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Main / Pedos, Priests & Pupils
Dec 22, 2010, 12:25 AM
Hey, I am feeling better.  :sunny:

I would love to see some estimate of the number of children molested by priests versus the number molested by teachers.

I bet that teachers molest something like 10X as many children as priests.

Priests and pedos are considered nearly synonymous, but the teachers are getting away with it untarnished.

A younger friend of mine told me a couple days ago that a woman teacher in his school molested a young female pupil. The teacher was fired and is now teaching at another school, and she now coaches girl's sports. This is just like priests being moved from one church to another.

(I felt shocked and angry, so I am venting here.)

The difference is that priests are men as are popes, so they must be evil. The Catholic Church is under attack, not because of molested children, but because priests are male.

(Teachers molest far more children, but they are not under attack. Teachers are mostly female. :angel4:)

"The potential that secrets ranging from war tactics to intelligence-sharing could be revealed sparked concerns Thursday from Defence Minister Peter MacKay and U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson, who said it was an irresponsible attempt to "wreak havoc" and "destabilize global security" that will put lives at risk.

But the fear of real damage is accompanied by another concern in Ottawa - that snippets of private talk by U.S. diplomats might include sharp words that could stick in the mind of a Canadian public that is often sensitive to how they are seen in American eyes."

I wonder if these leaks are a bad thing or a good thing.

I wish that Canadians would lose that warm and fuzzy feeling they have about international relations and be more focused on looking after our own country first.

America is our best ally and I have nothing against them. But if you look at the American embassy in Ottawa from a top view (as I did) you will see dozens of (maybe even one hundred) antennae hidden behind a facade that rings the top of the building. Really, it is every country for themselves.
from the age of 5 and onwards.

"Leavy delves deeply into the abyss of Mantle's alcoholism and suggests that being sexually molested as as a child played a role in his behavior, especially in his relationship with women."

"Ms. Leavy consults the experts and pronounces: "Mantle's story is consistent with a cluster of symptoms often seen in survivors of childhood abuse: sexual compulsivity or extreme promiscuity; alcoholism or substance abuse; difficulty regulating emotions and self-soothing; bed-wetting; a distorted sense of self; self-loathing, shame and guilt; a schism between a public image and a private self; feelings of isolation and mistrust; difficulty getting close to others."


It was very much as I expected.  Most of the program involved prerecorded and edited interviews.  Her staff selected each man who spoke.  It was all very controlled.

Big shock.  Every last one of the men, who were allowed to speak, were molested by men.  Fathers, priests, male nurses etc.  Several times we heard that sexual abuse was sodomy.

One man mentioned in passing that he was raped by his friend's mother.  That was 3 seconds out of 40 minutes.  Oprah was not interested at all and did not ask him about that.

It tasted smug, how she was helping out the weaker sex.
An investigative report will air Friday about how she murdered and walked free.

If it had been a bear, she would have had to pay hefty fines and would likely be charged with reckless discharge of a firearm and hunting after dark etc. But it was just a man who was murdered, so no harm done.  :angryfire:
This is a prediction I heard on the TV news a couple nights ago.  China is the third largest economy in the world and is growing much faster than the U.S.  They will soon be rich enough to buy all the military toys to project power.  They will own Taiwan soon, inevitable.

So this is how America will be eclipsed, how they will become just one country among many as Great Britain became.

It is ironic that America is fixated on military threats that hardly even exist. Who will invade the US?

But China has been allowed to gut America's manufacturing industry by rigging their currency.  China buys major companies in the US and around the world, but does not allow foreigners to buy Chinese companies.  Patents and copyright mean nothing in China.

China gets ahead by breaking the rules and laughs at us for letting them get away with it.

When Russia invaded Germany in 1945, they used cutting torches to remove the precious industrial equipment from German factories and shipped it back to Russia by train.

Now, we are just giving it all away to China.  We close our factories and melt it down. Then our companies show the Chinese how to make their own.  Same result.

I can see a day when even US military suppliers must look to China for components.

So that is how it will go.  US GDP "growth" is projected to be 1% - 2% for years and years to come.  Chinese growth is 8% - 10%.  This is the only real threat to the US IMO.

If it is difficult to do something about it now, how much harder (impossible) it will be if we put it off a few more years.

(3/4 of the way down the page)

Lowest rate of female victims ever recorded:

In 2008, females accounted for the lowest proportion (24%) of homicide victims recorded since data collection began. There were 146 female victims in 2008, 17 fewer than in 2007. The rate of female victims has generally been declining since the late 1960s (Chart 9). This decline may be related to the decline in spousal homicide rates over the past 30 years, which usually involve female victims, as well as the fact that gang-related homicides, which usually involve male victims, have increased.

In 2008:

-   146 females were murdered in Canada.
-   817 females committed suicide.

-   465 males were murdered in Canada.
-   2,695 males committed suicide.   

"Former Pennsylvania judge Michael Conahan has pleaded guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge for helping put juvenile defendants behind bars in exchange for bribes.

He is accused along with former judge Mark Ciavarella of taking $2.8m (1.8m) from a profit-making detention centres. Mr Ciavarella denies wrongdoing.

The two pleaded guilty last year but a federal judge tossed out part of the plea agreement for being too lenient.

Conahan faces up to 20 years in jail."
in hiring for government jobs!

The Canadian government currently hires women in preference over men, even though women already hold 57% of government jobs.  They call this "diversity" hiring or employment "equity".

Also, a Pakistani right off the plane has a better chance of landing a plum government job than a white man who was born and raised here in Canada.

I love the Conservatives!!  :love5: I gave them a $100 donation before the last election. Good investment!

Vote in the online poll if you like. 80% of people agree that the current policy needs to be reviewed.  :sunny:

Twenty South African boys have died following botched circumcisions in the Eastern Cape Province.

"The deaths occurred over the past 12 days, with nine of them occurring over the past 24 hours," said a provincial health spokesperson.

Some 60 boys have been rescued from 11 initiation schools which have since been closed.


Women's Enterprise Initiative Loan Program

"To access the WEI Loan Program, you must be:

    * A legal entity 50% or more owned and controlled by a woman or women.
    * Operating or about to operate in one of the four western provinces.
    * Be able to submit a business plan that outlines a viable business (WEI will counsel you on how to develop a business plan).
    * Seeking debt financing up to a maximum of $150,000.
    * Seeking financing for start-up, expansion or the purchase of an existing business."

Time to reconsider preferential hiring practices for women in public service: watchdog:

"Women now hold the majority of jobs in the public service, filling about 55 per cent of all jobs. They also have a firm hold on senior jobs, holding about 43 per cent of all executive positions."

"Opponents have long argued the act flies in the face of fairness and equity by giving gender and race priority over those best qualified for the job."

(Paul's Note: Unemployment rate for men is much higher than for women and everyone wants a government job.)
Gary Coleman 911 Call - You won't believe what you hear !

He is bleeding to death on the floor and his ex-wife says  "He fell or something".  She refuses to help him, because his head is "bloody and gross".

Dave Lucio's life was cut tragically short three years ago this Sunday by a .40-calibre Glock pistol bullet to his head. The lethal shot was fired by Kelly Johnson, a woman he had broken up with the previous day after a three-year intimate relationship. When she pulled the trigger, Lucio was driving a van with Johnson sitting beside him. Johnson then turned the gun on herself. The circumstances therefore left no room for doubt about who perpetrated the crime.

Although by no means the first time a Canadian man had been killed by a present or former intimate partner -- one-third of Canada's approximately 70 annual intimate partner homicides are men killed by women -- the case made waves because both the killer and the victim were police officers (Lucio a retired superintendent).

The story gathered wider cultural significance because then-London police chief Murray Faulkner (he has since retired) treated the case as a bilateral tragedy rather than a homicide. According to contemporary news reports, he went in person to comfort the family of Johnson -- the killer -- but didn't even bother to call the parents of Lucio, the victim.

To longtime observers, Faulkner's default sympathy for the woman in the case dovetailed with his much-publicized professional commitment to a feminism-conceived "gender paradigm" in the area of domestic violence (DV). Feminists insist DV is always the fault of controlling men, whether they dish it out or receive it, with women always the victims.

More than just a supporter, really, Faulkner was something of an activist (he and his men once marched in the street wearing red high heels. Rather than mouth the official platitude that the DV laws are gender-neutral, Chief Faulkner openly embraced the discriminatory training programs and gender profiling that feminist theory calls for, publicly stating that DV is a "gender problem ... Men, and what it is to be a man in our society, [are] the problem."

A man's entitled to his opinions. But a statistic implies a fact. The London Police Service's definition of domestic violence is "any use of physical or sexual force, actual or threatened, in an intimate relationship." Couples don't have to be living together according to the definition, and the Lucio-Johnson affair fit the police DV profile to a T.

And yet for 2007, Faulkner's departmental records show that there was one DV homicide of a woman by a man, but zero homicides of a man by a woman. Put another way, London's 2007 police stats show that DV-related violence was 100% male on female and 0% female on male, when in fact, if the Lucio-Johnson case had been entered in the appropriate category, the ratio would be 50:50.

"A bad statistic is harder to kill than a vampire," according to a recent book on data manipulation, and no truer words were ever spoken when it comes to the DV industry. In the case of the London police statistics, the troublesome failure to designate the Lucio murder as DV calls their whole archive into question.

But it also calls into question statistics all over the country. Chief Faulkner may have been the most outspoken of police chiefs in his zeal to ingratiate himself with feminist theorists, but all police chiefs, family court judges and social service agencies are schooled in bias-selection or fabricated DV statistics. The Quebec DV mill is particularly notorious in this regard, and any number of DV police stats in other jurisdictions may be equally skewed to support myths.

Here are the facts. Nearly 250 scholarly studies (including studies by Statistics Canada) show women are at least as likely to initiate or engage with equal vigour in DV as men. Only 5.5% of all DV conforms to the gender paradigm of violent males who gratuitously batter non-violent females, and almost all of those men are extremely psychologically damaged (or culturally driven, a whole other ball game from normative DV). Self-defence accounts for only 10%-20% of female partner aggression. Fewer than 1% -- not 22%, as often claimed -- of emergency room visits by women are for DV assaults. False allegations of abuse, rarely punished, are at least as ruinous to men's lives as actual abuse is to women's.

But the DV myths go on and on. We owe it to Dave Lucio's memory to see that they stop. The London police force should begin that process by investigating its own history of DV statistics -- with objectivity, not ideology, as its guide.
Main / Lie to me (OT)
May 02, 2010, 10:10 PM
We are all swimming in a sea of lies. All is BS.

Politicians, journalists, movie makers all research to see what sort of lie the customer wants to hear.  Then they provide that lie as entertainingly as possible.

We know all about the feminist lies and why those lies are welcomed and even needed.  We can see the lies of the USSR & Nazi Germany and how well they were accepted.

Canadians believe we are superior because we allow too many immigrants in and our military is too small.  We are told that all the world respects us for these two qualities, but I suspect we are more often laughed at.

Canadians watch US movies and laugh a little. The actual "The Great Escape" involved Canadian POWs and a few British, but to please a US audience the movie makers changed the story so that Canadian POWs became American.

Lindburg was the first "solo transatlantic flight".  Somehow the pair of British who flew across the ocean years earlier did not count because they were not "solo".  That is silly.

Where is the truth?  No one person or group has the truth.  Everyone has a little bit of the truth.

The Orillia Packet & Times

Thursday, January 28, 2010    

Harper plans to put women and children first at G8

Posted 17 hours ago

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will outline plans to put women and children first during his presidency of the G8, when he gives the keynote address at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland on Thursday.

Harper took over the presidency of the G8 Jan. 1, and will be hosting summits for both the G8 and the G20 this June in Muskoka and Toronto, respectively.

"As president of the G8 in 2010, Canada will champion a major initiative to improve the health of women and children in the world's poorest regions," Harper said in a statement.

"Members of the G8 can make a tangible difference in maternal and child health and Canada will be making this the top priority in June."

Harper said it was "unacceptable" that the world will miss the United Nations Millennium Development Goals to reduce poverty-related deaths, especially for pregnant women and young children.

Harper will set the tone for his G8 presidency in Davos, Switzerland, this week, where 2,500 delegates from around the world will attend to discuss the global economy.
Main / Earn Money from Your Video (Youtube)
Jan 14, 2010, 10:12 PM
Just curious. Anyone tried it? I keep getting this message and I am guessing that it would be a mistake to sign up.  :dontknow:

Big money to be made?  :greener:
Main / Montgomery Bus Strike
Jan 10, 2010, 07:32 PM
So Blacks had a strike, because they were upset about where they had to sit on the bus.  It would be easy to say "What difference does it make where they sit, so long as they get to where they are going?"  Fortunately, people could see that it does make a difference, because it is part of a larger issue.

People dismiss and minimize each men's issue, using the same type of argument, somewhat similar to "What difference does it make where they sit, so long as they get to where they are going?"

The idea that each of the smaller issues is part of a larger issue, is something that MRAs (and myself) have not been able to get across to the average person.  The idea that men should have dignity, respect and rights.

Many men's issues can be minimized and dismissed individually, but if people could see a bigger picture...

P.S. Many people will say that Rosa Parks demonstrated the greater courage etc of women.

I saw a program about this.  The Black civil rights movement was co-ordinated by  a central committee.  They had over 100 candidates to make a test case with.  Rosa Parks was one of the 100.

They chose her, because she was an upright church-goer and because they knew that a black woman would garner far more sympathy than a black man.  Many people would ask "Why should a woman give up her seat to a man?"

Ignatieff (the foreign pig) wants to make pay equity a human right

The Canadian Press

Date: Thursday Dec. 10, 2009 6:58 AM ET

OTTAWA -- Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff says equal pay for work of equal value is a basic human right that should never be put up for grabs at the collective bargaining table.

To that end, he introduced Wednesday a private member's bill aimed at reversing a controversial measure in the 2009 federal budget.

The budget essentially reclassified pay equity as a labour issue to be negotiated in collective agreements, stripping the Canadian Human Rights Commission of its authority to adjudicate pay equity complaints.

Ignatieff's proposal -- his first private member's bill since becoming an MP in 2006 -- would return pay equity to the human rights realm.

It would also create a federal pay-equity commission charged with implementing an equal-pay regime in the federal public service, federally regulated companies and Crown corporations by 2012.

Ignatieff acknowledged his bill would result in some additional, unspecified costs for the government but said the principle is "definitely worth it."

Ignatieff said pay equity is really about gender equality, noting that women, on average, still earn only 72 cents for every dollar earned by men for the same work.

He said he chose the issue for his first bill because it's emblematic of the Liberal party's core belief in equal opportunity for all.

Treasury Board President Vic Toews pointed out that Ignatieff's Liberals supported the budget, including the pay equity measures, and questioned why they're suddenly reversing themselves on the issue.

He insisted the Conservative government supports pay equity and maintained the changes were designed to replace the complaints-driven human rights process, which was adversarial, costly and time-consuming, with a more collaborative regime through the collective bargaining process.