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because the Canadian government offers up to $250K to women who start their own businesses.

I have two questions:

A, The Canadian Constitution states:
"15. (1) Every individual is equal before the and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, or mental or physical disability."
So how is it that the government itself discriminates based on sex?

B, Did my friend outwit the feminists?  Did the feminists who made the law anticipate this simple way to get around it?  In dealings with the banks and the government his wife must be present to approve any major decisions he makes?

I have heard that women now make up more than half of small business owners.
Main / A year after bus beheading - Tim's Law
Jul 31, 2009, 10:26 AM

Since Li's trial, deDelley has been campaigning for the creation of a new law -- called "Tim's Law" -- which would result in an automatic life-sentence for anyone convicted of taking a life, no matter what their mental state.

If there was such a new law, we can assume that it would apply only to murderers who are male?

Are we saying that when a mother murders her toddler or baby that she would receive a life sentence? I doubt that.

What about Batter Wife Syndrome? Are we throwing that away? Never.
Main / MRA Dictionary
Jul 01, 2009, 05:18 PM
The Men's Movement needs a common lexicon of terms and expressions.  If we can know the words and agree on them, then we can more easily push the words into common usage.  We can use the MRA words wherever we go on the net or in the world until the words are accepted into public discourse.

Here are some good ones:

Misandry: Hatred and contempt for men and boys

Ms.information: The feminist campaign to misinform the general public regarding gender issues.

Sir Lancelot: A derogatory term for chivalrous men. Example "Hey, Sir Lancelot, I was in line ahead of the women! Why are you serving them first?"

Feminist, feminasty, feminazi: Indicates the level of anti-male prejudice

Pussy pass: Special treatment by police and more lenient sentencing for women

Anyone have some good ones to add?  We could build up a fairly complete dictionary and maybe other MRA websites would want it too.

This could be a sticky Dr. E?  I noticed that the Men's Calender is not getting much traffic.  Want to try this one for a while instead?
Main / Happy National Aboriginal Day Dads
Jun 21, 2009, 12:07 PM
There are 2 programs on TV right now commemorating Aboriginal day.  Enjoy all of the Aboriginal events.  You paid for all of them with your tax dollars.
Main / Why are you blaming women?
May 23, 2009, 02:37 PM
I was telling someone that the rise of the single parent family deprives a growing number of men of the opportunity to parent children, to raise and mold them.

The response was "Why are you blaming women?".  I said "I am not talking about women.  I am talking about men."  This was met by a blank stare.  Incomprehension.   :yikes:

In our culture everything is for and about women.  That is why people assume that The Men's Movement is about anti-feminism or anti-women.  They assume that it must be about women.  Whenever The Men's Movement is discussed in the media, the discussion is about women.

That is why only women are supposed to talk about gender issues.  The question becomes "Why should a man be permitted to tell women how to live?"  The idea that a man might talk about men's issues totally escapes people.  Who cares about men?

(The word "misandry" is not even in the dictionary and YouTube flags it as a typo.)

In our videos, blogs and web pages, I think that we need to cut back on discussion about women and focus as much as possible just on men.  This is something new.  It surprises people.  It can make us interesting.   :male:
Woman could face mischief charges in false Amber Alert
Last Updated: Friday, April 3, 2009 12:16 PM ET
CBC News

Montreal police are considering charging a 36-year-old woman in connection with an Amber Alert Thursday night.

Const. Daniel Lacoursière said a woman called 911 to report her 15-month-old son had been kidnapped by his father. He said the woman told police her ex called saying she'd never see her son again.

The major crime squad was called in and an Amber Alert was issued at about 10 p.m.

An hour later police located the man and his son in a home in east-end Montreal. The boy was unharmed.

The Amber Alert was rescinded.

"For now, no charges are being brought against the father, but our investigation is still ongoing," said Lacoursière.

He said police believe the woman knew where the father and the son were the whole time. "Maybe charges will brought against the mother for public mischief," Lacoursière added.

An Amber Alert isn't called unless police believe there is evidence a child has been kidnapped and is in danger. The information is disseminated to media, police forces across Canada and Transport Quebec so that it can post the alert on its highway signs.


I heard more details on TV just now.

The father is the custodial parent.  The mother knew where he was staying and she later admitted this to police.  He was staying at a shelter for fathers and children who are fleeing domestic violence.  TV said that this was the only such shelter in Canada.  The TV report said that the father might have been the victim of gender bias.

P.S. Why did the police say that they
located the man and his son in a home
, when in fact he was staying at a shelter for male victims of domestic violence?
Check out my Youtube at   :yikes:

It is a waste of time to debate with these poisonous demons.

Click on some of the women's names to look at their sites! Check out this one:




I think I understand now!!! It must be one embittered man-hater woman with many different Youtube channels. She then picks a target and pretends to be many different people. Her channels have many of the same videos!!

(They are coming every few minutes and I am banning them one by one. I also deleted a few.)

Hey, while you are over there, you could press the thumbs down on the man-haters' messages to show your disapproval.  :laughing6:
Main / Misandry - Spread the Word
Feb 20, 2009, 10:13 PM
I remember when searching "Misandry" at Youtube produced 4 results.  I searched just now and 176 results came up!  :sunny: Woohoo!!

Also, no one at my video asks what "misandry" means anymore.  They accept it without question.  This is progress.  Good work everybody!

When will we see it in the spell checkers and dictionaries?  Soon, I think.

Keep putting the word "misandry" everywhere on the web.   :engel2:
Here in socialist Canada, he is already condemned as protectionist.  (He will visit Canada in a few days.)

His spending to revitalize the economy stipulates infrastructure iron and steel only from America (breaking international trade agreements), possibly provoking a trade war that will further cripple economies.

The US does more trade with Canada than any other country (18% of US trade is with Canada, China is still far behind at 12%).  Canada is also the top supplier of oil to the US (more than from Saudi Arabia & Kuwait combined).

Obama also talked about renegotiating NAFTA, so sparks will fly!

Bill toughens law on visual sexual aggression against children in Maine

Rep. Dawn Hill, Democrat from York, Maine, supports a bill that strengthens the law against visual aggression against children.
By Dave Choate
[email protected]
April 06, 2008 6:00 AM

Those who peer at children in public could find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Maine soon.

A bill that passed the House last month aims to strengthen the crime of visual sexual aggression against children, according to state Rep. Dawn Hill, D-York.

Her involvement started when Ogunquit Police Lt. David Alexander was called to a local beach to deal with a man who appeared to be observing children entering the community bathrooms. Because the state statute prevents arrests for visual sexual aggression of a child in a public place, Alexander said he and his fellow officer could only ask the man to move along.

"There was no violation of law that we could enforce. There was nothing we could charge him with," Alexander said.

He attended a talk with Hill a week later and brought the case to her attention. Hill pledged to do what she could, Alexander said, and the result was a change through the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee in the House, which made the law applicable in both private and public places.

Alexander said he's grateful Hill was willing to take up the cause, and is hopeful the measure will clear the Senate.

"I'll be pleased that we were able to identify this flaw and take steps to rectify it," he said.

Under the bill, if someone is arrested for viewing children in a public place, it would be a Class D felony if the child is between 12 to 14 years old and a Class C felony if the child is under 12, according to Alexander.

Hill said she believes the move was necessary to correct what she called a "loophole" in the state's criminal law statutes.

"I told Lt. Alexander that I would be happy to work with him and sponsor a bill that would correct this in the 2008 session," Hill said. "And so we did."

In arguing for the bill, Alexander said she cited public rest rooms as places where the people using them should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. She said the committee determined that there would not be any major side effects from expanding the statute to include public places.

The bill recently cleared a fiscal review, done because of the state's major prison budget crunch, and Hill said it should be heading to the Senate before long.

York Police Chief Doug Bracy said the statute would represent a fairly minor change that would help keep the public safer, especially children. He noted that York police respond fairly regularly to reports of public peepers on the town's beaches.

With ever-growing concern over sexual predators, Bracy said the arrests will also allow police to check backgrounds and determine if there is a criminal history involved.

"There is a growing outcry by the public to protect our children," Bracy said, noting that tourists from all over the country visit York.
Main / Vicious Feminism in the Schools
Jan 02, 2009, 09:09 PM
There are many great MRA videos on YouTube these days, but this one confirmed my greatest fears.  Is it an exaggeration?  Schools are female dominated, so I would expect some nasty stuff.  But the video is very strong, maybe a little over the top?
Main / They took down my YouTube video!
Jan 02, 2009, 09:34 AM
Youtube removed "Men's Movement Revealed - Sex Culture and a Mission", because my background music by the Goo Goo Dolls was said to be copyright infringement.

It is not very unusual for Youtube to remove a video, but I can search Youtube under Goo Goo Dolls and see hundreds of videos (all breaking copyright), many of which also include video of the Dolls in concert. Also, kids lipsincing to background music is a staple of Youtube videos.

So I wonder how they decided to pick my video for removal. Maybe no a big conspiracy like who shot JFK, but kinda weird.
Main / Merry Christmas
Dec 24, 2008, 05:29 PM
Put Christ in Christmas.  Actually, I'm not a believer, but what the heck?  Why take it away from them?   :engel2:
I made a separate board for each movie and then linked each movie review page on my site to each board. It works very well! Thanks Dr e.   :toothy9:

(You access the forum by going to a movie review page and then to the forum from there.)

Dr e: How do you keep the spammers away? I almost never see spam posts on SYG. But I have had to delete & ban 5 new members just in the past 2 days for spamming. If it keeps increasing, I might be overrun. How do you keep your board clean?  :violent5:

P.S. I am always eager to receive more movie reviews, so that I can add new pages to my web site.  :love5:



I am betting that teachers molest far far more children.

A big list of female teachers who molest.
Main / Happy Canada Day!
Jun 30, 2008, 04:58 PM
The gov does many things I disagree with, but I'm a PATRIOTIC CANADIAN.

And some shorts for me :-)

Going home after a day at the office :-)

Main / Eat My Shorts!
Jun 22, 2008, 03:45 PM
All the shorts in the stores go down to my knees!  What is that all about?  Should I be ashamed of my legs?

Don't look at me!  I'm just a man.

What is the point of wearing shorts that are no cooler that pants?  They are like long pants that shrunk in the dryer.

So I get the scissors and cut my shorts shorter.  How barbaric!  An untamed man on the loose!

My wife bought me a nice pair of long shorts and she wants me to wear those.

But so many women are wearing really short shorts.  Ah, yes...but women are not ugly like men.  Men are ugly things to be covered up.  Their bodies should only be seen in women's porno flicks like "Sex in the City" where the men are tamed and under control.
58   :yikes:

"... But global success had its downside: Robin's rock-star lifestyle and protracted absences from home irked his young wife so much that she began an affair. When she sought a divorce, she also acquired a court order forbidding Robin from seeing their children.

'I felt betrayed,' he says now. 'Molly was unfaithful to me, but it's not as important now as it was then. What is important is my relationship with the children.

'I was absent for six of their formative years. It was terrible. No one would tell me where they were.

'I learned later that they had been spirited off to relatives  -  to Molly's brother's house in the north. My relationship with them just ended. I couldn't understand why Molly didn't want me in the parental loop.

'Twenty-five years ago, the law favoured mothers without question. As a father, I was at a disadvantage. I worked in the music industry; that was perceived as a further weakness because Molly said I was on the road all the time and never at home. ..."
The 2008 Safeway Father's Day Walk/Run for prostate cancer will take place on Sunday, June 15th in seven cities across Canada: Halifax, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, Kamloops and Metro Vancouver.

Mark's Work Wearhouse will be having a 20% of sale on Thursday 5pm until closing to benefit prostate cancer research:

This will be at all 400 Mark's Work Wearhouse stores across Canada. I will be there to get some blue jeans.

There is so little support for men's stuff and prostate cancer. These events are precious. Let's get out there are show that retailers are right to serve men's needs too.

Hey ho, the wicked witch is dead.  :engel2: hehe That was mean eh?

Whew... well the TV is calling Obama the presumptive nominee.