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Main / Re: An Open Letter to Women from Men
May 31, 2013, 09:53 AM

Indeed Galt!  Fred! Good to see you. All of those names brought a smile to my face.  Reunion anyone? I wish we had archives of the shethinks board.  I will never forget David Byron and Butterfly.  Damn, I'm starting to feel like an old fogey! :toothy9:

Back at you, Dr E!

Hard to believe, but I have been posting on various d-boards now for 12 years. Some of which have gone away, like shethinks. (I never could figure out why they pulled the plug on that board...maybe too much infighting, but that comes with the territory.) Pity it is so hard to keep track of online friends...
Main / Re: An Open Letter to Women from Men
May 30, 2013, 10:03 AM

freddfish - a blast from the past (and "SheThinks" as well). Now I'm waiting for Amber and Dan and Janet and Cunegund and VikingsFan to show up.

As well as my old friend Anniee   :love5:  ....and my hapless nemesis, Eva the Swedish Meathead    :BangHead:  .  

God, I used to have fun smacking her around with the Baseball Bat of Logic and the Hockey Stick of Fact!    :toothy9:

(not to mention the Croquet Mallet of Links to Evidence.....)
Main / Re: An Open Letter to Women from Men
May 30, 2013, 07:06 AM


Sucking feminist ass makes him happy! What the hell!  :dontknow:

Of course he doesn't have to proclaim himself either a happiness expert, or the
spokesman for all males everywhere.


I think that is the part that got me......the way the writer blithely claimed to be speaking for all men.
Apparently, there is a part of the final ascent that they call  "The Death Zone" where climbers have only a short window of time to achieve the summit and get back down....or die. Bodies litter this area, and due to the altitude and extreme conditions, are vitually unrecoverable. One of the more macabre aspects of this climb, aside from the nearly 200 bodies one has to pass, is the knowledge that stopping to render human aid to another stricken climber is nearly certain to condemn both people to death.

Hey, I'll hug a tree with the best of them, but never forget that Mother Nature don't play.

And sometimes she can be a cast-iron nickel-plated bitch on shiny wheels......

(Warning: This link contains some sad and graphic depictions of the folly that can befall one on the high slopes of the mountain)
Main / Re: An Open Letter to Women from Men
May 28, 2013, 08:43 AM
Not to lunge for the lowest common denominator or anything.......but this sounds like a classic case of projection from a self-hating little suck-ass.

Or am I being too harsh? 
I guess hiring an actual man to teach this course was out of the question.......
Main / Good idea
Jan 16, 2004, 08:50 AM
Spinoff technology from the moon missions put us MILES ahead of the rest of the world in high-tech. This is an idea long past due.

As for the folks who want to put all the $$$ into social programs, I think Christ said it best, when he said,"you will always have the poor with you."

ALSO........You can't cure poverty by giving people money. This simple concept has confounded liberals for decades. At least with a Mars shot or other space programs, we will get some tangible return on our investment.

                                The Fish :shock:
Main / 2003 Top Ten Campus Follies
Dec 19, 2003, 08:31 AM
It should be also noted that, as a young lawyer, Abraham Lincoln took cases on both sides of the slave owning issue. This is more a function of his needing to make a living as an attorney than of any stance on the issue.

His feelings on human bondage were profoundly shaped during a trip where he encountered a slave auction in progress. He was appalled by the sight of human beings being bought and sold like cattle, and of families being torn asunder; and recognised the institution of slavery as a great moral wrong that needed to be abolished.  

all you need to do is.....

read a little history and you'll know it.

                                       The Fish :shock:
Main / 2003 Top Ten Campus Follies
Dec 18, 2003, 05:41 PM
Hey Nichov

Read a little history yourself, before you post something as patently  false as this  in an Internet forum, defaming the good name of one of our presidents.

Did Lincoln own slaves?

Regardless of what you have heard, there is no truth to this assertion. Lincoln is sometimes confused with other presidents who did own slaves, such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Here's a little hint, sport. Get your facts straight before you hit the enter key....

                                          The Fish
Main / ...
Dec 17, 2003, 08:24 AM

Good Job!!!
Main / Article on MND regarding Chivalry
Dec 01, 2003, 05:40 PM
Ah yes...The, ah, Patriarchy.....ahem......(cough cough)

Seems to have the same ranging territory as the Yeti and Bigfoot, but is sighted far less frequently.....

                  The Fish, looking ev'rywhare fer that durn thing... :shock:
Main / Turkey Day!
Nov 26, 2003, 06:00 PM
No Mr Fish! Sauerkraut is a separate dish... sausage stuffing and sauerkraut as two different dishes....the sausage stuffing sounds like it might be good but sauerkraut isn't on my list of hoped for side dishes for thanksgiving...I'll give it a try though....sounds like others consider it more a common thanksgiving food.

THAT might work....I have also heard of oyster stuffing (in my never-to-be-named hometown) but sauerkraut is a Thanksgiving staple, and is on the table at Christmas and Easter too. I have even helped my grandad make it, when a wee lad visiting out in the country. Big big German thing.
                                              The Fish :shock:
Main / Turkey Day!
Nov 26, 2003, 10:11 AM
'Lo, Doc!

Sauerkraut STUFFING?


Cook yer kraut with some ribs of pork in a large sauepan, and serve.

the simple things are best.

Gotta go work....bye!

                              The Fish :shock:
However, if a rat's in my house uninvited? It dies.


However, I have an improbable ally in the task of keeping my domicile rodent free.

My horrible, flatulent, halotoitic and homicidal tomcat.

He stalks about my house with his hipshot juvenile-delinquent strut, angst in his soul and murder in his mind. Our relationship enjoys the solid foundation of a pure and unadulterated hatred. He is 15 lbs of pure seething rage and attitude. Words are insufficient to convey the depth of my loathing of this obnoxious, filthy feline.

Still, he hates.....HATES.....rodents. And he kills them ruthlessly.

It is an ill wind that bears no good.

(GOD, I hate that cat!!)

                              The Fish, with poisoned catnip mouse :shock:

                     "Here, kitty kitty....."
Main / Turkey Day!
Nov 26, 2003, 09:53 AM
Sauerkraut cooked with pork ribs!

It's a German thang......Happy Thanksgiving, Jen!

                    The Fish, with weisswurst, spatzel, lederhosen, and hefe-weizen. :shock: