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Done. I did not ask for an apology, because I don't think she should apologize simply because we did not like it. However I suggested she interview the husband in order to learn some empathy and compassion, and to educate people about the true face of DV.
The company Dave works for refuses to enforce sexist work attire rules. There have been one or two men in the last few years who started coming to work in dresses and heels, and no one says anything. Everyone is expected to treat them with respect, and probably would face harrassment charges if they made the men feel uncomfortable. His company is very good about things like that for the most part, although they do play the "women and minorities favoratism' game.
Unless there is threat of deadly force via weapon or the woman has been drugged, I do not ever buy that a woman is forced to give oral sex. One bite or even twist is enough to disable for a long time any man who tries to force oral sex. Are we really that weak that we can't defend ourselves against a naked penis? Good freaking grief!   

Anyone who claims there is a patriarchy is ignoring that a maid can bring down a president with one sentence.
Oh wow.....did not see that coming. Wonder what the heck was going on in his life?  Poor guy.
Wonder what they do when the boys naturally congregate around legos making toy guns and the girls are mostly cooking and playing with dolls.....if they redirect into more 'gender nuetral' activities, then they are not letting the kids be who they want to be, they are forcing them to be who they do not want to be.

This is no better than forcing traditional roles. It is still forcing roles.
Main / Re: Americans Like Baby Boys Best
Jun 25, 2011, 06:15 PM
Since Western men have no reproductive rights, it is a moot point what gender they would prefer.
Main / Re: The Conscious Woman manifesto
Jun 25, 2011, 06:08 PM
Seems to me she is the epitome of a "traditional woman", ie a woman who truly values both male and female, who values the strengths of both men and women and understands her place in the world beside her husband.

I thought there were a few places, as posters commented, that he put more political things than were probably necessary, but over all it was fantastic. I would have mentioned the draft as well, but he pretty much hit the high points.

Her husband was very gutsy and thoughtful to draft and publish a response as such, and she was very loving to take it for what it was and learn from it. They seem like people who are a real asset to the cause.
23 Hugo is far to feminine to be a bad boy type. He plays with chinchillas for pete's sake!
If it was all our fault, how come Western cultures do not have this problem? Perhaps this is a cultural problem for those countries affected? Naaahhh.
Men do not have the privilage of cutting back hours after a baby is born. If a company fires or marginalizes a mother for adapting to motherhood the company is a target for a lawsuit. If a company fires or marginalizes a father for doing the same that is good business. Until that changes, especially given the economy, men are going to keep working long hours.

I would also put money on mothers gatekeeping for in-home chores like laundry and diapering. Nothing kills initiative faster than someone looking over your shoulder and criticizing your work.

Why do these authors feel the need to stomp into the ground any positive about men/fathers. It is such a recipe...say something positive about men/dads, then spend 3 paragraphs saying "but..but..but".
So a six year old boy was perminantly expelled for touching a teachers legs when she said they hurt, and we have had several boys arrested, suspended, or expelled for other such minor infractions, yet these girls KILL someone and nothing is happening??

How can people not see the double standard??  Where is the outrage in this article?? It was ok he died because it wasn't meant to be him? :BangHead:
Seems like the push to get women into these fields is based on the devaluation of certain traits. Women are no longer valued for their once primary role of procration and homemaking. My husband's grandmother was a typical great depression wife....she had 14 children, and was pregnant or nursing for over 30 years starting when she was around 20. She could not have served in the military, or worked outside the farm, because she was never in a position to physically do that. She did not even want children to begin with apparently, so this was just her taking on her responsibility as a Catholic wife. She and her husband raised these kids on very little, they grew their own food, made the clothing, and did without.

Today women rarely have more than 2 kids, and tend to wait later in life. So these women are in the same flux men are in trying to find their value in life. Sure the feminists have it all planned out, but most women are running on more base instincts. They are trying to use male metrics of success because that is what is now valued among women. Problem is we cannot always compete with men in those ways. So instead of embracing our strengths, many women feel the playing field needs to be adjusted.

I don't feel sorry for these women because we made our bed. We use the double standards to our advantage. But I understand that for the women it is not a nefarious plan to destroy the military, but a selfish attempt to get self esteem.
WTF!!??? That was sexual assault!! Those girls should be charged, why is it up to the mother to press charges???  The police should just handle it, there is proof online for everyone to see! Basically the girls just got away with it...the school won't do anything, the police won't do anything, and I highly doubt the parents give a crap. Can you imagine the press playing a video of an 11 year old girl being ganged up on and stripped by a group of 13 year old boys?? :angryfire: :angryfire:

If that was my son there would be some serious ass kicking going on. The press, the school, the parents, and the offenders would all be fair game.
This is a fantastic primer on how to avoid some types of rape.
-She dresses provocatively
-She walks, looks, gestures like she really wants sex-from anything with a dick
-She goes to a club where she bumps and grinds multiple men
-She bumps and grinds the 'rapist' then says no when he construes this as sexual
-She leaves and walks off into the dark alone

Hmmm. I know some men just prey on some women without any provocation, but this is not that scenario. In this scenario she has teased these men into a very sexual state. She is not totally at fault for the rape (each individual is responsible for his/her final actions), but she sure as hell did not help. She could have prevented this rape at multiple points with some simple precautions, but she obviously feels she is entitled to stir the bees nest and not get stung. You know what? When I work bees I wear protective gear.

In this scenario, the man did the wrong thing by raping. The woman did the wrong thing by creating the drive and the opportunity for a rape to occur. This would be no different had Usher been flashing his bling all night and then was robbed after leaving the club alone at night.

But of course I am blaming the victim, right?  :rolle:
Porteous said one of her concerns is that women, who are most often the victims of domestic violence, might be inadvertently harmed by a new law. "Is it possible that somebody somewhere is going to say, 'Well, she should be charged because she won't leave, and that she continues to expose her kids to this violence?' " Porteous said.


The first hit may be entirely his fault (50% chance it is mutual), but any subsequent blows are partially her fault by consent. Since women are given custody in nearly all cases they want custody, there really is no excuse to stay.