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Main / More from UNH...
Apr 24, 2005, 03:51 PM
Multiple letters to the editor in the campus paper targeted Williams as a ''man-hater" because she has written that men must step out of the way in order to truly support feminism.

That statement right there makes it plain as day to me that these women don't see feminism as a path to equality. They are not interested in equality. They are only interested in taking control from the patriarchy and then having power over the patriarchy and punishing it. These women feel wronged, wronged, wronged, mad as hell, and someone must pay!

Whoa. Scary stuff, man.

In March, the campus debated the merits of feminism again after a male reporter for a conservative campus publication was asked to leave a FAL poetry event.

That's like calling a KKK rally an "ice cream social".

''We knew the backlash would be violent," Williams said of the response she has received to her columns and the FAL. ''I didn't expect this much reaction."

You mean you expected everyone to politely nod in agreement, while you basically lambaste half the population without cause? Man, girl, you are living in a dream world. Thank God you're not my sister.
Main / In praise of wanking
Apr 16, 2005, 05:28 PM
Scientists have discovered that there actually is a food that women eat which diminishes their sex drive drastically.

Wedding cake.
Introductions / A brief description of myself
Apr 12, 2005, 07:05 AM
Hello to a fellow Chem E from a 1982 Chem E grad of U of Illinois!

It's a fun major, isn't it? I'm surprised you have the time to date; nearly all of my Saturday nights in college were spent doing homework!
I'm guessing that he really did manage to have sex during that period. Just not with his own wife.

Remember, it's Italy we're talking about here.

But I sure hope there are a lot of Italian men out there ready to use this as a precedent in their marriages (exchanging the gender, of course).
Quote from: "bukowski"
The point with abortion, I believe, is that women have the choice to have the baby or not.  "My body, my choice" would therefore mean you are responsible for the choices you make concerning your body.

Not enough attention is given to this statement, this philosophy. Yeah, it's your body, your "choice", but if you choose to not use birth control and then choose to abort the end result, I do NOT have remain silent about what I think about your choices, how you "choose" to use your body.

Another way of looking at it: abusing your body by getting it addicted to drugs is another "choice". But society IS "allowed" to frown upon and punish those that make that choice.

Another comment: if women want to be the only ones in control of their bodies, then perhaps they should give themselves the abortions they desire. Why drag other people into your life "choice" (meaning, the doctors, the nurses, etc. who perform the act) and make them also face a moral decision because YOU decided to "control" your body in a certain way.

Last comment: in my humble opinion, a woman who decides to have sex without birth control and ends up pregnant, and decides to abort, has NOT demonstrated to me that she has "control" over her body.
Quote from: "damnbiker"
I'm not 100% sure but I believe that the Hoosier Gazette is not the most reputable source for information.

Well, if you click on the link NOW, you'll find that the "source" of the "survey" has changed. It is now stated as being done by the "Indiana Marriage Research Institute". But the quote from the article on the original post here says the survey was done by the "Indiana Family Institute (IFI)"

There IS an Indiana Family Institute. Their website is But I couldn't find any info on this survey there.

A search for "Indiana Marriage Research Institute" brought up only 3 links. Two of them were to the Hoosier Gazette "story", and the third was to Pam Spaulding's blog.
Main / Happy St. Patrick's Day
Mar 17, 2005, 10:02 AM
The thing about the snakes is a myth.

One other story about St. Patrick and the Rock of Cashel (which, in my opinion, is one of the best sites and "sights" in all of Ireland; and I do know my Irish sites, I lived over there for 2+ years in the early 90's):

Saint Patrick was conducting a baptism ceremony for King Angus, the Over-King of Cashel. Since Patrick was getting on in years, during the ceremony he leaned heavily on his "crozier", which had a sharp point at the bottom, and accidently stabbed King Angus' foot with it. After the ceremony, St. Patrick noticed the blood on the ground in the spot where the king stood and asked the king about it. The king replied that he didn't cry out because he thought it was part of the ceremony. As a reward for his bravery Saint Patrick promised him that none of his descendants would ever die of wounds.
In reflecting on Farrell's book, I wonder if, rather than denigrating men for earning more, we should respect them for their willingness to do unpleasant, but necessary, work that few women will do such as roofing, coal mining or guarding a prison -- often working themselves into an early grave. There are four widows for every widower.

Scarbo's response to this: WELL, DUH!!!! Where the f*&k you been, Marty?

And men, you might learn a lesson from women and consider trading money for quality of life.

Already have, Marty. I get to work on Monday (after not working the whole weekend) and I can see people who have both read e-mail and posted e-mail messages over the weekend. I feel sorry for them. Not gonna be me doing that.
Two comments:

1. This reminds me of the old saying: "Those who love both sausages and the law should not ever look to see how either of them are made."

I had heard of this "bankruptcy" bill on the news. I had no idea how much the special interests were clammoring to hang crap all over the bill. I'm sick and tired of that stuff.

2. I hadn't ever heard of people using bankruptcy to "protect themselves" from paying court-ordered fines. But anyway, this proposed amendment would have kept ONLY PEOPLE CONVICTED OF VIOLENT ACTS AGAINST WOMEN'S CLINICS ETC from claiming that protection? Oooooooookay, what about those convicted of violent acts against me? Or my daughter's school? Or the local supermarket? Or the postman? According to those who wrote the amendment, it would be Okee-dokee for those people to get out of paying fines by claiming bankruptcy? Just not those who attacked women's clinics.

Yeah. Got it.

What a bunch of freaking losers we have in Washington.

Frankly, I don't think bankruptcy should be able to be claimed by ANYONE who is given a court-ordered fine to pay. You owe it. Period. It never goes away until you pay it off.

And a big "get a life" to NARAL, who only cares about one thing, obviously.
Main / Did anyone listen to the show?
Mar 07, 2005, 12:39 PM
Quote from: "bluegrass"
I particularly enjoyed listening to her stammer and grope when asked why the woman shouldn't be held equally responsible for use of a female condom or dental dam.

Agreed. That was the best moment in the show; it laid the hypocrisy wide open. Hats off to Glenn for laying such a perfect trap for her to walk into!  :oh-yeah:
Yeah, I find it totally amusing how Kristen lies in waiting for the unsuspecting poster to come along and then she pounces with all her definition and logic crap.

She tried to get me on Mr. X's post about Warren Farrell's new book, but I just simply disagreed with her and walked away. I think she's full of it but I'm not going to waste my time trying to convince her of that.

And then her post asking questions about why that one guy was posting on the board! Who does she think she is, the gatekeeper?
I agree with contrarymary in that the gender of the person is irrelevant.

How much time do women and feminists spend assuring us that there's really no difference between men and women's abilities, only to then whine that it's a man doing x or y and not a woman?

Having said all that, I would like to see Condi Rice as next president. Being a fellow classical pianist, that would really make my day! :-)
Main / This is getting ridiculous
Feb 14, 2005, 03:20 PM
Quote from: "Gonzokid"
I rather imagine that most people who are proponents of "Intellegent design" wouldn't object to the Theory of evolution being taught, if it wasn't taught by some snotty secular humanist who implied (or even said explicitly, as was my case) "This proves the concept of "Gawd" is bunk." Which is equally unsupportable, logically indefensible, and unscientific...

You can count me among your "most people".
Main / Phrases I hate to hear
Feb 07, 2005, 08:24 PM
Any phrases starting with...

"Remember your car? Well..."
Main / iFeminism is a scam
Jan 22, 2005, 11:54 AM
I've been following that thread, too, and no, I don't think your remark was it.