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The title is unfortunately misleading, but it looks awesome!






We plan to accomplish this by making a film.
A film that many people will see, and as a result will take action.
And we need your HELP!

If the trailer caught your attention and you agree that a film will propel this issue, once and for all, into the spotlight of government attention, then please help us finish it. To date, we have been out of pocket on all expenses, and we now need a community effort to complete the full-scale film.

We know that those of you most affected by divorce and child custody battles are likely the least able to make a financial contribution. Even $5 multiplied many times will help us achieve our goal of finishing this film. But if $5 is difficult, then please drop us a note of support to: [email protected] - That goes a long way too.
Main / Re: New MRA book coming out
May 11, 2012, 11:23 PM

Whoa!  I like what I see!  Who is this guy Benatar?

"Q&A: Prof. David Benatar"

Main / New MRA book coming out
Apr 27, 2012, 04:25 PM
The Second Sexism: Discrimination Against Men and Boys
by David Benatar

Editorial Reviews
With clarity and cogency, The Second Sexism presents the first sustained philosophical examination of systematic discrimination against men.  This is not part of a backlash against feminism; it is part of the next crucial step toward the construction of social arrangements that are fairer, more humane, and less restrictive of individual freedom.
-Don Hubin, Ohio State University

This book is as courageous as it is brilliant and as honest as it is thought provoking.  The issue is not whether women have been wronged, but whether the responses to the wrongs against women have often resulted in there being wrongs against men.  In quite surprising ways, David Benatar's book is a wonderful reminder of the tremendous importance of John Stuart Mill's distinction between "living truth" and "dead dogma"; for it is not at all a conceptual truth that the dogma of sexual inequality has been replaced by and only by living truth with respect to equality for all.  Benatar is absolutely masterful--nay, majestic--in illustrating that reality.
- Laurence Thomas, Syracuse University

David Benatar once again enters the ethico-political debates of our time with his controversial argument about the neglected side of sexism--wrongful discrimination against men. Justice is never a zero-sum game to Benatar, and his well argued and thoughtful book makes a compelling case for taking seriously men's hidden injuries if we are to genuinely build a better world.
-Daphne Patai, University of Massachusetts
From the Back Cover
While the manifestation of sexism against women is widely acknowledged, few people take seriously the idea that males are also the victims of many and quite serious forms of sex discrimination.

So unrecognized is this form of sexism that the mere mention of it will be laughable to some. Yet women are typically exempt from military conscription even where men are forced into battle and risk injury, emotional repercussions, and death. Males are more often victims of violent crime, as well as of legalized violence such as corporal punishment. Sexual assault of males is often taken less seriously. Fathers are less likely to win custody of their children following divorce.

In this book, philosophy professor David Benatar provides details of these and other examples of what he calls the "second sexism." He discusses what sexism is, responds to the objections of those who would deny that there is a second sexism, and shows how ignorance of or flippancy about discrimination against males undermines the fight against sex discrimination more generally.
My list includes mostly MRA/MGTOW along with generally male-positive themes:

Alabama - 40 Hour Week (For A Livin')
Alice Cooper - No More Mr. Nice Guy
Blue October - Any Man in America (album)
Burt Bacharach & Elvis Costello - I'll Never Fall in Love Again
Cliff Richard - Devil Woman
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble
Dionne Warwick - This Girl's in Love With You
Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman
Frankie Ford - Alimony
Gordon Lightfoot - Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Jerrod Niemann - Lover Lover
Kanye West - Gold Digger
Lee Dorsey - Working in the Coal Mine
Mary Wells - My Guy
Paul Hardcastle - 19
Peggy Lee - Alright Okay You Win
Rush - Red Barchetta
Santana - Evil Ways
Spencer Davis Group - I'm A Man
The Shirelles - Foolish Little Girl
The Who - I'm a Boy
Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It
Waylon Jennings - Good Ol' Boys
Weird Al Yankovic - Alimony
Ying Yang Twins - Naggin'

Notice all the songs sung by women about unconditionally loving a man are from the 1960s or earlier
On Urbandictionary it looks like the entry for the word misandry has been hijacked by a feminist hacker.  There are approximately 100 duplicate definitions by the same person who created a hateful definition, and the first four duplicates each have about 30,000 upvotes.   I emailed them about it a couple of days ago, but they haven't done anything about it yet.  My email was probably read by a feminist who is laughing about it.

1.    misandry   28492 up, 157 down
Dear editor, this entry does not violate any of the rules on the editor homepage. "Rule 3. Publish opinions. Don't reject an entry just because it's opinionated. Opinions are useful to readers unfamiliar with a topic. Don't reject an entry because you disagree or are offended. Don't reject an entry because you think it's inaccurate." It's not sexist as it's a view which can be held by any gender, doesn't generalise entire groups and citing another's opinion isn't personal approval or promotion. "Rule 2. Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it."

Generally, "misandry" refers to the hatred and oppression of men on a genotypic basis.

As sociologist Allan Johnson notes, "misandry" has no place in a male-identified, male-centered world. Moreover, Johnson states: "And it takes almost no criticism at all in order for men to feel "bashed," like it's "open season on men." In fact, just saying "male privilege" or "patriarchy" can start eyes rolling and evoke that exasperated sense of "Here we go again." (Allan Johnson, "Privilege, power and difference," p. 197) "Accusations of male bashing and man hating work to discredit feminism because people often confuse men as individuals with men as a dominant and privileged category of people. Given the reality of women's oppression, male privilege, and some men's enforcement of both, it's hardly surprising that EVERY woman should have moments when she resents or even "hates" men." (Allan Johnson, "The gender knot," p. 107
buy misandry mugs & shirts
privilege heterocentricity homophobia transphobia gender roles oppression patriarchy masculist paranoia victim masculism victim complex masculist disingenuity masculist smear campaign masculist hypocrisy masculist irrationality dogma conservatism right-wing regressive
by a censored, inconvenient truth May 11, 2011 share this add a video

Many other (unbiased) definitions still appear on Google when doing a site search (misandry but have been either deleted or buried within the 100 or so duplicate definitions:

Urban Dictionary: Misandry 21, 2011 - Misandry is the hatred or dislike of men or boys. In 1999, writer Warren Farrell compared dehumanizing stereotyping of men to dehumanization ...

Urban Thesaurus: misandry belief that women are and should be treated as potential intellectual equals and social equals to men. These people can be either male or female human ...

Urban Dictionary: misandry of men. In its essence it is as aggressive and discriminatory as misogyny is. Almost the same set of negative features is ascribed to men. I...

Urban Dictionary: Misandry directed at a male/boy/man for BEING a male/boy/man. This is a very awful thing to be. This is discrimination, yet, society makes it look go...

Urban Dictionary: misandry for misandry: feminism feminist ... A view of men that views all men as rapists or abusers is an obvious example of misandry. buy misandry mugs & ...

On Wikipedia, I found the following quote in the entry for Buddy Film:   "Critics like Molly Haskell and Robin Wood saw the decades' films as "a backlash from the feminist movement".[7] Philippa Gates wrote, "To punish women for their desire for equality, the buddy film pushes them out of the center of the narrative...

I tried to delete the quote but it was replaced within several hours with a message to me saying that it comes from a credible source.  If a source makes a clearly misandric and unfounded statement, it should no longer be credible.  But of course feminists don't care about logic.  One of the reasons feminism is so powerful is because too many feminists have too much free time sitting in front of their computer just waiting to do battle, while men are busy doing real work in the real world.  I've noted on many occasions that many vandalized or extremely biased Wikipedia pages stay that way for months or years, even when flagged and begging someone to clean up the page, but if it's anything having to do with gender even in the slightest way, the response (battle) is virtually instantaneous.  There truly is an army of feminists that sit at their computers all day, latte in hand, just waiting to do battle, alerts set up for all their favorite pages in case any antifeminist (or rational being) tries to modify their propaganda.


She added that she needed the money because she was unemployed and had bills on two houses to pay.

"It's just hard, you know," she told the TV station. "I'm struggling."

No mention of her being a mother, which I'm sure the media would mention if that were the case.  Get a job!  The stereotype is of the manchild living unemployed in his parents' basement, but I'd say this scenario is actually more common (unemployed young women leeching off their boyfriends, husbands, or parents if not welfare).  Slightly off topic, why is it still socially acceptable for stay-at-home moms turned housewives to remain unemployed for 20+ years after their children go to college.  Talk about early retirement!  There is really no excuse for not getting at least a part time job even by the time the kids are in elementary school.  By that age parenting is definitely a part time job.
The good thing is that even though International Men's Day was nowhere to be found on the main Google News webpage that day, I can't find any mentions of International Women's Day on the main Google News page today either, but yes, if you do a Google search, IWD definitely "wins".
I wouldn't call Don Imus a conservative.  Just like Rush, he's made disparaging remarks and used derogatory words about men every day of his decades-long career, but it was a comment about a group of women, not even a specific woman, that made him apologize for the first time in his career after losing sponsors and having the governor of New Jersey almost get killed crashing at 90 mph on the way to a meeting about the incident just so the governor could earn some angel wings with the female voters, just like Obama had to call that slut and give her sympathy so he could get some election-year angel wings.

Other similarities:  They are both old white men who made comments (jokingly in Imus' case) about "innocent" little college women, in one case a basketball team who looked like sluts, and in the other case an activist who acts like a slut.  Notice the headlines always label Sandra Fluke as a college student rather than a political activist to give her an air of innocence and to try to portray her as a private citizen rather than a public figure so she can try to sue Rush for slander.  Also the Rutgers sluts totally cleaned up their ghetto look for ther public appearances.  What, were they afraid that Imus had a legitimate point (especially when he compared the Rutgers team to the Tennessee team, who he thought looked nicer.)
Apparently search engines are using subtle tactics in the War Against Boys.  I'm going to email Christina Hoff Sommers about this obfuscation tactic, since she is working on a 2nd edition of her seminal book.  Google the terms (without quotes) foster boys percent and look through the first ten results.  Only one of the ten results actually shows the word boys in bold type in the snippet.  The rest show the word kids in bold type, an alternative search term that was obviously set by someone at Google and not specified in my search query.  To prove this is the case, just search foster girls percent and you'll see that kids is not a substitute term for girls.  Only the word girls is in bold type in those results, not kids. 

The only motivation I see for this subtle but nefarious search algorithm is that Google has a feminist agenda (like Wikipedia) and feels that searching for anything regarding boys' issues or topics is verboten.  Girls must always be included even when trying to do something just for boys.  (eg, Big Brothers organization is now Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boys Clubs of America is now Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA is now officially called the Y). 

I first noticed this Google algorithm when searching for martial arts classes for my son to see if there are any classes just for boys.  It was like looking for a needle in a haystack, combing through the hundreds of results that only mentioned kids karate, which I think is Google's objective.  They wouldn't be so brazen as to not give any results with the search term boy, so they'll just bury those results with the gender neutral term and make the information harder to find.  As a side note, I noticed that below a certain age, you can find plenty of sports classes just for girls, but almost none just for boys.

Today's news story about Rick Santorum vs Google has a quote that is now clearly disingenuous: "Google's search results are a reflection of the content and information that is available on the Web," says spokesman Gabriel Stricker.  The Google spokesman says it is not their problem to fix the pornographic search results that come up with Rick Santorum's name, results that were rigged by a gay activist, but Google will clearly go out of their way to rig results themselves to obfuscate any searches for boys topics.


He chastised black fathers for being nothing more than "sperm donors." He called out "doggone" hoodie-wearing teens who'd never get jobs with their underwear or the "crack of your butt" showing. And he came down on neglectful parents who "need to get a hold of your kids before we have to."

I can't find the other article that quotes his speech in more detail, but he only criticizes "parents", "fathers", and "boys".  He has nothing bad to say specifically about "mothers" or "girls".  This glaring omission is especially noteworthy because even though the speech was in response to recent flash mobs, it is also right on the heels of Philadelphia's first Slut Walk, where women and girls are allowed to dress any way they want with no criticism allowed, especially from politicians, but boys should not be able to get a job if they don't pull their pants up in the mayor's opinion.  Of course it's okay for girls to show their cleavage and tats on the job.  His speech also comes just after the local transit bus getting shot up by white knighting gang bangers because abusive babymomma Penny Chapman hated that a man dared to scold her on the bus for hitting her kid.  Note to mayor:  If the fathers are absent, then it can only be the mother who is abusing the kids, turning them into future gangbangers.  I live in the hood and have a 3-year-old of my own.  Every day I see (black) mothers verbally and physically abusing their toddlers and school aged kids at the playgrounds and swimming pools with no one daring or caring to confront them.  When the mothers aren't abusing their sons, they're ignoring them instead of playing with them (while doting over their daughters).
I accidently posted the link before I could comment on it and was too late to edit the post.  Anyway,


experts worry that some couples will take advantage of the blood screen to select the sex of their child

When it's something unethical, it's "couples" doing the deciding, otherwise it's a mother's sole prerogative.  Of course, in the media's opinion abortion in general is not unethical.


"I'm not na´ve," she added. "We realize it could be used for family balancing."


But is it a reasonable social value to say, Look, I've got a boy, and I want a girl? I don't know."

She pretends that the only scenario is that a mother already has a son so now wants a daughter, not that the mother doesn't want any boys.  Just Google the term SMOGs (smug mothers of girls).


In the U.S., using abortion to select for gender is not as common a practice as it is in some Asian countries, where boys are valued over girls.

Well if this test is made available, it will become a common practice in the US, where girls are now valued and loved more than boys.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but in China it's simply that families are/were taxed for having a daughter, not that abortions are/were mandatory.  It seems to me that the government realized that boys and men contribute financially to society and girls and women are a financial drain on society, so the government was/is just collecting in advance the money they know will eventually be paid out to girls and women for their various "needs."

Many who oppose the decision have also spoken out, saying that they feel it undermines people's moral or religious convictions against contraception.

The only reference to any opposition is about religion, not the blatant sexism.  Don't women always say that men should have thought of using a condom when those men complain about being stuck with 18 years of child support?  Well still no free condoms for men.  I guess women need to take ALL the responsibility since they're the ones getting all the handouts.  Or how about STDs?  Supposedly men are the only culprits when it comes to spreading them.  Well no free testing or counseling for men.  At least the comments at the end of the article are off to a good start.  It never takes long for a pro-male comment to appear these days.  Unfortunately those voices are willfully ignored by lawmakers as much as ever.
You rubbed people the wrong way.

(so to speak)


Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole say they were subjected to sexual harassment and discrimination

The pair say they lost their jobs as part-time massage therapists after objecting to sexually suggestive text messages he sent in 2008

The two women say Favre sent messages that read: "Brett here you and crissy want to get together I'm all alone" and "Kinda lonely tonight I guess I have bad intentions."

Oh the horror  :rolle:  Those are probably the most polite and low-key sext messages I've ever heard.

Just like with Tiger Woods, one woman makes an accusation, there are surely others ready to jump on the bandwagon once the man's name is tarnished.  They probably think their story doesn't need as much credibility or sympathy at that point.