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Men's Stories / Am I a doormat?
Jan 14, 2010, 04:29 PM
The first bitch in my life was my own mother. Well, biological parent, anyway.

I had a father who was out working three jobs and never had time for me or my sister when he did make one of his rare appearances.

My so-called Mum always pushed me away if I tried to hug her, never praised me for anything I did, always ran me down, beat me regularly (slapping my face, punching and kicking me, spanking me, and when she was really in psycho gear going for me with pokers or walking-sticks). She twice tried to kill me, once when I was in the bath and she came in and pushed my head under the water and once when I was in bed and she pushed the pillow over my face and tried to smother me. She also locked me in a dark and cold cupboard under the stairs for hours.

I drifted through a serious of relationships with girls that didn't work out - the worst was when one went away on holiday with me and cheated on me with a man that used to be my best friend. Eventually I found and met my present wife.

When she wants to be she can be loving and kind and funny and she's gorgeous and sexy too but when she loses it then it's mayhem. She's hit me, scratched me, bitten me, punched me, slapped my face, kicked me and gone for me with a knife twice. She also slapped me round the face with a paintbrush when I was trying to decorate a room.

I still love her and most of the time she's wonderful.

The question is - am I a doormat? Do I ask for it? The times I've told people that I walked into a door, or that a shelf fell down on me while I was putting it up!

And the verbal abuse! 'I've never heard anything like it! She makes me feel totally worthless and sometimes I feel like just killing myself.

What can I do, guys?
Like so many of this type of post, it's a mixture of half-truths and selective presentation of information rather than downright lies.

It was not possible, for instance, until the Married Women's Property Act in (if I remember correctly 1858) for a woman to have any control over her money in Britain once she married.

When the divorce laws were liberalised in around the 1870s men had to prove adultery or desertion to get a divorce; women had to prove adultery and cruelty.

I don't think it does supporters of men's rights any good either to deny or belittle the oppression of women in the past (and, in certain parts of the world, even now).

It is far better to counter them by saying something along the lines that, well, slavery used to exist and that was abolished. Yes, there were and are injustices against women.

The trouble is that some women appear to think that there are NO injustices against men which is very far from the case
Introductions / Hello
Jan 12, 2010, 06:10 PM
I expect my username gives you a pretty good idea of my situation. Somehow it seems as if everything I do is always wrong.

Whoever said that women were the weaker sex is a chump!