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A very good poster exposing the hypocrisy we all see around us.  Very nicely designed.

Its not just goofy fathers it is really all fathers, and actually it is not just fathers it is husbands.

It's not just husbands, it's all men.  Every single one of us is an evil villain.

Had something similar-ish happen quite a few years ago to me:

The g/f and I, both were walking to meet a family member for a birthday meal in the early evening.  Both dressed up neatly, her in new heel boots.  I looked neat/well groomed and I'm really not that much bigger than her or look 'threatening' (no tattoos or anything).  We had been together years, so quite comfortable with each other and it was a nice evening (for autumn/winter) and only a mile up the road, so we decided to walk there.  Most of the walk, was along a main road, with a thin path and grass sides beside it.

So we started walking up this thin path which takes 20mins and the sides were really water-logged, it was so bad, we had to walk single file.  Naturally, I let her walk in front (gentlemanly thing to do and had to go at her pace in her shoes rather than walking off and leaving her behind in the distance).  As we walked (and I must stress walked, we weren't running or anything) up this path/pavement, halfway up, we noticed the odd horn blaring from one or two different passing cars, odd we thought! 

All of a sudden, this horn blared and then this car erratically U-turned.  I said to her quickly, to be prepared to run as this seemed a bit messed up.  This guy, twice the size of me started charging me down as if he were going to punch me or bundle me in his car and I asked what the hell was the matter with him (no swearing to inflame the situation, not that we're that type of people), while we both tried to continue walking to get away.  He shouted at the g/f, asking if she was OK and was I attacking her?  She had to keep saying no and stating we lived together, etc etc, but he wouldn't take no for an answer and tried getting in both of our faces and kept asking if everything was ok until after enough badgering she said "It was until you stopped, f*ck off you psycho!" and walked around his car to try and get the plate number, at which point he sped off and in the mayhem, we never did note down the plate number so we could report it, not that it would have made any difference anyway!

At least from that encounter, I didn't get injured, just shaken up and learnt that in the west, I have to ignore certain manners.  It pisses me off that a man can't ever walk behind a woman else he is a predator, or be alone and walking in public with a child that may be overplayful or god forbid crying (which is crazy as all little kids do that!) without being judged as a paedophile or kidnapper.  I really hate these societies we live in, the countries may be nice in their surroundings at times, just a shame about most of the inhabitants.

The Toronto District School Board says "gender" is an artificial construct, and "the family" leads to a "poisoned environment" that could lead to gender stereotyping!

Sounds to me like "brave new world".  Everyone is separated in to gammas and epsilons, families are considered unfit to raise children and an oddity, so children are created and raised by the state, indoctrinated from a young age.  If anyone ever gets depressed at that notion, they take soma to detach themselves from reality, aka a happy pill.

Eerily familiar!
Women murder as much as men.  The problem is, men tend to murder out of the heat of the moment, while generally, women murder out of cold blood.  Women don't get found out anywhere near as often as men because when you plan a crime, you can evade being caught more.

As I was saying to others on antimisandry, crime statistics are completely meaningless because of the iceberg affect.
More choice for those of us wishing to migrate there!     :laughing6: :love5: 

I've heard that it's not great being a single western women in some asian countries, as native men, don't like the way they behave and migrating men aren't interested as they are looking to escape from westernised women and society.
Main / Re: Marketing for new influx?
Jul 30, 2012, 11:41 AM
That's actually a very good idea John.

All we need, is a digital artist that can make an engaging/good digital image who is prepared to work for free/recognition, which some are.

Anyone know anyone very good?
Main / Re: Feminists United - Funny Forum
Jul 29, 2012, 05:24 PM
Wow .......

What a seething load of hate.  Less than a month old and only a couple of members.  Probably to do with the admin style, banning anyone who contradicts her, very immature.

Although I came across the same immaturity on a facebook anti-feminism group.
They can be friends.

My school chemistry teacher didn't believe so.  I was friends with this girl for quite a while without any funny business.  However after a while, I did become attracted to her because she was a nice person.

I have a couple of female friends, one even now, that I've known for over a decade, that has always only been a friend and I haven't even ever thought any different.

Of course, feminists would have you believe we're all meat-heads that go humping anything that opens their legs.  I know many men, who are actually more picky than women I know.
Tell me the western world is better off, with Liberals running it than Moslem Religious Fanatics.

This is an avenue I constantly seem to cross with people.  Our societies have been mislead on Muslims and indeed, almost turned racist against all of them.

The people I really fear though are liberals.  The people running our countries, in the populace that drip their poison everywhere.
Main / Re: Marketing for new influx?
Jul 29, 2012, 03:46 PM

Now if you or someone wants to become active in getting new members and take on moderator duties please do let me know! At this point the board is pretty much running itself since we all have quite a history and a tolerance for each other's quirks.  Lots of new members would likely change that.

Funnily enough, I was thinking that recently with some new faces.  If you had a massive drive, you would need quite a few mods.  Really can be a load of work, I've modded before and depending on the people, it can be almost a full time job!

It might be nice to have a few new faces, but I like it here.  One of the few places on the web I feel at home.  Most are very tolerant and we all seem to see eye to eye.  Controversy is sometimes over-rated.
Introductions / Re: Greetings to one and all!
Jul 24, 2012, 07:01 PM
Welcome Iron, nice to see you here ...

Hope you enjoy it here.  Although it's more quiet, I find it has a nicer populace overall ...

The entire article is blatantly sexist and racist.

Indeed, makes my blood boil as well.  I often find that with "apologisers".

Often white males, who feel they need to speak up and "defend" women and other races, because secretly, they are racist and sexist themselves, thinking that those groups cannot defend themselves, therefore they need to speak/defend for them because they feel they are inferior. 

Scumbags like this article writer, seem to think that if they apologise and denounce their own gender and race, it will endear them to others.

Straight white men have the hardest times in modern society.  Like it or not, we live in a politically correct, vengeful and litigious society amongst the developed world.  Other "minorities" are afforded protection.  Women, coloured people, those of different sexual orientation.  Use anything less than polite and PC speech around them and you'll be prosecuted.  However any speech against straight white men is fair game, including this very article.  Men are not afforded any protection as they are not seen as a minority, despite the fact that 52% of the world's population is women, which makes men the technical minority.  There are cities and indeed entire states in the US and EU countries, where Caucasians are in the minority, yet where is their minority protection?  When did a black person end up in court for calling a white person a cracker?  When did a white person end up in court for calling a black person a nigger?  The profanity filter on most sites will prove my point, as the insult aimed at black people is forbidden and condemned morally and legally, yet no-one bats an eyelid when the shoe is on the other foot.

(If anyone wants to try to post this, edit and see if the author will allow it, please go ahead, but I've got a big workload on at the mo)

Furthermore, something I don't need to tell you guys, but useful cannon fodder >>

Caucasians of the world, learn history correctly, you have nothing to apologise for: 

1> Africans were enslaved in the fewest numbers of any race for the shortest period in history.  Before the slave triangle, servitude dominated countries like the UK which is slavery where lords owned the land and the people.  Going back millennia, before the Egyptians and Aztecs; Caucasians, Arabs, many races have been enslaved in their millions.  Even during the slavery of Africans, many Caucasians were enslaved as well.  once instance was were over three million white Irish people were taken in to slavery, spread over northern Africa.  Slavery still exists in the far east today among Asians and mislead Caucasians seeking work, slavery still exists among job seekers in the UK and US.  Men and women are enslaved in the sex trade in their thousands every year and often beaten to death.

2> People of African descent should kiss/lick the feet of Caucasians, whom fought in the US civil war for their liberties.  No-one lead such a fight for Caucasians.  That is evident as they are still the most enslaved race in the world, centuries after we abolished slavery.

3> Everyone shouldn't assume that people of a "victimised" racial sect are victims.  They do not need our pity or help, they have their own voice.  Do not speak for others.

4> Remember many of them are just as, if not more racist than Caucasians can be.  Such cases of people giving aid to Haiti is laughable, when they are deeply racist and used to kill white people on sight.  I'm still in my twenties, so my childhood wasn't a long time ago, but even in British territory abroad as a young kid, children were stoned on their way to kindergarten because they Caucasian, by Black people.  Racism works both ways.

Men of the world, teach feminists history and morality properly, you have nothing to apologise for: 

1> We are not Klingon folks.  We do not need, nor should we hold on to the dishonour of many generations previous.  Even the descendants of Germans complicit in WW2, do not feel dishonour, punishing themselves, more; shame, humility and regret, which they should.  As men, you do not need to hold on to the dishonour of debatable past men.  What matters, is how you treat your fellow person now.  Arguing that sexism against men is valid, just because one feels that past male generations were sexist, is just discriminatory and furthering the hate.  Making such a statement in society, likens and tars all men to worse standards than a fascist state murdering people en mass in gas chambers, which is an insane proposition.

2> Some men disrespect and assault women.  Some women disrespect and assault men. What matters is how the individual behaves.  As with race issues, sexism works both ways as well, everything from Cosmopolitan to modern dating shows the range of discrimination in society.
Mmmmm seems like the only reason this isn't a "love affair" is because she tried to wreck his career.

So does this case teach us that the only way men can have justice or protection, EVENTUALLY/YEARS later, from their attacker, is to become a law enforcer?

That, or tuck our penises between our legs.
Main / Re: Don't Be Nice To Your Wife
Jul 18, 2012, 06:06 AM

Beware of Too Many Nice Gestures
If your partner is killing you with kindness, he or she may be trying to hide something. "Be careful if a guy is ... being extra nice," warns Dr. Drew. "That's sometimes a sign that the wrong stuff is going on."

That's a major problem I've always had.  My parents were very strict on making me prim and proper, so in relationships and even general public situations, people assume I'm disingenuous/creepy/lying/etc, just because I'm not rude/arrogant/"cheeky".

Really is ridiculous, but women really do love b**tards, then love a good ole whinge about how they can't find a nice guy.  Used to make me almost scream in frustration in my youth.

This clips funny, but very accurate:

The IT Crowd - Series 1 - Episode 3: Lonely hearts

Main / 50 Shades Of Grey - Porn for women?
Jul 10, 2012, 07:48 AM
I'm actually quite thankful for this book in a strange way.  With it being so popular, I find myself asking women, whom before, blasted their partners/complained about men watching porn, how what they are doing is any different?  First thing I've found in a while that shuts them all up.

Has anyone else had women around them buzzing about this book?