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Main / The Feminist Problem
Dec 31, 2015, 09:48 AM
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There are only two sides in this war: feminist, and non-feminist.

That's all you need to know.

(This image  is free to a good home anywhere:)

(This image ^ is free to a good home anywhere.)

The forms of feminist aggression are almost beyond counting. But it is worthwhile counting them anyway!  :toothy9:
The non-feminist message is everything, and the messenger is nothing. Personal attributes of the messenger are not be considered in the processing of the message. To conflate the messenger with the message, is to conflate the personal with the political -- a form of feminist aggression. It is, furthermore, off-topic.

Neither the concrete personality of the messenger, nor the messenger's supposed membership in some putative "group", may be considered in the processing of the non-feminist message. Given that both of these may be classed as personal attributes, it is not permitted to factor them into the plain intention of any words the message might contain.

Hence, to make the messenger's concrete personality a point of discussion is an invalid procedure, a violation of protocol, and a form of feminist aggression.

Likewise, to address the messenger as "you people" or "you guys", or any but the correct individual appellative, is an invalid procedure, a violation of protocol, and a form of feminist aggression.

All violation of the principles sketched above, will be added to feminism's karmic demerit points. All feminists will be held collectively accountable.
A paradigm shift does not arrive by means of linear argument. In fact, the transformation involves an array of operations, and within this array, linear argument appears as simply one method among many.

The reason is, that a paradigm shift involves discontinuity, and discontinuity precludes linearity because linearity requires continuity. And so, in the business of paradigm-shifting, linear argument serves as a tool which brings the work of transformation to a certain threshhold beyond which lies a gap. But that gap can only be crossed by means of something discontinuous. Something abrupt.

This element of discontinuity or abruptness translates into an act of pure will, or more precisely, will-to-power.
A bombshell of a book has been published, titled "Exposing Feminism - The Thirty Years War Against Men". I have given this a writeup, and a link where you can download free samples from the book:

Fidelbogan I see exactly what you are saying. 


P.S. By all means, stick to that adamancy.
All right, here's the short version.

We need to reframe the entire narrative.

Right now, they control the narrative, and it is basically the binary of:

Men v. Women, or..

MRAs v. Women, or . .

Men v. Feminists, or. .

MRAs v. Feminists, or. .

. . . you get the idea, they're all variants of one-or-another male v. female power dynamic.

So if "we" redefine "we" as being the "we" of non-feminist reality in general, then "we" shift the frame, and the narrative becomes:

Feminism v. Non-feminism

This offers clear advantages, although it would take some effort and discipline to make the paradigm-shift grab hold with critical mass.

It also affords the prospect of great malicious fun and mind games!  :angryfire: :laughing6:

Anyhow, that was the short version.

Say clearly who you are and what you stand for BEFORE your adversary paints you with a broad brush and demonizes you.

So, for example, you might say:

"Yes, I am a Jew, but I do NOT harvest the blood of Gentile babies for use in matzoh wafers!"


I mean, there is a limit to this "affirmative" strategy which you suggest.

The nefarious White Ribbon Campaign exploits men by use of the same psychology, btw.

I would ad that we should emphisize that we are not anti-woman that we are pro-justice and equality. Clearly state that we want women to be able to do anything they want and have the same opportunity as men, but without the special priveleges they enjoy now just for being female.

Not bad. But thinking in a much larger way. . . who is this "we" that you are referring to?


"We" need to be somewhat mysterious about that, if you catch my drift. . .

Spot on, what you said!
Keep an eye on AVfM.

There will be more things coming out.

I even plan to write a scorching tribute to a certain male feminist, and plan to make it go viral. . .  :angryfire: