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Main / Return of the King
Jun 28, 2004, 05:01 PM
Doc, you stated my point succintly. The camera shot while she proudly states that she is not a man coming from below up to her face gave the effect as much as her tone of voice and facial expression. The lighting from behind (if I remember it from December right) gave her an angelic/goddess glow to - all this combined to grrl power.
Main / Return of the King
Jun 28, 2004, 06:19 AM
Quote from: "Gonzokid"
It was in the book.  Actually, I am very impressed with the way Pete Jackson did the movies with such faithfulness to the book.  Normally you'd see some of the main characters changed into token minorities, or gender switched, but not so.

And that scene was written long before the advent of Betty Friedan and the She-Man Male Hater's Club of feminism.

It is not that it wasn't in the book that bothered me, it is the twist or different light that Pete Jackson puts on it.  The book gave you no sense of girl power, the chick was getting her ass whopped, her arm was broken, and the witch king was walking up to end her quickly when some already had its ass kicked and thought dead hobbitt sticks his sword through his leg which distracts the witch king long enough for said chica to recover and slam the king in the face with her sword.

The movie put the spin on it where the girl was saying with pride that she is not a man and at the same time making it as if she were insulted to be called a man. Kinda like if she said "I am no dog." I could hear the collective creaming of the pants of all the lesbians.
Main / Is rape that big a deal?
Jun 23, 2004, 02:51 PM
Quote from: "Renegade"

*Yet* society views this as being strictly free-willed decision-making on the males part: they are blamed completely for being  a"predatory wolf" and therefore society does *nothing* to educate men about "restraining" their urges in order to avoid getting manipulated. Instead society *enforces* mens sexual urges and exploits it. Society continually informs males that "sex" with a woman is the greatest thing in the world and they should seek it out regsardless of consequences. When a situation goes bad, the male is reprimanded and scolded.

Good observation, I would like to elaborate. Men's respond to stimuli, so women dress in sexual manners to trigger that sexual response (or casually slip sexuality into conversations), it has been observed that when a man has been sexually aroused, even slightly, he is less rational and makes poor decisions, this can be overcome to a point. This is what marketing executives take advantage of.
There is a reason why females dress a certain way, they are trying to stimulate the male sexual response.
To deal with the rape issue, people should be holding females responsible for:
a. putting themselves in bad situations
b. triggering the male sexual response.

Females wish to be able to tease men at their whim, turning men on and then not following through. They get annoyed when some men respond to their dress, but not others. Men should have psychic powers to be able to discern who the female wishes to talk with.

Although males should be held responsible for a rape, the culture should not be encouraging females to tease men, dress in provocatively, and putting women in stupid situations.
Nor should it be convicting men of rape if a women does not make her desire not to have sex clear to the man. In face, the prosecutors in the Kobe Bryant case are trying to make the claim that whether or not the women consented is irrelevant:

The issue of consent has emerged as a key battleground between attorneys in the case. The defense wants jurors told they can convict the Los Angeles Lakers star only if prosecutors prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she did not consent to sex -- and that Bryant knew it.

"The jury has to be told that if someone consents, that's not submission against her will," argued defense attorney Hal Haddon, who said it is the first time a Colorado judge has had to consider the issue.

Prosecutors said they are required to prove only that Bryant's actions were enough to cause the woman to submit to sex against her will, making the consent question moot.

"By proving the elements (of sexual assault), you necessarily disprove consent," said Matt Holman, an assistant state attorney general helping with the case.

Scott Robinson, a Denver defense attorney who is following the case, said prosecutors were taking an "extreme position" in suggesting her consent does not matter. "It seems anathema to our traditional view of what constitutes rape," he said.

kind of a messy post, but I'm too busy to clean it up currently.
Main / Is rape that big a deal?
Jun 22, 2004, 05:37 PM
The topic has drifted a bit, I thought that might happen. Though, I don't see much of an argument for why rape is a big deal or worse deal than any other crime. It seems to be that it is not.
In a separate article on the Web site, the leader of the al-Qaida cell behind the abduction justified the targeting of Johnson, who was later beheaded, pointing to his work on Apache attack helicopters for Lockheed Martin.

Johnson "works for military aviation and he belongs to the American army, which kills, tortures and harms Muslims everywhere," wrote Abdulaziz al-Moqrin,,3152751.story

Terrorists are using the same language as feminists have been for the last 30-40 years. Replace some language in that quote and you will see:


In a separate article on the Web site, the leader of the NOW chapter behind the abduction justified the targeting of Johnson, who was later beheaded, pointing to his work on putting greens for Augusta National.

Johnson "works for Augusta National Golf Course and he belongs to the Patriarchy, which kills, tortures, rapes, and harms women everywhere," wrote Gloria Allred

This shows that feminists and terrorists think exactly the same way, the only difference is their goals.
Main / The glorification of the victim
Jun 18, 2004, 03:21 PM
Feminism has been spreading the glorification of the victim, to the point where today - not only can women use being a victim to get away with crimes, take their husbands to the cleaners in divorces, use as a revenge tool, or as an excuse for something (staying out late), but where it has became cool to be a victim.

Tori Amos is a perfect illustration of this phenomenon. Back in high school, before I learned the truth, I was friends with an older girl that was bi. She took me to a Tori Amos concert. Before I went, I talked with some females in my class who were going as well to learn something about it. They told me she was raped and their eyes were big in awe and jealousy. They talked about in a high excited tone with smiles on their faces, like I would talk about a great football play.

At the concert, all the girls swooned over Tori and when she sang her trademark song about getting raped, there were murmurs of excitment in the crowd - "Is she singing it?"
"Yeah, this is it." And the girls cried and some tossed flowers at the stage. Many rushed to the stage, their eys wide in awe of this victim.

She sang it as the last song and leaving there was feeling the crowd of "Wow, I want to be raped too" , "Wow, I wish I'd been raped", or "Wow, I want to be a victim too."

It is cool to be a victim and cool to be a lesbian, both of the aspect of being cool center on rejecting men and men have done me wrong.
Main / Is rape that big a deal?
Jun 18, 2004, 11:00 AM
Rape is seen as the worst of all crimes. "Sex crimes" news stories flash, oh the humanity. But I have been wondering if they are as big a deal as they have been made out to be.

For example, if a women were tied up and her arms were slowly pounded into mush with a hammer, piece by piece, the ends of fingers first then the rest of the finger... all the way up the arm to the shoulder, slowly for 8 hours. She would be awarded no special shields at trial, no special services. No assault crimes organizations for victims of assault.

But if a man sticks his penis into a women's vagina against her will and it lasts for only 5 minutes, she is protected by rape shield laws and is awarded all kinds of protections. It seems as though protection the vagina is more important than protecting the rest of a person.
Also, I have seen plenty of women doing crazy things with their vaginas on video. The only difference between those women and rape victims is one word "consent". So why does consent turn an act some woman would normally perform into this horrible, terrible, life scarring event?

If I got punched in the face and the attacker ran off, yeah it would hurt for a few days , yeah I'd be upset, but then I would get over it. I wouldn't need shield laws to protect my identity from the attacker. I wouldn't need counseling.
This just in:

NJ state assembly has brought a bill that would legalize ladies night.

So to those who said all men jump to make life easier for women - you are right.

I would like to point out this segment to those who oppose on property rights grounds:

Supporters say that language is needed to prevent a loophole that might allow the resurrection of all-male eating clubs that were banned at Princeton University.
your response to "the situation" and discussion of Alicia's "departure was a written response to DJ stating you shouldn't apologize, but DJ and Galt were discussing the issue of Alicia's departure and slightly responding to Phebe's bait - swinging the emotional pendulum toward Alicia, your response seemed defensive and was responding not directly to the bait but to the situation. I said seemed because there is no overt evidence to prove my point and I may very well be wrong.
DJ I suggest you re-read your posts to see how you fell for the bait.
Dr. Evil, can you please do something about Devia's clear provocation, personal attack, and troll for a perjorative/uncomplimentary phrases filled fight. If you believe in maintaining a civil board, her actions are in direct opposition to that ideal.
Size 10 is not a small enough size for women to be starving themselves. This woman must be pretty large if she thinks size 10 is small.
Quote from: "Phebe"
I just want Alicia to come back.

Quote from: "Double Jeapardy"
Nobody said you posted it they said you would come back after Phebe worried you left for good.

I would like to point out what Phebe was doing here: She is playing on your desire to not abuse people by implying that she left because of your comments and was also implying that Alicia was justified in leaving (due lending crediblity to her being upset). Phebe's comment was not justified, Alicia had been silent less than half an hour - which is no indication that she had decided to leave this forum, nor did she have any true justification for doing so.
Phebe was attempting and suceeded in manipulating the emotions of a few of the posters here: DJ, Sir, and Galt all fell for her emotional bait. Guys, use your rational utilities not your emotions especially w/ Phebe.


I don't know how you can be happy that Phebe is here, after watching how duplicitous and disingenous she can be. Aside from her not answering questions, trolling, provoking, double standards... and generally immorality.
Quote from: "Phebe"
I don't think you are right, guys -- I think women go to bars to find someone. They just didn't take an interest in you two, that's all.

Ad hominem - - meaning personal attack. Doc Evil, this is the type of stuff you should be reprimanding because it is not a logical conclusion from the posts replied to, it is meant as a provocation - so when someone responds and says something like "Fuck you you nasty cunt" you shouldn't be surprised.

Alicia, you are wrong, there is no need to apologize - clearly if your stated belief is that men and women should be treated equally, yet you defend ladies night you are being a hypocrite.
If you defend ladies night along the lines of property rights, then you can never complain about the "wage gap" or all men on board's of directors, all men's golf courses without being a hypocrite; and you should be against sexual harassment laws.
Main / Men in hats
Jun 08, 2004, 08:41 AM
A fun site that points out how trolls operate:
Main / Female Chivalry
May 30, 2004, 07:28 AM
It is of course, a step in the right direction.