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Main / Re: Betraying Poor White Boys
Feb 05, 2012, 08:28 AM

British boys from poor white families perform worse than almost all other ethnic groups at GCSE level, according to figures from the Department for Education and Skills...

Can it be that the fathers of poor white boys alongside mothers forming the social majority happily accepted a society structured according to gender lines and not merit, providing this was only ever harmfull to others. But in so attempting an underhand benefit to advantage their daughters [whom were always privileged and never ever oppressed in the honest sense of the term] have seriously harmed their sons

From my experience of the UK education system, many white males aren't offered support and instead when struggling, labelled as troublemakers and abandoned instead of encouraged.

The main problem I see causing this in my society, is the abundant welfare and poor morality of people, promoting single motherhood.  Many children regardless of gender grow up damaged from the lack of a father.

There was an interesting documentary a while back "bbc - the biology of dads" which in a simple way stated what each parent imparts on a child and how having a father is just as vital, if not more vital than a mother and how a father even helps development in the pre-natal stage and helps relieve the pain for mothers.
I'm surprised he got off, how lucky!

Unfortunately, there are too many cases where the woman will do a better job of faking it, then the man is well and truly screwed.
Sounds and looks just like cosmo ....
This is a major problem I face.  Even among men, I get accused of being misogynistic just because I dislike our matriarchal society and despite the fact that I am only attracted to women and do nearly all household chores. 

Really annoys me that I am treated like a criminal and an outcast as I am not willing to label myself and others negatively just because of my gender.

Domestic abuse victims often recant stories

Police, victim services, courts say problem frustrating

The police, victim services and the courts see it all too often: victims of domestic abuse change their minds, recant their stories and go back to their violent partners.

From what I've experienced myself and seen with other friends, there is a good reason why women go back to violent partners or end up in the same violent relationships time and time again.

The dirty secret they don't tell you is it is the woman who is the violent one or the catalyst for the incident.  For example, one friend of a friend, has had two or three partners supposedly "beat" her and in each circumstance, she has broken her collarbone.  Very unusual to supposedly have violent partners all focus on that one area.  Quite odd really and having a conversation with her before, I have seen a flash behind her eyes of held back anger.  No-one can really say, but I can quite imagine her being the one that starts to abuse, leaving the same area exposed or charging at her partners in such a way to break it.

One of my past partners and my current one have stated the "abuse" they were subjected to (eg. being kept outside) and after seeing some of their tempers, I've actually seen why!  In the future, if any woman ever says to me that she has been domestically abused, that is a massive "run away" sign.

Is is just me or does the article seem to imply that the two children were trapped inside the house by the mother?

Mmmmm it does seem like that.

I was just thinking, what are the odds that she will be given back the kids?

Any man, even with a "lively" social routine, is often too "unstable" to care for a child, but too often I hear of women neglecting their children to such extremes yet still the primary caregiver because "according to society", a coked up female sociopath is still a better choice of parent than a man.
Main / Re: Men's Oppression List
Feb 05, 2012, 07:38 AM

Who built everything and either did it for bullshit wages or as slaves? Men. For the vast history of human kind BOTH men and women had no rights. Only a tiny minority of elite (a portion of which were women) had any rights at all. So its BS to say women were oppressed through out history when men also had no choices and very little to no rights. Pyramids, Empire State Building, bridges, dams sky scrapers, whole cities built by men either as slaves or for measly wages and no say. I'd take being a glorified baby sitter over risking dying on the job every day any day of the week.

Exactly.  Historically women have had it far easier than men.  That notion you discuss annoys me just as much as the tired excuses from black people for their racism.
Main / Re: Pulling the Plug
Feb 05, 2012, 07:34 AM

We have had a site in my hometown for almost a year,I have learned a lot and we have done some damage to the local feminist regime.

We just have no interest from local's or Canadian's in general.

I am pulling the plug on this site as I feel that Canadian men and women do not want to stand up or even be associated with a mra site or the issues in Canada.

Even guy's who have been totally ass-raped by the anti-father feminist inspired court system will not dare say a word.

It is no wonder that father's,men and boy's are systematically bullied into silence.

Because of the fact they won't dare say a word is exactly why they are in this predicament.

I am starting to feel that Canadian men deserve everything they get.

I feel bad,but I am giving up on this project as it is so obvious that people are just accepting of the way things are and seem happy about being extorted and having their children kidnapped.

Fuck it,I have assembled some of the top mra's from around the globe in one place and it makes no difference.

I may just turn my mission around on the site and start shaming the men,they seem to endure everything else,I am sure this wouldn't bother them at all.

From my experience if a nice set of tit's asked them to jump off a cliff to their death,Canadian men would be happy to oblige and line up to participate.

Canadian men are doomed and they are their own worst enemy,silence is golden and in favour of male destruction.

Completely agree.  Finally, someone that echo's my frustrations!  In the UK, men generally only wake up once they get divorced.  However those men then appreciate how the system works and are then capable of intelligent discourse.

But time and again, American/Canadian friends I have and those Americans I speak to on other forums, even after having their arse handed to them through the courts, time and again!  Such as discussing something like a newspaper article on a domestic disturbance for instance and making an innocuous comment myself, saying that we don't have all the facts to judge.  But other men jump on any other man, attacking their character and demolishing them, assuming that all men are wild animals and all women are of perfect virtue.  If I ever question that, instantly they jump all over it and accuse me of being a sexist pig that wants to enslave women, despite the fact that I do all the cooking and cleaning in my household (all apart from the dish-washing).

I have sympathy for men yes, but as you said outdoors, some deserve everything they get when they cant even consider for a minute they might be dreaming.
Introductions / Re: Hello All
Feb 05, 2012, 07:12 AM

Hi zetamale. I am new to the forum too. I am a woman and I've only just become familiar with the inequality in society, the justice system and many other aspects of life for men. My boyfriend's brother has had quite a time with the Family Court in North Carolina, in regards to his rights to see his daughter. I never realized how biased it is. Maybe, I wasn't paying attention. I am now! I stumbled upon this site a few days ago and I am seeing things in a whole new perspective.
I read a couple of your blogs on your website and I think they are brilliant! Kudos to you!

A bit of an old post, but I am glad to see women like yourself, especially here. I hope everything is going a bit better for your boyfriends brother and hope you are still happy with your boyfriend. I find it extremely rare in society, women who notice or want to acknowledge the injustices in society (only ever met one in person).

Introductions / Greetings from the UK
Feb 05, 2012, 07:06 AM
Hello everyone.  Nice to find a forum that is still active.  Unfortunately many places like the dont-marry blog seem to dwindle off and die which is a shame.

Anyway, a bit of an explanation that lead me here.  I'm a 28 year old guy, not a strong or an alpha male type at all. From the UK, I appreciate many might be from the states, but speaking to American friends in the past, it seems as if our societies have a lot more in common than one might think.

Growing up, I've witnessed the vast inequality around us all.  I am all for equal rights and strongly support them in any situation (pay, voting, etc), however the feminist agenda, especially now seems like a matriarchal society intent on positive discrimination (such an odd turn of phrase) to punish current generations, for previous attitudes that current women feel outraged about and giving their ancestors a voice they may have not had. 

I think society is a bit ill when some males spend more time grooming then women and where all the charms of how a lady deports herself and dresses is replaced with the metro-sexuality sweeping society.  Instead, I prefer women to relish what makes them feminine as those are the things we love.

The problem isn't just limited to genders but also to races.  It is dumbfounding how women and some races in some areas which are in the majority, persecute what they assume as the majority (men) whom are in fact the minority. How can one protest discrimination by just shifting it?  I have seen the following with friends and experienced myself, too many times the basic inequalities, which is far from exhaustive:
- Women beating men in public with the man not fighting back only for the man to be arrested despite public protest. When it happens in private, often men have no chance despite how innocent they may be.
- Fathers stripped of their homes, children and unreasonable garnishing of wages and treated worse than a sex offender at times when it comes to parental rights.
- Men demeaned, treated unfairly and illegally, sexually harassed and humiliated, all found by others to be highly amusing and any complaint instantly turned back around to an insult.

Luckily, I've escaped so far relatively unscathed, well had a few problems and brushes, but luckily not as bad as some, as I have seen our societies for what they are before it was too late. I would have liked to have a marriage or family at some point, but living in the developed world, that doesn't appear to be a wise option at all.

Anyway nice to meet you all, all the best.