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Men's Stories / Re: Witchunt. A mans story
May 19, 2009, 11:58 AM
Any ethical endorsement of the premise of Prosecutorial Immunity goes out the window in a pall of dust when it becomes clear the prosecutor FAILED to uphold the creed of his/her office by not thoroughly investigating the facts of an alleged crime prior to destroying an innocent mans life ... especially when that investigative action is motivated by political or professional aspirations rather than law enforcement.
Gunner Retired
That sounds like something straight out of ETAY (Ethical Treatment of Adolescents and Youth). If it isn't there, it should be!
Gunner Retired
You may find a resource or three at Shattered Men, also look for the group Men Going Their Own Way.
As for the MVDV (ie Male Victim Domestic Violence), welcome to the club, I was a battered husband for 7 years... when I finally found the strength to seek help I was accused of being the abuser!
Gunner Retired
Where to start... oh gosh.
Kudos on you for stepping up and seeking help, far too many are cowed into silence and suffering.
Okay first of all talk to your husband about the group Fathers 4 Justice, and also Nat'l Parents Rights Assoc. There are a number of web based yahoo E Groups that can steer you toward specific resources and guidance.
Also I have reams of information cached on my HD here that cover a variety of topics.
I can be reached at Hotmail as Gunner Retired (delete the space), feel free to e and ask for guidance?
Gunner Retired
Men's Rights Activist writes: "but a little scary to see how uninformed folks were about so obvious a thing"

Much truth there is to your statement (itself an understatement), but bear in mind please that America is a country wherein did the greater bulk of the citizenry buy into the fabricated tale that the Solomon Bldg (WT 7) collapsed (neatly and into its own footprint at that) as a result of airliners impacting WT 1 and WT 2.
Aside from numerous other unresolved oddities re 9/11 there remains one simple incontrovertible truth: in the hundreds of years of mankind constructing buildings to reach for the skies, only THREE steel reinforced buildings have ever collapsed due (allegedly) to fires... and all 3 on the same day within the span of a few hours, within walking distance of each other and all 3 into their own footprints.
WT 1
WT 2
WT 7 (the Solomon Bldg).

None before, and none since.

What's the math on that?

But anyway...


Thank you most graciously for your activism and your efforts on behalf of men in general and fathers in particular. Thank you for your role in the successful suit before the Calif 3rd District Appellate Court (brilliant bit of litigation there, my thanks to Marc also).

Also I thank you sir, for your service to America (in Viet Nam). My father served in the USAF at Danang AB, and was a ground rescuer in the crash of PR 21 (assisting in saving the lives of 6 US Navy aircrewmen) in 1970.
I myself made a career of the Nav as a GMG retiring in 1999 as a GMG1(SW) and saw service in GULF I aboard the USS Scott DDG-996.

On a side note, I LOVE the quip [End Feminist Pork] displayed on your sign, may I use that in future rallies?

Georgia State Coordinator F4J
O/o Foot Hills Haven
A Hedgehog Sanctuary since 1999