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I would want to see a breakdown of salary compared to actual hours worked. Also, if these women chose to spend more time with their kids (the right choice in my mind) then they were less valuable to the company. A man (who would probably like to be home more too) would probably just get fired for doing that. This is why high powered men tend to look for the secretaries not the CEO women-the lower rank women are willing to pick up the slack at home to allow the men to spend 60-80 hours a week at work.

Note the zero sympathy for the man; the lack of background info, the lack of inquiry into his mental state, the lack of a search for reasons. Note the transfer of this man's likely only possession, his home, from his name to his ex-wife's. He was 73 and was basically made homeless from this divorce. I assume his wife chose to end the marriage, and she ended up with the home. An order of protection is used as proof of wrongdoing on his part, even though no wrongdoing is required to attain one.

Obviously killing all those people was wrong. However we have to look at what caused this man, a man with presumably no criminal record for 73 years, to snap and kill these specific people before killing himself. I can probably guess with reasonable accuracy what happened, but the majority of people wouldn't even bother to ask. They just don't care. In fact if he had only killed himself no one at all would care who he was or what happened to him.

This is just deeply sad.
Just because we complain more does not mean we are suffering more.
Main / Re: Has it started?
Jun 02, 2011, 03:59 AM
How about Tenessee, West Virginia, Georgia?

Main / Re: Has it started?
Jun 01, 2011, 02:47 PM
I love the desert too!  Such a beautiful, haunting place. Death Valley and Joshua Tree are two of my favs.  Problem is, if the stuff hits the fan how are you going to feed yourself?

I like upstate NY. We are far enought away from lots of people that we would be relatively safe, and this is a great place to grow things and raise livestock without a lot of extra water and electric needed. Winters are tough, but you can raise all the hay for animals using horsepower if you need to, and there are lots of woods for heat.

I doubt it will come to this, but I like having the knowledge and the ability to deal if it does.
Main / Re: Has it started?
Jun 01, 2011, 04:51 AM
I get so tired of hearing the sheaple complain that the politicians aren't doing enough to save the economy and crying that things are so hard in the US. It is our own fault that we are in this mess. We want tons of goods, cheap, and we want to make lots of money so we can buy even more of these cheap things. We also don't want to work long hours. The result is the only way we can attain these goods is buying foreign products because they pay their people less for working longer. So we spend all our money to buy cheap crap from overseas, then complain there are no jobs. Well, who is going to buy our products? Who would try to make things in the US? You have to sell things to make money. To fill in the void the government keeps hiring, which drives up taxes. Then we complain there are too many taxes.

I hate politicians, but they cannot win. Until we the sheaple stop thinking we can just keep hoarding crap and refuse to become conciencous shoppers, we will keep seeing the country go down the toilet.

We are literally buying our way into decline, and very few people know, or care.
Is there a single person in modern society who is not painfully aware of breast cancer? How is having this awareness shoved down our throats helping anyone? Shouldn't people be waging awareness campaigns for things which people are.....not.....aware? :rolle:
Main / Re: OT, motorcycle riding!
May 10, 2011, 03:53 AM
Dave has a Triumph Tiger which is upright and has lots of saddle bags for storage. He loves it. I am looking at the Suzuki Boulevards, the one I have now is a 30 yr old Yamaha Maxim 550. I am sick of it not starting!  Doc you might be too tall for a Boulevard, they are very short. My brother has a Vmax and loves it, but it is not as upright as the Triumph. A 250 is a very small bike, mine is a 550 and I feel I would like to upgrade to a 650.

For gear they make nice nylon jackets and pants with pads and plastic cups protecting your points (sholders, elbows, knees and hips). They have cold weather inserts and rain gear, and come in both either plain black or  bright colors for higher visability. Although warning, if you get the yellow you look like a UK traffic cop. The helmets come in a huge variety, ours have the front chin gaurd that releases up out of the way, and built in sunshade which can be controlled via the top of the helmet. They are pretty slick.

Hope everyone is enjoying cycle season!

Main / Just ran across this
Apr 07, 2011, 03:01 AM
Just ran across this and after reading a few comments had to pass it on. Since it is still Lent I can't get all riled up and rant about it, but I can at least hand it to you guys. The comments are just appalling.
Main / Taking a break
Feb 27, 2011, 02:51 PM
I just wanted to let everyone know I am taking a break from the computer for a while. I find myself getting very argumentative, worked up, and frustrated by a lot of things on the internet, as well as obsessively spending time on it and I think I need to just walk away for a while. I will check my email once a day, so if anyone needs anything pm me.  I have a lot of artistic endeavors as well as family and working full time, so this will be a good chance to live in the real world a little more.

See you in a few months.

Main / Re: Pets and dating
Feb 27, 2011, 12:12 PM
Interesting. I know we do not let any animals sleep with us, but that is Dave's choice, not mine. Those women who allow their dog, pig or rabbit to be territorial in the bedroom are poor leaders for their dogs, and the men would be smart to steer clear. I feel very bad for the one man who has to sleep in the spare room because the cats get too rowdy, especially considering he didn't like animals to begin with. WHy would you marry someone who would have so little respect for you? 
Main / Re: Not his body, his choice
Feb 27, 2011, 12:04 PM
From what I understand most doctors also will not perform the comparitive tubal ligation for women without the consent of her husband, and if not married will not perform it at all. Also if the woman is under 30 with no kids they will not perform it even if both spouses agree. 

Main / Re: I Got Published at A Voice For Men
Feb 27, 2011, 05:23 AM
John, that is a very astute observation-it also gives another direction to go for activism. So far all the efforts have been on disproving feminism. What if we looked at ad campaigns to show how necessary men are? Not in comparison to anyone, just their innate contributions.

It is still working under the idea that men are only worth that they can produce, which is wrong, but it would be a start to at least value what men do instead of refusing to see any value at all.
Main / Re: Equality between sexes
Feb 26, 2011, 07:40 PM
Looks like it may have been first written as a yahoo article or something where they imbed links?  But it is not like Peter to cut material and not cite it.