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Initially I was a big supporter of the Raspeberry Pi project - it offered schoolkids a very affordable computing device that was NOT reliant on Microsoft and it's proprietary software. However my alarm bells went off after 2 things - 1. Raspeberry Pi team announced that it's latest board would support Microsoft Windows 10 and that a version targeted to the new device was being developed by Microsoft. 2. It came out AGAINST #GamerGate ! Raspeberry Pi and it's supporters are dead to me as it is clear they are firmly onside with the SJW Culture "warriors" that are extremely toxic to science and anything else it touches (eg Tim Hunt, "ShirtStorm", Greg A Elliot being persecuted for disagreeing with feminists etc. ) .

No, i don't think these media types play devil's advocate unless it is something they don't like. Have you ever heard one of them play devil's advocate with a feminist?  No way. No they were mouthing their own programming and brainwashing.  Big red pill indeed!

In the UK every time Mike Buchanon (he who has founded the JMB party - Justice For Men and Boys) appeared either on national TV or Radio he was put up against one or more very hostile feminists (this would be in addition to the presenters) and the sneering, ad hominems and sarcasm would be pretty much non stop. Maybe it's because Dr Helen is female or US talk shows are a lot more respectful towards their guests but nevertheless no one was sneering at Dr Helen by the end of the piece in fact they were all quite courteous and pleasant and that included the guy who was laying it on with the men should suck it all up crap. It was that contrast that made me speculate as I did. :)

Three at once!  Just look at their shock and surprise towards the end.  Their body language says it all. That was a great big red pill they ate!

That's a good point you made there Iron John - on watching the video again more attentively even the guy to her left looked happy by the end - of course to be fair he may have been playing devils advocate initially anyway.  :)   

Take the test: Feminist shenanigans or satire?

I utterly failed as I found every single one a plausible example of feminist folly.
For example even today there are many so called well educated women unable to bring themselves to say the word "women"!!!

Yeah, maybe they got cold feet after getting hammered on the net about their depiction of AVFM.  I guess we will see.

Yes ABC apparently got cold feet and pulled the show - Paul Elam asked for an explanation and got none back. My take on this is pretty much the same as yours - ie feminists within ABC were horrified that their hatchet piece had backfired big time after seeing the reaction to the online version of the piece.
But no matter the reason this is good news as it shows that the MSM stranglehold on the "gender" narrative is being seriously weakened and that throwing mud at the wrong target can leave THEM with egg on their faces.
Main / Re: Typhonblue on TeeVee
Aug 19, 2013, 05:45 PM

Thanks for posting - I had not seen this. Along with Iron John I also think she did a great job.
Main / Re: Extremists
May 26, 2013, 08:39 AM

It is hard to think of an example where moderates have pushed their views into the mainstream. Maybe the MRA have always been too moderate?

You should ask Elam about this.

He seems to be pretty good at shutting down the more extreme site's and attacking anyone or anything that doesn't meet his pc agenda.

I guess it feeds his egocentrism.

You should be writing for Jezebel.
Main / Re: Earl Silverman has passed away
Apr 29, 2013, 01:33 PM

Why the fuck should anyone have to collect even one dollar?

600 MILLION of GOVERNMENT $$$ for women's shelter's and not a dime for men?

The government needs to step up and do the funding,not the individual.

I certainly hope that avfm doesn't turn this into some type of gravedancing in order to promote the egocentricism of avfm.

They are already acting like they are the only ones that count in all of this.

We already knew they didn't give a shit otherwise Earl's Shelter would have been fully funded along with many others and very likely Earl would still be alive.
As for your "gravedancing" remark Paul stuck in $250 of his own money and another single donor dropped in Four fucking grand in order to help others and honour his memory.
You just stooped to a new low but I doubt you have the fucking decency to ever admit it.
Main / Re: Earl Silverman has passed away
Apr 29, 2013, 07:07 AM
On saturday AVFM did a radio show dedicated to the memory of Earl Silverman and his selfless work for battered men in Canada.
In the show a fundraising intiative to create a battered men's shelter in Earl's name was announced - the fundraiser has already received over 4,860 dollars in the first 11 hours but much more is needed towards the $10, 000 dollar target.
Let's do what we can to honour his memory and bring some justice to his cause.
Details of the radio show here.
Fundraising page here.
Main / Re: Earl Silverman has passed away
Apr 28, 2013, 11:14 PM

Wait 'till tommorrow when I go visit my m.p. and m.p.p. with this news.

I hold them partly responsible for this man's death.

He fought to get help for everyone else,while obviously ignoring his own need's.

Didn't he just close the door's to the m.a.s.h. because of the lack of funding?

First of all Outdoors I know you and I have crossed swords as of late but credit where credit is due - that letter you wrote was excellent work.  :thumbsup:

As for closing m.a.s.h. yes he did - there has just been an article about his death in the National Post entitled "Man who ran Canada's only shelter dedicated solely to male victims of domestic abuse dies in apparent suicide" ' Here is a short quote from the article:
The man who created Canada's only shelter dedicated solely to male victims of domestic violence died on Friday of an apparent suicide.
The day after he packed up his recently sold home -- also the site of the Men's Alternative Safe House -- Earl Silverman was found hanging in his garage.
Mr. Silverman closed his shelter last month, saying he could no longer afford its upkeep. He long sought funding from provincial and federal governments to help run his hybrid shelter and home, but believed he was always refused because the space was dedicated to helping male victims and their children. He said he was unable to pay for heat and grocery bills.

Please visit the link to read the rest of the article - they deserve the traffic for being one of the very few media outlets to report on his death and favourably about his work at that. 
Main / Re: Call For Reinforcements
Apr 28, 2013, 10:58 PM
That article is very similar to the one Lindy West wrote in Jezebel (the same article that "BigRed" was quoting from word for word at the Toronto protest recently).
Basically it is saying all our problems are the cause of the "patriarchy" and that there doesn't need to be another movement because all we need is feminism and feminism will help us because it is fighting the "oppression" of patriarchy. Because of that MRA's should FUCK OFF.
When NOW sends Joe Biden a letter telling him to fuck off for "patronising" them with a multi-billion dollar funding program called VAWA - I'll stop laughing in derision for a moment.

With all due respect to the parties involved...

I don't know outdoors, factory, or you, tigerman.  From an outsider's perspective, or from mine at least, you're coming across as petty and vindictive.  Taking this drama from thread to thread, inserting needling little comments into unrelated posts, continuing to post about it after the site admin asked you to take it to emails...  I have not been to AVfM before, but if you are representative of the rank and file there, I'd just as soon never go.  More than outdoors' or factory's posts ever could, your actions have convinced me that AVfM is a hostile environment if you don't tow the line.

I'm saying this because perhaps you don't realize that is the impression your comments and tenacity on this matter are giving to me, at least, and possibly others.  I doubt that's the image you want to portray. 

I'll butt out of this, now.

Before you go around making snap judgements like that I suggest doing some homework first. Start first by reading the thread called "Shattering The Men's Rights Movement" then actually visit AVFM and read some of the articles and commentary there with an open mind.
When you have done that your opinion might be worth something.

Tigerman -  Please let this go.  As far as I can see you are acting like a jilted lover.  They don't like something, you do. BFD. Intruding into threads and bringing this up like you did is not facilitating the discussion, it's taking away from it. 

Sorry Dr E but it was YOU that allowed outdoors to unload another truckload of shit against me and Paul Elam @ AVFM before saying "enough" and shutting down the thread before I could respond. I should also remind you that it was outdoors that started a thread called "shattering the men's rights movement" a  post that belongs more on Manboobz than it does here so I'm not exactly feeling remorse for MY actions in all this especially as I tried my level best to talk some sense on the issue.

Erin Pizzey (Editor-At-Large/DV Policy Advisor at A Voice For Men) Live right now on Reddit.
Note to Factory, Outdoors This is another of Paul Elam's "politically correct" appointments!

Oh!  You mean the one that one of Elam's follower's used marx from to gain her personal info then slid in and hijacked her right from under his nose?

That one?

While we are at it,did you notice the call for help from Iron John on the need for donation's toward's

Seems I remember elam pledging assistance a while back,only to turn his back and never return.

Doesn't matter anyways,aside from,I am pretty well dried up in the mrm.

No sense carrying on when one person declares themself a leader and refuses to acknowledge anyone else or their effort's.

If it wasn't for the Canadian's risking their neck while your master sits back and exploit's them,where would he be?

If you think that by putting all the egg's in one basket by ignoring or eliminating the self-perceived "competition" is the right thing to do,then so be it.

   It could come back and bite you in the arse though.

This is not a competition,we are all s'posed to be allies and should work together,which seems to be the last thing Elam wants to do in his sole bid for fame.

So you really think Erin Pizzey was a mere pawn in all of this and was up for grabs?? You insult a very intelligent, humane and perceptive woman!!
As for competition AVFM freely advertises a number of mens rights websites right on top of it's front page and in fact some high quality mens rights websites have openly affiliated themselves with AVFM one of the most recent being the venerable NCFM who are in partnership with each other in taking mens rights into the campus and helping groups get established there!
As for giving help to anti-misandry you seem to think AVFM  has money to burn - it has to have quarterly funding drives to keep going itself so doling out buckets of cash to other struggling websites is a bit of a slap in the face to existing donors whose contributions were targeted specifically towards upkeep of AVFM .
Anti-Misandry and AVFM  are both in the same boat ie they didn't have massive wads of cash funding them like the faux mens rights sites like the GMP for example. A lot of folks support AVFM with donations because they see it making a real impact and how effective it is. Anti-Misandry will have to do the same because times are tough and most folks don't have much spare cash to throw around.
As for  this snarky comment of yours:
No sense carrying on when one person declares themself a leader and refuses to acknowledge anyone else or their effort's.

You couldn't be wider of the mark if you tried because it is precisely because Paul does not do that and does delegate and heap praise on those who work alongside him that has driven the progress of the entire project. That praise certainly isn't limited to those just at AVFM either it even extended it to the likes of Bernard Chapin before he started having hissy fits because AVFM  refused to tie it's flag to one political mask (ie Bern's) .
As for  :-
If it wasn't for the Canadian's risking their neck while your master sits back and exploit's them,where would he be?

The "Canadians" are members of CAFE and the Toronto Mens Issues Group on campus and editorial staff members like  John Hembling, Dan Perrins and a few others who are also Canadians (Paul is US citizen in the USA) - they are not exploited because they all believe passionately in what they are doing and neither does Paul take any credit for their actions as the comments sections would show you if you took tohe trouble to look before you shoot off your ignorant mouth.
Paul isn't my master and he certainly isn't theirs we just like folks that walk the walk and have their head screwed on towards our overall goals.
You should catch a clue.

What the hell man?  Can't the guy like a video and praise some MRA's without getting called a hypocrite?  I mean really, let it go.

The guy spews out groundless accusations and bile against AVFM and people like me who tried to set the record straight and I am the bad guy here for exposing his inconsistency?(I'm being kinbd here!).
When so called MRA's do their best to create fault lines and divisions where none need exist - we should turn the other cheek and treat them with kid gloves?
I am man enough to apologize for my mistakes when I get it wrong and I think outdoors should do the same.

And if he was again saying negative things about AVFM or its members I could understand your frustration but when he praises some folks who happen to be from there maybe its tie for you to let it go.  Same team right? 

Well he owes me and AVFM generally an apology - so does Factory for that matter though I doubt either of them are big enough to apologise - too much ego. I will say no more but unless I receive a fullsome apology I won't forget what was said or forgive either.