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Main / Re: And now ... on a lighter note
Apr 23, 2020, 02:14 PM
Hi Galt.  It has been a long time since I was here.  How are you doing these days?
Thanks so much for buying my book.   :sunny:

It looks like mens_issues' site is still going strong.  I will try to get in touch with him.

When you get done reading the book, could you please write a review at Amazon?  Even if you did not like the book much, a negative review is still beneficial to me, because it shows that people are reading the book (and gives me feedback).

I'm thinking of writing a dystopian novel involving MGTOW.  In the future, they become an underclass of people, but learn to fight back.  The last novel was from the heart, but I would like to write something now that would appeal to more people.

Any ideas for selling books to people interested in men's issues?

How are you doing these days?  Do you frequent other MRA forums or websites?  I have been out of the loop, while I wrote my book.

I am kinda enjoying stay home.  I brought my work home.

Hi.  I used to be a regular on here.  Kinda miss it now.  It's like going back to the old neighborhood.  Anyway.

There are lots of novels & movies for feminists, but few to none for MRA or Men's Movement readers.  We should have our own literature.

I want to target just readers interested in our topics, but I have lost touch with many people and many of the old forums no longer exist.  If there were men's sites with lots of traffic, I would not mind paying a modest amount to advertise this book on those sites.  Even if it did not sell well, at least the money would be going to male-positive sites.

Could you please help me?  Thanks if you can.  Are you around dr e?
Even though they hate men, guess who will be digging the graves?  :laughing6:
So many active skinny white women! I never saw anything like it since the 70s.
The lie is in the word "Now".

My engineering society provides salary survey numbers categorized by gender, age, years of experience etc. I have been an engineer for many years and have never seen women earning less when comparing the same years of experience etc. Women tend to earn a little more and this has always been the case as far back as I remember.
Main / Not Guilty - Battered Husband Syndrome
Mar 02, 2014, 10:35 PM
If Jurors start applying this law equally, it will eventually be struck down. Hurray!

Battered Husband Found Not Guilty of Murder
The article is given a veneer of honesty merely because it is found in a magazine that appears reputable.

"The most reliable statistics available place the number of false rape reports at between 2 and 8 percent of all rape reports." is simply stated without anything to back it up, except an obviously biased feminist report.
Taken out of context, I think I understand the angle here and how it is supposed to be funny, but I am not sure if you will pull it off.

So I just take it on faith that you have it all figured out.  :dontknow:
Main / Re: Human Evolution
Jan 26, 2014, 01:20 AM
Interesting graph.

Without marriage, women own the children. Women then gain special rights and privileges in the name of the children.

I don't know much about Japan, but they seem to be a model society. Crime and immigration are extremely low and the family unit is still intact. Bravo!
Good advice Libertarian.

I still can't comment on any Youtube video. Youtube has become a piece of trash since it was hooked up to Google-.

We should never let companies create monopolies. Afterwards, they have contempt for the customers. I have already posted my videos on Dailymotion.
It is a fraud for a woman to pretend she loves a man, but she is just a gold digger.

It is extremely painful for the victim to find out that she lied all along.

The men's version of her show would be "How to spot a gold digger".
Thanks for your ideas Peter.

There is an all out assault on privacy and freedom now. I upgraded my laptop to 8.1 today, but I see they want all my computer data stored on their "cloud" MS storage. I disabled that (assuming disabling was not just a deception), but now I need an MS password just to start my computer. I bet that goes to MS, so they know every time you turn on your computer. I should try it with internet access turned off.

It is all about bullying customers to accept products they don't want.  :angryfire:
Main / Re: Merry Christmas
Dec 24, 2013, 01:18 PM
Merry Christmas everyone!!!  :sunny:

Enjoy it now, as it may be deemed offensive to Muslim, Hindu etc immigrants in future.

Keep in mind that Russia has declared the North Pole to be Russian territory. (I actually used to work for NORAD and was somewhat close to the pole.)

Feminists claim that the reindeer are all female, because they still have antlers. But actually, sled deer are generally young male deer that keep their antlers until Feb or March. Don't let the true get in the way of propaganda, right?

Be proud. Keep up the struggle. Have a nice Christmas.  :love5:
Thanks, mens_issues. You inspire me.

Since I have been away from SYG, I realise that it is hard to keep going on men's issues without a peer group of like minded people.

It seems ok at first but then I start to drift and wonder if anything matters as long as I have food and heat.

And there is not much time left over anyway.

But SYG can bring it all back into focus and it seems important again.