!

I take it then that you are willing to shoulder personal responsibility for the sad state of matriarchy you call home? Need I remind you of VAWA? We don't have anything quite so awful yet I fail to feel smug about it.

Both of us live under the tyranny of our pseudo democracies: the will of the manipulated, intellectually lazy and/or just plain stupid over the minority. I have not noticed people on either side of our border treating personal responsibility towards themselves or their country very seriously lately. Everyone is willing to let government think for them...

And BTW, personal anecdotes about your experience with police state tactics when you have been up here are worth zip. I can trade a number of good ole boy or gestapo experiences with you from rough treatment by your Chips thugs.

Also, you guys have more of your male population in federal pens than any other country on the planet SHIT!! You can be put behind bars for life for some weed for christ sake!!.  Is that your personal doing as well or do you abhor like I do the myriad ways men can be incarcerated in both our countries. One thing we share in common big time is the legal pussy pass works on both sides of the border...
So you think "Canucks" cower in fear, bend over to kiss everyone's ass as we are too afraid of think you are the land of the brave?

Come on up and I will change your mind by giving you a serious attitude adjustment. If you want to call down canadian law, misandrist policies etc then go ahead and I will join you.

But, if you think your smug bullshit and generalizing comments about us as people is going to stand, forget it.