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OK, I'm just not getting the um  "irony"? Satire? Humor? Activism? Art?
All I'm getting is an endorsement of truly unnecessary, and surely over priced, "jewelry", for joggers too stupid for paper and pencil, or short vs. long term memory.   
Mindful, maybe it's just me. 
"Back in Jan/Feb I was sent, by the Army, to a class called : EO = Equal Opportunity."...

Any idea what the "class" consists of today, who still gets "sent" to it, or what the "instructor" is doing NOW?

He. Dropped. The. Entire. 2 Hour. Block. of Instruction.

But...while possibly defined as "instruction", it was certainly NOT "educational instruction".
What are "Direct orders based on intel KNOWN to be  fraudulent ..." called in the military?

Is it even possible that "somebody" decided that this "teacher" needed a bit of "adjustment", and figured out
"Ooooooo.....send Beene to the class, THAT'LL fix 'em right up!!!"
Main / Check your male privelege
Jul 28, 2014, 05:10 AM
Mirroring Beene's post of the other day...
Maybe there's a better "Here we go again" place to file this?

July 27. 2014 7:28PM

Keene mother of toddler pleads to interference of custody
Union Leader Correspondent

KEENE -- The mother who went missing with her toddler in February pleaded guilty to interference with custody of a minor and contempt of court on Tuesday.

Nicole Reynolds, 33, of Keene appeared in Cheshire County Superior Court Tuesday for a plea and sentencing hearing.

In the negotiated plea she plead to interference with custody of a minor and contempt of court.

She was also order to pay restitution of $2,616.39 to the father of the child, Seth Geraghty, and the child's grandparents, Michael and Fern Geraghty.

Reynolds was given two suspended sentences of 12 months in the Cheshire County House of Corrections. The sentences are suspended for three years pending her good behavior.

Reynolds and her two-year-old daughter, Gianna Geraghty went missing Feb. 5.

Police said Reynolds took her daughter because she was upset because the 2-year-old's grandparents were given custody of the child.

A week later the Jacksonville, Fla., Police Department found mother and daughter safe.

The toddler was returned to her grandparents. Florida police arrested Reynolds on unrelated non-felony charges in Florida. She was returned to New Hampshire shortly after to face a felony warrant for interference with custody.

So, a woman kidnaps a child and takes it across state lines......
"Excused" from prison dependent on an expectation of  "good" behavior.
The piece seems to have "forgot"....
The names of the judge and prosecutor.
The original "crime" removing custody.
Why-AND I'M ASSUMING HERE-she was estranged from her husband, child, as well as the child's paternal grandparents.
The crimes that brought her to the attention of the state she fled to- apparently,the warrant for her arrest only cited "Felony interfering with custody of a child", yet that's all the "negotiated" plea was in Superior court.
Why "interfering with custody, and contempt of court" was deemed a suitable plea replacement for kidnapping.
Was she "in custody" between her arrest and trial?
How she came to flee to Florida, if anyone was "helping" her, who paid for her, and child's, return.

Reporters are at the mercy of editors for what actually get's ink.
Maybe these are reasonable questions for the reporter  MEGHAN PIERCE [email protected]
or the "chief" editor of the paper, Joe McQuaid [email protected], or on twitter @deucecrew
Note: All contact info was  listed in the paper.

How odd.
Time Warner Cable USED to be one of the "bundling" with "crap you don't want, but had to pay for" champions.
I wonder how many clients (like me) it took, saying "You know, just cancel that WHOLE package" before
they figured out a woman, "sensible about such things", would be the ideal subject to tout (ie) No Need for Lifetime when you only wanted CSPAN2.
The passive aggressive, head shakes/nods/grins/ attention to "uniformed authority" bits annoy the crap out of me, EVERY 15 minutes the spot is on, even while I'm "aggressively" surfing what's left of my Time Warner Cable.
I wonder who ELSE Time Warner is "associated" with in "sharing" their meta data? (Look it up, 'cause you won't believe me)
""The terms of the settlement are confidential. We are unable to comment further on this matter."
I understand.
Maybe (fill in the blank) will supplant your fear of "confidential settlement terms" agreements with public funds?   
So, now that Title IX and "Dear colleague...." have addressed "anyone NOT male", we can all look forward to
"anyone claiming NOT Caucasian"?
DO they ALSO discriminate against those nasty, color/gender blind tests for relative IQ and "personality"?
Diversity indeed.   
Maybe Promise Keepers?
It'd be a start.
Main / Re: She's late for a party so....
Jul 13, 2014, 01:04 AM
Oh, did she really just say "I sat on my taco"?
And BAM. Another ticket for littering. No?
Main / Re: Gender inequality
Jul 10, 2014, 03:56 AM
Wow! SO how many single parent homes produce high truancy, under educated children in Pensy?

Women and Gender Studies Professor Breanne Fahs....

Oh my. Look up her CV/Resume and "books".

There's no objective measure of subjective value; accordingly, no one can decide for someone else what is 'unearned'.

Neoteny, Meet the Internal Revenue Service, and (US) the State Treasury.  Internal Revenue Service, State Treasury,  meet Mr. Neoteny.

As to the university .... the ARROGANCE of these people and the way they BLATANTLY ignore every rule and protection PROMISED to the accused.

Which rules and protections are promised to "the accused" in "special" Dear Colleague..... "campus rules of evidence and procedure"?
Who "administers" such "special" law?
And of course, what are the consequences for abuse of such delegated presumptions of "special" jurisprudence ?   
Naturally there was "push back", by very important elected (but otherwise little known) people. "Open" letter, which is now part of "the record" of course. (as is Mr. Will's civil translation of  "Sit down, and STFU you ignorant "liberal" democrat dullards")  
Mr. Will effortlessly revealed  their stupidity and ignorance with their own "data", and previously touted "debate".  
Sadly, some taxpaying voters (US-approx. 50% have such credentials, MINUS any taxpayers of felon status) will support such folks to continue to "serve" the Republic.

Look it up.
I'm too lazy to pump my personal bias, into a hyperlink cut-and paste "debate" defense,  here.

EDIT to add: OK, except this one...
"False accusers need to be punished severely."
Well, that can be a problem when they vote "special" exceptions for themselves, with "special" rule for critics. 
As usual, see: The Rise and Fall of The Third Reich.
Just Benghazi.