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Main / Father's Day This Year
Jun 17, 2013, 04:02 AM
I've closely followed the men's movement for over a decade now and every year I casually monitor media coverage for Father's Day.  Despite some of the depictions, I've noticed big changes.  This year the vast majority of coverage has been much more positive than other years.  Going through Facebook postings as well I saw many many very positive and heartfelt tributes to the dads out there - and few with a caveat such as "for the good dads."

Unsurprisingly, the only publications that weren't on board with this were the more liberal ones -- Huffington Post and the NY Times stood out for negativity.  Huffington was easily the worst and least apologetic. 

But other than that there's been a pretty big change from 10 years ago and I think this is very positive.
Main / Seen this story on CNN?
Aug 24, 2012, 10:16 AM

Basically this woman is saying she got pregnant by rape, carried the child to term and then had to fight the rapist for custody.  But the really important thing is the comments section.

Basically she's been outed because so much info is available via the internet.  The longer story is when she was 20yo she had a 4 month affair with a married pastor.  She got pregnant and then cried rape.  In the end she took a settlement saying she wouldn't prosecute for rape if he'd drop any rights to the child.

Please go and comment and use the link as the story is now buried over there, I'm guessing because of all the relevant details being released in the comments section.

But this is a great opportunity to raise some awareness of the fact that there's lots of legal precedence for juvenile male rape victims being forced to pay child support to their rapist and to have to fight the rapist for access to the child much less custody.
I was thinking today about this.  Now if salaries at a business become transparent, could somebody use that to claim discrimination if, say, all the men are getting paid the same as the women even if the men are generally logging more hours with more experience?

Seems like it could go both ways.
Main / Having fun with the War on Women meme
Apr 12, 2012, 10:58 AM
I have to say that I've really been entertaining myself on all these news sites with the whole assault on women's reproductive rights meme.

My latest thing to do is go into the comments section, make a post about how it's immoral to force a person to become a parent before they're ready simply due to an unintended pregnancy.  Then I ask who's with me?  After I get a ton of women agreeing, I point out that women do this every day in America without thinking twice about it.  Good stuff!

Another one I do is point out how reproductive rights are an essential human right -- who agrees with me?  After a ton of women agree I then point out that men don't have reproductive rights, they all then pile on about how we can't -- after they just agreed that it's a basic human right.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
Main / This is really funny
Dec 07, 2011, 02:01 AM
Main / Interesting supreme Court Case I found
Aug 20, 2011, 10:47 AM

Muller v. Oregon, 208 U.S. 412 (1908), was a landmark decision in United States Supreme Court history, as it justifies both sex discrimination and usage of labor laws during the time period. The case upheld Oregon state restrictions on the working hours of women as justified by the special state interest in protecting women's health.

Curt Muller, the owner of a laundry business, was convicted of violating Oregon labor laws by making a female employee work more than ten hours in a single day. Muller was fined $10. Muller appealed to the Oregon Supreme Court and then to the U.S. Supreme Court, both of which upheld the constitutionality of the labor law and affirmed his conviction.

The case was decided a mere three years after Lochner v. New York, 198 U.S. 45 (1905), in which a New York law restricting the weekly working hours of bakers was invalidated
7 open commenting on mainstream news media boards.  They can't post a single women firsters article or bogus study anymore without being totally hammered with intelligent, factually backed comments.  Huffpo, yahoo news and CNN turn into MRA boards with each one.

Love it!

Anybody else here post at those?
Main / Kind of Ironic
Jul 07, 2011, 07:26 AM
After Clara Harris and Mary Winkler to hear all of these women complaining about a woman getting away with murder.

"The men of Huntsville have settled down to a patient endurance of military rule. They say but little, and treat us with all politeness. The women, however, are outspoken in their hostility, and marvelously bitter. A flag of truce came in last night from Chattanooga, and the bearers were overwhelmed with visits and favors from the ladies. When they took supper at the Huntsville Hotel, the large dining-room was crowded with fair faces and bright eyes; but the men prudently held aloof.

A day or two ago one of our Confederate prisoners died. The ladies filled the hearse to overflowing with flowers, and a large number of them accompanied the soldier to his last resting-place.

The foolish, yet absolute, devotion of the women to the Southern cause does much to keep it alive. It encourages, nay forces, the young to enter the army, and compels them to continue what the more sensible[145] Southerners know to be a hopeless struggle"

The article is in favor, but the crazies are coming out of the woodwork.  Lundy Bancroft is mentioned by at least one.

Please come and add to the discussion.
I've been looking for this paper for ages and just happened on it accidentally.  I came across this info several years ago:

Basically, from 1900 to 1930 there was NO gender gap in university enrollment among men and women.  So the idea that our ancestors refused women education is a myth.  Check it out:
Main / CNN and Huffpost comments deleted
Oct 25, 2010, 03:42 AM
Lately I've been posting once a day or so on Huffington Post and CNN websites -- typically gender related stuff as well as some political.  A funny thing -- even though my posts are on point and civil, they keep getting deleted.


I almost wonder if they're getting deleted for that specifically since it makes an MRA appear to be sound, intelligent and reasonable.

Huffpost is by far the worst though.  Not only do my posts get deleted, but my account as well.  When I try to sign up for a new one, it says my email already exists with an account.  Then when I try to retrieve/reset my password etc, it says the account no longer exists.  3 times now that's happened.

Liberal censorship seems to be rampant these days.
Main / Leglislated Alimony in NY State
Jun 27, 2010, 05:45 AM
Boy they snuck this one in under the radar as a part of the recently approved no fault divorce law in NY state.  It's basically legislated alimony.

Here's aletter to the editor about it from my local paper:

No-fault divorce just a start
Deck for point goes right here

First published in print: Friday, June 25, 2010
New Yorkers need divorce reform, but no-fault divorce is not enough. It does nothing for spouses left in difficult or dire financial circumstances by the capricious laws now governing spousal support.

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When the state Senate passed no-fault legislation last week, it also passed a bill to replace maintenance (New York's name for spousal support) with post-marital income guidelines. These guidelines would go a long way toward making divorce quicker, cheaper and, above all, more equitable to economically weakened spouses.

Most settlement discussions and most divorce litigation are not about the grounds for divorce, which no-fault legislation addresses, but about money. Grounds matter only until the divorce happens, but the way assets and access to future income are divided matters deeply for many years to come. Battles about money lie at the heart of the nasty, expensive and lengthy litigation that so plagues the courts hearing divorces.

Read more:
Main / Latest in the Mary Winkler Story
Feb 20, 2010, 03:02 AM
Anybody seen this yet?  There really aren't words to describe how wrong this is.  First she murders their son and now they have to pay HER $176,000 of money she never earned.

Mary Winkler's former in-laws must return money collected for kids
TN judge says couple misused funds
January 17, 2010

WMC-TV reports Carroll County Chancery Court Judge Ron Harmon ruled on Friday that much of the more than $226,000 collected for the children after Mary Winkler shot and killed her minister husband was misused.

Dan and Diane Winkler had temporary custody of the three girls while Mary Winkler was in jail. She was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and regained custody of the children after her release.

Mary Winkler's attorneys argued that money meant for the children was used to pay lawyers in the custody battle.

Dan and Diane Winkler can appeal the decision.


So not only were there basically no consequences for this murder.  She actually profited off of it.  I really feel for the grandparents in this case. 
It really kind of gets funnier all the time.

Testosterone leads to fairness, not aggression: researchers
Last Updated: Tuesday, December 8, 2009 | 2:42 PM ET Comments81Recommend62
CBC News

Testosterone doesn't cause people to become aggressive or risky as many people believe but actually encourages fairness, European researchers say.

Researchers at the University of Zurich and Royal Holloway, University of London conducted a study of 120 women and found that testosterone promoted fairness in a bargaining game.

The women took part in a game to determine the distribution of real money, where both fair and unfair offers were allowed. The partner in this negotiation could either accept the offer or decline it, but if no agreement was reached, neither person would receive any money.

Before the game, the women were given either a dose of testosterone or a placebo. (Women were chosen for the experiment because the physiological effects of artificial testosterone are better understood in women than in men.)

"If one were to believe the common opinion, we would expect subjects who received testosterone to adopt aggressive, egocentric and risky strategies regardless of the possibly negative consequences on the negotiation process," said Christoph Eisenegger of the University of Zurich in a statement.

Instead, the study, published this week in Nature, found that women who received the testosterone behaved more fairly and had fewer conflicts in their negotiations.

However, the women who thought they had received the hormone, whether they did or not, behaved more aggressively and unfairly than those who believed they had received the placebo.

"It appears that it is not testosterone itself that induces aggressiveness but rather the myth surrounding the hormone," said economist Michael Naef of Royal Holloway.

Eisenegger said the experiment suggests that testosterone increases a person's sensitivity to status. In animals with simple social systems, aggressiveness can lead to higher social status, so testosterone leads to aggression.

"In the socially complex human environment, pro-social behavior secures status and not aggression," said Naef.
First off, I can't even comprehend the evil that the mother and others did to this little girl.  I can't even try to understand it.

But some things I'm already noticing about the media treatment of the case:

-Many women I've spoken with about it have stated (umprompted) that they believe the reason the mother did this was to get back at the father and deny him his daughter.

-This angle was brought up on the Today show momentarily by some commentator, but the Today show talking head immediately dismissed it and was adamantly against entertaining it as a possible motive.

-The media seems to be taking advantage of this case now as an opportunity to push more human trafficking and sex slavery mythology.  Keep an eye out for this.
Main / CNN Report Includes DV Against Men
Nov 11, 2009, 01:59 PM

Anybody catch this?  One for the good guys.
Main / Scott Becker Looking for April
Nov 08, 2009, 03:47 AM
I'm sure some of you have heard this story -- I caught it on the Today show yesterday.  Apparently the story is that this guy's been searching for his daughter for the last 30 years, spending tens of thousands of dollars in his search and they just found each other on the internet.  As usual, mom took off with the kid and kept them apart.

Of course, if you google "scott becker looking for april" you'll only get a hint that that's what happened.  Every single news outlet is careful not to mention the fact of such an awful form of child abuse perpetrated by a mother.  And that's what it was.  This girl's been desperately wondering about her father's fate all these years.

My God, but it's really unbelievable the way women are shielded from any accountability in these situations.
Main / Woman Scalds Husban in NY
Jul 31, 2009, 06:46 PM

Check out the story:  woman suspects husband of cheating, waits for him to sleep, then pours boiling water on his genitals.  A really ghastly story -- and look at how it's presented.

But the real kicker is the comments section.  You know, we hear over and over again what a kinder, gentler world we would live in if women ran it.  But looking at the comments, the thing I'm struck by is how close we would be to life in a fundamentalist Muslim Arabic country if women were in charge -- though of course if the genders were reversed.

The tone of most comments is really sickening.