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In the US we observed Memorial Day on Monday. Formerly known as remembrance day.
Like many "official" US Federal Holidays on the calendar, it has attracted it's fair share of parasites, opportunists, commercial ventures,both semi-legitimate and outright fraudulent.
Now, being one of those Old Angry White cisMales, I have taken it upon myself to tend to the otherwise "Oh, someone ELSE will do it...." cemetery. (a story of astonishing "Hey, can't do THAT" in itself)
Part of the regular maintenance is getting the grass, overgrowth cut back, ESPECIALLY for the Memorial Day ceremony.
Local Veterans of Foreign Wars/American Legion/honor guard including *gasp* rifle salute.
Local school band (they were uncharacteristically GOOD this year, but they used a "ringer" for Taps).

Being the Mary Sunshine, Pollyanna that I am, I watched the school kids filing out, right in front of me, toward the bus after the doings, wondering what was in store for them. How many of them were going to end up in foreign, or domestic, "conflict".
As it stands now, I have a hard enough time "imagining" which ones might "take over" personal responsibility for the cemetery.
Because it can be hard, actually COSTS me cash, and there's ALWAYS someone with ZERO callouses to make a political gesture in "Wait a minute, you can't DO that...!" (I've managed to brush the worst of them aside, along with the grass clippings, replaced  veteran's marker flags (TY VFW/AL), and discarded plastic flower decorations.)

It's a dirty job, someone has to do it.
Remember Mike Rowe? (Look him up)
The man,  who simply left HIM (well,...and me) gob smacked, in reflection of self pity.
FROM: Glen Beck's site "The Blaze"


Kind of  (re?) inspirational for the "Fuck 'em, just get 'er done" ilk .

Staff Sargent Travis Mills, formerly of the 82nd Airborne, US Army. And he's just ONE.
As "forwarded" by the Memorandum click-fodder mill.
I shit you not. SOME value for those interested in intellectual amusement.  
Perhaps a few folks willing to "register" at Mr. Kos' site (and the like) may begin to educate his regular readers.
Don't forget to visit the "sources" of his "independent investigation".
Be polite of course, but bear in mind that such folks "followers" ALSO have limited tools to get a rise out of others.

"Well, it's complicated"
I recommend ", it is not"

EDIT to ADD: From the piece...complete with trigger warning.
Trigger Warning: Violence against Women

Last Night in Santa Barbara California, a Gunman in a BMW opened fire on students near the UC Santa Barbara campus in Isla Vista. Seven are dead including the gunman, with a further seven injured. the way, three of the dead were his male housemates killed with a knife, one of those shot was a male deli clerk.
Two were "random" females. And of course, himself. No idea about the wounded.
Apparently, it turns out that he actually subscribed to a leftist "site", while occasionally finding solace at a gym rat chat room.
I could be wrong about the last bit, depends who you believe.
I sure as hell don't recognize this guy from ANY of the man o'sphere, where I surf,  then again, I don't get around like I used to.  

In My Humble Opinion...
One cannot  "embrace controversy with dignity", decorum perhaps. Robert's Rules for Parliamentary Procedure was fine until
"maneuvering", and "new rules" turned the current revisions into a minority, and "unsupported" position emotional  joke.

Why no feminist men?

1) Men "don't want to give up the power they already have."
Well, history shows us......

2) They are afraid "they won't be taken seriously."
Well, history shows us......

3) Research shows they are "treated with hostility and suspicion by BOTH men and women."
Well, history shows us......

This is pure paranoid ideation on the part of the feminists writing this program.
Gosh, give her a break.
She's just trying to engineer the environment, around someone else's actual "data" heavy lifting.
Main / Got college?
Apr 29, 2014, 11:08 AM
(via. Instapundit)

In a desperate attempt to inflict as much damage as humanly possible on potential "right wing" voters, the current US Vice President's "council" makes up more shit.
"Dear colleague...." was only setting up the straw men. There are no accusers, false or otherwise, only "survivors".
Feel free to correct the language of such "higher" education folk wherever it seems to be "mis-remembered".

Ever notice how predominantly female "Social Services" jobs, For The Children..., REQUIRE a degree "investment"  from "approved" institutions ?

I wonder what the academic/employment opportunities are for a "survivor" of false accusation viability from administrators
whose livelihood is reliant on Federal "education" tax dollars?
Until such time as the State Department can produce verifiable receipts for recently discovered 6 Billion discrepancy in petty cash, it will be considered a "bonus" to former head, H. Clinton. IRS take note.

NOW refigure that pay gap, "in aggregate". 

This attitude that women have:

This attitude that some women have:
apply throughout.

Remember: " According to a recent survey..." that was positively debunked as utter garbage within two days of publication.
The ENTIRE piece,  "data", statistics, alleged survey response,  put fourth within, is rendered "suspect" at best,
certainly unworthy of further peer review/rebuttal, as are any subsequent "citations",  and simple propaganda graffiti at it's worst.
Which culture of rape is THAT?

give it a month and it'll be back up, rewritten cut-and-pasted.

Am I to assume that "uppity" will NOT be deemed a politically correct "new" word?

I've been on a campaign to insert "Shut up Meg..." (via. Family Guy) into e-"discourse" response to delusional non sequitur rebuttals (mostly of the "Well, you're a big poopy pants." variety) on ANY topic., but much  like "cunt", I don't reserve it for a particular gender. "Bitchy" is useful sometimes when the offender (also of any gender "self identification") is simply behaving like "The Dog In The Manger"

Some time ago I learned another "new" phrase for folks that act "Bossy", without the appropriate qualifications or intellect to do so.

Um, NO!
The absolute shock on the faces of folks hearing an unfamiliar word is priceless.   
I thought it was a piece from the Communist "recruitment" of easily duped "students" days.
It may very well be.
I didn't bother tracking it back to where it was originally cut-and-pasted from. 
OK, THIS probably ought  to get permanently "filed" around here somewhere. From Just Four Guys

The echo's of the "formula" MAY just sound eerily chilling to US readers.
The main piece is good.
The comments are engaging.

"Authorities say child pornography also was found on Flores' computer..."

I wonder how THAT "discovery" came about?
"Yes, legal, medical and mental health experts see the phenomenon day after day, year after year in their various practices."

Uh oh, does this mean that "experts", and the "recovered memories" that only they can find for the purposes of "special" family court, are now to be considered potentially suspect?