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Main / The BITCH
Sep 06, 2004, 06:44 PM

Women today have fallen in love with THE BITCH. Desperately in search of a model of female power after having it drilled into their heads for so long that they have none, women have seized upon THE BITCH as their savior, their salvation, and the answer to all which troubles them. And THE BITCH is indeed powerful. Few men are centered enough, secure enough in their own power, and calm enough to not cringe in fear when THE BITCH strikes.

The problem lies in the fact that women have become so addicted to the power of THE BITCH that they have lost the ability to tell the difference between her and THE CRAZY BITCH or THE VICIOUS BITCH or THE LYING BITCH. These faces of the dark feminine give women license to vent their most destructive tendencies and become as emotionally violent as they wish and still have the refuge of an excuse for their destructiveness.

There is a popular T-shirt, poster, coffee-mug theme that is often seen these days:
"Caution! I go from 0 to BITCH in 2.0 seconds. AND the bitch switch sticks".

This is both a threat of, and an invitation to, violence. An attack is an attack whether it it verbal or physical. What makes THE BITCH so reprehensible is that the violence is only effective when it exploits an emotional bond and thus is a violation of the most basic requirement for a relationship: trust. THE BITCH'S power is greatest against those who care about her and care what she thinks of them. Everyone else can simply shrug it off and go - "CRAZY BITCH". Only those who she betrays are really affected.

Imagine the reaction of women to that same saying changed only slightly, retaining the full meaning and violent intent:
"Caution! I go from 0 to FIST in 2.0 seconds. AND the fist is a repeater."

My advice to men: When you see that a woman is in love with THE BITCH, realize that you are late for the door and put as much distance between you and THE CRAZY BITCH as possible.

My advice to women: Before you reach for the emotional meat cleaver, give a moment of thought to how you would like to be treated by someone who may have a legitimate reason to be angry with you. Wield THE BITCH with exactly the same fervor or restraint that you would expect a man to wield THE FIST.

Banishing the Bitch - Zenpriest
Twenty-six things a perfect guy would do,
and other propaganda disseminated by misguided women.

Someone recently sent me an email titled 26 things a perfect guy would do. I thought "hmm, nobody could possibly send me anything so stupid, it can't possibly be as dumb as it sounds." I stand corrected. The email was just as advertised: a wish list of how women supposedly want men to act, as if men in this country weren't already an episode of Friends away from turning into giant walking vaginas.

I never thought I'd ever read anything that would induce my gag reflex so quickly, and this is after having read the details of an anal prolapse that a friend sent me tonight. Here is the abridged list (because the full list might literally cause you to barf on your keyboard, and frankly, it's not worth reading), followed by my response to each "thing" that a "perfect guy would do:"

1. Know how to make you smile when you are down!
When will women realize that they don't live on the set of a romantic comedy? Unless making you smile involves me playing video games while you cook me a steak, you're in for a disappointment. You don't think guys ever feel "down?" The door swings both ways, bitch.

2. Try to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice.
What? Why the hell would I want to smell a woman's hair? It smells bad enough with all the sprays and perfume they use. Enough with the conditioners, sprays, and cream already; that shit makes my eyes water. What the hell is conditioner anyway?

3. Stick up for you, but still respects your independence.
Translation: bail you out when you fail at life, but never bring it up during conversations.

4. Give you the remote control during the game.
This one is inherently stupid because it implies that all guys like to watch "the game." Since I'd rather be shot in the chest with projectile diarrhea than watch "the game," I'll assume the author meant something worthy of watching, such as Ren & Stimpy, in which case you need to put the bitch down if she touches your remote.

5. Come up behind you and put his arms around you.
LAME. Who has time for this? Sounds like something out of a herpes commercial where some lady is rock climbing or doing something else which symbolizes her independence, then out of nowhere she blurts out "I HAVE HERPES." The music gets all serious and you hear a voice over "...there is no cure," cue inspirational music "but treatment is available." Then it cuts to a shot of the bitch on a beach and a guy runs up behind her and puts his arms around her. Good job dumbass, you're dating a skank with herpes.

6. Play with your hair.
Again with the hair? Women never play with the hair on my back, why the double standard?

7. His hands always find yours.
This is one of those things women read and say "AWW HOW ROMANTIC." I have news for you: holding hands is stupid. Women don't know the first thing about being romantic. Only lesbians hold hands anyway; allow me to explain. The only time it's acceptable to hold hands with anyone is if you're at a peace vigil. Guys don't go to peace vigils, period. If you do, you have to surrender your balls and get a sex transplant because you're a bitch; in either case, you're a woman, and when two women hold hands it can only lead to one thing as far as I'm concerned.

8. Be cute when he really wants something.
Bullshit. When I want something, I yell. If she can't hear me in the kitchen, sometimes I'll threaten beatings if I'm sober.

9. Offer you plenty of massages.
For your boobs maybe. I happen to have the uncanny ability to massage breasts. With my mouth.

10. Dance with you, even if he feels like a dork.
Let's face it: there are few things in this world more stupid than dancing. Except break dancing, which pirates and lumber jacks would agree is awesome. Other than that, dancing makes me envy cripples.

11. React so cutely when you hit him and it actually hurts.
See, this is what pisses me off about women: they expect special treatment at their discretion. They want equal rights, equal pay, and equal treatment for everything EXCEPT when it comes to shit like this, then they want you to "react cutely" instead of, say, putting them in a head lock and making them eat ants and/or spiders while you give them carpet burn. Why don't women react "cutely" when men hit them for a change? Oops, I forgot, that's domestic abuse.

12. Drive 5 hours just to see you for 1.
Any guy who would drive five hours just to see a chick for one is an asshole. If every guy drove around for five hours just to spend one with their girlfriend, we'd fill up the air with so much pollution that we'd all choke on the exhaust, get cancer, and then bake under the sun while our lungs rupture and we slowly die from internal bleeding.

13. Stare at you.
You stupid attention seeking whore, just buy the bitch a mirror, because apparently she thinks that you don't have anything better to do than to sit around and stare at her. If women ran the world, we'd still be searching for the wheel.

14. Call for no reason.
Oops, this one belongs on the list of "Twenty-six things women do that piss men off because they need to fill their otherwise vapid lives with something to make them feel like they have a purpose for existing as they eventually realize that they're pissing their youth away on stupid bullshit like fashion trends."

I can't go on, I'm going to go do something less painful like stick my dick in the oven.

This was written by maddox Here
I am convinced that not only did technology ease the housework requirements and the pill caused them to be less likely to have kids and thus give them more time and thus more time to plot on enslaving men.

But the biggest cause of the women's movement and modern feminism is the public education system. Before our principles, values, mores and education were instilled by the family, probably the mother played a large part initially or the family hired someone to teach their children specific subjects. Because it was private, it gave the family greater control over what the children learned. When the parents instilled all the education themselves, they educated differently then does then modern educations system, just based on the fact that the educators were not the parents of the children and blood related to them.

US society dropped the ball big time twice in the last hundred years.
1. Instituting an income tax amendment to the constitution.
2. Developing the public education system.
There was a few stories in the paper today about discrimintion against women.

First off, I find that the word discrimination being used as a pejorative is a sign of a sickness in American culture. Discrimination is a good thing. When I am driving at 55 mph and there is a tree in front of me and I don't discriminate between the gas pedal and the brake pedal. Gabriel = dead.

When I a making coffee I discriminate whether I should put bleach in my coffee or milk.  If I don't, Gabriel = dead.

Discrimination is a learning process. Babies can't discriminate because they don't know the difference between the gas and the brake and they don't know the consequenses for not discriminating.  They haven't learned.

Just as young children don't discriminate between warm water and steaming hot water. But they will as soon as they stick their hand in.

We have been taught that men and women are equal. What the hell does that mean? Men and women are not equal. I have a penis and two big balls. I don't have a vagina and breasts. The statement is beyond ridiculous, yet it is today's common knowledge. People are different, I am not the equal to you and you are not equal to me. There are tons of differences. My own family members are very different. So why is it so bad to discriminate between people who are different and have different characteristics.

This is the brainwashing that the feminists have been pursuing for the last 40 years.  Discrimination is a good things.

Gender bias: You'd be surprised

Although for some reason the title of the article is there, but the article it self is missing. It is a shame because that was the worst article. I put the link up in hopes that Newsday will get its act together and put the article up.

I'll type a quote from the print version I have in front of me:

But 40 years after Congress made sexual discrimination in the workplace a punishable offense, headlines still blare news of lawsuits or significant settlements, some of the involving major American corporations.
Morgan Stanley. Wal-Mart. Costco.

Hmm, maybe they are suing because there is money to be made. And the headlines are STILL blaring because the women are STILL suing. Not to mention that papers are sensationalistic, and feminist sympathizers, and sell papers stiring people up.  This part assumes that because there are headlines the cases are legit.

I've been amazed at the kinds of companies that have charges against them. Some of them are American icons," said Naomi Earp, vice chair-woman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commision in Washington D.C.

This quote assumes that the charges are legit. It assumes that women would never  make false accusations of discrimination to get money.  

The discount 'glass ceiling'
Class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart raises gender discrimination issue on behalf of 1.6 million who've worked at the giant chain

"With a bachelor's degree and five years' experience in retail management, I figured, 'No problem, it's in the bag,'" said Lorenz, who holds a diploma in marketing and management from Jacksonville State University in Alabama and previously co-managed The Limited and Lady Foot Locker stores.

So she was surprised when the higher-paying position went to a male colleague who had less education and no managerial experience.

The media is so devious. They point out that she has a degree and 5 yrs experience and the guy who got the job had no degree and no managerial experience. The point being to make it look like he has less experience than she does, but the article does not say (funny) how much experience he has. He could have 10 years experience or he could just be a better leader than her. Degrees do not equal a better employee. Degrees = Degrees. Or Degrees = Someone thinks, after I paid them, that I have learned xyz.

But Lorenz's anger is accompanied by the feeling she's been betrayed by a company she had once trusted back in her hometown of Attalla, Ala.

There is your problem right there. You shouldn't "trust" them to do what is in your best  interest, they will do what is in their best interest. The way to win is to align their best interest with yours by actually being the best employee and proving you deserve a promotion.

What kills me is that Newsday gives advice on how to win a gender discrimination lawsuit:
Creating a paper trail

Maybe some guys here will take this advice and apply it to their situation because guys do get discriminated against too. Although that is not the direction I wish to go.
Winning a sexual harassment or discrimination case isn't just about what happened to you. It's also about how well you document it. While it's best to have a legal expert guiding you, here is some advice on creating that paper trail:

First, document in a folder, file or notebook to be kept at home -- separately from your private journal or diary. Such information can become part of legal proceedings and you don't want a passage in there on how you were having a fight with your mother, says Rebecca Dell'Aglio, director of Women's Rights at Work, a nonprofit in Manhattan that advises women in the metropolitan area.

Include as much detail as possible, specifically what was said, who said it and when. If you can't recall the exact date, don't guess. Give a sense of when it occurred, such as right before Thanksgiving, mentioning the weather that day, and what you and others were wearing and working on.

When filing a complaint to the boss, don't tiptoe around the issue by saying you're not being treated fairly or that your supervisor did not behave well. The law does not protect you against retaliation unless the boss is punishing you for complaining about something unlawful, such as sexual harassment or discrimination, says Rick Ostrove, an attorney with Leeds, Morelli & Brown, P.C. in Carle Place. He says he likes to see those terms and language in both the "regarding" section of the memo and the body. Come right out and say whatever it is that occurred, such as that men are being promoted ahead of you or that so-and-so said he wanted to sleep with you.

If you see an incriminating document at work that might help prove your case, don't take it, Dell'Aglio says. That's stealing company property. Instead, try to recall the contents in as much detail as possible and write it down as soon as you can, including where you saw the document and when.

It's fine, of course, to keep memos and e-mails sent to you or the staff as a whole. And distasteful as it may be, hang on to any unpleasant objects a co-worker gives you, such as sex toys or e-mails with links to pornographic sites.

If your job becomes unbearable and you have no recourse but to leave, do make it clear in writing that it's because of a hostile or untenable work environment, Dell'Aglio says. That makes it harder, she says, for a boss later to say, "See, she didn't really care about her job."

The article's messgae, sue some big company so you can look like this:

The woman who got a cool 12 million from Morgan Stanley, I'd be smiling too.

What gets me is that in the same paper there is this cover story:
Grieving dad: Child agency could have done more [\u] and they can't make the connection between one and the other and they were both major stories.
So I met her when I was 17 working as a lifeguard at a military pool. She was 5'8'' skinny with b sized breasts, and had a latin Julia Roberts look, but without the red hair. We only date for a month and by the end I could tell she wanted to break up with me. So I called her and asked and she said yes, and that was the end.

I was looking for a hot date for prom at the end of that year so I asked her. She said something about visiting an ex-bf while in the City (While on my prom)(NYC) which is where my prom was, I said hell no, so she relented and came.

I haven't seen her since, but once every few years she would call me up to say hi and feed me some victim story, which I listened to, but I was always suspicious of. There was my bf raped me after prom, I can't afford college, I am getting beat up by my current bf (I talked her into leaving, but she went back), I got pregnant and my bf is an jerk...

Well, I just hung up on another call. She has another baby from the same guy (and the one who "beat" her), he didn't marry her and now she is a single mom, She was in my area wanted to see me. . This time I was not nearly as nice, I was brusque, listened for about 10 minutes, I thanked her for calling and told her I had things to do.

I'll leave her for some nice guy to save. I haven't dated in a year, more women for the rest of you. Have fun guys.
Main / Masculinity needs no protection
Aug 23, 2004, 08:13 PM
I hear about protecting ones masculinity and what not on this board... To those who speak in such language I say you have no idea what masculinity is. It cannot be undermined and needs no protection by definition. Masculinity is like a mountain of granite. What you are talking about is a tent posted in a swamp and painted to look like granite to cover its base.

And you are right, that tent can easily be undermined and I do not care when it is.

I climbed my way out from the trap along the path I was sent down by those I trusted. It can be done. The first thing I realized once I got out is that those I trusted set me up and I stopped trusting them.
Main / Pay gap evidence?
Aug 20, 2004, 07:16 AM
I am looking for a study on, evidence of, or a few articles about why the "pay gap" between the genders is around $0.76.  If anyone can help me out, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
"Father's Rights Groups Must Avoid Violent Protest"

I believe this article is very telling to those who believe that Wendy is a friend of man. It tells much about how she views men. She, basically, still buys into the feminism line that men are naturally violent, as men being prone to violence (and thus any gathering of men will lead to violence and need women like Wendy to remind them not to be violent) is the underlying assumption in this article.
It appears that many women would choice to cut their clits off rather than admit that men have legitimate complaints, concerns, and grievances.

I have noticed that many women take an attitude that they must disagree with men, otherwise they are failing all women in the battle against men (otherwise known as women's rights). This issue is embodied in the joke "If a man speaks and there isn't a woman around to correct him, is he still wrong?"

Furthermore, the word abuse gets thrown around such that it is becoming that a male being allowed to breath is abuse of women.
Main / Sex is overrated.
Jul 16, 2004, 12:18 PM
I've dated enough and had enough sex with enough people to know the difference between great sex and poor sex. At 24, sex has started to feel like masturbation with another person. It is highly overrated and it is not worth the costs and risks (like STDs). I keep thinking to myself, "Why do I need this person here, I can do this by myself."

Movies, marketing, and the media has tricked much of society into believing that sex is this amazing incredible experience.

Next time your getting laid, think about this:

"sex has started to feel like masturbation with another person. "
Main / Glenn has called on us again
Jul 12, 2004, 06:29 PM
Glenn Sacks has called on us again to act. If this is not a time to act, the present, today - I don't know when is. I hear complaints that the men's movement is an online joke and all we do is post and complain like old women. Let's prove them wrong.

For more information, listen to this week's hisside.
Main / What happened to Gonzokid?
Jul 08, 2004, 08:02 PM
Does anyone have an idea about what happened to Gonzokid/Pete Jensen? His writing on MND is what brought me into this men's movement full force and now he is gone.
Main / abduction and the love of a father
Jul 07, 2004, 03:46 PM
For four months, Jackie Ives spent her spare time driving around Loveland looking for her three children after her estranged husband failed to return them after a visit.

On Tuesday, the search ended nearly 100 miles from home. After a tip from some alert workmen, authorities found Ives' son and two daughters living in a trailer on a remote ranch in Wyoming.

Don Ives, 39, was arrested after a short standoff with sheriff's deputies and is expected back in Colorado to face charges soon, said Det. Chuck Sutterfield of the Loveland police department.

This is more bs and the propoganda about deadbeats is everywhere, but this guy is willing to risk jail to be with his kids. It is bs that he will face "charges" but when a mother denies a father the right to see his kids, the courts do squat.,1713,BDC_2419_3017642,00.html
Main / Is rape about power or sex?
Jul 02, 2004, 09:05 PM
Is rape a about power to the person perpetrating the rape or is it about sex.
Personally, when people say it is about "power" I have no idea what they are talking about.
It seems pretty clear to me that rape is about sex for the perpetrator.
In a separate article on the Web site, the leader of the al-Qaida cell behind the abduction justified the targeting of Johnson, who was later beheaded, pointing to his work on Apache attack helicopters for Lockheed Martin.

Johnson "works for military aviation and he belongs to the American army, which kills, tortures and harms Muslims everywhere," wrote Abdulaziz al-Moqrin,,3152751.story

Terrorists are using the same language as feminists have been for the last 30-40 years. Replace some language in that quote and you will see:


In a separate article on the Web site, the leader of the NOW chapter behind the abduction justified the targeting of Johnson, who was later beheaded, pointing to his work on putting greens for Augusta National.

Johnson "works for Augusta National Golf Course and he belongs to the Patriarchy, which kills, tortures, rapes, and harms women everywhere," wrote Gloria Allred

This shows that feminists and terrorists think exactly the same way, the only difference is their goals.
Main / The glorification of the victim
Jun 18, 2004, 03:21 PM
Feminism has been spreading the glorification of the victim, to the point where today - not only can women use being a victim to get away with crimes, take their husbands to the cleaners in divorces, use as a revenge tool, or as an excuse for something (staying out late), but where it has became cool to be a victim.

Tori Amos is a perfect illustration of this phenomenon. Back in high school, before I learned the truth, I was friends with an older girl that was bi. She took me to a Tori Amos concert. Before I went, I talked with some females in my class who were going as well to learn something about it. They told me she was raped and their eyes were big in awe and jealousy. They talked about in a high excited tone with smiles on their faces, like I would talk about a great football play.

At the concert, all the girls swooned over Tori and when she sang her trademark song about getting raped, there were murmurs of excitment in the crowd - "Is she singing it?"
"Yeah, this is it." And the girls cried and some tossed flowers at the stage. Many rushed to the stage, their eys wide in awe of this victim.

She sang it as the last song and leaving there was feeling the crowd of "Wow, I want to be raped too" , "Wow, I wish I'd been raped", or "Wow, I want to be a victim too."

It is cool to be a victim and cool to be a lesbian, both of the aspect of being cool center on rejecting men and men have done me wrong.
Main / Is rape that big a deal?
Jun 18, 2004, 11:00 AM
Rape is seen as the worst of all crimes. "Sex crimes" news stories flash, oh the humanity. But I have been wondering if they are as big a deal as they have been made out to be.

For example, if a women were tied up and her arms were slowly pounded into mush with a hammer, piece by piece, the ends of fingers first then the rest of the finger... all the way up the arm to the shoulder, slowly for 8 hours. She would be awarded no special shields at trial, no special services. No assault crimes organizations for victims of assault.

But if a man sticks his penis into a women's vagina against her will and it lasts for only 5 minutes, she is protected by rape shield laws and is awarded all kinds of protections. It seems as though protection the vagina is more important than protecting the rest of a person.
Also, I have seen plenty of women doing crazy things with their vaginas on video. The only difference between those women and rape victims is one word "consent". So why does consent turn an act some woman would normally perform into this horrible, terrible, life scarring event?

If I got punched in the face and the attacker ran off, yeah it would hurt for a few days , yeah I'd be upset, but then I would get over it. I wouldn't need shield laws to protect my identity from the attacker. I wouldn't need counseling.
Main / Men in hats
Jun 08, 2004, 08:41 AM
A fun site that points out how trolls operate: