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Main / The Princess and the Plow Horse
Jan 28, 2014, 07:19 PM
A parable of male and female relations by Typhonblue:

The Princess and the Plow Horse

The Princess and the Plow Horse
Just came across some Bureau of Labor Statistics for the U.S. for 2012 for occupational fatalities:

Female: 338
Male: 4045

Over 92% of deaths by injury while employed were of males in 2012.
I was able to create a "Male Positive Media" channel in YouTube, though I've already forgotten the specifics of how I did it.   :-[ 

Ho Ho Ho.  Merry Christmas!  Hope everyone is getting some good R&R.  2014 is going to be a huge year for men's issues.  2013 wasn't so shabby either but 2014 is going to be better!

Well, I sure hope it's a big year for me!  Oh, you mean men's issues in general.  :greener:

And a Merry Christmas to all of you here as well.

P.S. I'm afraid that the words "Ho Ho Ho" have been deemed politically incorrect in Australia:

Nice to have you back, PaulGuelph.  Actually, your Men's Movie Guide in part inspired my Male Positive Media project, which now has over 500 followers on Twitter.  I just did a tweet for your Men's Movie Guide there.

Male Positive Media can be found here:

It's getting quiet on this forum.  :dontknow: :sad1:

Youtube wants me to use my actual name as the Youtube name. As I have received multiple Youtube messages containing death threats from feminists, it does not seem advisable.

So I changed my Google name and adopted that as my Youtube name. This should help with my personal safety, but I am still not able to make comments on videos. When I try, a page is displayed and disappears before I can read it. It appears to be blank anyway.

I notice that few other people have changed to their personal names. How are they getting away with it?

Any ideas. Please....

Death threats from feminists?  But I thought that they weren't violent.  :dontknow: :rolle:

If you're getting those, the persons responsible should be reported to law enforcement as well as YouTube.
Melissa Miller is a lesbian who killed her roommate, Annie Meyer, earlier this year.  This is the result of the trial:

Annie Meyer murder: Melissa Miller pleads guilty to 2nd degree murder, faces up to 20 years

Posted: 11/27/2013
Last Updated: 3 hours ago

Nine months after LeAnn "Annie" Meyer disappeared from her Wheat Ridge home, her roommate, Melissa Miller, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Park County court.

The plea deal stipulates a 20 year sentence plus five years of mandatory parole for Miller.

Miller also agreed to pay restitution to Meyer's family and friends.

"Today is all about Annie getting the justice that Annie deserves," said Margaret Coughlan, one of Annie's friends gathered in a small hotel room in Fairplay on Tuesday.

Friends and family traveled from all over the country to Park County because it is where Annie's remains were found last July after months of searching.

"We didn't want to go through a trial," said Pat Meyer, Annie mother. "We just felt that she [Miller] has lied about so many things that if we had a trial, maybe a juror would believe some of her lies."

"Ten days before we found my sister's remains, I was with Miller. And she lied and she fake cried," Mark Meyer, Annie's brother said Wednesday.

The judge sentenced Miller in today's hearing as well.

Pat Meyer said she didn't think 20 years in prison is enough, but it is the best they could hope for.

"Melissa, you have taken Annie away from us," Pat Meyer said in court Wednesday. "How could anyone be so evil?"

"I hope you suffer for what you have done, and I will never forgive you," Pat Meyer said.

"When it's time for her parole eligibility I want Ms. Miller to look at the people around because we will all be here," Mark Meyer said.

"If she gets out she will do it again," said Mark Meyer. "We want you to lock her up and throw away the key."

After Meyer's family and friends spoke, Miller's supporters had their turn.

"This group of friends is always fighting and stealing each other's girlfriends," said Maris Paris, Miller's sister.

"She is not a killer," said Miller's friend Julie Cesa. "I love her to death. She is not a monster or a psycho."

At that point, a friend of Meyer said, "She pled guilty." The judge demanded quiet in the courtroom.

"The saddest part was having taken Annie's life, she persisted in spending Annie's money, for no other reason than to spend it at the casinos," said District Attorney Kathy Eberling.

The judge accepted the plea agreement and gave Miller credit for the 135 days she has served since July 16.

This is a sad story that shows that lesbians aren't necessarily free from violence against women, contrary to what feminists would have you believe.
Thanks.  I've posted over at Twitter.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of hateful and demeaning tweets under the #InternationalMensDay tag over there, and a lot of vulgar and hostile images have been posted, so there is still a lot of ignorance out there.
A fairly well balanced article on International Men's Day:


We know that men in the UK are still dying four years sooner than women, on average; that 12 men each day take their own lives; that 90% of rough sleepers are men; that 95% of the prison population is male; that seven out of ten murder victims are male; that girls are outperforming boys at every stage of education; that women are a third more likely to go to university than men; that young men account for 70% of long-term youth unemployment; that male graduates are 50% more likely to be unemployed; that men in their twenties are earning less than their female peers; that 96% of people who die at work are male and that men accounted for 84% of suicides linked to the recession.

If women and girls were experiencing any one of those problems at the rate that men and boys are, it would be grounds for an international day in its own right - so why are we so indifferent to the various problems that are more likely to impact the male half of the population?

Male Positive symbol in chalk on concrete

Happy Male symbol in chalk on concrete

I revived this idea, and plan to draw several of these on the pavement around the Denver area leading up to International Men's Day on November 19.

she is apparently complicit in her subjugation, both present and future

A textbook example of false consciousness. That's why consciousness raising has lost none of its importance over the years.

From what I found on Wikipedia, false consciousness is what Pebbles is experiencing by smiling at her oppression by Bam Bam, at least from a feminist perspective, though the term is actually Marxist.  The consciousness raising is what the  feminists would be engaging in by describing Bam Bam's hitting her cereal bowl with a club as her being subjugated.  At least that's the impression I get.

Actually, I thought of this more as an example of confirmation bias, that is, seeing oppression and sexism against women in just about everything just because one is looking for it.

I did a Google search and found this:

Wow. Isn't that shocking? And shocking that it's not shocking, if you know what I mean.

In total, Raj listed 14 characters from kids' cereal boxes, every one a male.

Before you scoff at this blatant sexism as Raj's friends did, remember: these characters are designed to appeal to your kids. Huge companies poured millions of dollars into creating these guys, to make them into household names. So why are female characters completely missing from this line up?

Can you imagine shopping at Safeway with your kids and seeing shelves lined with cereal box after cereal box, all featuring images of an all female a cast of heroes and villains? Do you think you'd notice? Do you think your kids would?

Why is it so normal for parents and children to see an imaginary world where girls go missing?

It gets worse.  I went shopping a week later at the same store and noticed the Rice Krispies box had the following image on it:

In this image, three small elves, Snap, Crackle and Pop are gathered around a cereal bowl with smarmy grins.  Pop is pouring what looks like milk into the cereal bowl, but you know, it could be anything.  They could be trying to drug your kids in order to do who knows what.  Plus, pouring a white substance into a cereal bowl, which is feminine in nature, conjures up all sorts of Freudian comparisons.

I mean, really, the people who make these drawing have such dirty minds!  :greener:
Main / Re: Good Reddit link
Oct 31, 2013, 05:38 PM
Unfortunately, the woman who wrote this ruins it with her edit below.  Here is what she wrote:

I moved to Japan in my mid-twenties. I had no idea how much I had instinctively come to expect preferential courtesy from Western men until it suddenly disappeared from around me. It honestly blew my mind. Elevator doors would open, I'd go to step in, and be blown back by all the Japanese men rushing to get on while women waited patiently for them. Men went through all doors first. Men were served first at bars. Men took seats on trains while women stood. Anywhere women get preferential treatment in Western countries, men do in Japan.

I'm not saying the reverse is right. I'm saying I was honestly shocked by just how much I expected the reverse, without even thinking about it. I sent a group mail apologising to all my male friends for never noticing before. And now I see women everywhere expect it, the same way I did, and get the shits on the rare occasions it doesn't happen. I do consider that sexist.

EDIT: To clarify, I mean benevolent sexism. I'm talking about door-opening, for fuck's sake. This is not some kind of comment on wider matters of privilege (for which the pendulum, in all countries, still firmly swings up on the side of men - there you go, there's the wider comment), and the MRA tools in here who have used it to start whining about the wimmins and their eternal sucking of the poor mens into the fires of hell can kindly fuck right off.