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Main / Psychiatrists fear hero copycats
Aug 11, 2004, 08:22 PM
I have been the victim before. It sucked.
I have made the phone call before (when it became clear that the problem was being tended to and I would just be in the way). I never assume that someone else will act.
I know about the dangers of contact with strangers blood.
I know that one second may be all the time there is. One may be supprised how much data an average person can process in one second.
I have had to make profuse appologies for "errors in judgment".
 I am willing to use force to help another, I have found "last resort" is a useful thing (remember one second?)
I challenge the mantle of "forensic psychiatrist", and the armchair hindsight that supports it.

I can only hope if I say "Let's roll", every American male within earshot understands the concept, without too much analysis.
Main / F-ing Dreck From the F-Word
Aug 03, 2004, 01:35 PM
I looked through a lot of the F-word site. Granted, alot of stuff was fairly old but, judging by many of the posts, and as it is from England where things are different than the USA-

 Oh be 18 again! (sigh!!!!!)       NOT!
Quote from: "Pat Kibbon"
Here is a winning answer: "If you say so."

 I don't know...... Personally, I've always used that expression to convey "I'll grant reasonable doubt in this situation" or even" I recognize your knowlege, and my own lack, in this area. I won't even risk a sophist response. However, proceed with caution.". The key word being "If"

When I wish to convey " Look, your full of crap with that poor, juvinile, and transparent attempt at  diversion, shut the f up and stick to the subject at hand.Consider this a tacit warning." ,AND I deem dignity, and civility remain appropriate,I often use "So you say.(cold, and rightious condecention is the essential tone!)However, concerning...."(fill in blank-immidiately going back to subject at hand, without pause for breath)

 I realize it's a subtle distinction and ,of course, my own bend. I find "So you say." equally effective as a simple ender to baited discussion, provided it's my final word.
Main / Major Problem In New Hampshire
Jul 26, 2004, 06:12 PM
If you want something to REALLY protest with letters and phone calls-
  Theres THIS little "Oh by the way" in NH

Look in MND forum. Others have generously posted the pertenant info.
  In VERY brief summery
 Guy(passed out on couch) gets 30-60 years for sex with young girl.
 Girl now( years later) "Oops, my bad, I initiated it.
  County Atty(that proscecuted the original case) says-TOO BAD- You were a victim then and you're still a victim now. NO NEW TRIAL!
   Still waiting to hear from a judge on an opinion.
(Don't miss the part where the police "investigators" back up the County Atty.)
Main / The Grand Fallacy
Jul 25, 2004, 06:13 AM
At great personal risk to myself;

I propose that in matters Feminazi, "The Grand Fallicy" is, quite often, the manifestation of  envy by poor spellers.
How sad that the concept of accountability must constantly fall under the headings of ;
Lest We Forget and
Eternal Vigilance

I, for one, appreciate your efforts to defend against the never-ending attack of the concept of personal responsability. I especially admire the (obvious to me) well thought out, logical, and irrefutable nature of the piece. I often find it difficult to use such herculean restraint when I point out such concepts as;
Be careful what you ask for.......,  
You've made your own bed....., and
The Emporers New Clothes......
 I suspect(nay....expect) this piece will be graced with the usual desperatly empty "but.....but.....but...." of the "special privilege" ilk. Know in advance I expect to refer to it (the piece and the concept), with appropriate credit of course, when I wish to refute the consistant sophist whine, yet again,-without submitting to the "wear them down" tactic of the ignorant.
  My Opinion;(no humble about it)
A well crafted piece, worthy of reprint ANYWHERE.
Quote from: "Galt"
I don't know if the feminazis are really the problem - the problem is that they can get away with all of it because of Chivalrous Men.

I'm starting to think that the enemy isn't really the feminazis - they are just yapping little chihuahas - it's the men who allow themselves to be used by them based on chivalry.  Like, really.

Now wait just one second there. I happen to take umberage at the repeatedly offensive(to me) referances used here!

Chivalry, and Chivalrous are NOT the concepts suitable for the associations you make. While basicly agreeing with the concept, I assign those responsable the name I can't say here. The code of the gentleman prohibits.
Main / Courtney Watch 2004
Jul 14, 2004, 07:36 PM
Courtny watch?       WHY? Because her HUSBAND was famously tragic?
Quote from: "Dan Lynch"
We constantly hear that women are mysterious and that men can never figure them out, but.... really is it all that hard to figure out what women want?

I say "No!" emphatically.  This does not mean I'm mysoginistic, but rather practical.


Um....Dan. "Shhhhhhh.....Be vewy vewy quiet"[1]. You're giving up the carrot here.

[1] Elmer Fudd
Quote from: "Mr. Nickle"
Getting rid of bullying would be good. But the problem is that the same people who got to define what 'domestic violence' is are trying to be the ones who influence what constitutes workplace bullying and how it will be dealt with through legislation.

Men aren't safe in their homes now they won't be safe at work.

Scenario after we get some VAWA style office abuse legislation enacted:

Bill: "Susan do you have that report finished yet? We're under a deadline"

(smiling, sweet)"Oh, not yet Bill but I'll have it done by four."

"Thanks, Susan."

Susan later reflects on the discussion and the "workplace bullying" seminar she attended and feels Bill was targeting her for intimidation, belittlement and humiliation. She won't stand for this so Susan calls to the new "workplace bullying" hotline:

(almost incomprehensible through the tears)"...A-a-a-and then he demanded that I have it done by 4. I-I-I don't know what to do. I'm frightened.

Crack squads of office bullying intervention officers arrive on the scene, remove Bill and provide immediate grief counselling to Susan.


 Sheesh, have you learned nothing? In this scenario the well rehearsed hanky holders can't get  armed personnel/resource management to show up and remove,arrest,detain,defame,etc. the accused - hours, days,or even years after the event- unless you imply   "(fill in blank)......and I'm so frightened   that I physicly can't stop  shaking". And, of course, add the coup de grace "And I can't get any of my work done!" .

Of what 'power' is Snow White claiming that the penis is a symbol? How does one exercise that power?

That is what I want to know.

Better penmanship in the snow?
Main / Britney doesn't want prenup
Jul 11, 2004, 12:27 PM
Should I care?
Interesting forum over there at @.  Like anywhere, it seems to have a full range of reason going on.
Elsewhere I made a post concerning a fencepost.(MND I Think) As I read the thread in @forums I couldnt help but get a vision.

Back at the lonely  ranch,
Along the barbed wire fence,
Held up by wooden fenceposts
that just can't make no sense.

But someones' gotta do it.
Keep watch upon the heard.
Steer,mooing cow are pent,
Lest spread their mighty turd.

Thank you......thank you.......I'll be here all week!
Geoffery Chaucer-"A Knights Tale"(the movie)
Main / FAQ
Jul 09, 2004, 10:59 PM
Point taken..... and agreed!

I can't be bothered to invest astounding amounts of (tax deductable)resources to yet another data gathering study I don't have a degree in antropology,sociology,psychology, or womyns studies. All I can bring to the table is this-
 5 years residence in Stamford Conn.
 2 years residence in Houston Tx.
 8 years residence in New York City NY
10 years residence in Newark NJ
 2 years residence in Yonkers NY
And throughout all this-
40 years residence,on and off, in Northern NH (on the border of Maine)
ALWAYS on the have/have not neighborhood border lines.
  My data is merely local newspaper accounts, direct communication with the people who live there, overheard conversations on the bus, twice daily (or more)drive-by surveys through the neighborhoods. Interaction with shopkeepers, bartenders,dealers,cops,doctors,taxi drivers,... (get the picture?)
If all that sounds like blather then move on. If not, then I invite further consideration.  

In My Humble Opinion-
   Modern welfare is great as a temporary stop-gap measure. After (arbitrary number) one year it's a joke. It's a self promoting addiction that traps its abusers into an ever downward spiral of personal and societal degredation.
Responsability, self esteem, accountability, respect,spirituality,pride etc. are all endangered species.
 The minorities involved are not of color, origin, sex, or age. The true minority in the welfare "game" are those that get out of it, against an admittedly stacked deck.