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Main / Razor's field guide to Trolls
Mar 26, 2004, 04:00 AM
The Contrarian Troll. A sophisticated breed, Contrarian Trolls frequent boards whose predominant opinions are contrary to their own. A forum dominated by those who support firearms and knife rights, for example, will invariably be visited by Contrarian Trolls espousing their beliefs in the benefits of gun control. It is important to distinguish between dissenters and actual Contrarian Trolls, however; the Contrarian is not categorized as a troll because of his or her dissenting opinions, but due to the manner in which he or she behaves:
-- Contrarian Warning Sign Number One: The most important indicator of a poster's Contrarian Troll status is his constant use of subtle and not-so-subtle insults, a technique intended to make people angry. Contrarians will resist the urge to be insulting at first, but as their post count increases, they become more and more abusive of those with whom they disagree. Most often they initiate the insults in the course of what has been a civil, if heated, debate to that point.

-- Contrarian Warning Sign Number Two: Constant references to the forum membership as monolithic. "You guys are all just [descriptor]." "You're a lynch mob." "You all just want to ridicule anyone who disagrees with you."

-- Contrarian Warning Sign Number Three: Intellectual dishonesty. This is only a mild indicator that is not limited to trolls, but Contrarians display it to a high degree. They will lie about things they've said, pull posts out of context in a manner that changes their meanings significantly, and generally ignore any points for which they have no ready answers.

-- Contrarian Warning Sign Number Four: Accusing the accusers. When confronted with their trolling, trolls immediately respond that it is the accusers who are trolls (see Natural Predators below). Often the Contrarian will single out his most vocal opponent and claim that while he can respect his other opponents, this one in particular is beneath his notice.

-- Contrarian Warning Sign Number Five: Attempts to condescend. Pursued by Troll Bashers (see Natural Predators below), the Contrarian will seek refuge in condescending remarks that repeatedly scorn his or her critics as beneath notice -- all the while continuing to respond to them.

-- Contrarian Warning Sign Number Six: One distinctive mark of Contrarian Trolls is that every thread in which they dissent quickly devolves into a debate about who is trolling whom. In the course of such a debate the Contrarian will display many of the other Warning Signs mentioned above.

The Agenda Troll. Agenda trolls are those participants who join a forum specifically to pursue an agenda of their own -- often a feud or grudge with another member, or perhaps a dispute with some party not participating in that forum. When a flame war erupts on another board, for example, Agenda Trolls will follow their opponents to other forums in order to continue the spat.

Some Agenda Trolls are subject-matter oriented. An Agenda Troll who thinks Self-Defense Instructor X is a fraud, or who feels he has been ripped off or otherwise dealt with unfairly by Instructor X, will visit forums devoted to self-defense and martial arts in order to spread his or her negative opinion of Instructor X.

Agenda Trolls may also be of the milder Spam Agenda subspecies; these are Trolls who join a board specifically to advertise some venture of their own. They are not often troublesome, though their shameless plugging is met with varying degrees of irritation.
Main / Razor's field guide to Trolls
Mar 26, 2004, 03:59 AM
"Razor's Field Guide to Trolls

A troll is a bulletin board particpant who posts for one or both of two reasons: 1) to disrupt; 2) to gain attention.


The Vulgar Troll. These, the crudest of all trolls, make no attempt to hide their species. Often, they make racist comments, or they may post porn and other spam. Vulgars usually confine their comments merely to primitive, profane, off-topic observations. When you log into the Really Profound Serious Philosophical Discussions board and see the post, "I smell my farts," you've spotted the Vulgar Troll. Other species of troll sometimes revert to this form when cornered.

The Deceptive or "Classic" Troll. More sophisticated but often easily identified and exposed, the Classic Troll gratifies his ego by pretending to be someone or something he or she is not. Classics make up elaborate stories about themselves, sometimes weaving some amounts of truth into their lies. As a web of lies is difficult to build with consistency, however, Classics are often "outed" by other forumites. When this happens, Classic Trolls have a bag of tricks to which they turn:

-- Classic Troll Tactic Number 1: If the heat gets too much for you, claim it was all "a joke." In this way you can excuse any and all deceit by claiming people just weren't smart enough to "get" the humor of it.

-- Classic Troll Tactic Number 2: Create another account, and log on pretending to be someone else, in order to show support for the Troll in Question (TiQ). These puppet accounts sometimes claim to be disinterested third parties. At other times they pretend to be "friends" of the TiQ.

-- Classic Troll Tactic Number 3: When your lies paint you into a corner, claim that your little brother, or some unnamed friend, has commandeered your account and made you look foolish. This technique can also be applied in claiming that the puppet account(s) you created may not, in fact, be disinterested third parties or friends, but that they are your relatives ("little brother" is most common) only trying to help support you.

-- Classic Troll Tactic Number 4: When nothing else works, claim that now, finally, you're telling the truth about all the lies you told before. Make up a fresh set of lies, and throw yourself on the mercy of the forumites.

-- Classic Troll Tactic Number 5: When all else fails, claim to be leaving forever. Trolls who claim they are leaving never do, of course; you can bet that anyone who proclaims, "I'm never coming back here," will most certainly at least check back for responses, and probably will not be able to resist posting again.

-- Classic Troll Tactic Number 6: Have a tantrum. When all their other tricks are exhausted, Classic Trolls will become angry and start shouting. Often they revert to Vulgar Trolls when this happens.
Main / Comedic double standard
Mar 25, 2004, 01:04 PM
I just wanted to share an observation I've noticed with a few of my female friends as of late.

I will often get jokes from them in my e-mail such as this one I recieved today:

A woman once said a man is like a deck of playing cards, you need....

A heart to love him
A diamond to marry him
A club to smash his fucking head in
A spade to bury him

Now, personally I find that joke pretty funny! I mean I can take a joke and I realize it's in lighthearted fun. My problem comes when i send a joke back to them such as:

Q. What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes?
A. Nothing you haven't told her twice already!

These same women become quite upset and angry! I find it amazing and I usually try to call them on thier bullshit. Some unwillingly see the other side, others do not.

Crazy stuff. :?
Main / Georgia House Bans Genital Piercings
Mar 25, 2004, 12:54 PM
That's pathetic. Sounds like they've confused genital mutilation with piercing.  :roll:
Main / $2.3M For False Rape Convictions
Mar 25, 2004, 12:52 PM
Quote from: "LSBeene"
And these are the same people who, in their heart of hearts, believe that people should alocute (confess before a judge) their actions and show remorse .... unless it's THEM and THEIR careers that may suffer.


Exactly! It goes hand in hand with the plea bargaining coercion/threats that the Crown and your own lawyer are a part of. My case wasn't nearly as serious as this, but I'll use it as an illustration.

I was told "You better just plead guilty, cause first of all she's (my ex wife)a woman and your word means shit compared to hers. And secondly, if we go to trial and you lose (which you will cause she's a woman), the judge will be harder on you for wasting the courts time in thier eyes.

So, what choice does that leave a person? Plead guilty to something you didn't do and hope you get mercy, or fight it and lose anyway and be punished for your insolence. :(
Main / Same old, same old.
Mar 24, 2004, 08:08 AM
That's disgusting. Women who do this type of garbage should be ashamed of themselves and should be shunned by other women for the worthless, weak leeches they are. :evil:

I find it funny, but my wife keeps telling everyone how independent she is. I told her she was always dependent on men (me) and she still is, and always will be. I don't see how these women can think they're strong independent people when they can't live on thier own and support themselves.
Quote from: "Dr Evil"
We all know that this software was created predominantly by white men who have done this at no charge and have created it with the intent of giving it away without cost to anyone who wishes.  Ah yes, white men following up in the tradition of the Potlatch.  How about that.  

What many of you don't know is that this software is very intuitive.  These white men have embedded secret elements in the code that will discriminate against people based on their perceived level of victimhood.  If someone thinks they are a huge victim (when actually they are not) the software automatically reacts.   Could we be seeing an example of that with What goes around?

What goes around - Go to your profile and make sure that "Always allow BBCode:" is checked "YES."

Oh my God!!! I'm laughing my ass off! That was great! :lol:
Instructions for Care and non-feeding of your troll  ! :roll:

Rule #1: don't feed

Rule #2 See Rule #1. Never engage a troll!

If for some reason you feel compelled to respond to a point they make, address us, not them. You can talk to them directly in their venues if you wish.

Rule # 3  Never mention a troll's name . Even "Anonymous". Every fairy lore worth his salt knows that saying their name conjures them. (Remember Beettlejuice?)

Rule #4  Remember the rule that is not polite to talk about someone present as if they weren't there? The opposite works for trolls: pretend they are not present - especially if you intend to comment on them.

Be considerate to your fellow members who set their filters to avoid the trolls. Do not force on them what they are avoiding. Make your points not as a reply to the troll, but as your own independent opinion.

Rule #6 Address your fellow members, never the troll.  You may start your post with "contrary to popular belief" or any other cute sarcastic opening  that satisfies your anger at the time.

  Just keep in mind at all times:  your fellow members don't read the troll (the troll will read your response, which will be more effective by ignoring their person) . So don't incorporate in your post anymore than you need to make your point.
Main / Student sells virginity for $20,000
Mar 23, 2004, 06:30 PM
Quote from: "Pernicious"
Missionary with a Dead Fish :)
Lack of Activity on her part, she thinks that by just being there is all the magic you need. :P

Ha ha!!! Yep. :lol:
Main / Student sells virginity for $20,000
Mar 23, 2004, 05:50 PM
Quote from: "LSBeene"
"starfish move"???

Ok ... I'm clueless

Help me out with that one.


Oh, sorry. It's when a woman just lays there with her arms and legs spread wide and doesn't move.  :twisted:
Main / Student sells virginity for $20,000
Mar 23, 2004, 03:40 PM
Quote from: "Sir Duke"
What man finds amusement in having a virgin? Doesn't any man want a woman who is experienced or am I the exception overall? I just don't see the big deal here, other than the obvious points made on this thread where women are once again pardoned.

Yeah, I don't get the whole virgin thing either. :snoozin: Give me an experienced woman who knows what she's doing. I don't want to have to mentor her and I certainly don't want a woman who does the old "starfish" move. :roll:

I certainly wouldn't pay some chick for a crappy lay. If I'm paying, I want a pro! :D
Main / I just can't help myself
Mar 19, 2004, 05:42 PM
Funny stuff! :D