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Main / Another mining accident
Aug 22, 2010, 04:39 PM

At least they are referring to them as men.

33 trapped Chilean miners alive after 17 days
Rescue workers say it could take 120 days to dig a new tunnel to reach the miners

SANTIAGO -- Thirty-three miners trapped underground for 17 days in a gold and copper mine in Northern Chile sent up a message tied to a drill on Sunday telling rescuers they were all alive.

President Sebastian Pinera said the paper message was tied to a drill that rescuers used to bore through to the area near an underground shelter where the miners are located. But he said it will take months to get the trapped men out.

"The 33 of us in the shelter are well," read the message written with red paint on the piece of paper that Pinera held up on television, as drivers honked horns in the capital Santiago and diners applauded in restaurants.

"It will take months (to get them out). It will take time, but it doesn't matter how long it takes to have a happy ending," the beaming president said at the minehead.

The miners are 4.5 miles (7 km) inside the winding mine and about 2,300 feet (700 mts) vertically underground. They are inside a mine shaft shelter the size of a small apartment.

Authorities said they had limited amounts of food. No further details were immediately available about conditions deep inside the mine. Relatives hugged, kissed and thanked God as news of the message reverberated outside the entrance to the mine, where they have been camped out since the mine caved in on Aug. 5.

"We never, never lost faith. We knew they were there, and that they would be rescued," said family member Eduardo Hurtado, as other miners' relatives waved red white and blue Chilean flags and cheered.

Rescuers plan to send narrow plastic tubes called "doves" down the narrow borehole with food, hydration gels and communications equipment.

Deep in the small mine, located near the northern city of Copiapo, there are deposits of water and ventilation shafts that helped the miners to survive.

However the mine is unstable, and rescue workers were forced to abandon attempts to dig past the main cave-in and down a ventilation shaft.

The plan is now to dig a new shaft to enable them to escape, which will take months. Rescue workers say it could take around 120 days to dig a new tunnel to reach the miners.

Mining Minister Laurence Golborne said rescue workers would lower a camera and microphones to communicate with the miners.

Pinera sacked top officials of Chile's mining regulator and vowed a major overhaul of the agency in light of the accident.

Serious mining accidents are rare in Chile, but the government says the San Jose mine, owned by local private company Compania Minera San Esteban Primera, has suffered a series of mishaps and 16 workers were killed in recent years.
Main / OT:Job Offer
Aug 16, 2010, 06:39 PM
Just wanted to share a small victory. I ended my contract at the college in June, and am planning to start at a lower salary but more flexibility and less politics at a fiber mill in Sept.  The mill also offers the opportunity to be manager in 5 years and buy out in 10 years. I could have continued with the college but my new boss was an ass and there was too many uncertainties which usually means I pay for things out of pocket. My contract would only have been extended 6 months anyways due to funding issues.

I just recieved a call from my old department head asking me if I would come in 2 days a week and teach labs at the college. I am so excited. Not only is this more money coming in (at a higher hourly rate), but it means I did a great job last semester and I did not burn any bridges by leaving. I really love the people I was working with other than the one guy, and I will not have to deal with him at all when teaching. The labs will take up 6 hours a week, and the school is one mile from the fiber mill, so there is no extra commute. I was planning on working at the mill 30 hours a week, so this semester I will be at a 36 hour work week.

Between the mill, the school, and my part-time business I am starting selling hand lampworked jewelry and hand made fiber items, I am going to be seriously busy and making some decent money for a change. I already have 3 stores which will carry my jewelry, and I am determined to make this business work. Please pray for me that I keep my family first and do not get so carried away with the money making things that I miss out on Dave and the boys.

There is a reason my super hero name is "The Over Committer"  :rolle:

Main / More on the other board whereI post
Aug 06, 2010, 04:37 PM
Not sure how it is in the States, but here in Canada, women have many less opportunities, largely because they take responsibility for their children while men are able to build solid careers after divorce.  At the end of legal preceedings , I consistently see that men 'recover' from divorce much more easily financially than women do.  

I see men (while in the system) whine about not having their kids often enough, not having a place to live, not having a cent to their name, but once the legalities are said and done they 'amazingly' recover financially.  Once nobody is looking, their priorities become financially motivated and all the sudden their career becomes more important again.  He needs to work, he doesn't have time, etc etc etc while the woman has no choice but to juggle job and kids as best as she can.  

Now please forgive me, I know some committed dad's who realize that money is not the 'end all and be all' in a child's life and will give up the 'good life' to nurture their children, but here in Canada they are few and far between.  The cost of daycare alone is inhibitive for women being able to make choices that will move them up the ladder.  Very few of them can get jobs that will even cover daycare expenses.  

My apologies if this is offensive to anyone.  It is not my intention - as I usually admonish people on the board who generalize - and here I am doing it myself.  PM me and yell at me if you are offended - but I need to say that there are two sides to every argument - men here are generally not helpless victims and end up buying beautiful homes and many toys and fancy cars after the heat of the legal issues have been alleviated and they have soundly convinced the court that they have no money.  

Then they complain because their kids aren't seeing them - that the wife is keeping them from him.  The type of men I am speaking of don't realize that in order to see their kids after divorce, they need to give up things just like the woman does.  Maybe downgrade that car - for 20 some odd years so that you don't need to be preoccupied with work so that you can supply your children with what they really need - your time - your emotions - your support - your love.  

This was an arguement made on the board with the man I have been trying to help. This woman's arguement is a gross generalization of a few people-most fathers if I remember the statistics correctly are not in a position to purchase a new house and car after divorce, but some are. This woman is taking two issues (money made after divorce/time spend with kids) and (mother not allowing contact). If most men are only granted every other weekend, then why shouldn't they work more? This seems like a case where the courts are creating this dicotomy of women having more time/less money and men having less time/more money then blaming men for living with the hand they were dealt. Are they supposed to sit around and do nothing? What would your response be?
Main / Heroes
Jul 27, 2010, 07:01 PM
I am watching season 2 of Heroes, and there is a little girl who was orphaned the first season. The second season she has been adopted by two men, one a cop who can read minds and one an Indian scientist. They are shown as wonderfully caring and protective father figures. I am just so impressed that they show these guys as completely good, decent people taking care of a little girl.
Main / Help for a man on another board
Jul 27, 2010, 10:50 AM
I am on another board and a guy who posts there has just been told by his wife he will be moving out and giving her a divorce along with alimony, child support, and taking the debt. He seems like a really decent guy who wanted to work out his marriage.  :BangHead:  I just hate seeing people get chewed up through divorce.

I have asked him to come here and talk to you guys, because I know a lot of you have gone through this. I don't want to give any more details about his situation-if he chooses to come here he can tell you himself.

I strongly suggested he NOT move out of the house, not sign anything and to get a lawyer. Also to remain calm at all times and not let her goad him into a fight. She is a family therapist, which is even scarier. If you have any advice for him at this point please post it, and I will give him the link to this thread.

Thanks guys.
Main / All thanks to dad
Jul 08, 2010, 04:15 AM
Main / Check it out
Jul 06, 2010, 06:04 PM

Found this on a health food parenting site. These tend to be hippy moms, but here is an anti-circumcision site. I have not really checked it out yet, but I love the title.  Please consider leaving a positive message.
Main / Baby?
Jul 03, 2010, 02:19 PM

As I said, it is only a fetus if it is not wanted by the woman.
Main / Happy Father's Day
Jun 20, 2010, 09:10 AM
To all of you who are dads, I hope you have a wonderful Father's Day!   :occasion18:

I live about  1/2 an hour from this school. Crazy. I wonder how long the husband will last.
Main / Lesbian vs hetero parents
Jun 07, 2010, 04:47 PM

I don't have a strong opinion that same sex couples cannot raise good kids. I think any permutation can raise a good kid, including a gay couple, but historically a good mother and a good father are the safest and most stable way as they both have a biological stake in the child and can model both genders.  Obviously not all hetero couples can do this either.

I do have issue with this so called 'study' which depends not on actual data but on the online opinions of the mothers to report the well-being of thier kids. I would imagine that hetero mothers do not feel the same pressure to raise perfect kids as lesbian parents.  I would expect the lesbian mothers have motive to perhaps overstate the positives or understate the negatives. Hetero mothers are probably more secure in reveiling negatives.

I do not consider this study to be worth anything. If they truly want to know they need to not only use standard indicators such as school performance, detention rates, and test scores, but also later life indicators such as divorce rates of these kids once grown.

Poor science.

IF she was indeed raped, I find it abhorant that she would have to apologize. The problem is, there has not been a trial, so by the law of the land he is innocent until proven guilty. We do not know this was a rape other than her say so, and they are naming this man as guilty without due process. I have a real problem with this feminist site's process.

I do not think this sort of thinking is normal for a church, and I have issue with the insinuation that this is typical church thought.
Main / Memorial Day
May 31, 2010, 04:11 AM
I open MSN this morning and the lead article is "Women in Service".

My computer is flaking so I cannot get the link right now.

I am so offended. Something like 98% of the casualties of war are men, how DARE they choose Memorial day to pull this gender bullshit. Why don't they just go take a piss in Arlington?  I would like to see all these fucking gender feminists spend a single day in actual combat and after they clean the shit out of their pants write about who ACTUALLY fights and DIES in these wars.

Of all fucking days.
Main / A really weird dream...
May 22, 2010, 05:24 AM
OK, I have to tell you guys this-I had the most bizarre dream a few nights ago.

Once upon a time we were all at an airport, and all of you on syg were there. If I have not met you you looked like your avatars. I was so excited we were all together and going someplace.

Gonz was sitting in an airport seat, sweating and slumped over, sick as a dog. I have seen pics of Gonz at Pensic, and he looked just like that, armor included. No one else would touch him because you thought he would go berzerker. It acually reminded me of Mr T on the A team, how he refused to fly so they would all drug him and sneak him on!

So I volunteered to help him on the plane since I didn't think he would hit me since I am a tiny woman-occasionally that comes in handy. So I picked him up (yeah, funny right?), put him over my shoulder, where his feet were still on the ground and his hands were dragging behind (he was VERY big!) and dragged him up the plane ramp.

As I was carrying him through the plane, you all were already in your seats.

And everyone stared at my butt.

I did get Gonz in his seat, and sat with him and helped everyone take care of him through the flight.

The end.

Not sure where that came from, but the idea of me bodily picking up Gonz just made my day, I will tell you. Maybe this was my mama hen coming out, that I am very protective of you guys and would do anything for you all if you needed it. I am not going to dig any deeper than that.

Is it sad that I dream of my on-line friends?

Main / Reactions to posts
May 14, 2010, 04:44 AM
I just tried posting on a new blog. There was a lot of venom against women in general, but the blogger seems intelligent and fairly logical and some interesting points were made. I posted in the "intro" thread, saying how I agree with much of her premise, especially the evils of feminism and its effects,  but felt that it was societal problems, not a flaw in biology, which have caused the issues today. I said I was saddened to see my gender so hated, rather than the actions of the gender hated.

I immediately got a post calling me "you bitches" and "wimminz" and basically was a hysterical rant that until I solved the entire worlds gender problems I had no right to speak about the issue.

I just wanted to throw out there that a post like that served absolutely nothing other than to potentially drive an ally away.

Instead I listed my creds, such as working with Glenn, Warren, Dr E, and others. I suggested he focus on the behavior, not the biology. I also suggested that his theory was the same as the feminist one claiming testosterone makes all men violent potential rapists.

I certainly do not fit the stereotype he was using, nor did the 6 other women I spent two hours with last night seeking to learn how to be better wives (as we have weekly for the last 2 months). There are many of us out there who are not wimmenz and bitches, we just do not get the press.

It is very important to be aware that our actions online reflect the movement. The Bible says to stay above reproach, so no insults thrown at us can be truthful. I think it goes for MRAs as well as Christians.
Main / Captain Courageous
Apr 26, 2010, 12:27 PM
OK, I gotta ask...

What is up with the three cheek girl in the bikini?

It is weirding me out.

Not suggesting you take it down, I'm just sayin' is weird.
Main / On our college Announce
Apr 23, 2010, 05:17 AM
Who says Affirmative Action isn't alive and well.

3. Looking for Affirmative Action Representatives

Under New York's affirmative action program, State agencies are encouraged to hire and promote individuals from the protected classes (women, minorities, disabled individuals and Vietnam era veterans).  The College is looking to train additional members of our College community to serve as Affirmative Action Representatives assigned to mentor search committees in affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.  Serving in this capacity will require you to attend training, counsel assigned search committees and potentially participate as a member of a Tripartite Committee should sensitive discrimination claims arise.  If you have an interest in serving in such a capacity, please contact your division Vice President by April 23.  A group of those that volunteer will be selected by the President's Cabinet.  The group members will be representative of the College community.

My son just broke up with a girl and went back with his old girlfriend. They had only been together for 3 weeks. She is now all over Facebook claiming she is pregnant by him, and a friend of hers posted a fake pm from him claiming he wants nothing to do with the child. She already had one at 16, and is not only a questionable mother but lives in abject poverty with her parents, is a crack head, and obviously has no scruples.

I have thought about letting her know if she is pregnant we will have a paternity test, and if it is positive for Nick we will be suing for full custody. It may be enough to scare her off. At 3 weeks she can't even tell if she IS pregnant. Apparently she was having her period the weekend he left.

This is scary as hell.
Main / Cougars
Apr 19, 2010, 10:53 AM

Cougar Moms!
It can seem like it's your mom's job to mortify you. But a new wave of moms is doing more than making you blush: They act so sexy and flirtatious, they make you question their judgment -- and your own sanity.

By Dan Koday

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When Bri, 16, started high school, she thought it was cool that her mom was so much fun to hang out with. "My parents got divorced when I was 6, but high school is when it actually started to seem like a good thing -- I was grateful to have a mom who wanted to shop at the same places and see the same movies I was into," she says. "I felt like we suddenly had so much in common, and I could tell her anything and she'd understand." But after a few months of sharing clothes and gossip, things started to take a turn for the worse: Bri's mom went from shopping at the same stores as Bri flirting with the same guys. "Now I can't go anywhere without her flirting with every guy she meets. One of her recent boyfriends was 23. After that, she started going to my brother's hockey games to flirt with his coach -- who's 12 years younger than she is -- and they started dating." Bri says she wishes her mom would change -- but not because it embarrasses her in front of her friends. "The truth is that my friends think my mom is so cool and pretty, and my guy friends think she's sexy. My ex-boyfriend used to joke about getting with her! But I don't want my crushes crushing on my mom. I feel like I have to keep her away from my new boyfriend to keep him from paying more attention to her than to me."

Bri's mom is the perfect example of a cougar: an older woman who's into (and almost seems to hunt down!) way younger guys. Lots of girls say their moms are on a cougar kick too: Meghan, 17, says her 46-year-old mom dated the same guy who'd dated one of her 18-year-old friends; Hunter, 18, sometimes feels as if her friends like her cougar mom more than they like her; and Jessica, 16, reports that ever since her parents got divorced last year, her mom "dresses up in short skirts and dates guys who are barely 25, then tells me everything about her sex life. It's so awkward." The truth is that you want to be open with your mom -- but it feels unsettling if she's that open with you.

*This is not all of the article**

Wow. Sounds like there are quite a few of these women who are pretending they are 17 still. Maybe this is not a bad thing. We may get a generation of girls who see how this sexed up tramp trend is distastful and damaging. Maybe this next generation will have some common sense.