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But if there has been somewhat of a sea change - and I think there has as well - you can attribute it to the anonymity of the internet and major news sites with open commenting.  Shaming has been the primary and most powerful tool used to keep men's voices down.  The anonymity removes that ability to shame.

Feminism has been largely unopposed regardless of the exaggerations and historical revisions.  I think the women's fight to get the vote resulted in something like three fatalities.  One threw herself under a moving horse carriage, and possibly two I think died of a hunger strike in prison.  How many men died to get the vote?  Maybe a million or two over the course of a couple of centuries?  The women actually had to kill themselves because no one else was willing to do it.

So the anonymous commenting on news sites is a big thing.  It allows for the disaffected to push back every time some bullshit statistic or "women hardest hit" or wage gap garbage or whatever comes up and take some of the fun out of their victimhood.  And maybe that's really what's changing things incrementally:  women get some kind of steady emotional payoff from reading that stuff about how vicitmized they are, how we care and what the plan is for rescuing them.  Making them account for every outrageous claim takes some of that away from them - bit by bit until there isn't enough left to get their fix anymore.  At that point hopefully maybe they'll start to move on to getting affirmation by being productive instead.

I'm seeing more and more in the Internet that ABC canceled the MRA show with Elam and others - and replaced it with a different show - because of heavy male-positive comments on another hit piece that ABC did from two inexperienced girls posing as grown-up reporters for ABC.

I have really seen a strong change in the last 10 years with regard to public opinion about men's rights. My own family is becoming aware of these issues - and not necessarily from me.

I tend to agree with this though it also seems like the public awareness waxes and wanes some without much sense to it.

I loved the part in the promo where Elam talks about the family courts being biased against men and she makes a face like she's shocked - like she's never heard such a thing before!  Virtually every single person that watched that promo and read that article knows at least two men whose lives have been completely wrecked by divorce.  For many of them it will have been their father or brother.  Yet Vargas has never heard of this!

There's really only two ways anyone could interpret that:

-Vargas really hasn't heard of this before and is therefore completely out of touch with what's happening in the very society she lives in.  She leads a life so insular that she's incompetent as a journalist.

-Vargas is totally faking her reaction and doing so to set an adversarial tone for an obvious hit piece.

Just wait.  Elam will be on 60 minutes within a year.  Mark my words - remember I was right about Hugo.
My family has vacationed in Provincetown MA probably seven times.  For those of you who aren't familiar, P-Town is a big summertime gay mecca. 

My wife, daughter and I have often noticed the huge difference between the same sex male and female families we see there.  Basically, the male led families are functional, healthy with well spoken well behaved kids, with all appearing to be having a good time on summer vacation.

But the lesbian couples!  Most are obese with dirty kids running wild in the restaurants and on the beach. 
Main / Re: Woman telepathically raped
Sep 26, 2013, 01:00 PM

I think the mugshots are cool.

Egad I wouldn't even do her with your mind.
Ironically men have been fighting for shared parenting for years and our consistent opponents are women's groups.

Why wait for the balls to shrink?  You can have shared parenting tomorrow if you want it.

What to Do and What Not to Do Around Royalty

The list of dos and don'ts is not as extensive or overwhelming as one might think, but they are important. To break protocol could possibly be viewed as an insult, however, having been Queen for over 50 years there are bound to be times when even she breaks the rules. Some things to keep in mind:

Don't speak unless spoken to. According to Martin Higgins, a former butler at Buckingham Palace, in an article for Conde Nast Portfolio.Com, September 6, 2007, says that this is the number one cardinal rule.

When spoken to or addressing royalty for the first time, use the highest official address which applies, such as "Your Majesty', for the Queen, or "Your Royal Highness" for a prince; afterwards use sir or mam.

Women should curtsy and men should nod their heads.

If the Royal person offers a hand, the handshake should be short and not hard.

Allow the Queen to leave the room first; backs should never be turned toward the Queen, unless it absolutely cannot be helped.

During meals, the Queen eats first and when she stops, the others at the table stop. Eat what is served and do not request anything more or less.

Should something drop during dinner do not say a word, someone will retrieve it quietly and without fanfare.

Do not go to the restroom during a meal unless it is an absolute, have-to-go situation. Discreetly ask where the lavatory or loo is located and make it fast. It is best to cross the legs and suffer through if possible.

Gifts Fit for a Queen

An important do when meeting royalty is to exchange gifts. Exchanging gifts when visiting royalty has been a tradition for hundreds of years. Typically, visiting state heads exchange gifts on the first day of the visit. This is seen as a symbol of goodwill. The gifts are typically chosen to represent the country's culture or history.

Although there are certainly many more dos and don'ts in the world of royalty, the idea is obvious that the Queen sets the tone and she is to be respected to the nth degree. While it is true that some of the more obnoxious protocols are fading, the Queen is still the Queen and demands the proper treatment from all who grace her presence.
One thing I wanted to note was that the author is wrong about the NY state law.  That law actually passed like a couple of years ago.

It's also not just for large income disparities.  It's basically just a formula like child support that the numbers go in and the money comes out.  The guideling is 30% of the payor's income minus 20% of the payees income or 40% of the combined incomes - whichever is less.  So basically the higher earning spouse will pay something in most cases.

The other thing that passed along with that law was that the higher earner has to pay for both lawyers as a default and from what I've seen makes no distinction about what higher earning means.  Theoretically if a person makes $1000 more per year he has to pay for both lawyers.  If he disagrees with some of the charges he can argue them in court again once the divorce is done.  How that system is even considered ethical I have no idea.

Similar laws have recently passed in several other states as well from what I understand.

Instead of getting better, it's actually getting worse.
Main / Re: Hugs throws in the towel
Aug 10, 2013, 09:52 AM
I wonder what will be next for him.

Will he keep teaching?  Will he be able to?  If he can't teach, he'll lose his livelihood and with imputed incomes it will be the beginning of a pretty harsh downward spiral.

As bad as his behavior may have been, there really is no good reason for his wife to keep him from seeing the kids.  He dallied with some younger women and made a half assed suicide attempt for which he's now getting help.  I really don't see how he's a "danger" to his kids.  Just because he was a bad husband doesn't make him a bad parent.
Main / Re: Hugs throws in the towel
Aug 05, 2013, 12:54 AM
That's why terms like Borderline were invented.

Psychologists didn't feel right about spending 10 years in school only to write the word "asshole" on someone's chart.

So they invented borderline.
Main / Re: Hugs throws in the towel
Aug 03, 2013, 04:37 AM
Classic classic classic borderline/narcissist behavior:  make a fake attempt at suicide using a method you're 90% sure won't be successful in order to manipulate people, typically to feeling sorry for you.  If you actually read up on the drug he used in his suicide attempt, it doesn't sound like it's at all easy to kill yourself with.  Looking around the internet it appears a person of Hugo's size would need to take around 3500 25mg pills in order to be lethal.

So basically it's impossible.  In the bigger picture this is exactly why suicide attempts should never be compared to actual suicides.  Most attempts are attempts to manipulate as often as they are real attempts to suicide.
Main / Re: Hugs throws in the towel
Aug 02, 2013, 08:13 AM
More here:

Damn Hugo is a classic borderline personality.  Her really is.  Then again so are most of the leaders of feminist thought which is also why feminism is mostly based on projection.
Main / Re: Hugs throws in the towel
Aug 02, 2013, 05:20 AM

I almost feel sorry for Hugo Schwyzer. Almost. And I think Bluegrass got it right in a different thread - at the core of it, Hugo cites his family problems at the moment, along with his fragile mental health. He's probably on the skids towards his 4th divorce.

On the other side of it, I don't think this guy will ever understand that being dismissive, arrogant and condescending is going to get some push-back. He just thinks that all the crap he gets is something external and not related to him. I don't know what it is about him, he has always REALLY bugged me.

After following so many news stories down the rabbit hole it's actually pretty easy to pick stuff out like this.  There's also a basic element of human nature that typically if a person is over the top concerned with a particular issue -like Hugo has been with women's issues - there's something emotional at the heart of it that the person is compensating for.  It's almost like a yin and yang type thing.  For instance, all the family values politicians who harbor gay feelings or John and Reve Walsh who have worked so hard to skew people's understanding of missing children.  It was actually Reve's fault Adam Walsh was taken as she left him in the store alone while she shopped for lamps.

Hugo is a classic case of this type of behavior.  That's also why most feminist "thought" is actually projection. 
Main / Re: Hugo Schwyzer quits the Internet
Jul 19, 2013, 03:20 PM
$5 says his wife is dumping him.  Watch - you;ll see.
Main / Father's Day This Year
Jun 17, 2013, 04:02 AM
I've closely followed the men's movement for over a decade now and every year I casually monitor media coverage for Father's Day.  Despite some of the depictions, I've noticed big changes.  This year the vast majority of coverage has been much more positive than other years.  Going through Facebook postings as well I saw many many very positive and heartfelt tributes to the dads out there - and few with a caveat such as "for the good dads."

Unsurprisingly, the only publications that weren't on board with this were the more liberal ones -- Huffington Post and the NY Times stood out for negativity.  Huffington was easily the worst and least apologetic. 

But other than that there's been a pretty big change from 10 years ago and I think this is very positive.
Most younger people don't know this, but most women lose all of their libido after menopause.  I'd be willing to bet that there's not a single man in the US about to tie the knot that knows that lifetime monogamy will likely involve nearly two decades of celibacy.

Kind of sheds a whole new light on the mid life crisis and middleaged men who cheat, like General Patreus.  Most of those guys have gone without sex literally for years before they finally crack.