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I have both attacked and defended Typhon in the past.

I like her opinions usually, but her web site colour scheme is a disgrace....

And I'm still waiting to learn about the "authorized" domains.

(Sir Percy has wisely declined to imitate a Monty Python sketch! Kudos sir! Now.... run away ... run awaaaaaaayyyyyyy!)  :D

I have been plugging her forum in other more sexually liberated arenas...

I think Roy is being satirical here....

Who wrote that scathing vile attack against SYG men's virility?

We are as erectily  & intellectually lubricated a clan as any you could find!

Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries....

(I have to play to the Brit crowd now and again..... they still understand historical context....)
Sir Percy ---

I nominate you, sir knight..... to go explore the dangerous domains of Typhon's web of intrigue.

There may be some mythical female demon's with salacious qualities to encounter and frankly it requires a true Brit to undertake this folly...

My people just stood behind trees and shot down their tyrants marching in very neat lines in red uniforms, oh, about 208 years back.

We have no need to repeat this silly soap opera.

Please report back from TB's "B&B" site, after a nice cup o' tea, OK?
I'm sure Dr. Evil will be glad to know he is well within the law as a secondary pornography site and need not fear prosecution.

That was after all what Dr. E. had in mind when he started this site.

Good advice.
Sir Percy ---
You have piqued my curiosity.

Ah, my comrade.... I have missed the target indeed and hit the lesser of your talents!

I was hoping to engage your comedic potentiality!  :wink:
My intensions are simply defensive as to SYG.

In the current legal climate in the U.S., a web site like SYG can be prosecuted for distributing pornography even if all it does is unknowingly link to such a site.

Has anyone fully explored Typhon's "Black and Blue Triangle" site?

And why has Typhon not replied if it's just an innocent "my blog" type of deal?
Main / Bespoke Bias on Demand
Nov 26, 2005, 11:34 PM
You know Sir Percy, this all goes to prove....

"Wherever you go... there you are." (Buckaroo Banzai)

And, of course, editors of reality will always rule.
Rob ---  
However a skilled conspirator would be smart enough to orchestrate things so that he would be hidden from sight, letting guys like Bush be the chumps that are his public puppets ....

So, basically, you are saying that the freakin' President of the United States is a Whore, and His Pimp is a skillful ummm.... what?

Corporation? Tri-Lateral Commission? Satanic Cult? Evangelical Club?

I'm sure I've overlooked the obvious possibilities.....
TB is now appending to all of her posts with a web site link called "Black and Blue Triangle --

I believe this must violate some rules on SYG against promoting one's personal commercial profiteering, but maybe I'm off base.

TB's introductory splash page text (see immediately below) makes numerous generalizations about men, women, gender, and maybe even puppies.

It's hard to tell, and I have serious reservations about exploring this web site further than the splash page.

For the more courageous among us, here you go ---  

Black and Blue Triangle : Sexuality and Men's Rights

BBT was created as a place for men(and women) of all sexual orientations and those who deny sexual orientation to discuss western society's devaluing, demonizing, and politicization of men's sexuality and physicality.

And how that treatment relates to social attitudes towards men as a whole.

Black and Blue Triangle is for you if you've ever wondered...

***Why western women display and enjoy far more physical and emotional intimacy with their same-sex friends then men

***Why Christians have historically persecuted same-sex sexual behavior in men far more severely and frequently then the equivalent in women when both are "against nature

"***Why Will, who is supposed to be gay, allows Grace to treat him like a feelings maxi-pad(he doesn't even get sex from that wound-tight drama queen)

***Why the west is the only society that has ever developed a system of categorizing men based on the gender of the individuals they desire

***Why feminism coincided with the creation of said system of categorization of men

***Why homosexual men in the west show less physical affection for each other then supposedly straight men in most every other culture

***Why a man's friendships must always be a source of contemptuous humor

***Who really is served by homophobia

***Why a patriarchy like ours would consider men's genitalia disgusting and unsightly while reserving the highest praise for female

***Why manhood revolves around women, either desiring women sexually and/or providing for them physically

***Why so many men seem to go out of their way to help women and hurt men

Or if you're...

***A gay man who is beginning to question if feminists really are friends.

***A man whose actions defy the western system of sexual categorization.

***A straight man who wishes there was more room for non-sexual intimacy between men in our society.

*** Frustrated at the manginas in western society who are retarding the progress of Men's Rights.

*** Curious to take a peek behind the lace curtain.

***And anybody else who's interested in discussions on sexual power and value systems and how they shape society...  

Please note that the site requires "authorization" to view --


For the really hard, slippery topics. **Needs authorization to post/view so send your friendly Admin a PM if you want access**


I hope SYG has a really good attorney, because this looks like a set-up to me!
DL --
It's more than just television.

Dan, Dan, Dan.....

Of course it's more than television.

But your conspiracy theories all have one very obvious weakness.

Can you locate even one Congressperson who can write an intelligent TV script, a decent moovie screenplay, or even a coherent sound bite?

And you still believe these diabolical geniuses are trying to control the world?

They can't even find the doorknob in Japan to leave the TV press conference session!

(I read this book in first grade --- "See George. See George run. See George looking very confused. See George pretending he is not so confused.... " etc.)

Conspiracies require intelligent conspirators.

Can you actually name any?   :roll:

Another aging Sheila with bovine tendencies!

I had a girlfriend a few months back who had a consulting assignment in Australia.

She said that all Aussie women look 15 years older than their actual chronological age.

It was not clear whether this is due to the extra sunshine below the equator, or the persistent effects of rampant feminism.

The Aussie blokes apparently no longer care anyway.

Marriage rates are plummeting. Beatdead dads are hiding out in Parliament.

So long as the local pub gets hosed down every night, life is good.....
Main / I'm at a wedding right now and...
Nov 26, 2005, 01:44 PM
Wow! "Black and Blue?"

I noticed without even registering ( I'm leary of Dick Cheney lurking and random Patriot Act identity theft...) that sexuality seems to be the most popular topic.

But then, "B & B" requires a special secret password for talking about pornography.

Dr. Evil, you may wish to consult your attorney at this point.

Since no one apparently knows what typhon is peddling.....

Given typhon's accepted gift for masquearading, I'm starting to get a paranoid vibe....

The Valerie Plame affairs comes to mind........
Thomas and I spotted the same article and posted somewhat different takes on the same "research."

See the other obvious thread.

Maybe it could be merged into one discussion topic?
This may be a dumb comment or an insightful one.

I can't decide.

The whole gender war is about, bottom line, whether women can be "equal and as powerful" as men, right?

Even a small man can physically dominate and extinguish a female adversary. (Female welders excepted....)

Men no longer are the majority in higher education. The schools seem quite comfortable catering to women.

Still, men dominate the genius categories in science, math, engineering, and (surgical) medicine.

It sometimes seems that feminism is like a junior high school female basketball star yelling at Michael Jordan to "bring it on!"

(Excellent material for a TV commercial. Very bad, one-episode reality show...)

Am I missing something in this comic opera?

(Maybe Oprah..... and my free car.)   :idea:
jaketk -- curiously, i have never heard the term "social father" before. i thought a father was the person whose DNA you share.

You've heard the term "wallet," yes?

Same thing man.
Main / "You're too picky"
Nov 26, 2005, 12:04 PM
Give them a dose of their own medicine and tell them they are blaming the victim and when they do that they negate the opportunity to offer you emotional support and to become closer.  Watch them wiggle. (Dr.E.)

There's even a further step you can take, if you are totally comfortable with the choice of voluntary celibacy for life.

Tell them (the girlllzzzz) that all their dissembling, lies, and hissy fits are merely "power-and-control" tactics and that they are not comfortable with their own sexuality or the social liberation of the female libido.

(A pocket dictionary may be required at this point....)

If you use this strategy, make sure you have enough cash or plastic to cover the lunch.

Also wear a hard cup under your dockers, 'cause you may need it.

And if your female boss is among the lunch party, make sure your resume is current, or that you are already banging her!