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Main / Removing All Doubt...
Sep 27, 2010, 05:17 PM

The victim, an American activist, wanted to press charges but leftist activists put pressure on her not to do so, so as not to damage the struggle against the 'occupation.'

And the random, general, irresponsible lie is the flip side of it- if it was murder we'd be calling it "Depraved indifference."
I'll give it to "fair to middlin' as a start."

Watched one guy go through an accusation of physical and sexual abuse against his own daughters as part of a divorce.  He spent over two months in jail.  He was beaten, and I believe raped in there, but he doesn't talk about it.  He lost custody, he has PTSD, he lost his girlfriend at the time, and at least two others since.  He lost his job, and has been denied others.  Lost his house and car and savings.  After 9 years he is barely starting to rebuild, though his credit is shot.

His daughters have been raised by the bitch who falsely accused him.  She, of course, protests that she "never knew" and was "just a mother lion protecting her cubs" and all the usual crap.  No consequences for her, even though the oldest daughter has spilled the beans that she was pressured, coaxed, and coached.

The oldest daughter is, of course, treated by her mother, sister, and mother's family as a betrayer and backstabber.  Which has fucked that kid up.

That kind of lie is not a trivial crime.


Paul Austin:

If they did, I can picture some WNBA players being just as bad.

Not for a male reporter, methinks.
She is meeting us halfway by even confessing these things and addressing the problems of false allegations. Are you so ready to cut off that hand which is offering a real opportunity to educate because she is not a perfect MRA?

Question:  Is she trying to make amends?  Or just looking for absolution?

She is not the enemy, it is feminist dogma. She is helping dispel some of that, whether she means to or not. 

I think she'd be a lot more effective to dispel that if she got frog-marched out in the perp-walk, and set to washing clothes for a few years in an orange jumpsuit.  Her or her witch-doctor shrink, I don't care who.

It will become unacceptable to make false allegations when there is punishment to be had as a deterrent.  As long as all we have is clucking, hand-wringing, navel-gazing and book deals, there is no downside for the person making the specious and malicious accusations.

I don't think Bomb throwers are necessary. If you feel the need to throw a bomb - fine go for it. But they are not necessary and may be counterproductive. Reason is necessary - but our civilization seems to have abandon reason for passion.

Betty Freidan wrote her modern feminist screed in he mid fifties, and by the late sixties "Women's Lib" was influencing society internationally.  So let's call it fifteen years. 

I'd ask what "sweet reason" has accomplished since our seminal breakthrough in 1995 - but, oh yeah, there was no seminal breakthrough, and we're struggling for crumbs by comparison, and not influencing society internationally.

And people wondered last month why Mike LaSalle was throwing in the towel with Men's News Daily... There'd be a lot more success stories in the alleged "Men's Movement" if people would only concern themselves that the guns were pointed at the enemy, rather than pointing them at each other because they have their thongs in a knot over whether the approved ammunition is being used.

Oh yeah, that's right again - we're still debating over whether we have an "enemy" or if that is too "extreme."
Feminism worked because it played on people's empathy. I guess we haven't figured out what will work for us.

That works because "Boo-hoo-hoo, poor female victim" is seen sympathetically where "Boo-hoo-hoo, poor male victim" is seen as just a pussy.

And I suppose there is no logical reason for that, but it is what it is.  To change it, you'd have to first change society's perceptions, then use male sympathy tactics to change society again.  Both of which are generational labors.

And how is getting in their faces here in this forum helping anything? Me saying disagree and me spewing for 3 paragraphs accomplishes the same thing. IN fact I would go one further in saying that getting in her face there would probably shut people off to anything I have to say.

I have been at this a long time... nearly 10 years. What I have learned works for me to get people who are not already agreeing with us interested  is empathy and quiet dialog. What gets people to shut off and call us extremists is "getting in their faces". Now you are welcome to do what works for you.

People whose minds are not going to be changed no matter what are my targets.  And for them, mockery and other in their face tactics is good.

It's not "carrot OR stick."  It's "carrot AND stick."  The average "moderate voice" often fails to realize that they need extreme bomb-throwers; it gives them something to point to and say "Deal with me, or you get to deal with them...."

Pick one standard.  If genetics is the determiner, a DNA test is the trump card.  If "acting a father" is the determiner, then men who have never been a father to their children are off the hook.

I'm sick of the whole "What makes mom's life work best for her" being the standard.
Main / Re: Risk of Marriage (need info)
Sep 26, 2010, 09:53 AM
Like I said - not trying to change his mind. Just think I ought to let him know about the dangers. If renounces our friendship over that - I don't need him anyway.

Most people, once they have set their mind to or committed to doing anything almost never change their minds unless the new information is dramatic.
Main / Re: Risk of Marriage (need info)
Sep 26, 2010, 07:57 AM
If he's decided on his path, can you change his mind?  And if you do, will it cost you the friendship?

Sometimes all you can do as a friend is prepare to pick up the pieces.

That's the point Dude. They can't tax it if they don't know about it. I sincerely hope we can fix the system without first completely tearing it down but I believe there will have to be a total revolt by the productive members of society first.

As with anything like that, it is dependent on NOT talking about it online. 

No diaries.
No pictures.
No video.
No recordings.
No records.  Write nothing down.  Ever.  Anywhere.

And never answer any questions.
That is just fuckin' amazing.
Have another toke, Cordell.
A false accusation against a teacher (a named individual) doesn't match the hypothetical I mentioned.

If it was you, or your son, or brother the one in jail, I'm sure the specific route you got there would matter little.  Especially as you were dragged to the camera blind spot and beaten or sodomized for being a chickenhawk while the screws turned a blind eye.  Or put into protective custody, aka, solitary confinement, aka "The Hole."  Whether you're the one specifically named, or the one that matches the sketch and gets picked out of the lineup - the end result is the same.

Used to teach literacy to prisoners in jail.  I well know how the places work.

Yeah - five years for something stupid does hurt.

Stupid is SUPPOSED to hurt.

I wager such sentences wouldn't be handed out for long for the same reason boys don't do such things in such proportions - they would be held accountable.

And the way I have seen false allegations haunt men for literally decades - five years is way too lenient, IMO.  By far.