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Main / Re: Still fighting the good fight
Jan 29, 2014, 01:52 PM
Good work, LS.  I'm sometimes still posting my videos on related news stories, but haven't done a new one in a long time.  Here are two of my favorites and most viewed:

Marxist Valley College

Witch-Hunting Males
I have two accounts there, but don't use my real name on either.  When they start bugging me for more info, I just go to my bookmarks and try to get in again, or try other ways to get where I want to be like typing my Youtube name in Bing, or logging out, then logging back in.
Main / Where has everyone been?
Jan 29, 2014, 01:40 PM
The real question is, "Where I have I been?"

#A.  I was in a coma for five years and couldn't write.

#B.  I went on a long cruise and wound up trapped on a ghost ship.

#C.  I found a new girl friend and turned into a feminist.

#D.  I've been going to school and just got too busy one day ("too lazy") to track down my password after deleting cookies.

#E.  What difference does it make!!!   :toothy9: :cyclo: :occasion18: :tongue2:  :icon_cyclops_ani: :sad2: :laughing3: :laughing8: :munky2: :snorting: :confused2: :happy2: :toothy9:

#F.  Other, (Your guess goes here: _______).
It's very dangerous to be a man.  More and more, it appears there's a legal presumption of guilt in domestic violence cases, just for having been born male.  That's the gender feminist ideology prejudice (called gender based violence) that's used to train police, prosecutors, and judges in my area.

Witch-Hunting Males
Main / Re: Y'all trackin' this VAWA shit?
Mar 10, 2013, 03:26 PM
It will be "interesting" to see how the new provisions in VAWA will be used to further misandry in the taxpayer funded, domestic violence industry - as if there wasn't already enough misandry based on gender feminist ideology.

Los Misandry
Main / Re: Y'all trackin' this VAWA shit?
Mar 07, 2013, 04:13 AM

VAWA has been reauthorized with some modifications.

Witch-Hunting Males
MHRM.....The Fall Of AVFM?

Are we now seeing the rise of AVfHM - just clarifying the human aspect of men as if it needed the emphasis?
As far as "AVFM is on our side all of us"

With friends like them...   I started to lose interest in that place, when the profanity in use at that place just kept going off the rails.  Yea, that adds so much to the image of integrity and plays well in the halls of government doesn't it?
Main / Re: Rejecting Modern Culture
Feb 19, 2013, 05:56 AM
Here's one of the more illuminating DVD's to come out of this past election cycle, IMO.  I highly recommend everyone get this DVD, then hold on for the ride.

Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception
Main / Re: Rejecting Modern Culture
Feb 19, 2013, 05:45 AM
My view is that modern culture is rotten, and that feminism is just one symptom of this rottenness.

Yep.  Don't let a cute woman's face fool you as to what this video is about.

Must Watch! -- AGENDA Grinding America Down ( Extended Trailer MIRROR)
I change channels when that one comes on, or turn the TV off.

Allstate also has a number of sexist, and racist, commercials.  The white man is always the bad guy.

Allstate Voice Commercial - Bonus Check

Mayhem: Toddler Video

"I am wondering if he was on medication "

I've not heard anything about an autopsy report, or toxicology report, from a coroner yet, but assume that to be forthcoming in a few more days, or weeks.  I think we're all going to be interested to know the results.

Remember the Austin, Texas clock-tower shooter (1st campus shooter), 1966, who had a brain tumor that was only revealed after that tragedy, and his autopsy?
"Medical experts disagree over whether the brain tumor found in his autopsy had any effect on his actions."
Main / Re: Politically Correct
Dec 18, 2012, 08:06 AM
Yep, it's pretty much as outlined in the Youtube movie "Agenda, the grinding down of America"

The Agenda-Grinding America Down
The hatefully bigoted, "race, class, and gender" Marxist, self-fulfilling prophecy that's being taught in many, if not most, taxpayer funded public educational institutions should certainly be examined.  If you look at the "race, class, and gender" hate-war that's being waged in American society, it's the white male who's being made the target and it is a white male who's listed as the shooter in many, if not most, of these shootings.

The propaganda of the "race, class, and gender" war is being regularly spewed from leftist teacher's podiums in tax-payer funded classrooms all across America as shown in "Marxist Valley College" at Youtube.  Marxist Valley College  The vitriolic indoctrination of these Marxist hate-mongering bigots should be looked at more closely in connection with these shootings. Go to some time and type "race, class, and gender" in the search field of the book section and just watch what comes up.
Anyone (mostly white males) witch-hunted by Title IX, sexual harassment laws, domestic violence laws, affirmative action quotas and goals, etc., etc., etc.  There are literally millions who have been discriminated against.

REVERSE DISCRIMINATION is the modus operandi of the Commie left.

Here's one famous case from the 1970s.  There should be millions of these cases.


"Regents of the University of California v. Bakke, 438 U.S. 265 (1978) was a landmark decision by the Supreme Court of the United States that ruled unconstitutional the admission process of the Medical School at the University of California at Davis, which set aside 16 of the 100 seats for "Blacks," "Chicanos," "Asians," and "American Indians" (and established a separate admissions process for those 16 spaces). "