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Main / Thanks
Dec 16, 2004, 07:39 PM
Thanks Angry Harry for the link to my web site.  Christmas came early!

I counted 6 people who came from your site up to this afternoon.  My web counter pointed me back to your site and your very kind intro to my web site.  

P.S. When I posted on this thread before, it was a very late night attempt at humor.  One person may have misunderstood.  You do very good work Harry.  Bravo.
Main / Ok I looked
Dec 14, 2004, 10:24 PM
:shock:  Your web site is still there.

It does say "December 9", which is a bit out of date.

I envy you because you probably have one quinzillion visitors every 8 minutes, while I work so hard on my site to scoop up a few stragglers.

So, to honor my envy you should always keep your site up and running regardless of the hardships you might face. It must continue forever and be passed onto endless new generations of mindless decendants.

Paul Givens
Main / I'm too old too.
Nov 09, 2004, 10:17 PM
She is strictly into young children. Some sort of kinky bath fetish I've heard. :x
Main / Feminism
Oct 16, 2004, 06:35 PM
It is incorrect to say "But for CENTURIES, men have been known to heartlessly ditch faithful, hardworking wives of 20 years - for no other reason than her having gained one or two (not 4 or 5) dress-sizes."

Historically divorce was a no no. The vast majority of people married and stayed together their entire lives. Your version of history is false.

Feminist tactics are similar to the tactics of all hate groups. They use fear and altered versions of history.

Both these tactics seemed to have worked on you Sue. You believe strange versions of history. Also when you say "(a.k.a. "survival") to protect themselves" you show that you have been taught to be fearful.

Women have survived the past million years without feminism. Why do they now need feminism for "survival"?
Main / What???
Oct 05, 2004, 08:29 PM
"And, of course, there are many more men's activists (in fact, the VAST MAJORITY) who have no desire to get involved with the issues that we are forever discussing on this forum."

You lost me there.

How can they be men's activists if they have no desire to get involved in men's issues???
she leaves out many points too.

1. Women have more free time. There is no way that I can get out to a demo, a conference or any other activity during a business day. My boss would not accept these a proper justification for missing work. The fact that I made up the time in the evening makes no difference. He would not give me permission. Women can get out anytime they want to do a demo while pushing strollers or whatever.

It seems amazing to me that the woman who wrote the article has so much free time. I would looooove to have all that time to do what I want. Shouldn't she be out supporting her husband? I work to support my wife.

2. Feminists have been at it for "100 years". It took them about 50 years to really get rolling.

3. Feminist turned chivalry to their advantage. We need to look for natural instincts in men and women that we can turn to our advantage.

Paul G.
Main / EU bans girl-only ads
Sep 22, 2004, 08:24 PM
:lol: This law is far more advanced than the average person is.  It is like trying to install a Pentium 4 processor into a Comadore64 computer.  The work of creating public awareness of our issues can't be bypassed to go straight to making better laws. It doesn't seem to work very well.

My two cents.

P.S. When I inquire about a room for rent, it has already been rented out. Later, a woman shows up and the same room is still available. Can this new law fix that contradiction?
Main / Mens movie guide
Aug 22, 2004, 09:33 PM
Thanks for checking out my site.  :D

It has been a fair bit of work, but it needs more content (more movie and theatre reviews).

From the threads here, it is clear that the members of "Stand Your Ground" understand men's issues and you have strong opinions about things. Therefore you can help build "Men's Movie Guide" site by writing and sending in movie reviews. Each movie or play review is like a separate web site to snag people from search engines and bring them to the main web page. At which point they are brainwashed into believing men's issues stuff and then they keep using the site to pick good movies. (On the web site, just click on "Write your own movie review and submit it to Men's Movie Guide" on the left side of the page part way down.)

Also, I appreciate feedback to improve the site. What is confusing about the homepage?

Thanks again.

Paul G.