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When It Comes to Health, Men Are the Weaker Sex   
Nov 11th 2010 

Men are more likely to get cancer and die from it than women. Men are also more likely to suffer from heart disease, stroke and obesity. With these statistics in mind, experts report that when it comes to health, men are actually the weaker sex, according to the BBC News.

In England and Wales, 42 percent of men die before their 75th birthdays, as compared to 26 percent of women. The top killers of men are heart attacks and strokes, which take the lives of 300 in every 10,000 males compared to 190 in every 100,000 females. Cancer is the next biggest killer, and men are 70 percent more likely to die from cancers that affect both genders. Men are also 60 percent more likely to get cancer in the first place.

In response to these dire statistics, the Men's Health Forum, an independent organization that works to improve men's health in the United Kingdom, has begun a campaign to draw more attention to men's health issues. The organization's main concern is that men are dying young from preventable illnesses, which could be because men are less likely than women to seek medical assistance when they are sick, according to experts. In addition, experts also point out that men are more reticent to discuss their health or admit that they're suffering from an ailment.

In order to reverse this trend, Men's Health Forum not only wants men to take the lead on accessing available health services but also to make these services more accessible to the men who need them.

Peter Baker, chief executive of Men's Health Forum, told the BBC that on the whole, men are concerned about their health.

"One issue is that the health system is not working for them," he said. "Services are not very male friendly."

No joke?  :rolle:

League of Women Voters Try to Stop Pledge of Allegiance at Debate

Bless her heart she didn't have time for the pledge of alliance and the people disrespected her decission.

League of Women Voters Bean Walsh Forum- Pledge of Allegiance

And the people have spoken!
History and Politics / Erbama
Nov 12, 2010, 08:31 AM

Introductions / Re: Hey guys
Oct 20, 2010, 09:57 PM
CaptainCourageous hit the nail on the head. could easily change the name to antiMisogyny and let one particular female judge all comments. It would resemble the Terrorfest that goes on there now. Sad site run by a big mangina.

Main / Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin killed
Sep 05, 2006, 09:17 PM
Quote from: "PaulGuelph"
I saw a few of his episodes and he seemed like a good guy.
But he seemed to risk his life in order to entertain people. A man's man should value his life more than that.
If we enjoy watching a man put his life at risk, then I don't think that we respect him very much.
It is like "I'm bored. Why don't you jump in front of a crocodile, so I can enjoy the suspense of whether you will be killed or not."

Steve was just being Steve. The doumentary that was on last night showed he was like this from 6 years old.
At 9 years old he jumped into a dark river on his first crock. And his Dad had to pull them both out of the river.

When people were trying to tell him how to run his show his best friends said "Just be yourself"

Funny: He said the scariest things he ever done in his life was when he got married and he said "I would rather have 16 foot crock snap at me head than go through that again. I would only do it once"
I don't blame him for this fear, though he did good with his bride a real kindred spirit.
A female officer on cops the other night arrested a crack dealer.
She bend over in front of him after opening the door and with no cuffs on she was constantly leaving herself open to his attack.
Now he didn't try anything but if would have wanted to he had several easy opportunites to bust her and run.  He could have eaily killed her as she was so careless.

She finally got him near the hood of the car to search him and he wasn't minding her,  it took her about 2 minutes to say what a man would say in three seconds "move again and I'll add resisting arrest charges."
I agree witth Malakas.
Even if a group of men don't associate with the word anti-feminist or misogyny don't mean the group wouldn't be labeled anyway.
It's the same message.
If Nazis were called pranksters they would still be considered bad for the activities and the goals they elect.

Like the partisans we must build our resistance and hit the enemy where it hurts every chance we get.  
Men didn't ask for a war of the sexes and in fact did everything to appease the opposite sex which only worked in the favor of those who who chose to wage war.

We must declare a war of Attrition on Politicians, the media, the Lawyers,  Judges and damn anyone who gets in the way.
It's time men end this slavery and put some sanity back in the world.
May 31, 2006, 01:03 AM
and as for respect for men, I have so much respect for men its untrue.

Woa, how did everyone miss this?

In other words she has no true respect for men.

I thought this bimbo was boasting of being inttelligent and having respect for men.

Feminist who respect men; That's an Oxymoron.