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I'd like to see her assfucked for 24 hours and then fed feet first into a wood chipper. That's the best the murdering whore deserves. It's bad enough that she brutally killed the guy but then she dedicated on his corpse and destroyed his good name and reputation.
Main / Re: OJ Simpson
May 15, 2013, 05:32 PM
Sociopaths generally are good liars.
Main / Re: Unbelievable
May 15, 2013, 05:25 PM

That is an incredible injustice on top of the injustice done to the man.
Sounds like Ms Grossmans feminist chickens came home to roost. That's the monster you created lady, funny thing about monsters is how they will turn on their supposed masters.

i hope a ton of men come forward and start suing the false accusers and/or the authorities.  The more won cases the more everyone will start to take notice.

That would be nice. Punish those that misuse their authority in civil court if they can't be criminally charged.
Yeah that's a whack job of the first order.

Lawmakers angered at U.S. military's handling of sex assault problem
David Alexander | Reuters


But Boxer said: "I'm here to talk about the violent crime of sexual assault in the military, not about fraternization. I'm not here to talk about disrespect, but about vicious crimes. And I'm not here to talk about false charges, but about real charges and the way they're handled."



And that's it in a nutshell. Senator Boxer isn't interested in what is happening in the armed forces: she's interested in bringing forth the dominant narrative, focusing on one aspect of the issue and excluding all other considerations.

Absolutely. Actual founded cases of rape and sexual assault the command comes down on the individual charged like a ton of bricks.
Main / Re: A Fred Reed Classic - "Old News"
Mar 13, 2013, 04:38 PM
Obama is a lawyer by trade and training although he has never really practiced. G.W. Bush is did actualy run businesses with his MBA. So yeah they both did actually get some marketable skills they could feed themselves with. They are part of an older generation that put lots of stock in such things. The younger generations are more tech oriented and care much more about competence and skill sets than they do the reputation of the school you attended. The old boy networks are still there but they are loosing some of their luster.
Main / Re: A Fred Reed Classic - "Old News"
Mar 13, 2013, 03:50 PM

I strongly believe the "Ivy League" rules our country, and as long as it's members support 1960's-style feminist ideology, we'll be stuck with it.

No the wheels are starting to come off the Ivy League bus. With kids getting out of Columbia/Brown/Princeton/Harvard/Yale with $100K+ and degrees that don't get them any marketable skills people are less inclined to believe the Brain Trust status of these schools.
Main / Re: Oh this is just TOO delicious!!
Mar 13, 2013, 03:45 PM

How about keeping a witness handy at all times? Say someone who can act as a sparing partner or practice partner (Uke) and an eye-witness at the same time. How about adding an asistant who fills the need and acts as a trainer of some kind? Someone who can handle injuries and keep everybody "hydrated" or something? You and two witnesses - who can both be female, if you trust them.

The worst she can do behind your back is call you macho or claim you were inept in some way.

This is the most sensible course of action you can take in my opinion. If you refuse to help you will get a professional backlash. Do it the way CappyC has outlined it and earn some brownie points and maybe even a favor or two.
That is pretty well thought out. About the only thing I disagree with is the stance on circumcision. I know I am in the minority of the MRA Comunity on this and Im okay with it.

I think this case will have a significant impact on public sentiment towards violent women.  People will be more skeptical of the "battered woman" like defenses. This trial on average is a good thing for abused men.

ID like to think that but the Mary Winkler verdict makes me doubt it. The mere allegation of domestic battery and the fact the judge allowed so much mudslinging on the victim with no evidence points to a possible guilty verdict of a lesser charge that lets her walk after a few years.
Downeaster Alexa by Billy Joel is good.

We should adopt this as the anthem of the MRA movement.....

Stompin' Tom Connors - Luke's Guitar LIVE with lyrics

"This song ain't over YET"...........  :greener:

That's pretty funny.

A group of friends and I occasionally buy lottery tickets, and pool our money together for a possible win.

We take scans of the pooled tickets and ride the winnings till it is gone.

We know before the draw what the numbers are going to be so there is no way to really screw the others.

When I worked in the cube farm world we did something similar. We purchased the tickets the day before and photocopied the group tickets.