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Oct 16, 2004, 09:22 PM
It has been shut down.
Don't really know why. But its something, Isn't it?
Main / Cox's campaign
Oct 13, 2004, 12:46 PM

Michigan attorney general dumps poster campaign

Cox bows to criticism from fathers group over his child support billboard contest

By Jim Lynch / The Detroit News


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Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is pulling the plug on a controversial part of his PayKids child support program -- a contest critics say places children between warring parents.

Three weeks ago, Cox's office announced a contest calling for children 17 and younger to create artwork for a Michigan billboard. Contestants were to create scenes "encouraging the payment of child support."

On Tuesday, however, Cox changed his mind about the contest. In an e-mail to The Detroit News, Cox said he had made a mistake and would stop the contest immediately.

"It was not an attempt to turn children against one parent or another," Cox wrote, "it was an attempt to use children's artistic abilities to positively address a social problem."

The announcement comes after fathers' rights groups blasted the program as insensitive.

Ron Brown, a Detroit resident and founder of the Fathers Helping Fathers Network, said the contest "is creating messages for the child, and those messages may be telling a child that one parent is not a good person."

Murray Davis, vice president of the National Family Justice Association, said he was "stunned" to hear of the contest when it was announced in September.

"In most divorce decrees," he said, "there is language stating that parents are not to disparage or denigrate each other to keep children isolated from emotional turmoil. This puts children in the middle of it."

A spokesman for the Attorney General's Office said the end of the contest would be announced today.

"We're disappointed that certain groups chose to cloud or distort the message we were trying to convey," said Randall Thompson, an office spokesman. "And that is that, while there are a lot of good parents out there, there are others with the means to pay child support but don't over many years. They're called felons."

I think this is good news, But i've got one question.
Why the "NEGATIVE" at the end?????
Main / NutBars Again.
Oct 12, 2004, 11:44 PM

1) Trish Wilson notices Fathers Rights Watch Canada!

Noted feminist Trish Wilson had some kind words of encouragement for Father's Rights Watch Canada. She too is actively engaged in "outing" the father's rights movement and her site is really the Mecca of Information on these whack-job groups. I first encountered her site and her writings a couple of years ago and have been inspired ever since. Yay Trish Wilson!! Vive les feministe libre! A pox on the homes of these fathers rights nuts!

Reply is in BLACK

We must induldge these "people" (sic) in humanitarian and non destrucive discourse.

It is in our best interest to not reply directly, but to see if perhaps we could "come together" as one and go over the ramafications of said website's, and of said replies.

These people are completely driven by faith (they are right).
They Have no conception of "RIGHT OR WRONG". All arguments presented by "these people" have no basis in fact.!!

Fuck 'Em

This was originally posted @ '"
To all of you, Hello.
    I've posted a few times before "introductions" even registered (in My brain). To busy being self absorbed i guess.

My Name is Ken
I'm from Vancouver BC, Canada
Haven't seen my daughter in almost two years. (she's 5.5 now).
Am very new to activism of any kind (blinded by the light).
Sincerely wish to make a difference, but realize I can't do it myself.
Have been seeking, silimliarly minded individuals for two years now.
Have gained insight and resolve from websites and forums such as this.

Wish to say Thank you!

             THANK YOU!

Just for being you.

Main / Exit, "Stage Left"
Oct 10, 2004, 12:08 AM
It's been fun!
Main / NutBars at .fathersrightswatch
Oct 09, 2004, 06:49 PM
Sounds a lot like whining to us here at Father's Rights Watch. Seeing as how you are all so terribly oppressed and, naturally, it's the fault of feminists - Father's Rights Watch Canada is today issuing a 30-day notice of action.

That's right, as many of you such as Canada Father's 4 Justice seem to believe that we feminists fear you, we are issuing a 30-day challenge for your groups to organize and into the movement you claim to be.

We feminists are quite tired of listening to you nut cases bitch, moan and complain. We are exhausted from hearing about how 'feminists get the funding' and men's groups don't.

Well, here's your chance to get back at the "feminazis"!

Organize yourselves into one functional group and do something about it! (We doubt you can, after all - you ARE men.)

We have issued this challenge because we believe that your movement doesn't have the leadership of the skills to work together and change this so-called 'discrimination' in the family courts or this so called "destruction of fathers" by feminism.

We are going to monitor your lists - as we have been doing all along, to determine whether this challenge is even being talked about. Each day, we are going to devote one specific page on our site to chart your progress.

We doubt you are up to the challenge because it will force all of you to put your words into action - so far, all we are seeing is a lot of words and a lot of internal crap which amuses the HELL out of us.

So, are you MAN enough? Time will tell and we ARE watching.

Hmmmm, Let's see, Hmmmmmmmm??

Hmmmmmm, Ummmmmmm?  Ahhhhhhhh.

It's already started You Yahoo!

Just because you and your "feminazi" buddies CANNOT conceptualize any organization beyond your immediate control or influence, does not mean "organization" does not exsist.!

Face it: you are very soon going to be held accountable for your actions.
You ready?
Main / I was Drunk at the time
Oct 03, 2004, 11:34 AM
Just thought I should Apologize, So here it is..

Sorry for being and ass and agressevly stupid.
It don't matter much where one is from or ones beliefs.
Dr Evil, noted and understood.

Main / Long time Lurker, First time Poster
Sep 30, 2004, 01:57 PM
I put up a website yesterday, It has a link to "stand your ground" in it.
I was hoping that some of you would take a look. There is no advertising and no pop-ups for the next six days. It is on a freeweb server.
I am looking for feedback, And like I said in the Site, "Jail Be damned".