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Almost forgot, you can leave the woman a post or message on facebook since she hasn't locked it down at all!
Yeah, the mom lied and nothing happens to her, the adoption agency goes through with it knowing the father is against it and the adoptive psycho goes for it knowing it will be contested and STILL thinks they are in the right. So far we have three sets of people who should be jailed and ordered to pay every penny in the father's legal fees as well as a huge bit to create a fund for him and his daughter but likely they will all walk and he will walk away broke.
Hell, at times that would be great but my wife won't go for it! We both move a lot in our sleep and it causes a lot of problems so more than once I have slipped down to the floor or to the couch to get to sleep. Now I keep a sleeping bag under the bed and we have decided that works since the hard floor is good for my sleep and it allows her to cuddle up to me to help her get to sleep!
The news reported he first tried to claim he was 18 but admitted to being 16 later. Also it all started last year so he was 15 when she started sleeping with him in the car and her home. There have been several other teachers from the same school busted recently. It is almost like they encourage it there! Of course there are a lot of the usual males saying she should walk and the boy named so they can congratulate him but at least the majority of women want her to fry just like a man. I am betting she will walk with probation, no registration requirements and loss of her teaching license in Ohio but she can move and teach again.
Main / Re: The War On Men
Nov 27, 2012, 02:47 PM
An interesting article I found while digging up info for people in facebook comments about another local female teacher caught having sex with students. Older but I was an MRA even before it was written.
Main / Yet another local female teacher....
Nov 25, 2012, 10:39 AM
Yeah, suddenly there are a lot of them and I am not even posting 1 in 4 who are getting caught. Of course she will walk and not requirement to register like the rest is my bet. The males they catch they hammer though, no surprises there!

Wayne teacher faces sex charges
Alleged incident may have involved student.

Kelsey Hartmann
By Jill Kelley
Staff Writer

HUBER HEIGHTS -- A Wayne High School Spanish teacher accused of sex crimes against a minor spent Thanskgiving night in jail.

Kelsey Hartmann, 27, was being held Friday night in the Montgomery County Jail. She faces three felony counts of sexual battery involving a minor.

The charges filed made reference to Hartmann's role as a teacher, and indicated the minor involved may be a student at Wayne. Police declined to comment on further details in the case.

Hartmann, a married Centerville resident, was arrested Wednesday night in Huber Heights and was being held Friday on $75,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

The charges carry a possible prison sentence of one to five years, and a $10,000 fine.

Hartmann is a Spanish teacher in her fourth year at Wayne High School, according to Huber Heights City Schools Superintendent Sue Gunnell.

Gunnell said the school district is cooperating with police and encouraged anyone with information about the investigation to do the same.

"We've been made aware of the investigation and the charges, and are putting (Hartmann) on paid administrative leave, effective immediately," Gunnell said Friday. "We also are directing her to have no contact at Wayne High School during the investigation. We are in the process of identifying a substitute for Monday."

Gunnell said she also would notify the Ohio Department of Education about the investigation, per protocol.
"We are making sure we are doing our due diligence," she said.

Hartmann would have had to pass several criminal background checks to teach at Wayne, per Ohio law. She reportedly had no prior criminal history.

Hartmann's family and Huber Heights police declined to comment Friday.
Gee, don't you love how the protester makes sure we all know he promotes incest, rape, child molesting and beating innocent women? Just look at this board and you can tell we all support those things, right? Oh, a quick review of the board shows we are AGAINST those things by men and WOMEN which the protester must not like. After all, how dare people not just cry a woman is the victim of her 8 year old son she molested! He seduced her and she was just powerless to stop his raping her, right!?!?
Main / Re: Flash Mobbing Called Race Riots
Nov 23, 2012, 08:25 AM
They call these incidents "flash mobs" when many times they are really just a violent mob out to hurt others and steal. So call them what they really are instead is the point I believe. It is not a "flash mob" out singing Christmas carols in the mall to surprise people for fun but a small riot out to steal and hurt which is criminal.

Predators are predators. The reason we have statutory rape laws is because the predator doesn't seek out the mature well adjusted teenager. The kids they pick are generally the ones who have adverse affects later on.

Im afraid youre too dogmatic on this. This war on heterosexuals uses the issue as a means to further a totalitarian agenda.

Study after study shows males are hurt even MORE than females in these cases. The women that molest use a lot of mental and emotional pressure causing serious harm to the abused later in life. Also males mature emotionally and mentally later than females so it is like a male molesting a girl a couple of years younger in that respect. So unless you think a male using a bunch of mental and emotional abuses to push 14 year old girls in to sex, then you are dead wrong.
Yeah, it would have been even sooner if her lawyers had applied since she only had to serve 6 months. Picture a male teacher getting half the cheerleaders drunk and fucking them.

Nick Daggy
Stacy Schuler sits between her lawyers Charlie Rittgers (left) and Charlie M. Rittgers during her fourth day of trial in Warren County Common Pleas Court Thursday, Oct. 27, 2011. Schuler, 33, was sentenced to four years in prison after being found guilty on all 16 felony counts of sexual battery and three misdemeanor counts of providing alcohol to minors.

Teacher in court on sex charges
By Denise G. Callahan

LEBANON -- A Warren County judge has released the former Mason High School teacher who was convicted on 16 counts of sexual battery for having sex with five students last year.

Stacy Schuler, 34, has been in the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville on a four-year sentence since her conviction on Oct., 27, 2011. After the four day bench trial where five former students -- most of them football players -- testified, Judge Robert Peeler said she would be eligible for release after six months.

The former physical education teacher at Mason High School was found guilty of supplying five students with alcohol and having sex with them on multiple occasions in her Springboro home in fall 2010.

The five young men gave graphic, detailed accounts of the exploits at Schuler's home. One said sex with Schuler was initiated on a kitchen counter and two others talked about sex they had with Schuler in her shower. Several said they had repeated group sex in her bed.

Peeler, who said he didn't believe Schuler's insanity defense, ordered a psychological report on the former teacher in July after her attorney Charlie H. Rittgers petitioned for her release.

An analysis of court records by The Middletown Journal showed Peeler has released 24 prisoners early since he took the bench in fall 2009. Schuler's six months were up on April 27, but her attorney Rittgers didn't apply for her release until May 31.

Prosecutor David Fornshell opposed her early release.
Main / Re: And then they fight you...
Nov 05, 2012, 06:16 AM
Brian, add in..

The one where a 12 year old boy drugged and molested by a 38 year old woman is required to pay child support?

The one where alcohol is no excuse for men but means no ability to consent for women?
Since feminists demand women be allowed in male locker rooms then they should be very happy to have a male in female locker rooms! After all, feminists are about equality and not special treatment, right?
Well put Brian. As for women being less likely to have mental illness, then this shows that is very wrong. The link just shows Brian is right because our society tends to ignore and downplay males having mental illnesses. Just show the following to her and ask her how it come men commit suicide more often though women tend to have mental illnesses at about twice the rate of men! Maybe our having special suicide hotlines for young girls and women like I see is not such a great use of tax money after all since they do not have them or more mental illness services for men.

Also show here the new healthcare act requirements to discriminate against men and use that as an example of how our society and government care for and treat men while calling it a war on women.
I would say 75 MPH though with Ryan it might be better than that since he at least has a brain and knows economics. Normally I vote libertarian but it is a choice of the lesser evils for me this time. And unlike McCain, Romney at least seems willing to have a backbone when it comes to feminists and socialists we have now.
BOTH have been here in the last two weeks and BOTH are holding an event here today. Here being within 45 minutes of my house. Yeah, traffic is a fucking total nightmare during election season neat me since this is pretty typical around Dayton Ohio.