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Main / It is dangerous to interact with women
Dec 14, 2004, 03:15 PM
Man, so I've mentioned this once or twice.  At my university, there were three older married women hitting on me and flitting with me. Two asians, one heffer, all are mothers, all are in their thirties, and all good students.

The heffer started an honor society, but never really got it up and running. I am elected to take over as president, but I can't plan for next semester and do the necessary paper work because she was being obstinate, so I withdraw from the role. When I tell her, she gets all pissy (I didn't mention why) and hangs up on me. That was last Thursday. I've still got the honor society money.  Yesterday she started yelling at me, so I walk away. I don't need to put up with this from some housewife.  

Yesterday I also came down with a dreadful cold.  So after a terrible night, I wake up and try to decide if I should go to class -given that it is the last class before finals, I slam so vitamins, other pills, coffee and run out the door - arriving about 20 minutes late.

After class I give heffer the money and one of her books, she gives me back my copy of The war against boys that I'd lent to her, she has two boys. I have her sign a receipt after I counted the money in front of her and the current VP of the honor society, the heffer's friend and another housewife. The professor comments on how bad I look, I tell him how sick I am, and laughs and tell me to stay away.

I go to my next class, one of my home boys got a great job J, I head to my car where I discover a note from the heffer telling me the professor wants to see me. I try to start my car, I left the lights on, damn head cold. I head to go see the professor and pick up a jumper from the police. The secretary tells me he is a meeting but really wants to see me, so he'd left the meeting. I chat with the secretary for a few minutes.

The professor, who is a great guy, an accountant with a specialty in tax, has me come into his office. He mentions that a few students had come up to him because they were concerned about me. He said he was talking to me as a friend, not a professor. He said those students were concerned, they said they smelled alcohol on your breath. I'm in a daze and say, who would drink alcohol and 9am when their sick? He said, I told them that that doesn't sound like Gabriel. I asked them if it was the heffer, he said yes, it was the heffer. He said he looked at my car with the heffer and it wasn't parked straight. I told him I was sick and late for his class. He offered to drive me home. I convince him I am ok to drive, he believed me. I told him I was sick and took so cold remedies, the non-alcoholic, non-drowsy kind.

They told their story to other professors too, because when I got home, another professor, one of the few women I truly like and respect, left a message on my answering machine expressing concern. After jumping my car, I went home and got pissed, coughed a bit, and got pissed again. It was the heffer and her friend slandering me. What the hell is wrong with women? Hell hath no fury, eh.

I decided against telling the professor why these girls were slandering me. But do girls know no bounds. I must really limit my interactions with females.
Main / Lets be proactive
Dec 05, 2004, 09:18 AM
Let's be proactive. With most young men staying far away from marriage, the method of stealing money from men and giving to woman has been taken away from government - the excuse used was men's desire to see good things happen to women and thus, while married, take responsibility for them and the government used that responsibility to steal from men.

With that pretty much going away, what is the next method of stealing from men? The ones that I see are listed below:

1. Feminist run rape, DV, women's (whatever that means) clinics supported by tax dollars.
2. Suing men for non-existent rapes, sexual harassement, and "abuse"(define this last one as the woman feeling bad unrelated to the man's actions)
3. feminists in k-12 schools discouraging men from school work, in college as well - but not letting them attend because of affirmative action (regular or law and medical)
4. Feminists in human resources not hiring men, not promoting men...
5. Mother's trying to keep their sons down, because of their bonding with women.

This last one may be hard for some to believe, but I believe that mother's will side with other women against their own sons 99 times out of 100. This goes for anything, their son's intimate relationships (your wrong son, you should apologize) where the justify women's actions or anything. Women and mother's included, never go against the sisterhood.
The reason why you are hearing all about how girls are "better communicators..." is because those people in charge are changing the definition of better.

Girls are doing better in verbal... well that depends on how you define verbal and better.

Men and women think differently and they communicate differently. If you define "correct" or "better" as the way girls do it, and "wrong" or "behind" as the way boys do it, of course girls are going to show up as having done better. They will nearly everytime.

It is all a trick and it is one of the main tricks of the marxists feminist movement - change the definition of words. For example, "rape" doesn't mean forcing someone to have sex against their will, they have changed the meaning to include not stoping have sex with a girl soon enough when she says "I really should be going now." The guy stopped a minute later, but now he is in jail - the fun never ends.

Changing the definition of words is insidious, and the change is usually enough to trick people, but not large enough to be obvious. The tactic is for feminists to say some statement with a few words defined differently - the other person hearing the statement defines the words in the statement in normal way.  And you would only know the difference if you asked what they mean by certain words.  The feminist knows how you are interpreting the statement or "statistic," but won't fill you in - or give you complete disclosure.
Main / The importance of fathers
Nov 28, 2004, 04:26 PM
The importance of fathers.

Within each man is the sum of his experiences, his knowledge, and skill about many topics, but most importantly about success in life.  When a man is separated from his boy, all that knowledge disappears. The boys is left to learn from a woman how to interact with the world and on his own. Because a woman's experience's are different from a man's, she can only teach him what she perceives men's knowledge and experience are - if she is that ambitious.

A father is important to impart what he has learned onto boys when the boy is very young to manhood. The younger the boy is separated from his father, the more he loses because it is at those stages that the boys basic paradigms will be formed about the world and how the world and society operates.

The boy is provided with a role model into interacting with the world, but children are not stupid and can see where the father has failed and where the father has been successful and try to correct that in themselves.

Finally, father's have different ways of loving their children. Mothers may be all lovey dovey, but father's role of toughing boys for the world, perseverance, discipline and others are impossible to teach vis-à-vis lovy dovy. Without father's the boys will grow up either soft from learning to capitulate as their way of interacting with the world, or by rebelling and fighting everyone as the way they learned how to succeed in the world.
Main / How males are welcomed into the world
Nov 20, 2004, 09:23 AM
Quote from: "zenpriest"
The toughening of males begins the moment they leave the womb.

How males are welcomed into the world:

What makes us male is mutilated from birth - is it any wonder that we are mistreated later in life?
The central point of the men's movement should be that women are responsible for their actions.

A corollary  point is that men are not responsible for women's decisions or emotions. Women must decide for themselves what the right decision is and not assume that men will look out for her best interest.

I was watching Smallville last night and in it they were portraying Lex as a bad guy because he sleeps with lots of women and gets rid of them after he is bored with them by giving them really expensive diamond ear rings. He didn't lie to them by telling them he was going to marry them, all he did was sleep with them. One girl cheated on her fiancé with Lex right when she met him and she assumed without evidence that he would marry her. I saw that thought, wow, this girl is a whore.

These girls made the decision to sleep with someone in the heat of the moment, a man is not a bad person because he made the same decision.

Then there is this guy who was pleading that his wife who tried to kill him get a light sentence. He blamed himself and the guy who she was cheating with. Himself for not being around enough and this guy for taking advantage. Duh, you dumb shit, she made the decision to fuck him, it didn't "just happen," then she made the decision to try to kill you. Man oh man, something is telling me that evolution is currently picking those men who don't trust women to survive.

Why is it so hard for men to hold women accountable for their actions?
Main / I don't like Wendy Mac's new article
Nov 17, 2004, 09:38 PM
The beauty pageant one. She points out that women buy all the tickets, want to be a contestant, and want to go...

She is assuming that if only men were buying tickets then it would be evil and contemptible, but because women like beauty pageants they are good.

Again this assumption that if men like it it  is bad, but if women like it it is good.
Main / Rush Limbaugh just slams feminism
Nov 15, 2004, 12:50 PM
In response to a caller, he spent the last 10 minutes explaining why he believes feminism is already out of power, the problems with feminism, and how men are getting screwed by it. He believes that some are waiting for the next opportunity to jump at men,  but for the most part they showed who they are under the Clinton years - that feminism was first about class warfare/socolism/communism and power and secondly about helping women.


I said it before and I'll say it again, he is the second biggest ally of men in the media, second only to the mighty Glenn Sacks.

He made some interesting points as usual. My local newspaper is a big time, newsday is a big time liberal paper and has got caught lying about its circulation numbers to increase revenue from advertising.
Main / woman has sex with 8-year-old boy
Nov 08, 2004, 04:09 PM

When confronted, police said Imre acknowledged to having sexual relations with the boy. Imre told investigators she considers the 8-year-old youngster her boyfriend and that she plans to marry him someday, police said.
Main / Getting a job and HR chicks
Nov 07, 2004, 08:51 AM
Quote from: "Gonzokid"
whenever I have supervised people I am old school. I am the boss. Period. This is not a democracy, and we will have a meeting when you get a vote. Until then, signify your disagreement with the words "I Quit." I accept no excuses, and play no "zero tolerance" games when it comes to conflict. I find who started it, and they get disciplined.

High performers get raises. Average performers get COLA. Sub-par performers get shown the door.

Damn, I want to work for you. I am in the process of getting a job. I have a 4.0 in accounting and some of my professors have asked me if I have a photographic memory because I've been getting straight 100s on their exams. I don't, I just work real hard.

Now that I am entering the work force, I have all these dumb HR bitches evaluating me - people who don't know squat about accounting or auditing  ask me stupid questions like "What is your greatest weakness?" "Describe a time when you were part of a team and someone on the team wasn't pulling their weight and how did you handle it."

To the first I said "I am too driven to excellence, which my friends and family complain about."

She responded "Oh, so you have a problem maintaining social relationships."

Me. "What?" - not what I said, but what I felt.

Didn't get that job.

To the second question in another interview, I said: "When I was taking applied differential equations (I was a physics major but didn't like the path it took you down - professor) and I was working with a group on a project where this one girl hadn't done her part all semester and eventually we had to cut her from the team..." I was about to continue saying that we had tried to work with her during thel semester,

but the interviewer - female from HR again cut me off scornfully and looking down said "Oh, so you got rid of her."

Me: "We had too, she was not doing the work."

Didn't get that job either.

I hate HR chicks. Every time I've interviewed with someone who understands working, like a partner or a manager, I've gotten a second interview. But these HR chicks hate my guts for some reason.

If one of these chicks interviews me again and says something stupid like above, I'm going to take out my sword and chop off her head.
Main / Married women
Nov 03, 2004, 10:15 PM
For those of you think Asian women are so great, I have some bad news.
They are not.

I am currently getting another degree and there are three married women that have done everything to get me except ask me to ...

Two are Asian, one chinense the other korean. Both cute enough to do, but they are married with one son each, for starters I won't do that to someone else. And if I were interested in anything beyond a decent fuck, I would say if  they would do that to their husbands, they will do the same to me in a heart beat.

The third married women is not attractive.

Anyway, these women are becoming obsessive. The asians are calling me at my house to ask for "help" on their homework. The Korean left a message and got a bit annoyed that I didn't call her back - talk about delusional, I could give a crap about calling her back, but she apparently believe I should call her back write away. What ever.

Bitches are crazy.  This trend with married women becoming whores and sleeping around is out of control, with the cover of the Newsweek a few weeks back and now this. I really should say becoming known, but shh this is the first time its happened...
I have decided that my speaking about men's rights and issues facing men will not help further men's rights.

Men are not like women, they are as influencial - women are very trendy, always doing what other women are doing, like wearing the in colors or certain in clothing...

Men need to experience this shit for themselves. They don't trust other men.

I don't want to see this movement become like the South - always claiming to rise again, but never doing it.

If men believe that other men are doing something about it, then they won't feel the need to get involved. I know that was the case with me, I saw all this shit happen and I didn't see anyone doing anything about it and fucking pissed me off.

If men want to put a noose around their neck with marriage, even with all the evidence that that is the stupidest thing a man could do, that is his problem.

My golf instructor said when I first took lessons that after he taught me the right way to swing that my game is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. And he was right.

I will not hold back feminism, I will not fight it. I will let the waters rush in and fuck up all the men out there. Then maybe they will wake up.  

The problem with most men is that they believe that they are in charge and are superior to women, they run the show.... it is a MAN's world (whatever). Whenever I see men like that, I have to laugh because usually it is the woman who runs subtly manipulating the man, he is just too arrogant to realize it.

For those who believe I hate women. I will say this, my favorite author and philosopher is a woman, I thank her for her achievement and how she bettered my life with nearly everything I do.  Ayn Rand.

The women-hater ploy is merely a tactic, it accomplishes two things:

1. I define the extreme position and suddenly you look reasonable in comparison to me. I help to redefine the middle. If things are ever going to get better than there is we are going to need lots of "women-haters"

2. It takes away a weapon that women have use against me. If they say "You hate women!" I can respond "I sure do." and the conversation can move forward. Then these women are not stuck saying that over and over again like a mantra and we move into why I am saying what I am saying.
I suggest you stop with your preaching men's rights as well. That goes for you Southern Guy as well. Stop holding back the water, stop holding down the fort. Men will only wake up when they get shot.

New York Post


September 21, 2004 -- A Harlem lesbian beat the toddler son of her female lover to death - fracturing three ribs and rupturing his liver - simply because he soiled himself, law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

Carmen Molina, 32, and the mother, Zahira Matos, 20, were charged with second-degree murder in the death of tiny Yovany Tellez Jr. -who had 60 bruises all over his body - and face a maximum penalty of life without parole.

"They brutalized the child over a period of time. They're simply monsters who beat children," one cop said.

"Nobody human can do that," agreed neighbor Melody Walker, who rushed to the women's apartment at 2 a.m. Sunday after Matos asked her for help.

There, she saw the little boy lying bleeding with bruises on his arms, legs and stomach.

"To do that to somebody who came out of your body is just horrible," said Walker, a mother of three.

The boy's father, Yovany Tellez Sr., 21, refused to say anything bad about his ex-girlfriend, who began having an affair with Molina last November.

"It's a terrible loss. I'm going through a hard time," Tellez said after driving 14 hours to New York from his home in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Little Yovany died at St. Luke's Hospital at 2:26 a.m. Sunday. The cause of death was fatal child-abuse syndrome - multiple blows that fractured three of his ribs, ruptured his liver, crushed his lower stomach and broke his leg, law-enforcement sources said.

A woman who lives directly downstairs said that at 2 a.m., she heard a child's scream that "knocked me off my feet."

In statements to cops, both women admitted hitting the tot repeatedly with their fists and beating him with a belt, the sources said.

Matos first told cops that the bruises on her son's body were caused by her husband, who was a warlock and cast spells on the toddler, the sources said.

But after questioning, she broke down and admitted beating the boy, the sources said.

Matos was held without bail last night at her arraignment before Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Patricia Nu¤ez.

Matos, a woman with sad, sleepy eyes and long straight dark hard streaked with blond, looked shocked during the proceeding. She hid her face in her hands and sobbed as she was taken back to her cell.

On Saturday, the sources said, the women were having trouble potty-training Yovany.

Matos went out and left the boy in the care of Molina. When she returned, he had a large bump and bruise on his forehead and was unable to move his right leg - it was broken, the sources said.

Molina said the boy soiled himself and she exploded in fury, socking him in the stomach, the sources said.

The woman said she took the tot into the bathroom, washed him off and left him on a bathtub ledge, from which he fell and broke his leg, the sources said.

Walker said that when she was summoned to the women's apartment - on the 15th floor of 3170 Broadway - the boy's body was blue.

"It was really ugly," she said. "There were bruises on his arms, stomach and legs, and he was bleeding from his rectum. I suspected foul play right away."

Walker said Matos "wasn't frantic in the way you are when you're the mother of an injured child. She wasn't crying. She just kept saying, 'He's not breathing, he's not breathing,' over and over again."

"He was a typical 2-year-old," Walker added. "He was just precious. He looked like he could be happy.

"This is horrible, very horrible. No child deserves this."

Tellez was born in Miami and moved to Michigan when he was 8 or 9, his brother, Orlando, said by telephone from Grand Rapids.

Matos is also from Michigan, while Molina has lived in both states, he said.

Matos also has two daughters, 6-year-old Yahmliz and Kimberley, who was born on July 22. Both are in the custody of child-welfare workers.

Additional reporting by Laura Italiano
If feminism is about equality, what has feminism ever done for men?

If feminism was every about equality and was not (as I claim) about women's superiority and ruling of men, than feminists would be championing discrimination against men, but they are not.

Feminists have never investigated why the male prison population is much higher than the female prison population? (men are more naturally more aggressive than women they say, but they also say that men and women are equal at birth and everything is a social construct, this is a contradiction.)

Feminists have never talked about the more lenient prison sentences women get when convicted of the same crime (on average).

Feminists have never cried out for more women on the fighting in the front lines. They have never tried to remedy this difference (I call for body-bag parity).

Feminist never talk about how women get custody of their children far more often then men (I call for custody-parity).

Feminists have never taken the men's side on any issue so stop fooling yourself. If feminism was about equality, than feminists would talk about non-equality issues when women are advantaged and men are disadvantaged, but they don't and never did.

Feminism is about more stuff for females.

Please don't tell me that things were different in the 70's feminists, I've read the SCUM manifesto (found here: I know what feminism was like then. If anything this current trend of victim feminism is better.

I posted this elsewhere, I know feminism is not about equality.
What are you doing to promote men's rights in your offline life?
Main / Hacking at the roots of feminism
Sep 27, 2004, 09:03 PM
If we really want to defeat feminism (waking guys up to feminine tricks is another fight) we need to identify the moral sanction that the women in the feminist movement give themselves to do what they do.

By this I mean, I believe that most people inherently want to do good - but they must understand what is good and what is evil for them to really accomplish this. So if you somehow make acting along the feminist line - good, then you people will follow it and justify it.

By hacking at the moral sanction these women give themselves, we hack at the roots of feminism. Most of other discussions are hacking at the leaves and branches - the outgrowth from their moral code.  If you destroy the roots, the leaves will die too.
Have you guys ever treated women like equals? And by this I mean hold them to the same standards as you would a man.

For example, when a woman goes out all dressed looking good, she wants attention, she wants guys to come on to her - not necessarily because she wants to have sex or because she wants a boyfriend or to get dates, she just wants to test her sexual power over men, just like men demonstrate their sexual power by sleeping with lots of women. It rubs her ego.

Have you ever asked yourself why women act the way they do? Not to them, to yourself. What is their motivation? What are they assuming about you? I encourage you to question their motivation.

If a man treated you the way women treat you, would you want to kick his ass? Spoke in the same tone of voice, slapped you if you insulted him...
I am convinced that a vast majority of young mothers care more about other women than they do about their own children.

I was talking to a mother of two boys in my class about how women are the majority in college and universities (and in my accounting classes 60% females) and I was pointing this change and I was trying to point out that there must be a bias against boys... but she just kept spinning and spitting out illogical, defensive statements - "Just because women now aren't chained to the kitchen anymore..."

Aren't women supposed to be the more nurturing gender? I say no, they are not. They are just masters of illusion. Most women have children as an emotional indulgence - to have power over and be smarter/more clever than someone.
Main / Men's weakness
Sep 22, 2004, 05:31 PM
Our main weakness is sex. It is (a main reason) why guys jump from one foot to the other, change their behavior, for women. They have it and charge a price for it, that price is usually more than just dinner, but is also requiring guys to change their behavior and requiring guys to open themselves up so women can carefully plant their hooks into them.

I believe if men actually considered how women view them, or view men in general they would stop dancing.

Nearly all women I know assume that men want to have sex with them. They believe that men are so weak and have no ability to control the sex urges that they will do nearly anything for sex.

Women actually believe that men enjoy working so that they can sit at home and do nothing, enjoy working for them.  (The slaves enjoy being slaves and are better off as slaves, with our white civilizing influence). Women see men as slaves and with good reason. Almost daily I see idiotic guys acting stupid for women so it is no wonder. I am losing my pity for men. I am starting to believe they deserve what comes to them. \The men who are raised without father's by mother's who set them up for slavery are they only ones who hold any sympathy, but even they can break free.

Men need to sever the ties. Sex isn't that important, and try to see their actions from how a female sees it. Then they will realize that women don't appreciate them and use them.
Main / Packaging our message
Sep 20, 2004, 05:13 PM
These are two important questions:

1. What is out message?

I think we can all agree that the death of feminism, ending the gender war, rolling back feminazi legislature, destroying all the myths of men and women, and creating an environment where men and women can have a satisfying relationship with each other or at the very least not distrust each other as much- are out ultimate goals. There are other steps in this process, but I believe that this is, for the most part, where we want to end up.

So the message (or messages) stem from these goals.

2. How can we package out message so that people buy it?

This one will vary depending upon our intended audience and our intended message.

The point is that we can't use the same packaging for different people who see the world differently. Most people aren't ready to accept the truth.

My personal belief is that the problems out there now will create a new MRA without our help. Men need to experience things in order to believe them, we need to package out message so that they will know and understand what they are experience.

I believe that one of the ways of doing this to tweak expectations with discussions on self-respect, with discussion on understanding how females see men and what their treatment of men (and female's expectations) say's about how they see men.

Women: How do you write women so well?
Jack Nicholson: I think of a man and then I take away reason and responsibility.

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