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Main / Latest Green Day Video
Sep 29, 2005, 02:58 PM
The latest Green Day video, "Wake me up when September ends" had an interlude where the boyfriend/young husband is outside on the front porch when he is accosted by his signifigant other who has found out he has joined the military to help support them and give them a better future.

At this point, she promptly slaps him across the face saying "How could you do this to ME." Yeah, it was all about HER. I remember thinking, what if the roles were reveresed, she joined and he smacked her across the face? Just how would that play out on Mtv?

Anyways, I saw the video last night and it looks as if they've now edited that part out. Anyone else catch this?
I brought up my past last night. This is something I almost NEVER do, because women often "tend" to be feeling rather rather than thinking creatures when it comes to relationships. Thus, I rarely bring up the time I was falsely accused of rape and arrested on account of a vindictive ex-live-in-girlfriend. I told her because I felt comfortable with her and we're on the same page politically. She's a cute girl that hates Hillary Clinton and Democrats/feminists, pretty cool if you ask me.

I won't bore you with the details of my case, except to say that I was innocent, woken up and threatened by police, handcuffed on my front porch in front of my neighborsl and generally treated like shit. When it was all said and done, princess admitted to lying and the police did NOTHING to her. They told me "We'll be in touch...".

Now, I tell you that story because it provided a segueway for her to tell me a story of her own, part of her reason for hating feminism. Something that blew my mind and happened here locally. Her story made me so pissed I couldn't see straight, I just sat on the couch with her and fumed.

She had a good friend, let's call him "Justin" for our purposes here. He had a girlfriend, let's call her "Mary". Both are college age at this point last year. Mary is known for being a princess and a girl who throws bitch fits when she doesn't get her way. She is also known, amongst all her friends, as someone will scratch/hit/kick Justin when she is drunk and not getting her way, basically a serial abuser.

Justin, even though her could snap her neck in two seconds flat, refrains from EVER hitting her back because here in the South, many of us were raised to respect women. Finally, after a solid year of being accosted at parties and in private by her, Justin decides he isn't having any more of it and walks rather than choke her the fuck out.

This is where it gets good. Mary is having none of this, because the bitch witch must always get her way, she will not be "left". Mary proceeds to call the police after he broke up with her and tell them he beat her, AND that's he'd been doing it for the entire year they were together. She was very convincing and used her ability to "work" a man's rescue reflex to the hilt.  

The police show up at at Justin's house and cart him off to jail in the parish courthouse, which is somewhat outside of town. They proceed to beat the shit out of Justin outside the courthouse complex, at one point slamming his head against the brick wall, and smashing his ear cartilage.  When Justin tried to protest later, I understand that the police said he tried to resist arrest and caused himself to get hurt.

The charges were later dropped from what I understand was lack of evidence(no real bruising on her). Nothing happened to princess, she has apparently continued on her merry way with zero consequences. And I thought I got fucked by the law. If she comes over tonight, I'll get more details, just wanted ya'll to chew on that one for a while.


Recent News

Neat Trick: Mom Collects Child Support from Two Men for Same Child - and Massachusetts Appeals C

On November 2, 2004, the Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled that a mother would collect child support from two men for the same child (Department Of Revenue v. Ryan R.).

In this case, the mother had a child by Ryan while she was married to Sheldon. Three years later, she and Sheldon filed for bankruptcy.

The next year, Susan instituted divorce proceedings against Sheldon. The court awarded custody to Susan and ordered Sheldon to pay child support despite the fact that he was not the father of the child. The court explained, "...the husband is the only 'father' that the child has known during his life, and as the husband has cared throughout the marriage for the child and there is a bond that exists between the child and the husband... the husband is the 'de facto' father of the child."

Then, hoping to improve her cash-flow, and since Ryan had deeper pockets than her bankrupt ex, Susan filed a complaint for child support from Ryan too.

The court found that Ryan should also pay child support because he is the biological father of the child. But -- surprise, surprise -- after all these years, the courts still have not gotten around to ruling on Ryan's request for custody and/or "visitation."

It gets crazier and crazier...

Ned Holstein, MD, MS
Fathers and Families
Boston, MA USA

You'd better watch out when dating those single mothers, you might end up paying for their kids if "de facto father" rulings like this keep up.

"November 3, 2004

We will never give up.

As NOW activists gathered at the White House carrying signs that said "Count Every Vote" and "Democracy NOW," we learned that John Kerry would be conceding the election.

Despite pleas for the Kerry campaign to wait for the counting of hundreds of thousands of provisional ballots in Ohio, and for the verification of Florida results that were dramatically contrary to exit polling, the promise of the 2004 election is no more.

But the strength we gained, the alliances we created, the friends we made, the voters we registered, the debates we provoked, the activists we energized, the new feminists we elected to Congress and state legislatures . . . no one can take those away.

Your phone calls to friends and strangers, door-knocking in your own neighborhood or on the other side of the country, marching on Washington, emailing friends and co-workers, writing to undecided voters, organizing actions and events, contributing to NOW/PAC efforts and to campaigns across the country . . . in all those ways and more, you brought us to the edge of victory.

The battle of the last year is over, but a new one is beginning.

We must fight back against Bush's regressive policies on every issue. Now is not the time to be timid -- we must not give in to an agenda that endangers our rights, our freedoms, our liberty, and our lives.

We must demand our senators block every Supreme Court nominee, and every cabinet member who would deny our rights and liberties, and that they filibuster over and over and over, to prevent a Supreme Court majority that would turn women's rights and civil rights back to the 1950's.

We must take our fight to the state legislatures, state by state, bill by bill, and enact legislation that will protect us and our families.

We must continue to March for Women's Lives across the country -- expanding our million marchers into millions of voices speaking up for women's rights in their communities.

We must intensify our efforts to register, motivate and mobilize new voters, especially women, and recruit and train candidates who support women's rights, so that by 2006 there will be reinforcements for our friends in Congress who are standing up against the right wing's anti-woman agenda.
We must continue to build on the work we've done in the past year, and take the fight for our rights to every level of our government -- as our foremothers did in seeking the right to vote. For 72 years they waged the battle for our rights, going from the states to the Congress and back again, challenging president after president, persevering until they won the victory that is the birthright of women today.

We can do no less for ourselves and those we love . . .

It's time. Celebrate our victories, throw off the frustration (yes, even the despair) and join us in the bold fight ahead.

For justice,

Kim Gandy
NOW President"


A few interesting things to note here...

"We must take our fight to the state legislatures, state by state, bill by bill, and enact legislation that will protect us and our families."

When she says "protect our families", we all know what she really means is protect women and children ONLY, as proven by NOW's track record with regards to the Violence Against Women Act and other legislation. American women are currently the most protected social class in the world, I wonder what else she wants? Free tuition for women? All men in jail? Seriously, what rights are American women deprived of?

Remember, John Kerry was the lapdog of NOW, the people spoke and thank God they elected someone who does not pander to gender feminists. Now, however, is not the time to get complacent. We must marginalize people like Kim Gandy who care only for special rights and priveleges for women, NOT true equality. She talks of organizing a "March for Women's Lives", yet we also know that women live an average of seven years longer than men and men comprise over 90% of annual workplace fatalities.

While her letter may sound somewhat innocuous at first glance, a bit of reading between the lines coupled with NOW's past history gives us insight into the feminists agenda for the next four years. They are looking to advance their one sided agenda in the courts (as usual) and state legislatures on a grass roots level. How many of you keep up with what is going on in your state legislature? Perhaps I need to start keeping an eye on my local NOW chapter, lest more of my rights in Louisiana are eroded...


"Corina Taylor Says She Was Anally Raped

...that's why she left the business

Taylor aid she was told the scene was going to be a vaginal cream pie. Taylor said during the course of the scene the male talent started sticking his fingers up her ass. "I didn't say anything," she said. "Then he started slipping the head of his dick in. I was like, no, I don't do anal. Then they stopped and started the camera."

Taylor said the final posiion in the scene was the spoon position. She and the male talent were on a couch. "Then he stuck the entire head and half his dick in my ass again," Taylor goes on to say. "The camera got stopped again. I gave ten different excuses why I didn't want to do anal. There were other guys on the set and they were going, well, the cock's already in your ass. Finally I just took it.

"She's really cute, but for as many scenes that I've done I should have have that boxcover and it should have said Corina Taylor's first anal," Taylor continues. "I was laying there getting raped up my ass, literally. I told them no but finally took it because they weren't going to quit.

So she's fukking some guy in a porn and he talks her into anal, which she isn't sure about according to her. Not only is this little cum guzzling attention whore now saying she was raped, she's pissed she didn't get the cover for the porn and the word's  "Corina Taylor's first anal".

Talk about somebody WANTING to be a victim. I have now seen it all gentlemen, what some women will do for sympathy is amazing...

Main / Those Crazy Young Girls...
Jul 21, 2004, 09:09 AM

"Cops described 14-year-old murder suspect Kayla Marie LaSala as "cunning" when she escaped from home confinement in Mercer County, West Virginia by cutting off an electronic monitoring device and gluing it onto a cat. But an AMW viewer proved to be smarter. Thanks to a tip to the AMW Hotline, LaSala is back in custody.

LaSala is accused of murdering her father in February by stabbing him more than 100 times. Police say they do not know the motive for the vicious attack. She was allowed to stay with an uncle while she awaited her trial, scheduled for September. But police say that on Saturday, July 3rd, she escaped.

Witnesses told police they saw her getting into a dark-colored car with an unidentified African-American man. The tipster was able to identify the man, and police traced him to Altomonte Springs, Florida, just outside Orlando. Officers there tracked him down at his job on Tuesday, July 13th. They say he he admitted that LaSala was at his house. When police arrived at the location, they found LaSala playing on a computer. She was arrested without incident."

I'm waiting for the Lifetime or Hollywood movie on this chick. I bet by the time the were done with her story, she'd be the victim because of "emotional abuse" or something. All sugar and spice, eh?


On June 30, a California man being forced to pay child support for a child he had not fathered got his day in court when the Second District Court of Appeal of California overturned a paternity judgment against him.

Los Angeles County, which had imposed the judgment, knew that Manuel Navarro was not the father of the child in question because DNA testing had proved so. Yet under both federal and state child-support laws, the county was still able to demand Navarro pay child support.

The court's landmark decision in Navarro's favor may well become the controlling authority for contested paternity in California and a legal precedent nationwide.

Navarro's case is typical of the false paternity claims and child-support laws that prompt men's-rights activists to condemn the family-court system as being virulently unfair to men.

When an unwed mother applies for welfare in California, the Department of Child Support Services routinely requires her to name the father(s) of her children.

The information provided is often incomplete. Moreover, even though the mother signs a declaration under penalty of perjury, false declarations go unpunished.

One step in the right direction fellas. Paternity fraud, especially rampant against soldiers in our military, has always ways ticked me off. Now we just need to make sure these women are punished for seeking a free ride from innocent men.

Main / More Women Killing Newborns in Denver
Jul 08, 2004, 09:24 AM
Man ladies are a real piece of work...

"Party On
Police: Woman Dumped Newborn in Bar Restroom, Resumed Drinking at New Bar

D E N V E R, July 8, 2004 -- A Denver woman allegedly high on cocaine gave birth in a sports bar restroom, stuffed the infant in a trash can and then continued bar-hopping with her friends, authorities said.

Erin Pendleton, 29, was being held in the city jail for investigation of first-degree murder. She was arrested last Friday, days after another woman allegedly dumped her newborn in a Denver trash bin.

Griselle Suarez, 20, is charged with first-degree murder. Police said her baby son was found alive in a trash bin but died June 28 in a hospital.

Pendleton went with her 6-year-old son and two women to Legends Bar and Grill on June 25, according to an arrest warrant affidavit. The women said Pendleton told them she had consumed a lot of cocaine before going out that evening. "

The kinder gentler sex who should always get the kids right? Going out and drinking while pregnant and high on cocaine, then having the baby in the bathroom and throwing it in a trashcan, sick. If she even knows who the father is, I wonder what he thinks about his baby suffocating and dying in a trash bag?

Main / One More Right Eroded in Louisiana
Jul 07, 2004, 01:46 PM

"State Supreme Court: Southern Trace can't have men-only restaurant
 posted: 07-06-2004

The Louisiana Supreme court ruled today that Shreveport's Southern Trace country club must allow women to dine at its male-only Men's Grille restaurant and bar.

Southern Trace's policy of a men-only restaurant that refuses to serve women is discriminatory, the justices said.

"In the 21st Century, it is simply archaic to cite protection of women from the sights and sounds of a locker room environment as an excuse for excluding them from the public dining area as it exists in this country club," the justices said."

Absolute utter complete horseshit. I've been to Southern Trace as a guest many times and the Men's Grille is basically an extension of the men's locker room. It is a place where you could go relax after golfing or working out and have a beer in a towel if you felt like it. Keep in mind Southern Trace is a PRIVATE club. Apparently our own local "Martha Burke" thinks this isn't fair, though I'm sure she supports women's only private health clubs. If I ever see Julie Lafargue on the golf course or in public I'm going to give a piece of my mind.